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As IDF ups ops in Gaza, Hamas targets troops from schools, mosque - Charles Bybelezer


by Charles Bybelezer

Palestinian terrorists opened fire on Israeli soldiers from an UNRWA school in Beit Hanun.


Israeli troops operating in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, Dec. 9, 2023. Credit: IDF.
Israeli troops operating in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, Dec. 9, 2023. Credit: IDF.

Israel Defense Forces troops continued to operate deep inside the Gaza Strip on Saturday as fighter jets struck Hamas assets across the Palestinian enclave.

In one operation, terrorists holed up in a school in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza City ambushed Israeli soldiers, who responded with fire to eliminate the threat.

The IDF on Saturday published video of Hamas terrorists in Shejaiya beating Palestinian civilians and stealing their supplies.

“The Hamas terrorist group deprives Gaza residents of food and equipment, delivering them instead to its members to satisfy their needs,” said IDF Arabic-language Spokesman Avichay Adraee. “Hamas is the enemy of the people in Gaza.”


The IDF also said Hamas was continuing to fire rockets at Israel from humanitarian safe zones in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Palestinian terrorists on Saturday opened fire on troops from an UNRWA school and a mosque in Beit Hanun, in the northeastern Strip.


During another operation, Israeli troops uncovered a sniper rifle and ammunition hidden inside a teddy bear at a school.

In another school nearby, soldiers uncovered weapons stashed away in classrooms, some of them inside bags bearing the UNRWA logo.


Also on Saturday, terrorists in Lebanon fired several rockets towards Israel, causing no injuries.

The IDF responded by attacking the sources of the fire.

Israeli troops also employed tank fire to eliminate a terror threat near the city of Metula.

Overnight Friday, Israel Air Force fighter jets responded to rocket fire by striking a series of Hezbollah terror assets in Lebanon, including command and control centers.


Earlier on Friday, the IDF’s 98th Paratrooper Division, under the command of Brig. Gen. Dan Goldfus, engaged in intense combat in the Khan Yunis area, a key Hamas stronghold in southern Gaza.

“We positioned ourselves in the city center. Within this combat zone, where we are, you can see all this open area, the orchards, the enemy is jumping out at us from the orchards from the tunnels,” said Goldfus.

“We are working methodically, with precision, moving from tunnel to tunnel, house to house and striking the terrorists as accurately as possible,” he added.


Charles Bybelezer


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Weimar America - Victor Davis Hanson


by Victor Davis Hanson

A 1930s nightmare on the horizon?


Something eerie, something creepy, is happening in the world—and now in America as well. The dark mood is brought on by elite universities, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion industry, and massive immigration from illiberal nations and anti-Enlightenment societies.

At Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, hundreds of students rioted on news that a single teacher in her private social media account had expressed support for Israel. Waving Palestinian flags, and screaming violent threats, the student mob rioted, destroyed school property, sought the teacher out and tried to crash into her classroom—before she was saved from violence by other teachers and an eventual police arrival.

The subtext was that the overwhelmingly minority students (whose school is ranked academically near the bottom among New York City schools) were acculturated to the racist reality that as the “oppressed” they were exempt from any punishment for hunting down their own teacher. As a Jewish (and thus white) “oppressive” supporter of Israel, she was reduced to, in the words an enthusiastic commenter on a Tik Tok video of the riot, a “cracker ass bitch.” And so the student pack tracked her down as if they were hunting an animal. The old Nazi youth gangs tried to kill Jews because they were not considered “white;” our new Nazis hunt them down because they allege that they are. The common denominator between the 1930s and 2023 is an unhinged hatred of Jews.

Hundreds of such incidents are now occurring on a daily basis—as the country is leaving its Weimar phase and heading at warp speed into normalizing Jew-hatred and worse. Instructors singled out Jewish students in classes at UC Davis and Stanford. Pro-Hamas students ripped down posters, swarmed public buildings, and disrupted traffic.

A pro-Israeli demonstrator in Los Angeles was hit on the head and killed by a pro-Palestinian university professor.

Jewish students were trapped in a Cooper Union university library surrounded by pro-Hamas demonstrators. At MIT, Jewish students were warned to keep away from particular areas of the campus deemed dangerous for them.

What would happen to a university president who warned black or Latino students to keep clear of areas where she could not guarantee their safety from other students?

A bankrupt media deserves much of the blame. They daily broadcast Hamas’s suspect casualty figures, as if that terrorist organization has ever been capable of speaking the truth.

