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Myths About the Peace - Alex Gordon


by Alex Gordon

Since October 7, 2023, there has been a significant increase in the number of people in the U.S. fighting for peace in the Middle East while actually contributing to the continuation of war.


Since October 7, 2023, there has been a significant increase in the number of people in the U.S. fighting for peace in the Middle East while actually contributing to the continuation of war. Demands for a cease-fire, Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, and the creation of "two states for two peoples" are fueling, rather than extinguishing, conditions for war. Ceasefire and withdrawal mean the preservation of the Hamas terrorist organization and the perpetuation of the massacre, violence, and kidnapping of Jews. The demand for a Palestinian state means a military threat to Israel to its east, in addition to the threat to its existence from the south (Hamas) and the north (Hezb’allah). The October terror assault was made possible by the presence of heavily-armed terrorists near border towns and kibbutzim. The same proximity and the same danger will inevitably arise if a terrorist entity with the powers of a state emerges to the east of Israel. The Palestinian Authority breeds, nurtures, and supports anti-Israeli terrorists. Its transformation into a state would pose a threat to the citizens of Israel in its "border" cities with the Palestinian state, Netanya, Kfar Saba, Ra'anana, Afula and others. The carriers of "progressive" thinking consider a "humanitarian" cease-fire in Gaza far more important than ending Hamas' terror by destroying it. 

A growing number of Middle East "peacemakers" create mirages and encourage war under the slogans of making peace. Such mythologizing of reality, created according to the stereotypes of "progressive" thinking, is political self-deception. This approach to reality resembles the action of the poisonous tree Antiaris toxicaria, which poisons the air with its vapor, fatally intoxicating a person. Here is an example of such intoxication.

Before World War II, British prime minister Neville Chamberlain, descending the ramp of a Munich-London plane on October 1, 1938, waved a precious paper cheerfully to the welcoming crowds. "I have brought peace for our generation." This historic paper, reflecting a phony peace treaty, was the agreement to give up Czechoslovakia to Hitler for the sake of a "lasting" peace in Europe. On October 5, 1938 Winston Churchill made a speech on this occasion in the House of Commons: "In essence, we were defeated without starting the war, and now the consequences of this defeat will long make themselves felt. [...] The whole former balance of power in Europe has been irreparably upset." The Munich Pact was a sham peace agreement that Britain and France sought at any cost, without considering the intentions of their negotiating partner.

After Chamberlain capitulated at Munich, influential voices called for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler. On January 24, 1939, 12 members of the Swedish parliament nominated Chamberlain for the prize, asserting that Chamberlain "in these dangerous times has saved our part of the world from a terrible catastrophe." This was followed by a letter of support from the Nobel committee, signed by 18 officers of the U.S. Warriors Association in Chicago, saying Chamberlain was "the most outstanding statesman of modern times." Support for the nomination poured in from across the world: the Stockholm newspaper Stockholms-Tidningen (the Stockholm Times) wrote that awarding the Nobel to Chamberlain was warmly supported in all circles in Sweden and Norway; Le Figaro endorsed the idea and even suggested erecting a monument to honor "the modern savior of Europe"; and Mahmoud Pasha, prime minister of Egypt, wrote that Chamberlain, whose name "will go down in history as the statesman who saved civilization from destruction," was an ideal candidate for the prize.

Eleven months after the conclusion of the Munich Pact, Hitler launched World War II. The policy of "appeasement" pursued by the governments of England and France increased the appetite of the Nazis and encouraged them to make new conquests. Czechoslovakia fell due to the realization of the "right of self-determination" of the Sudeten Germans, which Hitler claimed was "the essence of the whole problem, of all European problems." The "problem" was not solved by the Nazi takeover of Czechoslovakia. Soon it took World War II, which included the realization of a plan to exterminate the Jewish people, to solve it.

The Palestinian movement for national self-determination, like that of the Sudeten Germans, is a movement that denies the right to self-determination of another people. It is a movement aimed at the destruction of the Jewish state. This thesis is the basis of the education of the young generation of Palestinian Arabs, in schools in which the territory of Palestine on educational geographical maps includes the entire territory of Israel, the land of Judenfrei (free of Jews).  A peace based on two states for two peoples cannot grow out of education in hatred of Israelis. The leitmotif of the Arab symphony of Jew-hatred is: one state for one people, a Palestinian state for the Palestinian people.

It is not the ratio of the number of states to the number of peoples that determines the peace and well-being of the region. Peace in the Middle East cannot prevail through political manipulation with the signing of agreements on the lawn of the White House without changing the hierarchy of moral values of the Arab side. Western politicians seek to solve Middle East conflicts lasting tens and hundreds of years in a businesslike and quick manner, through "negotiations" and "treaties." They act in the East as if they were in the West. Agatha Christie wrote in her memoirs, "In the Middle East, appearance and substance never coincide. Here habitual perceptions, rules of behavior, worldly wisdoms must be completely reconsidered and everything must be learned anew." Former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir formulated the conditions for peace:

"Peace in the Middle East will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews." The actions of Hamas, which has turned schools, kindergartens, mosques, and hospitals into terror centers and defends itself against the Israelis with human shields, show that peace in the Middle East is a myth. The myth of peace is coupled with the myth of the "Palestinian people."

The myth of the "Palestinian people" is functional and practical, as it is used for the operational purposes of destroying the Jewish state. In order to make the existence of the "Palestinian people" convincing, its representatives are given the mask of the Jewish people, "dispersed, persecuted, deprived of their homeland and exterminated" like the Jews. "Palestinians" are dressed up in the garb of persecuted Jews, and Jews are demonized as modern-day Nazis. The Holocaust is denied, and instead "Palestinians" are substituted for Jews in the propaganda formulas of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) borrowed from Holocaust history. Only Jewish involvement in the conflict guaranteed increased international attention and sympathy for the "suffering of the Palestinian people." This anti-Semitism has been skillfully used to fight Israel. Fighting the Zionists for the benefit of the "unfortunate Palestinian people" has elevated this "right-wing cause" to a high level of extremism that is less dangerously expressed toward Israelis than toward more popular nations.

In the words of the Roman historian Tacitus, "Bad peace is even worse than war." Feuds are no less rampant during phony peace than during real wars. The political myth of peace in the Middle East obscures the reality of the Palestinian terrorists' religious war against Israel and serves to manipulate mass consciousness. The claim that peace is possible between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs contradicts the reality of the religious war (jihad) that the Palestinian national movement has become. The massacre of October 7, dubbed the "Al-Aqsa Flood," betrays the religious nature of terror against Israel. According to American "progressives," achieving peace is real if you want it badly enough. However, in real life, in the words of Eric Cantor, "Peace at any price is not peace; it is surrender." The image of peace in Gaza as the highest value by "progressives" is the result of reflection in a crooked mirror.

