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Trump’s Diverse Coalition Buried Obama’s Race-Baiting Politics - Daniel Greenfield


​ by Daniel Greenfield

The 2020 election showed ‘racism’ accusations work only on white people.


After four years of being accused of every form of bigotry on earth (and some that have yet to be discovered), Republicans brought home the largest share of non-white voters since 1960.

The last time Republicans had numbers like these, Democrats were the segregationist party.

The Democrat plan to turn Texas red depended on organizing Latino voters. Instead Latino voters handed Trump entire counties while white suburbanites voted for Biden. The Black Lives Matter movement was meant to boost black turnout, instead black support for Trump grew.

The Colorado counties that shifted to Trump were majority Latino.

31% of Latinos, 30% of Asian Americans, and 12% of black people voted for Trump. Among black men, a shockingly unprecedented 18%, or nearly 1 in 5, cast their votes for him.

And,significantly, in the ‘Other’ category of people who are not white, but don’t fit into one of these categories on account of either being mixed race or another minority, 40% voted Trump.

28% of people who identify as gay, lesbian or transgender also voted for him.

In Florida, 47% of Latinos and 43% of Jews voted for Trump.

A coalition of working class Americans of all races, colors, and creeds flipped House seats and handed entire states to President Trump. They did it because they put the economy first and identity politics last. After four years of false accusations of racism, the Trump campaign emerged with the most multicultural Republican coalition in generations. In some ways, ever.

President Trump gained ground with every minority group, but lost ground with white people. The only group of white people that Biden won a majority with were college educated men.

That’s because racism accusations only really work on white people. Educated white people. And no one feels guiltier than the ultimate enemy of all that is wholly diverse: the white male.

Minority groups may vote in blocs, they may vote for candidates out of ethnic or racial pride, and they may vote against others because they sense or suspect hostility, but four years of racism accusations in the media not only didn’t shrink Trump’s minority vote share, but increased it.

White people live in fear of accusations of racism. They’re weighed down by a massive burden of guilt. So many of the suburbanites who voted for Biden are afraid of saying the wrong thing, not just because they’ll get fired or mobbed on social media, but because they believe the premise of the 1619 Project that America was born out of sin and that they’re guilty of it.

The 1619 Project, the rants of Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi are meant for white people. White people are buying their books, flocking to their seminars, putting up Black Lives Matter signs outside their suburban estates, and beating their shriveled breasts in struggle sessions.

Identity politics is for minorities. Identity cringe is for white people.

Accusations of racism didn’t stop minorities from voting for Trump and Republicans, not even in the Black Lives Matter era, but they likely played a role in driving away some college educated white males. And college educated white people are the actual targets of cancel culture.

The Trump campaign was able to find black male celebrities who supported him, but the absence of any younger white celebrity besides Kid Rock on par with Kanye West or Lil Wayne is telling. A black celebrity’s career can survive a flirtation with Trump. Chris Pratt merely opting out of a Biden fundraiser led to an outburst of cancel culture rage and negative news coverage.

Accusations of racism are a powerful weapon in the political arsenal, but accusations of racism by media talking heads and activists have little ability to either intimidate or influence minorities.

How did President Trump and Republicans broaden their share of the vote by over a quarter since 2016? They appealed to practical economic interests and offered strong leadership. In a nation divided between workers and wokes, workers of all races came out for President Trump.

The racial obsession of the wokes is another fetish of a widely hated elite. The country is divided, not racially or economically, but culturally and politically. The wokes, who endlessly go on about everyone else’s privilege, dominate Big Tech and new corporate and government hires. The entertainment industry exists to serve their whims. Advertisers rush to throw up fantasy images of their lives to push their products. If they like a TV series, it gets picked up. If they start buying a beer, then the national chains treat them as influencers and stock up.

The rest of the country is beginning to notice it and is getting sick and tired of it.

The “resistance” was the hysterical outburst of an entitled and unhinged elite. So was the Black Lives Matter movement and its “anti-racism”. And while the elite is diverse, so is the anti-elite.

America is becoming a more diverse country. But that doesn’t mean bloc voting for Democrats.

Democrats and their media have decided to make all politics into identity politics while Trump countered by making all politics into anti-establishment politics. That’s the secret sauce.

Neo-Marxist politics require breaking society down into simplistic general categories, while populism harnesses the energy of anti-establishment hostility to powerful elites. The Democrats lectured minorities about race, gender, and equity, while Trump talked to them about elites.

The end result shows exactly why the establishment feared his brand of populist politics.

The 2020 election was many things. It pitted rural workers against suburban bedroom communities. It was the ultimate anti-lockdown protest in a locked down nation. And it was an uprising by the people who don’t run anything against those who seem to run everything.

That such an uprising touched nerves among minorities should come as no surprise.

Despite Democrat efforts to make the election all about race, 2020 is historic because for the first time since Obama put identity politics at the center of all presidential elections, a presidential election transcended race, gender, and the rest of the identity politics prison.

Whatever the outcome, it was a powerful redemptive movement that banished Obama’s legacy.

A man who had been falsely smeared as a racist built an unprecedentedly diverse coalition and fought a battle for the freedom of all Americans to live, to work, and to worship in freedom.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.  


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Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators In Swing States? - Tyler Durden


​ by Tyler Durden 

Hat tip: Dr. Jean-charles Bensoussan 

Sure looks like vote stuffing!

In most elections, the majority of votes are cast "down the ticket" - meaning, a voter supports both party's presidential nominee and state Congressional candidates. In fact, according to Pew Research, "overwhelming shares of voters who are supporting Trump and Biden say they are also supporting the same-party candidate for Senate."

Typically, this means that that the number of votes for a presidential candidate and that party's Senate candidates are relatively close.

Twitter user "US Rebel" (@USRebellion1776), however, found that the number of votes cast for Joe Biden far exceeds those cast for that state's Senate candidates in swing states, while those cast for Trump and GOP Senators remains far closer.


In Michigan, for example, there was a difference of just 7,131 votes between Trump and GOP candidate John James, yet the difference between Joe Biden and Democratic candidate Gary Peters was a staggering 69,093.