The Western news regurgitated “500 dead at a Gaza hospital,” due to a supposedly deliberate Israel bombing. In fact, the hospital parking lot was hit by an errant Islamic Jihad missile intended to kill civilians in Israel.

No matter—few reporters apologized for spreading Hamas-fed misinformation, despite the previous Hamas lies that they never harmed civilians, that tunnels were not beneath hospital grounds, that they did not murder 1,200 Israelis; or their lies that Hamas gunmen do not rape, when they engaged in mass rape on October 7.

The media normalizes Hamas’s atrocities by treating it as if it were an ordinary government, not a murderous terrorist clique that decapitates civilians, takes children as hostages, and mutilates those it slaughters. That the terrorist organization has kidnapped at least ten American citizens and killed perhaps another 31 is lost on the “journalists,” many of them Americans who could care less about the fate of their fellow citizens.

The media fixates on the Israeli response to mass murder, but rarely the mass murder of 1,200 Israeli civilians that prompted the current war. During ceasefires do Israeli terrorists drive into Gaza cities, and shoot and kill innocent civilians—and then brag, as did Hamas recently, that such murdering will only increase?

Sometimes the anti-Semitic hatred reaches Orwellian levels of absurdity. A British reporter asked an Israeli official whether his country valued life less than Hamas did because it had agreed to Hamas’s demand to release three convicted terrorists in exchange for one Israeli captive. The media fawned over a released disfigured Gazan terrorist—without mentioning that her injuries came from a car bomb she exploded in hopes of killing Jews.

The media is further emboldened by the Biden administration. When asked about the outbreak of anti-Semitism across the U.S.—nearly 60 percent of hate crimes are committed against Jews, who make up 2.5 percent of the population—Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed them with the false claim that the White House “had not seen any credible threats” to Jews. And then she claimed that the real danger to American residents was Islamophobia and threats to Arab-Americans. Hate crime and interracial crime statistics do not support Jean-Pierre’s assertions, which prompts the question of why she made them in the first place.

Note that almost all the violence in demonstrations over the current war comes from the pro-Hamas side that shouts “river to the sea” genocidal threats, swarms the Capitol rotunda and the White House wall, disrupts traffic, occupies bridges at peak traffic, defaces private and public property, shouts down speakers on campus, harasses passers-by, and often battles the police. One wonders whether, should the U.S. military be forced to try to rescue American captives, the demonstrators would cheer for the American troops or Hamas hostage-takers.

Abroad, the world has gone even crazier.

The United Nations has appointed Iran—a theocratic, terrorist-supporting government that kills dissidents and takes hostages—as the chair nation of the UN Human Rights Council Social Forum. What a cruel joke.

But what would one expect from the UN when its secretary-general, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, a former Portuguese socialist politician, condemns the Israeli response to October 7, but rarely, if ever, the Hamas mass killing of civilians that prompted it. Right after the mass killing Guterres opined, “The attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum.” According to the secretary-general’s logic, I suppose, Pearl Harbor, the 1939 Nazi invasion of Poland, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine did not happen in a vacuum either.

When told that an Irish citizen hostage was freed by Hamas, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar declared that the “lost” child was finally “found.” In other words, he wished to hide the obvious fact that a terrorist organization had kidnapped an Irish citizen child, held her hostage for 50 days, and released her only when Israel gave up convicted terrorists to obtain her release.

Our domestic political leadership is not helping the situation.

Just days after October 7, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, along with the foreign minister of the now often hostile Turkish government, were calling for a cease-fire to prevent an Israeli response.

When the Islamic Jihad rocket aimed at Israeli cities went off course and damaged a Gaza hospital (leading to the fake story that Israel bombed the hospital), President Biden joked, “You got to learn to shoot straight.” Did Biden mean that, had the terrorists only launched a successful terrorist rocket into Jewish neighborhoods, there would have been no ensuing controversies?

Biden later apologized for doubting fatality figures provided by the Gaza Health Ministry, which is controlled by Hamas—a terrorist organization that has lied about the hospital “bombing,” denied it had tunnels under hospitals, denied that it had engaged in mass rape in Israel, and has supplied no proof of its civilian casualty numbers. Has Hamas released figures of how many of its terrorists were killed, and does it separate those numbers from lost “civilians?” And so are there really vast new cemeteries in Gaza to handle the 15,000 graves for those who, Hamas asserts, were killed?