Image: Apaimages

Alex Gordon

Source: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2024/02/myths_about_the_peace.html

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Hunter Biden planned to build global hedge fund that included father, witness testifies - Steven Richards


by Steven Richards

The new statements from Jason Galanis, who was closely involved with efforts to combine the Biden family name with foreign investors' capital, told Congressional investigators that the Biden brand was central to their plans and recounted Joe Biden's involvement.


New statements by a onetime business partner of Hunter Biden to the House impeachment inquiry shed new light on the efforts by the son of the then-vice president to secure a financial future for his family: by organizing a multibillion-dollar hedge fund marrying foreign investors with the “globally known political name” Biden.

Though Jason Galanis’ sworn testimony provides new context to the group’s plans, an email obtained from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and evidence obtained by the impeachment inquiry reveal the full scope of the effort before a fraudulent tribal bonds scheme brought down Galanis and Devon Archer—another Hunter Biden business partner involved in the deal.

The plan focused on building global cooperation between prominent investors from all continents, including deals with high-powered oligarchs from Russia and Kazakhstan, Chinese government-linked businessmen, and politically connected Mexican tycoons, among others.

Neither Abbe Lowell, lawyer for Hunter Biden, nor the White House responded to a request for comment from Just the News.

Galanis and Archer were ultimately charged and convicted in a fraudulent scheme that Galanis told Congress was designed to build the financial platform for the new deals. Hunter Biden managed to avoid any scrutiny in the cases of both Galanis and Archer despite his close involvement the company that perpetrated the scheme.

In his opening statement provided to House impeachment investigators Friday and obtained by Just the News, Galanis described how the Biden name was a central asset of the hedge fund the three partners planned to build.

“The entire value-add of Hunter Biden to our business was his family name and his access to his father, Vice President Joe Biden,” he told the investigators at an interview held in a federal prison in Alabama, where he is serving his sentence.

“Our objective was to build a diversified private equity platform, which would be anchored by a globally known Wall Street brand together with a globally known political name,” he described business model.

In addition to his name—or perhaps because of it—Hunter Biden worked to secure “strategic relationships to the venture, including from Kazakhstan, Russia and China,” Galanis said.

Hunter Biden brought a little United Nations of investors or partners to the table. These included Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, Kazakhstani oligarch Kenes Rakishev, and Chinese businessman Henry Zhao, according to Galanis. Emails from his laptop show that he had even grander designs to include “billionaires” from other continents like Miguel Aleman Magnani, scion of the Mexican Alemán family, who has close connections to Hunter Biden.

These names are already very familiar to the impeachment inquiry investigators, who have assembled considerable evidence showing that Joe Biden met with nearly all his son’s foreign clients and traced payments or business agreements in close proximity to these meetings. Biden repeatedly denied ever meeting with any of his son's business partners, and when proven false, backtracked, saying that he only had a "cup of coffee" with investment banker Jonathan Li, who ran a private equity fund, BHR Partners, in which Hunter was a board member. 

For example, Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, the widow of former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov, attended an April 2014 dinner hosted by Hunter Biden at the posh Cafe Milano in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., according to testimony from Archer. Mere weeks before, Baturina had deposited $3.5 million into a bank account associated with a Hunter Biden business for the purpose of investing in a real estate deal in New York City.

Kazakhstani oligarch Kenes Rakishev also attended the same dinner. Shortly after the gathering, Rakishev wired a Hunter Biden-connected entity $142,300 on April 21, 2014. The following day, the same amount was wired to a New Jersey car dealership to pay for a  Porsche sports car for Hunter Biden, according to a report by the Oversight Committee.

Hunter Biden and Devon Archer intended to use the relationships they had built with oligarchs like Rakishev and Baturina and the acquisition of Burnham to focus their political connections and funds under one group.

“Burnham was the focal point for integrating a 'Biden Family Office’ into a large-scale financial company with international influence,” Galanis told House investigators last week. “We undertook multiple steps to accomplish this goal including the acquisition of Hunter Biden’s companies, [Rosemont Seneca Partners] Investments and Rosemont Seneca Advisors, managed by Eric Schwerin.”

In one March 2014 email chain culled from the laptop, Hunter Biden discussed his ideas for a “global cooperation group” with partners Devon Archer and Jeff Cooper, an associate who collaborated closely with Hunter Biden in his dealings with the Mexican Alemán family.

“This is a global cooperation group that will assist each other in our respective regions in whatever manner possible,” Cooper wrote. “We can go deeper if you guys think we need to do so, but I think to start, the simpler the better.”

“I agree on agenda- keep it simple. I just want to make sure we can meet whatever expectations we set while making it as enticing as possible,” Hunter Biden responded. Earlier in the chain, he had written a list of who he believed were the best billionaire investors. He listed Abel Navarro of Spain, Kenes Rakishev of Kazakhstan, Mikail Shishkhanov of Russia, Jonathan Li of China, and a handful of others from South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

“We need a Canadian billionaire and a certified American billionaire to add to list. Also I think the Phillipines, Israel, Turkey and UAE (maybe Youssef Al'Otiaba). We could drop Colombia and or Argentina. Finally, an African preferably from Ghana or Tanzania,” Biden wrote, throwing out suggestions.

In 2014, Burnham & Company formed a joint venture with one Chinese businessman, Xuejun “Henry” Zhao to “enhance” the partnership, Galanis explained. Zhao was the head of Harvest Fund Management, one of the participating entities in Hunter Biden’s BHR Partners, a fund formed in 2013 which brought together Zhao’s Harvest, Jonathan Li’s Bohai Capital, and several Chinese state-owned enterprises, including the Bank of China.

The attraction of further financial cooperation between Zhao and Hunter Biden with his partners was an indication from the American side that Joe Biden would join the venture after his vice presidential term ended.

“Mr. Zhao was interested in this partnership because of the game-changing value add of the Biden family, including Joe Biden, who was to be a member of the Burnham-Harvest team post-vice presidency, providing political access in the United States and around the world,” Galanis told investigators.

This proposition was enticing for Zhao, Galanis told investigators. According to his testimony, Hunter Biden reinforced this expectation in an email draft Galanis’ lawyer provided to the committee.