In Georgia, there was an 818 vote difference between Trump and the GOP Senator, vs. a 95,000 difference between Biden and the Democratic candidate for Senator. 


Yet, in two non-swing states, there was "no massive flood of mysterious empty Biden votes," leading US Rebel to suggest "It's fraud."

In Wyoming, the difference on the Democratic side is is just 725 votes, while in Montana the difference is 27,457.


What's going on here? If it were "never-Trumpers" pairing Biden with their GOP Congressional picks? If so, we would expect fewer votes for Trump than GOP Senators. We're open to suggestions.

Tyler Durden  


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Palestinians Call for Boycotting Israel, Then Ask Israel To Save Their Lives - Bassam Tawil


​ by Bassam Tawil

The fact that Erekat chose to go to an Israeli, and not a Jordanian hospital, was a sign that he "has full confidence in the Israelis despite his public statements against them." —, October 19, 2020

  • Particularly outrageous is the fact that Erekat was admitted to an Israeli hospital for the best medical treatment at a time when the Palestinian government is denying ordinary Palestinians permits to go to Israeli hospitals.

  • The Palestinian official's treatment in an Israeli hospital shows that the Palestinians themselves "are in a reality of full normalization with Israel." — Nadim Koteich, Lebanese journalist, Asharq Al-Awsat, October 27, 2020.

  • The fact that Erekat chose to go to an Israeli, and not a Jordanian hospital, was a sign that he "has full confidence in the Israelis despite his public statements against them." —, October 19, 2020

  • If and when Erekat recovers from his current illness and returns to his family, it would behoove him to apologize to the UAE and Bahrain for having denounced their normalization agreements with Israel. Next, he might want to apologize to the Palestinian people for depriving them of the superb medical treatment that he himself received at Hadassah Hospital.

  • Perhaps Erekat might also consider thanking the Israeli doctors who worked around the clock to keep him alive. Additionally, he can thank the Israeli medical teams and soldiers who escorted him from his home in Jericho to Jerusalem. Finally, Erekat might inform the world that he regrets having called for the boycott of Israel -- the country he knew he could turn to save his life, no matter what harm he had inflicted upon it.

Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat spent the past two decades calling for the boycott and isolation of Israel. If and when Erekat recovers from COVID-19 and returns to his family, he might want to apologize to the Palestinian people for depriving them of the superb medical treatment that he himself received at Hadassah Hospital, and might also consider thanking the Israeli doctors who worked around the clock to keep him alive. Pictured: Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, Israel, where Erekat chose to be hospitalized and receive treatment. (Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP via Getty Images)

Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat spent the past two decades calling for the boycott and isolation of Israel. In the past few months, Erekat, a PLO leader who previously headed the Palestinian negotiating team with Israel, came out against the agreements to normalize relations between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

He and other Palestinian leaders, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, accused the UAE and Bahrain of betraying the Palestinians and stabbing them in the back by making peace with Israel.

On October 8, Erekat announced that he had been infected with COVID-19. A few days later, as his condition seemed to worsen, Erekat was rushed from his home in the West Bank city of Jericho to an Israeli hospital in Jerusalem: Hadassah Ein Kerem. An Israeli ambulance guarded by Israeli soldiers transferred Erekat to the Israeli hospital at the request of his family and the Palestinian Authority leadership.

The man who worked tirelessly to harm and slander Israel and who condemned Arabs for establishing relations with Israel in the end chose to seek medical treatment in a hospital belonging to the same state he has spent much of his life demonizing.

When he announced that he had been infected with COVID-19, Erekat received an offer from Jordan's King Abdullah to receive medical treatment in the kingdom. Expressing gratitude to the Jordanian monarch, Erekat did not take up him up on the offer.

Instead, when his health deteriorated, Erekat, along with his family and the PA leadership, ran to Israel for help. Israel responded by immediately dispatching Israeli medics and soldiers to Jericho to evacuate Erekat to Hadassah Hospital, where Israeli doctors worked to save his life.

The irony of Erekat's decision has hardly been lost on many Arab commentators.

As it turns out, some Arabs are not oblivious to the monstrous hypocrisy of the Palestinian leadership. These Arabs view the hospitalization of Erekat in an Israeli hospital as yet another sign of the double-talk and lies of Palestinian leaders, who, day in and day out, incite their people against Israel -- but who run to Israel whenever they feel the need.

Particularly outrageous is the fact that Erekat was admitted to an Israeli hospital for the best medical treatment at a time when the Palestinian government is denying ordinary Palestinians permits to go to Israeli hospitals.

In June, the Israeli non-governmental organization Physicians for Human Rights reported that Palestinian agencies in charge of liaising with the Israeli authorities had stopped transferring exit permit applications that were submitted for medical reasons. The group quoted Palestinian patients as saying that the Palestinian Ministry of Health refused to refer them to Israeli hospitals or cover the cost of treatment in Israel.

Why is the Palestinian leadership depriving its people of advanced medical treatment and health care in Israel? Because this leadership decided a few months ago to suspend all ties with Israel to protest the since-shelved Israeli plan to apply sovereignty to portions of the West Bank. If the plan was never implemented, why are Mahmoud Abbas and his officials in Ramallah continuing to boycott Israel?

Evidently, this boycott does not apply when the life of a senior official like Erekat, who is the secretary-general of the PLO, is at stake. Erekat did not want to go to Jordan. He did not ask Egypt or any other Arab country for help. His appeal went straight to his Israeli neighbors -- who, without pausing for a second, saved his life. This was probably the only wise decision Erekat ever made.

Lebanese journalist and columnist Nadim Koteich, commenting on Erekat's hospitalization pointed out the "symbolic intensity and connotations" of a senior Palestinian official who, "in his complex health ordeal, finds only an Israeli medical center and an Israeli medical team to try and save his life."

Noting that Erekat had rejected the normalization agreements between Israel and the two Gulf states, Koteich that the Palestinian official's treatment in an Israeli hospital shows that the Palestinians themselves "are in a reality of full normalization with Israel."

Koteich wondered why the Palestinians still do not have a modern medical facility more than 25 years after the establishment of the Palestinian Authority. "How come the Palestinians do not have a hospital that is fit to treat Palestinians?" he asked.