What explains the collective madness?

For the last 40 years, while Western leftists have naively supported Palestinian terrorists, their governments have appeased terrorist-supporting Middle Eastern governments for very practical reasons. The old subtext to such mollification was that 500-million irate Arab Muslims, and a Middle East with 40 percent of the world’s oil reserves, in realist terms, simply argued against the interests of 10 million Israelis.

But now there are two new, venomous elements in the matrix.

One is that the racist DEI industry assumes that all intersectional nonwhite communities are victims of white privilege and supremacy. Therefore, as permanently oppressed, they are declared incapable of being racist themselves. And so they can harass with impunity the supposed victimizers—in this case American Jews, who are declared culpable whites.

So the oppressed, according to the DEI bible, cannot be anti-Semitic, though many certainly are. And they apparently cannot be held accountable for their hatred or frequent violence.

Secondly, in the last two decades there has been an epidemic of immigration into Western nations from the Middle East. In often-divided democracies like ours, politicians seek to appease as many pressure groups as possible, whether citizen voters or merely resident demonstrators, to acquire and maintain power.

Such pro-Hamas demonstrators, rah-rahing from a free, prosperous, and secure West, expect no rebuke for their obvious hypocrisy in cheering on an autocratic, dictatorial Hamas that has wrecked the economy of Gaza, shoots dissidents, and allows no free expression. And Middle Eastern guests and immigrants are never reminded that their very demonstrations are predicated on not being physically present in their homelands, where they might be shot for what they say and do freely in the West.

We are on a trajectory similar to that of 1930s Germany.

Every time a student is cornered, harassed, or threatened; a high school mob tries to swarm and harm a teacher; a government spokesperson dismisses such hatred; or American soldiers are targeted by Iranian-fed terrorist organizations; the madness, racism, and anti-Semitism will increase—until it reaches a saturation point of abject violence in our streets.

Once a society mainstreams the values of thuggish brownshirts, and ignores their “from the river to the sea” eliminationist chants and screams of “beat the f—king Jew,” then the next emboldened step is foreordained.

True, most Americans were appalled by October 7 and accept that every nation has the right to defend itself from terrorist killers. Most Americans deplore vicious demonstrators and their calls for violence on behalf of the Hamas death cult. And most Americans want their President to demand the release of American hostages and to deter Iranian-backed terrorists who attack U.S. military personnel in the region.

But unless the public demands that their universities enforce on campus the Bill of Rights and the right to move freely in safety, that police enforce laws against mob violence on America’s streets and in our schools, and that the United States stops greenlighting mass immigration from anti-Western nations and extending student visas to residents of anti-American, terrorist-supporting, and autocratic Middle East regimes, then in suicidal fashion we are headed for a 1930s nightmare.

Victor Davis Hanson


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Hamas fires rockets from humanitarian zone, IDF eliminates terrorists in Jabalya - Sam Halpern


by Sam Halpern

The IDF hit Hamas in Gaza as evidence of Hamas's abuse of civilian areas for terror activity continues to pile up.


IDF soldiers of the Nahal Brigade’s 931st Battalion operate in Jabalya. December 9, 2023. (photo credit: IDF)
IDF soldiers of the Nahal Brigade’s 931st Battalion operate in Jabalya. December 9, 2023.
(photo credit: IDF)

Hamas terrorists fired rockets toward Israel from the designated humanitarian zone on Friday evening around 6:00 p.m. IST, the IDF said on Saturday afternoon.

The IDF added that the terror organization had also launched a sum of four other rockets in the preceding hours from the humanitarian zone.

These earlier rockets reportedly landed within the Gaza Strip.

In recent days, the IDF has made numerous discoveries of weapons and infrastructure in civilian areas and items that it points to as evidence that Hamas uses civilian areas to conduct its activities.

Earlier on Saturday, the IDF reported that it had found a teddy bear packed with ammunition and a hidden sniper rifle.

 Hamas rocket launches from the humanitarian zone of the Gaza Strip. December 8, 2023. (credit: IDF)
Hamas rocket launches from the humanitarian zone of the Gaza Strip. December 8, 2023. (credit: IDF)

Nahal Brigade kills Hamas fighters in Jabalya

Soldiers of the Nahal Brigade’s 931st Battalion engaged Hamas terrorists in the northern Gazan city of Jabalya, the IDF stated on Sunday.

During operations in the area, the Nahal Brigade soldiers received intelligence indicating Hamas fighters and weapons were present in structures nearby, the IDF said.