“Michael, please also remind Henry [Zhao] of our conversation about a board seat for a certain relation of mine. Devon and I golfed with that relation earlier last week and we discussed this very idea again and as always he remains very very keen on the opportunity,” it reportedly reads, with Galanis confirming it as a reference to Joe Biden. Ultimately, this phrase was removed from the final email draft; however, it has been preserved in Galanis’ records.

Burnham also reached an agreement with Mykola Zlochevsky, the Ukrainian oligarch and founder of Burisma Holdings, where both Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were serving on the board.

Zlochevsky has been a central figure in the ongoing impeachment inquiry. As the founder of Burisma, he was under investigation for corruption by the Ukrainian authorities. Hunter Biden worked with Burisma representative Vadim Pozharskyi and Democrat-connected lobbying firm Blue Star Strategies to shut down the investigation by Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

Ultimately, then-Vice President Biden would travel to Kyiv in December 2015 and call for Shokin’s firing, reportedly days after both Zlochevsky and Pozharskyi had asked Hunter Biden to call his father during a board meeting in Dubai.

The group’s plans to build the multibillion-dollar enterprise were interrupted when both Devon Archer and Jason Galanis were charged and convicted in a scheme to steal $43 million in tribal bonds using their client’s funds. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) they “participated in a scheme to convince a Native American tribal corporation affiliated with the Wakpamni District of the Oglala Sioux Nation to issue limited recourse bonds that Jason Galanis and his father, John Galanis, had already structured.”

Hunter Biden was never charged, despite his close association with Archer and Galanis.

In 2015, the scheme had raised alarms among bank compliance officers at Morgan Stanley, which made an internal presentation detailing suspicious transactions from, among other entities, Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca, Just the News previously reported.

An internal Morgan Stanley presentation describing the scheme included a dossier about Hunter Biden, indicating that the compliance officers believed he was part of the racket.

The May 8, 2015 Morgan Stanley presentation deck titled “Overview of Wakpamni Series 2014 Bonds Potentially Suspicious Structure & Transactions” included a cover photo of Hunter Biden sitting with Joe Biden and Barack Obama and detailed Hunter Biden’s past controversies, including his expulsion from the Navy for drug use.

Eventually, the Morgan Stanley officials would escalate their concerns to the SEC which led to the investigation that resulted in charges for Archer and Galanis. Hunter Biden appears to have escaped scrutiny. Financial institutions like Morgan Stanley are required by federal law to report suspicious transactions called "red flags" in the industry. 

On Friday, Galanis told House investigators that the tribal bond scheme was part of “unlawful” efforts to build the Burnham financial platform for the group of partners, which included Hunter Biden.

He also told investigators that he believes the prosecutors in the case had treated Archer “lightly” and avoided indicting Hunter Biden at all. Most importantly, they given Hunter Biden special treatment “despite then-available documentation that we were partners, were involved in the decision making that involved illegal self-dealing, and all of us had financially benefited from these schemes,” Galanis said.

“In an effort to build this financial platform, I engaged in unlawful conduct. Our companies were entrusted with $11 billion of union members’ pension fund money whose trust I betrayed,” Galanis admitted in his opening statement. “I pleaded guilty. I have had eight years in federal custody to reflect on my actions and I am profoundly sorry for my role,” he added.

The new information from Galanis on Friday comes as the Oversight Committee prepares to interview Hunter Biden on Wednesday, February 28, in the long-anticipated climax of the House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Biden for the alleged family influence peddling scheme.

Steven Richards

Source: https://justthenews.com/accountability/political-ethics/hunter-biden-had-plans-build-global-hedge-fund-include-father

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IAF establishes new department to combat the growing threat of Iran - Amir Bohbot


by Amir Bohbot

While the United States is preoccupied with potential escalation in Iran, terrorism, and nuclear weapons, the IDF is signaling the extent of its military intentions regarding this threat.


The Israeli Air Force works to fight new and developing threats across the region (photo credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON UNIT)
The Israeli Air Force works to fight new and developing threats across the region

The Israel Air Force under commander Maj.-Gen. Tomer Bar has officially established an Iran department in response to Tehran's growing threat against Israel. This department will handle all military preparations for potential future attacks by Iran, and is mainly set to combat the Iranian nuclear program.

The decision to establish an Iran department has been in the works for a long time, but it only recently received official recognition in an IDF announcement.

Official sources within the security establishment stated that this move intends to signal a warning not only to Iran, but also to the United States, which has been criticized by some for its poorer handling of the Iranian nuclear program, as well as the funding of Iran's terrorist influence in the Middle East.

While the United States is preoccupied with potential escalation in Iran, terrorism, and nuclear weapons, the IDF is signaling the extent of its intentions to put a reliable military option on the table. 

Meanwhile, sources claim that there is hope for Israel to carry out forceful military action against Iranian terrorism. For this purpose, the department may operate 365 days a year, mainly to deal with the accelerating Iranian conflict. Additionally, the department will aim to maintain security and eliminate Iran-backed terrorist organizations in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. The main priority of this department, however, focuses on the growing nuclear threat.

IDF Forces Activity in the Gaza Strip (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON UNIT)Enlrage image
IDF Forces Activity in the Gaza Strip (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON UNIT)

Reservists protest against the judicial reform, air force directly affected

Reservists in the Air Force stated that the IAF had the means to deal with these issues already prior to the establishment of the department.

This comes as security officials claimed that the reservists' recent refusal to serve in protest of the government's planned judicial reform harmed the capabilities of pilots and Air Force personnel.

"The prolonged absence of drone operators and other key reservist positions has harmed their operational competence over time, and a similar situation must be prevented in the future," they argued. Security officials also stated the possibility of the return of protests against the current government requires the chief of staff and the commander of the Air Force to address the issue.

Amir Bohbot

Source: https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/defense-news/article-788089

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CBS News Fires its Senior Investigative Reporter and Seizes Her Files - Joseph Klein


by Joseph Klein

Renowned journalist Catherine Herridge violated the Woke Party Line.


[Make sure to read Joseph Klein’s contributions in Jamie Glazov’s new book: Barack Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America.]

CBS, the once highly respected “Tiffany Network,” began its noticeable turn to the left in its news department when Dan Rather became the news anchor for the CBS Evening News in 1981. CBS News has been trending left ever since, with a few exceptions.