"Is it conceivable that after a quarter of a century of the establishment of the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinians still don't have a medical center worthy of the Palestinian specialists working in all the world's hospitals? The Palestinians took the entire Gaza Strip (in after the Israeli withdrawal in 2005), and instead of transforming it into an economic/industrial zone, it became a miserable camp for political Islam and an arena for the Palestinian civil war (between Abbas's Fatah faction and Hamas)."

The London-based Al-Arab newspaper, referring to the medical treatment the Palestinian official received in Israel, said that the fact that Erekat chose to go to an Israeli, and not a Jordanian hospital, was a sign that he "has full confidence in the Israelis despite his public statements against them."

Prominent Egyptian media personality Ahmed Moussa also weighed in on the controversy surrounding Erekat's medical treatment in Israel. Moussa said that there are "many questions" about Erekat's hospitalization in Israel, especially in wake of his attacks on Arabs who normalize their ties with Israel. "There are Palestinian hospitals, there are hospitals in Jordan, Egypt and many Arab countries," he remarked.

"Many people are now asking why was Erekat transferred to an Israeli hospital? Just a few days ago Erekat was attacking Arabs for establishing relations with Israel. But now he has chosen to be treated in an Israeli hospital. Egypt and Jordan have the best hospitals. Isn't it strange that Erekat chose an Israeli, and not Arab hospital? The Palestinians need to explain to the public why he preferred to go to an Israeli hospital. I am not the only one asking this question. They must give us an answer. They must explain to us why they took Erekat to an Israeli hospital."

Moussa's question is hardly a rhetorical one. It was posed to highlight the hypocrisy of Palestinian leaders.

Palestinian leaders such as Erekat can afford the best VIP medical treatment for themselves and their families while preventing their people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip from going to Israeli hospitals. The issue of Erekat serves as further proof that the current Palestinian leadership does not care about the interests or health of its people, but only those who are close to Mahmoud Abbas.

If and when Erekat recovers from his current illness and returns to his family, it would behoove him to apologize to the UAE and Bahrain for having denounced their normalization agreements with Israel. Next, he might want to apologize to the Palestinian people for depriving them of the superb medical treatment that he himself received at Hadassah Hospital.

Perhaps Erekat might also consider thanking the Israeli doctors who worked around the clock to keep him alive. Additionally, he can thank the Israeli medical teams and soldiers who escorted him from his home in Jericho to Jerusalem. Finally, Erekat might inform the world that he regrets having called for the boycott of Israel -- the country he knew he could turn to save his life, no matter what harm he had inflicted upon it.


Bassam Tawil is a Muslim Arab based in the Middle East.


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The left’s attempt to steal the election… just another night in the deep state - Patricia McCarthy


​ by Patricia McCarthy

When on Tuesday night it was clear that all the battleground states were going Trump’s way, they acted.

The American left never for one moment accepted their loss in 2016.  They were shocked, enraged, apoplectic that Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt candidates in US history, failed to extend their hold on the Marxist project to remake America in their Alinskyite/Stalinist vision.  

It’s been a long-view enterprise that began with the racist Woodrow Wilson, but took off in earnest when the radical leftists of the 1960s took over academia.  They’ve won.  Two generations of American students have been purposefully miseducated to believe America is irredeemably racist, that the capitalism that has enabled the US to become the most successful nation on the planet is evil, that socialism is better.  

All these years later, the dream of MLK that character counted more than skin color has been blown into a million tiny pieces by the left’s dedication to identity politics.  For the left, all Americans, for that matter all humans, are to be defined by their victim group – race and gender.  All minorities, all women, all gay and trans persons are victims.  Victims of whom and what?  White supremacy, specifically white males.  Asians and Jews are exempt from the victim category because they succeed at greater rates than the rest of us; they must be discriminated against by the social justice warriors. And they are.

The election of Donald Trump, particularly on the heels of the failed Obama administration, was a bridge too far for the intolerant, elitist left.  How could this old white man have beaten their oh-so-overrated Hillary?  He won because a majority of Americans were and remain sick to death of the coastal elites’ contempt for them.  They were and remain sick to death of their constant drive to remake society into their dreamscape of a tiered society, rather like India’s caste system, that categorizes people by not by class but by victim status.  

With themselves at the top, as American nobility, the left’s mandarin wannabees seek to force those of us not of their exalted class to live by the rules they devise (from which they exempt themselves).  Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Joe Biden, for whom profit always came before people, have all become fabulously wealthy by trading on the power they’ve all wielded in government.  Trump became a wealthy man by building things, by employing ten of thousands of people around the world.  That alone was enough to engender their hatred. That he campaigned on his promise to drain the swamp they all inhabit was too much to bear.  He had to be utterly destroyed.  So, they set out to do just that.

From Hillary’s devious team came the plan to accuse Trump of colluding with Russia.  They commissioned the stupid comic-book dossier.  A cabal of like-minded Trump haters, who felt threatened by his “drain the swamp” promise, joined in to submarine the man even before he was elected.

Once elected, they doubled down on their wholly fabricated allegation.  They hired the hapless Mueller and his team of vipers to do the job; it was a clear coup attempt.  They failed.  They failed at the phony impeachment too.  They demonstrated their truly ugly side when they attempted to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation.  

If Americans had not realized how vile these Democrats can be, they saw first-hand just how diabolical they are at heart.  These are cruel, evil people for whom the truth means nothing.  Getting and keeping power is all that matters. 

The Democrats and all the shadowy groups that do their dirty work behind the scenes have been planning to prevent a Trump second term for four years.  For example, the Transition Integrity Project and the Lincoln Project made up of former-Republican NeverTrumpers are just two of many organizations created solely to defeat the President.  

“Treason is very much a matter of habit, Smiley decided.”― John Le Carré, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

George Soros and Michael Bloomberg have each spent many millions of dollars to silence those of us who support Trump and are grateful for his pro-American, economy-stimulating, peaceful foreign policy.  Just a week or so ago, Nancy Pelosi stated that “Trump may win on election night but Biden will be inaugurated in January.”  She knew than that there were plans in place to prevent the President’s re-election.  She was counting on them, certain they would succeed.  