The IDF troops subsequently initiated a precision strike on those locations.

Operational activity of troops from the 931st Battalion of the Nahal Brigade in Jabalya. December 9, 2023. (Credit: IDF)

The Israeli military added that Hamas terrorists had attempted to stage an ambush on the Israeli troops located in the vicinity, but were foiled by an IDF flanking maneuver through an alley, catching the terrorists unprepared.

Hamas fighters reportedly returned fire and threw grenades at the Israeli forces, and the ensuing firefight continued until the Hamas forces were eliminated. 

In recent days, engagements between IDF troops and Hamas terrorists have occurred within the same vicinity, the IDF noted, with more Hamas fighters being eliminated by the 931st Battalion who managed to locate Hamas weaponry and infrastructure in the area. 

Other terrorists in the area have also been recently killed by IDF tank fire and IAF UAVs, the army said.

Sam Halpern


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In federal indictment, Joe Biden’s role in son's alleged schemes is left unsaid - Steven Richards


by Steven Richards

Hunter Biden's indictment vindicated the IRS whistleblowers and described the first son's business dealings from 2016 to 2019 while glossing over Joe Biden's role.


The sweeping tax evasion indictment brought by federal prosecutors against Hunter Biden in California vindicates the testimony of two IRS whistleblowers while leaving one tantalizing question unanswered: how did the first's son transfers of funds and profligate spending intersect with Joe Biden, if at all?

IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler say they weren't allowed to pursue evidence that might answer that question. But lawmakers pursuing an impeachment inquiry in Congress might just get the chance.

House investigators led by Oversight Chairman James Comer, Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan and Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith have connected some key dots already.

Joe Biden let his son use his Delaware home address to conduct business, received some payments from his son, met some of his son's foreign business partners and received at least one check from funds that originated in China, according to evidence the congressional investigators have already made public.

The same day that of the groundbreaking indictment against the younger Biden was announced, the House Ways and Means Committee released excerpts from Shapley’s and Ziegler’s testimony that explain why bigger questions about the president -- codenamed "the Big Guy" in some of Hunter Biden's business correspondence -- remain unanswered.

The two whistleblowers testified that pursing evidence related to Joe Biden was “off the table” and that they were prevented from investigating any financial transactions between father and son that would normally be investigated in a standard case.

“Did your gut tell you that Joe Biden was benefiting in any way from any of Hunter’s criminal proceeds?” Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Penn., asked Shapley.

“We were interested in following leads that went to Joe Biden – President Biden – not because he was Vice President, but because in any normal investigation, if you see financial transactions between son and father, and email correspondence going back and forth, text messages, and WhatsApp messages, in every investigation we have ever worked, we would follow those leads to the father,” Shapley explained.

“We’ll never know because we weren’t allowed to investigate…For example, we wanted to go and say, 'location data – we want to look into that.' And you know, it just wasn’t supported, and things just fell off the priority list,” he continued.

The committee was specifically interested in what the IRS investigators thought they may find if they were allowed to proceed. “[Were you] stopped because of who it was? Could you even offer a hunch about what you would have found?” Fitzpatrick asked the IRS agents.

“When you see 10 held by H for the 'big guy' and we have other correspondence where they are saying, don’t call dad – you know, call dad something else, call him – because we are trying to confuse or conceal who it is, that is issue for concern,” Shapley explained. “And was there 10 percent that went to the big guy? We will never know because we weren’t allowed to investigate that.”

Clearly the investigators were concerned with much of the same direct and circumstantial evidence suggesting Hunter and Joe Biden’s finances were commingled at times, as Just the News reported this week. This evidence includes a new bank record obtained by the House Oversight Committee that showed Hunter Biden set up a recurring $1,380 payment to his father in 2018, ostensibly to cover a car payment.

Circumstantial evidence through Hunter Biden’s emails also indicates that the first son's business partner facilitated that transfer of Joe Biden’s tax refund to the younger Biden’s accounts and that Hunter Biden paid for contracting work on a property owned by his father. Hunter Biden’s text messages also include one complaint from the younger Biden alleging his father took half of his salary.

“I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years,” Hunter Biden complained to his daughter in January 2019. “It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary,” he continued, according to the text obtained by the New York Post.