One of those exceptions was hiring Catherine Herridge in 2019, a renowned investigative journalist who had previously reported for Fox News. She is the rare journalist these days who objectively digs deeply into the facts underlying her stories before she reports what she has learned to her viewers and does so without fear or favor. Ms. Herridge is also courageously standing up for her First Amendment rights as she faces potential contempt of court charges by refusing to disclose her confidential sources for a story that she had worked on while at Fox News.

However, Catherine Herridge’s days became numbered at CBS following the appointment last August of Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews, a woke executive, to serve as the president of CBS News. Ms. Ciprian-Matthews is CBS News’s highest-ranking woman of color who is fully committed to the woke ideology of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has served for example, on the Global Inclusion Advisory Committee led by the President and Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Global, CBS’s parent company.

Ms. Ciprian-Matthews has been accused in the past of sidelining current white employees and prospective employees in an effort to advance the prospects of persons of color. In one instance reported by the New York Post, “a white job candidate claimed Ciprian-Matthews told her it would be easier to hire her if she were a ‘different color’ as she passed her over.”

In keeping with this leftwing, identity group mindset, Ms. Ciprian-Matthews clashed with CBS News’s senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge over her reporting. Ms. Herridge is an aggressive white journalist and anything but woke in her reporting – qualities that must have ruffled Ms. Ciprian-Matthews’ feathers.

Paramount Global’s mass layoff of eight hundred employees overall provided the perfect pretext for CBS News under Ms. Ciprian-Matthews’ leadership to summarily terminate Ms. Herridge’s employment on February 13th. She was one of just twenty CBS News employees who lost their jobs out of a pool of more than one thousand CBS News employees.

Adding insult to injury, CBS News reportedly held onto her files and her work laptop to examine them before being returned to Ms. Herridge, jeopardizing the confidentiality of her sources. Departing journalists normally take all their files with them immediately without interference. Now, days after CBS News let Ms. Herridge go, CBS News is reported to have finally returned the notes to Ms. Herridge that it improperly seized in the first place, giving CBS executives time beforehand to scour them.

While not publicly commenting herself on CBS News’s actions against her, Ms. Herridge shared on X a union statement that condemned “CBS News’ decision to seize Catherine Herridge’s reporter notes and research from her office, including confidential source information.”

“She got rid of her enemies under the guise of budget cuts,” according to one source, referring to Ms. Ciprian-Matthews, as quoted by the New York Post,

But Ms. Ciprian-Matthews’ own enmity towards Catherine Herridge is only part of the story. There was concern within the senior ranks of CBS about the recent subject matter of Ms. Herridge’s reporting that cast President Biden and his family in an unfavorable light.

Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Chair of public interest law at George Washington University Law School and a legal commentator, wrote a column for The Hill in which he noted that the “timing of Herridge’s termination immediately raised suspicions in Washington. She was pursuing stories that were unwelcomed by the Biden White House and many Democratic powerhouses, including the Hur report on Joe Biden’s diminished mental capacity, the Biden corruption scandal and the Hunter Biden laptop. She continued to pursue these stories despite reports of pushback from CBS executives, including CBS News President Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews.”

The House Judiciary Committee is initiating an investigation into the circumstances of Ms. Herridge’s termination and seizure of her files. It sent a letter February 23rd to CBS News President Ciprian-Matthews, the New York Post reported, demanding that “the network reveal who at CBS or parent-company Paramount Global ‘made the decision to terminate’ Herridge.” The letter also inquired into the reason for the seizure of Ms. Herridge’s confidential files and who at CBS and its parent company Paramount Global had access to them. “The unprecedented actions of CBS News threaten to chill good journalism and ultimately weaken our nation’s commitment to a free press,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio declared in the letter.

The committee has requested documents and communications relating to Catherine Herridge’s materials that had been held at least temporarily by CBS News after she was terminated. The scope of this request should extend beyond any internal communications and include all emails and texts between CBS and/or Paramount Global personnel and the Biden White House and/or Biden campaign personnel. To close the circle, the committee should also request – and subpoena, if necessary – the Biden White House and campaign directly for all such communications in their possession.

The targeting of Ms. Herridge for the chopping block may have been linked, according to the New York Post, to her “recent reporting that President Biden may have kept evidence that he had foreign business dealings while in office.” Given Ms. Herridge’s track record, CBS News’s senior investigative correspondent would have kept on digging until she got to the bottom of the story, which could have meant curtains for the “Big Guy.”

CBS’s and Paramount Global’s top executives did not want to take the chance that CBS News would be blamed by President Biden and his supporters for helping to bring the president down. They were no doubt aware that the Biden White House and presidential campaign were already infuriated with reporting by some media outlets that they considered to be overly critical of President Biden and his family.

Last September, for example, the White House sent a letter to top U.S. news executives demanding that the media “ramp up its scrutiny of House Republicans for opening an impeachment inquiry based on lies.”

Complaining about press coverage of the Hur report including by CBS News, Ian Sams, the White House counsel’s office spokesperson, wrote a February 13th letter to the White House Correspondents Association president alleging “significant errors” in the reporting. And TJ Ducklo, a senior adviser for the Biden campaign, issued a statement on February 12th criticizing the media for “gratuitous and sensationalist attacks on the President’s age.”

The Biden White House’s Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates chastised the media for forgetting that “the rightwing age attacks they treat as novel are… old.” Mr. Bates also has a history of hostility against Catherine Herridge specifically, calling her a “right-wing hack” when he was Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign director of rapid response. Bates claimed back then that Ms. Herridge was “a regular conduit for conservative media manipulation ploys…”

Ms. Herridge “offense” was a scoop documenting then-Vice President Biden’s inclusion on a list of Obama administration officials requesting the “unmasking” of former national security adviser Michael Flynn who was referred to generically in a NSA foreign intelligence document. Reporting the truth made Ms. Herridge a “right-wing hack” in Andrew Bates’s eyes.

It is not unreasonable to expect that Andrew Bates would carry his personal animosity towards Ms. Herridge forward to his deputy press secretary job at the Biden White House.

The suspicions surrounding the timing of Catherine Herridge’s termination and seizure of her files are well-founded. CBS News, like other media outlets, was under pressure from the Biden White House and presidential campaign to cut their negative coverage of President Biden’s mental decline and of his family’s business dealings that could implicate the president himself. Ms. Herridge was offered up by CBS News as the perfect sacrificial lamb whom its woke president, Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews, had little use for anyway. A comprehensive congressional investigation into all this is imperative.

Joseph Klein is a Harvard-trained lawyer, and the author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom and Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, The United Nations & Radical Islam.