So, when on Tuesday night it was clear that all the battleground states were going Trump’s way, they acted.  The network shut down the state victory calls for Trump the moment all the betting odds were favoring a Trump win.  

The Chinese yuan began to tank.  Fox fatuously called Arizona for Biden long before they should have and refused to call for Trump the states that he had clearly won:  North Carolina,  Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  All those states were won by Trump on election night.  But all those states’ leftist governors, AGs, and election officials knew what they were meant to do: put a stop to the Trump victory.  In the middle of the night thousands of ballots suddenly appeared in those states to stop the Biden bleeding; all of those magic ballots were overwhelmingly for Biden.  Imagine that!

The Democrats planned and were determined to foil a Trump win all along.  Thanks to their biased pollsters who got it all wrong again, they never expected to have to commit their crimes so openly and obviously.  Boxes of marked mail-in ballots suddenly appear.  Uh-Huh.   GOP poll watchers are locked out of vote-counting centers.  In Nevada and Detroit, they covered up their windows so no one could observe their cheating.  Each of these states changed their rules on mail-in ballots in the past months specifically to ensure a Biden win.  

They just never expected the election to be close.  They never thought they would be so exposed.  But they have been.  They’ve cheated their way into a stand-off.  Trump must fight for his rightful and deserved four more years.   He needs to hold a few more rallies over the next weeks in order to explain to his supporters just how criminal the Democrat cheating has been.  He can use that jumbotron to show just how traitorous they are.

There is a bright side to the election results.  Trump has single-handedly remade the Republican party into a real party of the American people.  Republicans will keep the Senate and they gained seats in the House.  This has truly shocked the left.  They actually thought that Trump would be repudiated in a Democrat landslide!  The polls were wrong, Biden was never ahead by double digits anywhere.  The pollsters and their collaborators in the media all got it wrong and all conspired to change the outcome.  In a normal election, all those states would have been called for Trump Tuesday night. All of them.  The plans were in place, they only had to set them in motion.

Brit Hume, on the Tucker Carlson show, commented that “Bias makes you stupid.”  He was referring to the media who are merely adjuncts of the Democrat party.  Apparently, Biden has had 600 lawyers ready to contest a Trump victory.  It is safe to say that Trump has many very fine legal eagles ready to expose all the cheating that has gone on as well.  It’s a safe bet that Trump’s lawyers are better than Biden’s.  Biden’s legal team will be ideological, Trump’s will rely on the Constitution.  Bottom line?  Trump was re-elected by the American people on November 3rd.They know it, he knows it and the media scoundrels know it.  They have all proven once again that they are the enemies of the people and now more people than ever know it.

“A traitor only becomes one if their plot is discovered. The imposition of guilt means nothing to those who feign loyalty. More skilled conspirators wield treason as a clinical tool of regime change and political expediency. Then, with their own hand writing history, such traitors may wear the clothes of patriots.” -  Stewart Stafford


Patricia McCarthy  


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In California's ballot-harvesting rematches, the old slow-walk ballot-count is back - Monica Showalter


​ by Monica Showalter

California's ballot-harvesting congressional rematches once again have the Republican in the lead ... but lots and lots of late votes suddenly coming in.

Back in 2018, ballot-harvesting, which had been legalized by California's Democratic statehouse, managed to unseat oodles of California Republicans in Congress. On election night, vote tallies would show the conservatives ahead, and then ... all of a sudden, scads of harvested ballots would come in, and come in, and come in, that is, until the results flipped. Democrats used ballot-harvesting, often by illegal immigrants, to turn all of historically conservative Orange County a mysterious solid blue.

It was bitter as heck for the conservative Republicans, and in at least two cases, there were rematches this year.

So why the heck haven't the ballots for these races been tallied? 

In the case of Central Valley Republican David Valadao, a local farmer, he was ballot-harvested out by leftist T.J. Cox.

Here's what the AP, via Google (nothing to link to) reports:

AP said the report was updated just seven minutes ago. Two days past the election and these people still can't tally the ballots? Why the heck in a smallish district, have just 42% of the ballots been counted? It's strange stuff indeed since California was quick on the trigger to declare the entire state had gone to Joe Biden, putting those 55 electoral college votes in his column. The congressional choice was printed on the exact same ballots that held the swiftly declared presidential race, and presumably those votes were all counted.

What's the delay here, they have the Trump/Biden figures, what's so hard about tallying the whole ballot? Why is only 42% of that race counted? It makes no sense. It would be nice to see if the totals they claim once this slow-walk is done, match up with the totals reported for Biden/Trump, making allowances for blank ballots. Or will there be much higher figures for the congressional race than the presidential one? Nobody is going to believe that. But here we are, Valadao is in the lead, and somehow, the votes are still coming in.

It's not the only one.

Here's another ballot-harvesting rematch, the Orange-and-adjacent counties race between Republican Young Kim and leftist Gil Cisneros. 


In this case, only 90% of the votes have been counted, not much, but definitely enough to flip the race to Cisneros, if all the uncounted late arrivals just coincidentally manage to vote for him. The New York Times reports that it's about 2,000 votes.

Yet they still can't find the time to count them, despite the county in North Carolina where ballot-harvesting fraud occurred in 2018, now being able in its cleaned up state to tally them all in 66 minutes flat.

Frankly, this is starting to stink. Ballot harvestors and their political overlords can see the tally totals and now know exactly how many new ballots to turn in to flip the race. California permits the ballot harvestors three days of custody before they need to turn the votes in. There's an awful lot of mischief that can be done with ballot harvestors alone in a room for all three days with all their collected ballots.

The process stinks and it wouldn't be surprising to see both of these races suddenly flip for the Democrats. Don't put it past them. They have already shown us what they are capable of, and it's time to raise holy hell.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain


Monica Showalter  


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UAE minister defies global Islamic fury and backs Macron’s remarks on Muslims needing to integrate in West - Christine Douglass-Williams


​ by Christine Douglass-Williams

United Arab Emirates’ minister of state for foreign affairs, Anwar Gargash, has come out in support of French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments about Muslim integration.