There is more evidence of a Joe Biden connection to his son’s business transactions millions of dollars in business transactions with foreign entities. As Just the News reported Friday, at least six reports flagging suspicious activity in Hunter Biden’s money transfers, the younger Biden listed Joe Biden’s home address in Delaware. The reports raised concerns about possible criminal activities, including money laundering or human trafficking, according to Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., who reviewed the bank records.

David X. Sullivan, a former federal prosecutor in Connecticut with extensive experience on money laundering cases, told Just the News that suchevidence should encourage further inquiry.

“I mean, each US Attorney's Office has what they would call a SARs review team…always looking at the information provided by FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network,” Sullivan told the Just the News, No Noise television show Friday night.

“Right, and the fact that there are SARs that are, you know, coming up at the the residence of the President, I think, you know, it’s very fair inquiry, and I think that the American people are entitled to a very thorough explanation,” he added.

Sullivan said questions about money laundering are clearly warranted based on the documents released by the IRS whistleblowers, the House Committees, and other sources.

“[It’s] so telling that, you know, we we've heard about all of these emails, we've heard about 23 countries and over $20 million of financial transactions and, you know, nine different members of of the Biden family receiving money and what exactly is the Biden brand? I mean, there's so many questions, and I really do think that there's enough information out there to make an argument that there's a very strong money laundering case,” Sullivan said.

“And, you know, as somebody who was engaged in money laundering investigations and has taught money laundering classes, both at Quantico and to the International Law Enforcement Academy, it’s a case that totally intrigues me,” Sullivan continued.

Johnson told Just the News that the SARs he collected during his committee’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings covered about $12 million in transactions over the years, and some of those transactions passed through the Wilmington, Del. home of the 46th president.

Johnson said Joe Biden would almost certainly have known that his son was using this address from both business and banking. “There'd be so much activity coming into his address, in this case, Hunter Biden's businesses, that he obviously would have to be aware," Johnson said of the president. "So, again, I just use the word obvious, It has been so obvious for so long, that Biden Inc. is a corrupt enterprise. And that this president is corrupt, that he is compromised.”

Hunter Biden lived at his father’s Wilmington home after his divorce from his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle in 2017. The younger Biden also listed this home as his address for a credit card and Apple account in 2018 and 2019, respectively, according to Fox News Digital.

The years that Hunter Biden appears to have lived in his father’s house are central in the California indictment against the first son for various tax crimes, which covers the years from 2016 to 2019. Taking just the years that Hunter is said to have lived in the home or listing the address—likely 2017 to 2019—the younger Biden was still receiving a substantial income form foreign sources, spending wildly, and failing to pay his taxes, according to the indictment.

You can read the indictment below:

His stay at the address coincides with the SARs which raised concerns about money laundering and human trafficking, Johnson said. The latter is potentially related to Hunter Biden’s profligate spending on “various women” and “adult entertainment,” nearly $680,000 and $185,000, respectively.

In fact, the IRS first began looking into Hunter Biden “as an offshoot of an investigation the IRS was conducting into a foreign-based amateur online pornography platform,” Shapley told Congress.

An infamous text that Hunter Biden sent to one of his Chinese business partners threatening him if he did not live up to his commitments, is another example of Joe Biden’s proximity to his son’s actions in the period covered by the indictment.

In the late July 2017 text, Hunter Biden invokes his father to ensure that the Chinese businessmen, connected to CEFC China Energy and executive Ye Jianming, uphold their end of the deal to provide a $5 million loan to the Biden family to facilitate a joint partnership.

“Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight,” Hunter told Zhao, according to the texts released by Congress.

“And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction,” Hunter threatened, invoking his father. According to the Post, photos on Hunter Biden’s laptop show that he was at Joe Biden’s Wilmington home on the day these texts were sent.

The new indictment shows this transaction, a $5 million capital contribution to Hudson West III, a joint venture between Hunter Biden’s Owasco PC firm and Ye Jianming’s Chinese network in early August 2017 came within weeks of the threatening text messages and while Hunter Biden was likely living at Joe Biden’s Delaware home.

President Biden claimed that he had no involvement in this text exchange, despite his son staying in the house at the time. The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer released a statement following the indictment, saying that “Based on the facts and the law, if Hunter’s last name was anything other than Biden, the charges in Delaware, and now California, would not have been brought.”

Steven Richards


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CAIR Boss Claims Statement of Support for Oct 7 Attacks Taken “Out of Context” - Daniel Greenfield


by Daniel Greenfield

“The people of Gaza only decided to break the siege... on October 7."