Source: https://www.frontpagemag.com/cbs-news-fires-its-senior-investigative-reporter-and-seizes-her-files/

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The Left Demands Millions of Human Sacrifices to Appease the Gods of Climate Change - William Sullivan


by William Sullivan

Religions of death have always had their pagan priests and priestesses.


“At their Monday night poker game in hell,” writes Mark Steyn, “I’ll bet Stalin, Hitler, and Mao are kicking themselves.  “It’s about leaving a better planet for our children?’ Why didn’t we think of that?”

These three evil socialists of yesteryear would certainly be green with envy at the way today’s green socialists have convinced millions of citizens to willingly surrender their liberty to the State.

“The ruling classes of the fading West are determined to save the planet by immiserating their fellow citizens,” writes Joel Kotkin. He continues:

Their program calls not only for fewer people and fewer families, but also for lower consumption among the masses.  They expect us to live in ever smaller dwelling units, to have less mobility, and to endure more costly home heating and air-conditioning.  These priorities are reflected in a regulatory bureaucracy that, if it does not claim justification from God, acts as the right hand of Gaia and of sanctified science.

This apparent religiosity highlights an interesting sort of logical somersault for modern progressives.  On the one hand, they believe it to be primitive “Christian Nationalism” to assert, as all documents associated with America’s Founding do, that our natural rights were endowed to us by God, rather than some government edict written by a government official somewhere.  On the other hand, high priestesses like Nancy Pelosi assure the faithful that hurricanes on the Gulf Coast and wildfires on the West Coast are signs that “Mother Earth is angry,” and is visiting her vengeance upon us.

Quite literally, today’s party of The Science™ is an apocalyptic doomsday cult which fears the wrath of deities that are personified by nature, complete with the sacrifice of countless children.

“Access to safe abortion is a right, a moral imperative,” says Gabby Bess in her article at Vice.  This article is wisely silent on the question as to who or what bestows this “right” among women to voluntarily kill their unwanted babies, but we can safely assume it’s not the Christian God that was recognized by the Founders as having bestowed upon us a right to life.

On a global scale, 73 million babies are killed in the womb every year, or roughly 200,000 killed per day.  In America alone, 1-in-5 women who become pregnant kill their babies, at a rate ranging between 1,500 and 2,500 per day.

But that’s not enough to satiate Mother Earth’s bloodlust, suggest Robert N. Proctor and Londa Schiebinger at the Yale School of the Environment.

“Voluntary family planning is too often ignored as a means to lower carbon emissions,” they offer.  The killing of 73 million babies resulting from unintended pregnancies might be a good start, but those are rookie numbers, I guess, given that “as many as 121 million pregnancies each year are unintended.”  Ostensibly, every “unintended” pregnancy results in a child who should be killed before he or she has the opportunity to add “4.5 tons of carbon into the air annually” by simply living on Earth.

This is all packaged as new and scientific revelation, of course, but political leadership and their propaganda surrogates suggesting that the totemic mass sacrifice of human beings will change the weather isn’t exactly new.

The Aztecs, for example, followed a very strict cycle of 52 years which they believed related to their five primary deities. Human sacrifice, performed at a massive scale, helped prevent the end of the world at the end of each cycle, Aztec priests argued.

One particular god, Tlaloc, was the god of rain, water, and earthly fertility.  The human sacrifices to this god were, incidentally, children.  “The Aztecs believed that if the god didn’t get them, he’d wreak havoc — ruining crops, withholding precious rainwater, and sending bouts of diseases throughout the land.”

The problem for the Aztecs and other Mesoamerican cultures wasn’t that they lacked scientific clout or sophistication in their day. They ran into a more familiar problem — they made defined promises and predictions, only to have unexpected things happen.     

One of the reasons that the Mayan civilization collapsed, it is argued, is that the Mayan leaders left themselves accountable for the unpredictable nature of planet Earth.  “Several severe — multi-year — droughts struck between [A.D.] 800 and 930,” says Lisa Lucero of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  But the fact that the rulers tied themselves to the deities linked to natural events like droughts was their downfall.  When the drought came, it didn’t just create doubt in the deity, it created doubt in the political leadership.

Though some on the left might be surprised to hear it, longstanding droughts, destructive floods, massive hurricanes, and much else managed to exist prior to the Industrial Revolution which has been, by far, the fastest and greatest improvement to the standard of living for humankind that has ever taken place in history.  But those peddling green energy and the sacrifice of children to appease Mother Earth today have found immunity that previous tyrants were unable to find, it seems.

Bad crop season due to drought?  That’s climate change.

Plenty of rain and a great crop season?  Well, climate change is still occurring.  The inevitable drought is coming, and when it does, it’ll be because of climate change, mark their words.

Heat wave?  Climate change.  Blizzards?  Also climate change.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires?  It’s climate change all the way down.

In any event, the world’s mothers are still meant to sacrifice their babies on the altar of the climate gods, and everyone else must pay their tribute, today in the form of increased energy costs and taxpayer-financed subsidies, to companies favorable to the ruling class.

Returning to Mark Steyn, perhaps it’s not that Stalin, Hitler, and Mao are marveling from hell about the brilliance of modern green socialists, after all.  Perhaps they’re marveling at just how stupid and pliant we human beings have become.  As Steyn comments about then-President Obama’s proposed cow-flatulence tax:

If you went to an 11th century medieval peasant and said, ‘So, peasant, I come from the king. You have to pay a bovine flatulence tax’ he would say, ah get out of here.  A medieval peasant would know that was nonsense.  Now we take it seriously.

What progressives are pitching with the green agenda today is anything but progress, and their prescriptions to maintain political power are sillier and deadlier than ever.  But that doesn’t stop young people, being tutored in the modern-day temples that we call universities, from offering their absolute devotion to this green doomsday cult.

Image: Public domain.

William Sullivan

Source: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2024/02/the_left_demands_millions_of_human_sacrifices_to_appease_the_gods_of_climate_change.html

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IDF unearths underground network connecting north and south of Gaza Strip - Jerusalem Post Staff


by Jerusalem Post Staff

The underground routes run for about 10 km and pass under a hospital and a university.


Footage of the tunnel network unearthed by the IDF. February 26, 2024. (Credit: IDF's Spokesperson's Unit).

Forces of Division 162, along with the Nahal Brigade's combat team and engineering forces, unearthed an underground tunnel network that connects the north and south of the Gaza Strip, the military announced on Monday.

The underground routes run for some 10 km and pass under a hospital and a university.