Amid upheaval across the Muslim world over France’s Muhammad cartoons and defense of the freedom of expression, the United Arab Emirates’ minister of state for foreign affairs, Anwar Gargash, has come out in support of French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments about Muslim integration.

Despite Gargash’s good intentions, however, the widespread backlash against Macron, with tens of thousands of Muslims calling for “the death of France,should be a wake-up call to Western globalists, as well as to all people who value freedom. The reaction indicates that those Muslims who accept Sharia’s tenets on blasphemy have no interest in integration. Those who think this way have no place in Western societies; at the same time, some who immigrate to the West expect to be welcomed with open arms while harboring an intention to work toward the imposition of Sharia blasphemy laws in their new home. Accordingly, it is only prudent to beware of the hijrah.

“UAE minister backs Emmanuel Macron’s remarks on Muslims,” Al-Jazeera, November 2, 2020:

A prominent United Arab Emirates minister has called on Muslims to accept the stance of French President Emmanuel Macron on his claims about the need for “integration” in Western societies.

“[Muslims] have to listen carefully to what Macron said in his speech. He doesn’t want to isolate Muslims in the West, and he is totally right,” Anwar Gargash, minister of state for foreign affairs, said in an interview on Monday with the German daily Die Welt.

He said Muslims “need to be integrated in a better way” in Western nations.

“The French state has the right to search for ways to achieve this in parallel with combating extremism and societal closure,” he added.

Gargash rejected accusations against the French president that he seeks to exclude Muslims living in France.

‘Freedom to draw’
The Emirati minister’s statements come amid ongoing protests in the Arab and Muslim world against Macron’s remarks on Islam, in which he accused Muslims of “separatism” and defended publishing the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Following intense boycott campaigns of French products across the Arab and Muslim world, Macron lowered his tone and said he understood the feelings of Muslims over the cartoons.

“I understand the sentiments being expressed and I respect them,” the French president said in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera on Saturday….


Christine Douglass-Williams  


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Victory Over Systemic Racism - Lloyd Billingsley


​ by Lloyd Billingsley

California Proposition 16 loses, but voter fraud may finally get Munichian candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar into Congress.


California voters on Tuesday rejected the systemic, institutional racism state Democrats were attempting to revive. The reactionary Proposition 16 aimed to repeal the California Civil Rights Initiative, Proposition 209, which in 1996 barred racial and ethnic preferences in state education, employment and contracting. This was the first time voters had any say on racial and ethnic quotas, and the measure was a landmark win for the people. 

As in 1996, the preference forces vilified Ward Connerly, the African American University of California regent who championed color-blind admissions based on merit. “I just don’t think in terms of black, white, Latino,” Connerly told reporterslast week. “I’m swimming upstream with a lot of people, especially black people.”  

At this writing, with more than 70 percent of ballots counted, Proposition 16 is losing 56.07 to 43.93. Down in San Diego in California’s 50th congressional district, Republican Darrell Issa holds a 52.2-47.8 lead over Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar, who boasts a fascinating back story. 

The “Latino Arab-American,” has been billing himself as a conservative, a shift from 2018 when he punched up his progressive credentials. That year, the Israeli publication Haaretz broke the story that the Democrat running for Congress was the grandson of Muhammad Abu Yousef al-Najjar. He was the commander of Black September, the Palestinian terrorist cell that abducted, tortured and murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. How the terrorist’s son Yasser al-Najjar managed to enter the United States is a matter of some mystery.

In 2003, Linda Gradstein of National Public Radio interviewed Yasser al-Najjar at his office in Gaza. Al-Najjar was then serving as “the head of the European division in the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Planning and Cooperation.” Al-Najjar did not explain when, exactly, he entered the United States, earned an MBA from San Diego State, and operated three clothing boutiques. His son Ammar lived in Gaza but claims he was born in San Diego, where he attended an Islamic school. 

None of the information emerged in 2012 when Yasser’s son Ammar served on the re-election campaign of POTUS 44. According to David Garrow’s Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, the president was a “composite character” in a novel called Dreams from My Father. Ammar Campa-Najjar is also a composite character and for all but the willfully blind his story is just as unbelievable, if not more so. At this writing, Camp-Najjar is losing but the race takes place in a state that has institutionalized voter fraud. 

When illegal aliens get driver’s licenses, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles automatically registers them to vote. The “motor voter” scheme added one million “new” voters to the rolls by 2018, and in 2020 they all got mail ballots courtesy of an executive order by Gov. Gavin Newsom. On November 2, a judge ruled the order “an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power” too late to stop the illegals from voting. 

California harbors some 3 million illegals but attorney general Xavier Becerra, once on Hillary Clinton’s short list as a running mate, has hinted that the number may exceed 10 million. Illegals faithfully vote Democrat, and in return Democrats give them free health care and other benefits, as they protect illegals through sanctuary laws. That protection racket would be the rule under a Harris-Biden administration, now looming as a distinct possibility. 

California also pioneered the kind of ballot harvesting that Kamala Harris deployed in the 2010 race for California attorney general. Republican Steve Cooley declared victory on election night but Harris’ campaign workers from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) dredged up enough ballots to put Harris over the line by less than one percent. 

That is what Democrats are up to in the current election, and ballot fraud could easily put the Munichian candidate over the line. By now the lessons should be clear.

Whatever they choose to call themselves, those who accept voter fraud forfeit any claim to support the rule of law, a core principle of a free society. As a State Department investigation confirms, false-documented illegals have been voting in local, state, and federal elections for decades. That effectively disenfranchises legitimate citizens and legal immigrants, yet officials have been slow to take action. 

Ballot harvesting is blatant voter fraud and should be banned. Photo ID should be mandatory for voters and DNA testing required for candidates who cannot document their narrative. That way, the nation won’t unwittingly elect a candidate for the House, Senate or presidency who turns out to be a composite character in a novel. Contrary to the establishment media, investigating a candidate’s claims is not a racist smear, Islamophobia, or some kind of conspiracy theory. 

Meanwhile, if Ammar Campa-Najjar loses he’ll be back in 2022, maybe as a progressive once again. Like Ilsa Lund in Casablanca, the “Palestinian Mexican-American” will say anything to get what he wants. If voters thought he was an Islamist infiltrator it would be hard to blame them. After all, they’ve seen that movie before.


Lloyd Billingsley  


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Italy: Muslims screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ demand France apologize, ‘otherwise there will be trouble’ - Robert Spencer


​ by Robert Spencer

Will Italian authorities take any action in response to this threat? Or would that be “Islamophobic”?


“Muslims in the square shouting Allah Akbar: ‘French apologize, otherwise there will be trouble,'” translated from “Islamici in piazza al grido di Allah Akbar: ‘Francesi chiedano scusa sennò son guai,'” by Elena Barlozzari and Alessandra Benignetti, Il Giornale, November 1, 2020:

Twenty-four hours after the barbaric massacre in the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice, the cry “Allah Akbar” resounds in front of another church. We are in Piazza Vidoni, next to the basilica of Sant’Andrea della Valle, in the heart of the capital.

Dozens of Muslim faithful gathered to defend the Prophet’s honor from the attacks of French satire and to call for the resignation of French President Emmanuel Macron.

“Unleashing the security forces against mosques and Muslim associations in France is a radical action that fosters a culture of suspicion and confrontation,” reads the statement released during the demonstration. It was one of the many anti-French protests organized all over the world on the holy day for Muslims: from Pakistan, to Lebanon, from Bangladesh to Gaza, to Rome.

The condemnation of the Nice attack is firm, as is that of “violent extremism”. “They have nothing to do with the teachings of our religion and our creed”, specifies the Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations in Italy. But not everyone in the square is ready to apologize to France for yet another jihadist attack. “Don’t you feel you have to apologize on behalf of your community?” we ask a demonstrator of Tunisian origin. “No absolutely not, it’s Macron who has to apologize to us”, is the answer.

“We are here to ask that they stop doing what they do and saying what they say”, says an African boy with reference to the caricatures of Mohammed published by the French weekly Charlie Hebdo. The same ones that were shown in class by Samuel Paty. A gesture that cost him his life. “The French are guilty – the young man goes on – because if they were not guilty, these demonstrations would not take place, and people would not be killed, especially in France”.

“The French must admit their mistake, otherwise – warns the foreigner – every disaster will befall them, all Muslims will unite to support this cause”. And speaking of those who sowed terror in Nice, he has no doubts: “They can’t kill Macron and so they kill the French”.

“The Nice Attack? A Plot Against Islam”

“Macron must resign”, urges a Tunisian citizen. The attack? According to him, it is a “plot” to foment hatred against Muslims. “It’s all organized, it’s just anti-Islamic propaganda, we are the real victims”. The same thesis that also resounds from the stage set up in the square. “Have you ever seen one of these terrorists, you don’t know who they are, as it happens they are all killed”, argues one of the organizers.

In the square, there are dozens of signs against “Islamophobia”. “The offense against the figure of the prophet – the organizers write – is an unspeakable act, it destabilizes the harmony that the communities have built with difficulty and achieved, undermining its foundations”. “At the basis of a democratic society – continues the statement – there is respect for religion, so we believe that the reaction of the French state was offensive and discriminatory”.

“They portray us as terrorists and not as faithful, as murderers and non-citizens”, they add in relation to the crackdown launched in France by Macron himself against the Islamic communities that are considered more radical. “Allah is great, it means God is great, it is not terrorism,” explains an elderly Bengali citizen.

“Muslims are persecuted and killed all over the world,” claims a man in traditional clothing. “But not in Europe”, We reply. “In Europe they offend us with blasphemies like the caricatures of the prophet”, is the reply.

In short, between conspiracy and justificatory statements, anger against France is growing. And a few hours ago came the news of the attempted murder of a priest from Lyon, for now the investigators do not privilege or exclude any leads.


Robert Spencer  


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Hypocritical Outrage at Cartoons That Offend Muslims - Joseph Klein


​ by Joseph Klein

Why do the UN, OIC, and Erdogan downplay Chinese religious persecution?


A statement released on October 28th by the office of the High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) claimed that the republishing in France of satirical caricatures depicting Prophet Muhammed was responsible for provoking “acts of violence against innocent civilians who were attacked for their sheer religion, belief or ethnicity.” The UNAOC statement went on to say that “insulting religions and sacred religious symbols provokes hatred and violent extremism leading to polarization and fragmentation of the society.” This statement, which UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has endorsed, was issued 12 days after a jihadist beheaded a French teacher, Samuel Paty, who had shown his students the Muhammed caricatures. It’s no coincidence that Islamist Turkey is the UNAOC’s largest donor.

French President Emmanuel Macron correctly called the brutal killing an “Islamist terrorist attack.” More recently, another jihadist stabbed two women and a man to death at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Nice, which once again Macron linked to Islamist terrorism. Macron upheld one of Western civilization’s most important values by defending free speech against extremist violence from whatever source. “Samuel Paty ... became the face of the Republic, of our will to shatter terrorists, to (do away with) Islamists, to live like a community of free citizens in our country," Macron said. “We will continue." Macron added that “Samuel Paty was the victim of a conspiracy of stupidity, hate, lies ... hate of the other ... hate of what we profoundly are."

The Muslim world was enraged at Macron’s defense of the right of free speech. The anger spilled over into the streets and led to calls for the boycott of French goods. The so-called human rights body of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) condemned the “remarks of French politicians encouraging publishing blasphemous caricatures under the guise of a distorted version of the right to freedom of expression which manifestly prohibits incitement to hatred, discrimination and respect for rights of others protected under International Human Rights Law.”

Islamic jihadists demand that the West embrace Islamic law prohibiting "defamation" of Islam. Some Islamists have justified the beheading of Samuel Paty as righteous punishment for insulting their prophet or have called it just a pretext for hate speech against Islam. It is such jihadists as these who are inciting hatred and violence, not a teacher who was simply trying to teach his students about the value of free speech.