After gaining operational control of the network, IDF soldiers examined it and destroyed large portions of it. 

The underground routes connected the Turkish hospital bordering the camps in the center of the Strip to the Israa  University building in the south of Gaza City, reaching as far as the area of Zeitoun.

 Inside the tunnel network unearthed by the IDF. February 26, 2024. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)Enlrage image
Inside the tunnel network unearthed by the IDF. February 26, 2024. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)

An underground communication network 

According to the military, these underground tunnels were utilized for inter-divisional communication between the different terror divisions in the Strip. The routes connected the Central Brigade to the Gaza City Brigade and the various battalions.

Within the tunnels, troops found rooms, storage areas, and toilets, along with weapons, military equipment, and a tunnel shaft network. In addition, soldiers found the bodies of terrorists left in the tunnel. 

Nahal Brigade Commander, Colonel Yair Zuckerman, said, "In recent weeks, together with engineering forces, we have carried out significant activities to locate a network of underground tunnels that runs from the north to the south of the Strip, with the understanding that part of the dismemberment of the Strip is both an on-ground effort and underground."

Jerusalem Post Staff

Source: https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-788979

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There Can Be No Ceasefire in Gaza with Hamas in Power - Con Coughlin


by Con Coughlin

The Israeli people, irrespective of their political differences, will never accept any long-term deal that allows the terrorist masterminds of Hamas to remain in control of Gaza.


  • A short, temporary ceasefire might be achievable, so long as it requires Hamas to release all of the remaining Israeli hostages it is holding.

  • The Israeli people, irrespective of their political differences, will never accept any long-term deal that allows the terrorist masterminds of Hamas to remain in control of Gaza.

The Israeli people, irrespective of their political differences, will never accept any long-term deal that allows the terrorist masterminds of Hamas to remain in control of Gaza. Yahya Sinwar leader of the Palestinian Islamist Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, shakes hands with a masked member of Hamas' Al-Qassam Brigades in Gaza City on December 14, 2022. (Photo by Mohammed Abed/AFP via Getty Images)

For all the various efforts world leaders are investing in arranging a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, they must understand there will be no genuine prospect of peace so long as Hamas terrorists retain control of Gaza.

Numerous options have been explored in recent weeks, ranging from the Biden administration's wide-ranging plan to address numerous regional issues, from the threat posed by Iran to reopening negotiations on Palestinian statehood, to the recent attempt by Arab nations, led by Algeria, to pass a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, which was vetoed by Washington.

US President Joe Biden's plan for a long-term peace between Israel and the Palestinians is certainly the most comprehensive effort that has been undertaken to bring an end to the fighting in Gaza, which erupted after Hamas terrorists, on October 7, 2023, launched the most devastating terrorist attack Israel has suffered since its foundation in 1948.

In an initiative that the White House hopes could help to define Biden's foreign policy legacy, US officials have been working on a so-called "grand bargain," whereby a diplomatic rapprochement between Israel and Saudi Arabia would be implemented in return for the Israelis and Saudis working together to resolve the long-running Palestinian issue.

In return for Saudi Arabia agreeing to normalise diplomatic relations with Israel, thereby continuing a normalisation process initiated by the Trump administration in negotiating the Abraham Accords, Riyadh would sign a new defence pact with Washington, as well as US technical assistance on developing a domestic nuclear energy sector.

Securing agreement for the deal from Arab leaders has been the key priority of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during his recent shuttle diplomacy mission to the Middle East.

After the Biden administration's decidedly underwhelming performance in world affairs to date, on issues such as the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the failure of its efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability, its absence in confronting Chinese Communist Party aggression and its constant dithering on the Ukraine conflict, it is understandable that Biden should want a genuine foreign policy breakthrough as he launches his campaign for re-election.

This has led US diplomats to intensify their efforts to implement a deal before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan commences next month.

Indeed, the Biden administration's proposals have won widespread international backing, with many Western leaders and Arab allies supporting efforts to implement a ceasefire before the commencement of Ramadan, which is due to start on March 10.

Despite the growing international clamour for a ceasefire, which has resulted in anti-Israel demonstrations taking place in many European capitals, the prospects of lasting peace taking hold in Gaza remain as remote as ever so long as the Palestinians' Hamas terrorist movement retains control over the territory.

Having provoked the Gaza conflict in the first place with its murderous assault on Israel on October 7, Hamas's terrorist leadership shows no sign of backing down in their confrontation with Israel.

On the contrary, Hamas is using the remaining 136 Israeli hostages it still has -- of whom at least 32 have been killed -- since the October 7 attacks to blackmail Israel into making a number of outrageous concessions, such as requiring Israel to release 1,500 Palestinian prisoners -- with one-third of those serving life sentences and many who have been convicted of horrendous acts of terrorism -- in return for releasing the hostages.

Even Biden was forced to concede that Hamas's demands were a "little over the top" when they first emerged earlier this month. But that has not deterred his administration's officials from pressing on regardless with their plans to impose a ceasefire, even if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains totally opposed to the terms of the ceasefire deal currently being presented to the Israeli cabinet.

The Israeli PM is instead concentrating his efforts on launching Israel's long-awaited military offensive against the Hamas-controlled Rafah area of Gaza, where many of the Hamas terrorists accused of masterminding the October 7 attacks are believed still to be hiding, possibly with many of the hostages.

In anticipation of the offensive, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have presented Israel's war cabinet with details of its plan to evacuate Rafah's civilian population from Gaza.

Israel's determination to persist with its campaign to achieve "total victory" -- to use Netanyahu's term -- against Hamas has been strengthened following the IDF's recent discoveries about the true extent of the terrorist infrastructure that Hamas, with the backing of Iran and Qatar, has managed to establish in Gaza.

Although Netanyahu recently confirmed that 75 percent of Hamas battalions in Gaza had been destroyed during the past four months of military action, IDF commanders remain concerned that the remaining battalions are hiding within Gaza's civilian Palestinian population.

With Hamas still posing a significant terrorist threat to Israel's security, no Israeli government will be prepared to tolerate a ceasefire agreement that allows Hamas to retain any form of presence in Gaza, a fundamental point that the Biden administration needs to take on board as it intensifies the pressure on Netanyahu's government to accept the US ceasefire plan.

A short, temporary ceasefire might be achievable, so long as it requires Hamas to release all of the remaining Israeli hostages it is holding.

The Israeli people, irrespective of their political differences, will never accept any long-term deal that allows the terrorist masterminds of Hamas to remain in control of Gaza.