Exercising the right to criticize any religion or satirize its beliefs does not prevent Muslims from exercising their right to freely worship their faith and to honor Islam’s prophet. Criticizing or satirizing a religion or its symbols is not religious persecution. However, the United Nations, much less the OIC with which the UN is a strategic partner, does not see the difference. The world’s leading globalist organization would subordinate the fundamental right of free speech in the service of avoiding any critical expression that adherents of Islam find “insulting and deeply offensive.” This attitude gives cover for Islamists to cower people into silence through intimidation. Islamic terror in the West is again on the march, as seen not only in France but also in Vienna in recent days with the killing of at least four people.

Real religious persecution of Christians and Jews occurs regularly in the very same Muslim countries that are protesting “defamation” of their religion. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping has escaped any meaningful criticism from the UN and the OIC as he relentlessly carries out his vow to ‘Sinicise’ religion in his country.

Under Xi’s direction, the Chinese regime is purging from Chinese society any religious beliefs that deviate from official Chinese Communist Party doctrine. Yet UN leaders have rarely called out the Chinese regime for real religious persecution and for repressing religious minorities in China, who simply seek to freely worship their faith. Instead, the UN bureaucracy would rather focus on so-called “hate speech” in the West.

The Chinese regime, for example, strictly governs which Christian churches are permitted to operate. Unauthorized churches have been closed. Christian pastors deemed “subversive” have been detained. Chinese church pastor Huang Xiaoning, who has been persecuted by Chinese authorities and shut out of his own church, said: “In substance, the theories of Christianity and Communism are at great odds with each other, so persecution against Christianity is a given.”

The Chinese regime has gone after other religious minorities as well. “Whether it’s the Dalai Lama or the Pope, or it’s the head of Falun Gong [a spiritual group], the state won’t tolerate it,” explained professor Dru Gladney, an expert in China’s ethnic minority groups.

Uighurs and other Muslims in China have been subjected to prolonged detention, surveillance, political indoctrination, systematic torture, and forced labor. French President Macron is one of several Western leaders who have raised concerns about the Chinese regime’s abuses against China’s Muslim Uighur minority. Macron did so during a meeting he held last summer with China’s State Councillor and Foreign Minister. But the Muslim world has been largely silent regarding such real abuses against people of their own faith. Instead, they have gone after Macron for hurting their feelings. Turkey’s Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who fancies himself as a major leader of the Muslim world, said Macron was being intolerant and needs “mental checks."

Erdogan is a self-righteous hypocrite who should have his own head checked for delusions of grandeur. While Macron has confronted China about its treatment of Muslim Uighurs, Erdogan has sold out the Uighurs who have sought refuge in Turkey. Erdogan has been helping the Chinese regime to repatriate Uighur Muslims back to China. Turkish policemen reportedly arrested a refugee for speaking out against China’s treatment of Uighurs. While Erdogan had criticized China’s treatment of Uighurs in the past, the Chinese regime has evidently bought his betrayal of Muslim Uighurs with economic assistance.   

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has not only turned a deaf ear to the suffering of the Uighurs. It abandoned them to curry favor with the Chinese regime, with which it has developed a close relationship. Just last year the Council of Foreign Ministers under the Organization of Islamic Cooperation adopted a resolution commending “the efforts of the People’s Republic of China in providing care to its Muslim citizens.”

China has effectively used its "Belt and Road" global infrastructure initiative as a means to buy support from the beneficiary countries for the Chinese regime’s anti-human rights agenda. The Chinese regime has also used its increasing contributions to various UN bodies to keep the UN bureaucracy on its side, all the way up to UN Secretary General Guterres.

Satiric cartoons draw OIC's harsh condemnation, but never mind about the abusive Chinese regime’s mass persecution of Muslims. It is obvious that the OIC, Erdogan and the United Nations bureaucracy do not want to ruffle the feathers of the Chinese Communist leadership.


Joseph Klein  


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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Suddenly, all the Democrat-run swing states need to stop counting ballots for awhile - Monica Showalter


​ by Monica Showalter

Like Belarus, as Mark Steyn notes. Or like Hugo Chavez.

Is the U.S. on track to see its first election utterly stolen in front of its eyes? The way Venezuela's Hugo Chavez used to do it in the face of huge, huge enthusiastic crowds protesting against him back in Caracas? 

How else to explain strange doings like these?


Michigan, too, needs some extra time to count the ballots. And so does North Carolina. And so do all of the states where Trump was running ahead -- Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan... The counting suddenly shut down. Arizona went down a suspicious 90 minutes before the announcement that the state had flipped to Biden.

Mark Steyn has some brutal observations here, emphasis mine.

2.40am The President entered to the familiar strains of "Hail to the Chief", which seemed very consciously chosen. His remarks were brief, but this line struck me:

I said, 'What happened to the election?' 'It's off...' All of a sudden everything just stopped.

Indeed. The election special mysteriously ground to a halt. Trump could reasonably have expected to be giving his victory speech right now, had not Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina all decided to have an early night and resume in the morning, or afternoon, or next Tuesday.

There is great peril in that.

In the past, every state counted their ballots and announced them well before sun-up. That's how elections have always been done. And most states did do it that way, producing the expected Trump victories, the votes for a booming economy against an old doddering, extremely corrupt, and tax-hike promising candidate who can't attract two dozen people to a crowd. All signs in fact, showed a wave of Republican victories, from gas prices below $3 a gallon to forecasts from always-right prognosticators.

For the Democratic swing states the early vote totals were just the heads up on what it would take to swing the election from their side toward Biden. If Trump was ahead in their states, too, same as Florida, all of a sudden, they needed ... time.

Time alone with the ballots, away from prying eyes, so that what they bring forth would, coincidentally of course, be a slew of all Biden ballots in every single case. Funny how the urban areas, closest to population centers that ordinarily vote blue, always get counted last. Easy to duplicate the ballots when they all vote alike.

Thomas Lifson noted that in Pennsylvania's case, they were caught on record as saying they wanted to keep the observers out. Hugo Chavez kept observers out, too, having Jimmy Carter to vouch for him. The Carter Center's report of Chavez's first likely stolen election, the recall referendum of 2004, proclaimed that all was free and fair ... with the minor exception of "what went on in the totalization room." It was like mostly peaceful riots, see.

Any questions as to why Trump in Florida won the Venezuelan-American vote?

Chavez used electronic voting machines to enact his electoral fraud, flipping numbers electronically. But he is far from the only comparison.

In California, ballot harvestors went to voters' homes, letting them know they knew where they lived, and then "helped" them fill out their ballots, turning in ballots and turning in ballots, well after the election until they got the result they wanted. Now we see the phenomenon of normal states counting and announcing their results and Democrat-run swing states using that information to calculate how much they would be needing to cancel it out.

It's scary stuff, and obviously, President Trump is going to take it to the courts. There ought to be new elections ordered with bipartisan observation and absolute transparency, based on this utterly suspicious pattern of behavior in these states. Suddenly stopping the counting while Trump was ahead, and needing "time" stinks of voter fraud and stolen elections on a very wide and scary scale. As Mark Steyn noted: "Belarus."

This is ugly stuff, the same thing that happened in California in 2018, when ballot harvesters flipped all of conservative Orange County for the left. The price was a loss of confidence. And it was one reason people began fleeing the state. Same as Venezuela, same as Belarus. Could it really happen here? Well, the Democrats tried riots to beat America into submission. They tried spying on the presidet, they tried phony impeachment. Some of them are big admirers of Chavez and his ways, too. They're more than capable of fraud, and in some of these places, they've engaged in fraud for years. And if and when it happens, kiss our republic goodbye.

Image credit: Embassy of Venezuela, Minsk, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 3.0


Monica Showalter 


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Defiant President - Joseph Klein


​ by Joseph Klein

Will the election end up in the Supreme Court?


Election Day 2020 finally arrived. Anxiety across the country has reached a fever pitch about an election that may go down as the most divisive one since 1864, which was held during the midst of the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln ended up winning that election handily. But the 2020 election has turned out to be much closer than pundits in the media and pollsters predicted, despite a widening gender gap and the movement of suburban voters into the Democratic camp. The tidal wave for Biden that Democrats were hoping for did not materialize. Polls in some key states such as Florida turned out to be way off base.

This race has seen a record numbers of mail-in ballots cast, which will be counted under a hodgepodge of rules that vary from state to state. The mail-in votes skewed heavily in favor of Biden in key battleground states in the early tallies, but Trump managed to close the gap with the votes from his supporters cast in person on Election Day. With teams of lawyers from both sides out in force planning to litigate close vote counts, it could be days or even weeks before we know for sure whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will finally prevail.

In addition to trying to hold onto the White House, Republicans have the task of defending 23 seats in the Senate. As of early Wednesday morning, the Republicans took the contested Alabama Senate seat back from the Democrats, as former college football coach Tommy Tuberville defeated Democratic Senator Doug Jones. The Democrats in turn flipped the contested Senate Arizona seat, as Mark Kelly defeated the incumbent Senator Martha McSally who nevertheless has refused to concede. It looks like the Senate seats currently held by Susan Collins in Maine and Thom Tillis in North Carolina will remain Republican, although these races have not been officially called as of early Wednesday morning. If the Republicans manage to hold onto these seats, they will be able to retain control of the Senate. Meanwhile, the House is projected to remain in control of the Democrats.

Trump won Florida by a larger margin over Biden than he did over Hillary Clinton in 2016, due in no small measure to an increase of Hispanic support for Trump. A majority of seniors in Florida also continued to back Trump. The RealClearPolitics average in Florida was way off. It had Biden leading by almost one percentage point. North Carolina and Georgia were not called as of 2 am Eastern Time on Wednesday morning.

Moving to the Southwest region, Trump won Texas by a comfortable margin as expected. Biden, however, managed to flip Arizona, taking its 11 electoral votes from Trump’s column, according to a call by Fox News that the Trump campaign disputed as nearly a million ballots reportedly remained to be counted. A majority of Hispanic voters in Arizona reportedly supported Biden. Concerns over the handling of the coronavirus pandemic among the growing senior population in Arizona weighed in Biden’s favor.  

As expected, President Trump won Ohio by a clear margin, which significantly exceeded the RealClearPolitics average of 1 percent. Trump also won Iowa by a margin that only the Des Moines Register came close to predicting. Republican Senator Joni Ernst won her campaign for re-election.

Attention turned, as it did in 2016, to the battle ground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and especially Pennsylvania. All three states remained up for grabs as of early Wednesday morning.

Biden was still more than 30 electoral votes short of reaching the 270 needed to win when he decided to emerge from his Wilmington, Delaware basement to make a statement at around 12:30 am Wednesday morning Eastern Time. He predicted victory, while foreshadowing a fight against any challenges to the validity of ballots by demanding that “every vote be counted.”   

President Trump then tweeted: “We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!”  Twitter once again shilled for the Biden campaign by posting, “Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.”

In subsequent remarks, Trump was defiant. He declared that he would not stand for the disenfranchisement of the voters who came out in droves to support him. He claimed victory in Georgia and North Carolina. “They can’t catch us,” he said. Trump also questioned the call for Biden in Arizona. “Most importantly,” Trump said, “we are winning Pennsylvania.” He also pointed to substantial leads in Wisconsin and Michigan. “Frankly, we did win this election,” Trump said as he complained of fraud and efforts to steal the election. “We will be going to the Supreme Court,” Trump vowed.

President Trump has every reason to be concerned about the potential for cheating, particularly in Pennsylvania – the state that may well turn out to be ground zero for determining the final outcome of the election. Pennsylvania is allowing mail-in ballots received up to three days after Election Day to be counted so long as the envelopes containing the ballots are postmarked by Election Day. Moreover, if a postmark is smudged, the sender will be given the benefit of the doubt that the ballot envelope was postmarked on time. Finally, Pennsylvania has decided not to match signatures. The result will be litigation that makes Florida in 2000 seem like child’s play. Pennsylvania’s Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro added fuel to the fire when he declared before any votes were counted that “if all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose.”

The Supreme Court has avoided making a ruling so far on whether rules changes such as extensions for receipt of mail-in ballots are lawful if not enacted by the state legislature. Unless North Carolina and Georgia end up in Biden’s column and make what happens in Pennsylvania moot, the Supreme Court will not be able to duck the election issues for too long. 


Joseph Klein  


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