Con Coughlin is the Telegraph's Defence and Foreign Affairs Editor and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Gatestone Institute.

Source: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/20436/ceasefire-gaza-hamas

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Biden’s Half-Hearted Border Control Pitch - Christopher Roach


by Christopher Roach

Everyone can see that the left's attempts to secure the border will be temporary, half-hearted, and a mere tactical retreat from their goal of completing the erasure of the historical American nation.


There are rumors—likely trial balloons—that Joe Biden is about to get serious about controlling the border. Along with inflation and our country’s repeated humiliations on the global stage, the border debacle is one of the major sources of Biden’s persistent unpopularity.

He tried to use the border situation as leverage in negotiations with congressional Republicans over Ukraine funding by pretending he could not close the border until the funding bill passed. This is false, as this authority was the basis of Trump’s “Muslim Ban,” which was upheld by the Supreme Court.

Under Biden, the Border Patrol is on the scene and fully funded, but unfortunately, the President and his Homeland Security Director, Alejandro Mayorkas, are employing them as the welcoming committee.

Liberal Universalism is the Root of Open Borders Policy

While I have no doubt any politician will do popular and necessary things when forced to, Biden’s problem is deeper than his neglect of the border. This neglect is a product of a broader rejection of the right of the nation to have borders and to look out for its citizens. This sentimental idealism instead looks at our country not as a place inhabited by a particular people to whom the government has a particular duty of care but as the superstructure supporting an abstract mission to do good around the world.

This is why Biden and so many others in Washington, including many Republicans, get so excited about Ukraine. They love the idea of being part of a moral crusade, and they do not find sufficient joy or meaning in delivering prosaic goods to their countrymen, like a secure border or decent infrastructure. They believe in the ideology of empire, where national greatness resides in a world-historical mission and not simpler things like peace and prosperity.

A Disloyal Leadership Class

While there has been a lot of hysteria over Russian collusion stories in recent years, rock-ribbed patriotism and loyalty to the American people are in short supply among our politicians. Indeed, it is hard to imagine how a foreign occupier could do much worse than Obama and Biden have done for the American people.

Together, they have doubled and tripled the cost of healthcare without any tangible increase in health. They have presided over the mass “deincarceration” of violent criminals. They have added trillions to the debt with very little to show for it. They have politicized the military and encouraged its leaders to think of their own countrymen as the enemy. And, relevant to this discussion, they have gotten all misty-eyed over armies of men from every third-world dump who make it across our border and utter the word “asylum.”

The politicians view our nation as a vessel for a universal idea. The idea is more important than the place or the people. This is why the top Army general during the Fort Hood massacre said, “As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.” Our worthless leaders would rather have dead soldiers than have anyone question why the foreign guy with the funny name keeps making threats.

We saw this ideology in full bloom during the chaotic collapse of Afghanistan in 2021. When it became clear everything our military had done would go up in smoke, we were presented with the consolation prize that we could heroically introduce tens of thousands of Afghan refugees into our country.

Did anyone want this? Did we attack Afghanistan after 9/11 so that, 20 years later, thousands of them could arrive with dubious asylum claims?

It’s been a few years. What have these Afghans done for our country since then, other than push down wages for menial jobs and create problems? The American people have repeatedly signaled their displeasure with the numbers and quality of immigrants, but the politicians keep pushing this unpopular and destructive policy.

Refugees, asylum seekers, and other border jumpers serve the domestic agenda of the ruling class, who have reached consensus among themselves in favor of open borders. The left faction wants them to be constituents, future voters, and also to accelerate the cultural marginalization of white Americans. The anti-Trump Republicans want cheap labor as well as to show that they’re super sincere about their commitment to liberal universalism.

Are We a Real Country or an Idea?

Both halves of the ruling class are fundamentally liberal because both deny the importance of ethnic and cultural cohesion at home. Both deny that our nation exists for the safety and welfare of its citizens. Leaders on both sides denied that we are a nation with a common language, culture, habits, and origins, along with a right to continue as such.

The chief problem of massive and sustained third-world immigrants is not necessarily any one thing like crime, economic impact, or the effect on our domestic politics. The problem is more fundamental.

It is our country.

It is our home.

It belongs to us as citizens.

We get to decide who comes into our collective home, just as we get to decide individually who enters our actual homes. We do not need an elaborate explanation showing a “legitimate public policy reason” for excluding immigrants any more than we do for not wanting a stranger to enter our home. In other words, not wanting change or diversity is a completely normal and laudable human sentiment.

But Biden does not believe in that, and neither does most of his party—indeed, neither do a lot of Republicans among the Chamber of Commerce crowd. So Biden’s attempt to rebrand himself as the protector of the border rings hollow.

The border got this way because this is how Biden and his party want it. Far from it being a problem, they view the massive inflow of unskilled and unvetted third-world people as a positive good and a fulfillment of liberal principles.

The Democrats think the broke newcomers are future constituents for the many state-funded NGOs and agencies that hand out funds and provide nice hotels. No one worries much about the American citizens facing staggering housing costs and other economic difficulties as all this is happening.

For the liberal, treating these newcomers with any less courtesy than a Daughter of the American Revolution, a seventh-generation West Virginia coal miner, or an injured veteran of our military is RACIST. As Biden himself said, “Folks like me who are Caucasian of European descent for the first time in 2017 will be an absolute minority in the United States of America. . . . That’s not a bad thing, that’s a source of our strength.”

No, it’s not. The American people and the great bounty of the American continent are the source of our strength. But liberal universalism functions to turn our objective decline and displacement into a positive good. It is a form of false consciousness and brainwashing, but it’s also undeniably what motivates Joe Biden and the entire Democrat Party.

Everyone can see that their attempts to secure the border will be temporary, half-hearted, and a mere tactical retreat from their goal of completing the erasure of the historical American nation, demographically and otherwise.

Christopher Roach is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness and an attorney in private practice based in Florida. He is a double graduate of the University of Chicago and has previously been published by The Federalist, Takimag, Chronicles, the Washington Legal Foundation, the Marine Corps Gazette, and the Orlando Sentinel. The views presented are solely his own.

Source: https://amgreatness.com/2024/02/27/bidens-half-hearted-border-control-pitch/

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California school can keep gender notification policy, critical race theory ban - Kenneth Schrupp


by Kenneth Schrupp

California Attorney General Rob Bonta is a key supporter in the lawsuit against TVUSD.


(The Center Square) - Temecula Valley Unified School District can keep its ban on critical race theory and its policy requiring parents to be notified if a child wishes to be called by a different name or use facilities or programs not consistent with his or her gender as listed in school records.

With a Riverside County judge declining to issue an injunction against the two policies, they can remain in place until a lawsuit against them is heard in late March. California Attorney General Rob Bonta is a key supporter in the lawsuit against TVUSD.

Superior Court Judge Eric Keen, in blocking the injunction against TVUSD’s CRT and parental notification policies, wrote, teaching “individuals are either a member of the oppressor class or the oppressed class because of race or sex... would seem to be incongruous with the Legislature's clear intent found in [the] California Education Code,” revealing support for the CRT ban. Keen also wrote, regarding the parental notification policy, that it “applies equally to all students within the district and does not apply disparately to two or more similarly situated groups.”

TVUSD’s ban on teaching critical race theory includes specific bans on teaching that “an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist and/or sexist, whether consciously or unconsciously,” “individuals are either a member of the oppressor class or oppressed class because of race or sex,” and “an individual should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment due to the individual’s race or sex or should receive favorable treatment due to the individual’s race or sex.”

TVUSD’s parental notification policy requires that schools notify parents of any injury, bullying, talks about suicide, or requests to identify with or participate in programs or use school facilities that are for a gender different from what is on their birth certificate or official records. A similar policy at Chino Valley Unified School District was partially blocked by a judge, who stopped the gender notification provisions until that case can go to full trial.

The case against TVUSD, brought forward by students, parents and teachers against the school board and school district, is supported by Bonta, who issued an amicus curiae in the case against the policies.

Lawyers representing the group suing TVUSD are from Public Counsel, which argued the CRT ban was vague and left teachers unsure of what they could teach. Public Counsel, a public interest legal group, recently secured a settlement for a $50 million phonics-based reading intervention in the state’s worst-performing public schools, and a further $2 billion settlement to support science-based learning interventions across the state.

“It seems clear to the Court that a person of ordinary intelligence would have a reasonable opportunity to know what is prohibited as what is prohibited is set out specifically in the Resolution,” responded Keen in his ruling.

Bonta, meanwhile, said the parental notification policy violates “state constitutional right to equal protection and statutory protections from discrimination” and “state constitutional right to privacy, depriving them of their fundamental ability to express who they are.” Bonta also said the ban on critical race theory bans “diverse and inclusive perspectives” and is a form of “discrimination.”

Kenneth Schrupp

Source: https://justthenews.com/nation/states/center-square/california-school-can-keep-gender-notification-policy-critical-race

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Why Does Biden Think the Palestinians Deserve a State? - Hugh Fitzgerald


by Hugh Fitzgerald

The intentional delusion.


Israel is now engaged in the fourth war it has had to fight for its survival. The three others were fought in 1948, 1967, and 1973. In addition, there have been a half-dozen other campaigns the Israelis have had to fight against the terrorists of the PLO, Hamas, and Hezbollah. The IDF soldiers, their ranks increased with the addition of 360,000 reservists, have been fighting up and down the Gaza Strip, a hellishly difficult theatre of war — that is, urban warfare in one of the most densely-populated places on earth. Israel’s mortal enemy, the terror group Hamas, has built a vast network of terror tunnels deep underground, where its operatives are able to store weapons, and to both move around, and live inside, that warren of tunnels that are between 350 and 450 miles in total length, and built at an average depth of 50 meters.

Hamas also stores weapons, rocket launchers, command and control centers, as well as personnel, above ground, in and around civilian infrastructure, including schools, mosques, apartment buildings, and hospitals. While trying to root out Hamas combatants from their lairs which have been deliberately placed among civilians, the IDF has at the same time been trying to minimize civilian casualties by a campaign, unprecedented in scope and in kind, of warning Gazans away from areas, or from buildings, about to be targeted. In this effort, the IDF has dropped 14 million leaflets, made two million prerecorded calls and 72,000 regular phone calls. Meanwhile, Hamas has tried to prevent Gazans from leaving the same areas and buildings the IDF has warned them about. The terror group wants more civilians to die; their deaths are a propaganda boost for Hamas, that can then paint the IDF as ruthless and uncaring about the welfare of civilians, when the truth is quite otherwise.

The IDF has performed spectacularly, both in neutralizing Hamas operatives, and in managing to minimize civilian casualties. Of the 28,000 deaths that Hamas had reported by mid-February — and as is its wont, not distinguishing between civilians and combatants — between 10,000 and 12,000 were, according to the IDF, members of Hamas. Even if we take the lower figure — 10,000 Hamas deaths — this means that the total number of civilian deaths cannot be more than 18,000. The civilian-to-combatant ratio of deaths is then 18:10, or 9:5. The UN has said that in all the wars since World War II, the average civilian-to-combatant ratio has been 9:1. The U.S. military did much better in the Iraq War, when there were 174,000 casualties, only 39,900 of whom were combatants, resulting in a civilian-to-combatant ratio of 7:2. But in the Gaza War, the IDF has achieved a ratio of 9 civilians killed for every 5 combatants; 9:5 is far less than what any modern army has achieved, in any war. This needs to be kept in mind.

Now we come to Joe Biden, who wants to reward the Palestinians, who have voiced their overwhelming support for Hamas’ attack on October 7, by handing them a state. Why do they deserve a state? They don’t. The Arabs have 22 states, and the creation of a 23rd one, sharing the tiny space “between the river and the sea,” would be a mortal threat to the only Jewish state. But Biden can’t get out of his head the notion of a “two-state solution” which will somehow “bring peace” to the region. Since its very name contains the word “solution” many, like Biden, Blinken, and Sullivan, simply assume that’s what it must be. It’s sleight of word.

In fact, forcing Israel to be squeezed back within the 1949 armistice lines — which is what the Arabs will insist on, and Biden looks ready to satisfy them — would not sate, but whet, Arab appetites. Without the minimal strategic depth that control of Judea and Samaria (a/k/a the West Bank) — and especially, possession of the Jordan Valley — provides, Israel will not have the “secure [i.e. defensible] and recognized boundaries” that, according to UN Security Council Resolution 242, it has a right to possess. After all the wars that have been thrust upon it, doesn’t Israel deserve to retain defensible borders? And even more important, shouldn’t Israel be allowed to keep the borders that the League of Nations envisaged for the future Jewish state, when it decided that the territory of Mandatory Palestine should include all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea?

Hugh Fitzgerald

Source: https://www.frontpagemag.com/why-does-biden-think-the-palestinians-deserve-a-state/

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