CAIR head Nihad Awad, who had a history of supporting Hamas, addressed an American Muslims for Palestine conference, an organization with its own Hamas history, and stated that, “The people of Gaza only decided to break the siege, the walls of the concentration camp, on October 7. And yes, I was happy to see people breaking the siege and throwing down the shackles of their own land, and walk free into their land, which they were not allowed to walk in. And yes, the people of Gaza have the right to self-defense, have the right to defend themselves, and yes, Israel, as an occupying power, does not have that right to self-defense.”

All of this was on video and was made public by MEMRI.

The Biden administration was forced to condemn CAIR. Awad and CAIR responded that the statements were taken “out of context”.

You can watch the video and decide for yourself.

Awad’s CAIR press release claimed that he had “again and again condemned the violence against Israeli civilians on Oct. 7th and past Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians”.

The evidence of that was CAIR’s statement attacking Israel on Oct 10.

One Awad statement linked by CAIR ranted about “Netanyahu’s far-right, openly racist government” is committing “war crimes”.

“Targeting civilians is wrong, whether they are Palestinian or Israeli. Just as our nation condemned the violent targeting of Israeli civilians last weekend, our nation must condemn—and stop sanctioning—the violent targeting of Palestinian civilians now.”

That’s not a condemnation of Hamas, which the press release doesn’t even mention, nor is it even a condemnation of targeting Israeli civilians.

What Awad and CAIR actually said was, “just as our nation condemned the violent targeting of Israeli civilians last weekend.”

That’s actually a statement that America condemned Hamas, not that CAIR did.

Awad and CAIR are assuming that much of the media won’t even bother reading or scanning their statement. Let alone parsing the words.

But this is important. CAIR’s post-Oct 7 statement did not condemn Hamas or killing Israeli civilians. It only condemned Israel.

On Oct 7, CAIR published a statement by the United States Council of Muslim Organizations which condemned Israel, made no mention whatsoever of Hamas or the attacks on Israel, but urged other Muslim countries to end relations with Israel.

On October 8, CAIR National published a statement from its New Jersey chapter stating that the “growing civilian casualty toll comes in response to Hamas’s latest offensive, which killed at least 250 Israelis and wounded hundreds more. The assault on Israel came as a response to the Israeli Defense Forces’ most recent assault on al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and its ongoing siege and blockade of Gaza.”

Not only wasn’t this a condemnation, but it was a defense of the Hamas assault on Israel in “defense” of what Islam claims is the Al Aqsa Mosque, but is the Jewish Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

The statement went on to say that, “that the people of Gaza effectively broke out of prison — resisting an occupation that is not only inhumane but also illegal under international law — is inevitable and should not be unexpected” and “in the same ways that these elected officials have supported the Ukrainian people’s sovereignty, resistance, and will, they must also do the same for Palestinians.”

None of this is a condemnation of Hamas. At best, CAIR, while attacking Israel, has occasionally said that targeting Palestinian and Israeli civilians is wrong. And therefore Americans should oppose Israel. When asked to document its condemnation of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, it tends to reach back twenty years to 2002 and 2003, and the Passover terrorist attack on senior citizens at the Netanya Hotel.

The actual condemnation is no longer on CAIR’s site, but apparently, it consisted of stating, “CAIR, a Washington-based Islamic advocacy group, today condemned a bomb attack on a Passover celebration in the Middle East that left 20 people dead and more than 100 wounded. In a statement, CAIR said: ‘We condemn this attack and all other attacks on innocent civilians. Illegitimate and counterproductive tactics must not be used in the legitimate struggle to end Israel’s brutal occupation.”

There was no mention of Hamas or even the fact that the attack took place in Israel, but there was a condemnation of Israel. And that’s from 20 years ago, yet CAIR insists on citing it today.

As the Discover the Networks profile of CAIR and its founder and executive director Nihad Awad shows,there’s a long history of support for Hamas and ties to the Islamic terror group.

In 1993, Awad, who had developed into an increasingly outspoken advocate for the rights of Palestinians, became the public-relations director of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)—a front group for Hamas.

With the help of a $5,000 donation from the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF)—yet another Hamas front group—CAIR opened up an office in Washington, D.C.

In his new position with CAIR, Awad’s affinity for Hamas became increasingly evident. At a March 22, 1994 symposium at Barry University in Florida, he declared: “I used to support the PLO, and I used to be the President of the General Union of Palestine Students which is part of the PLO here in the United States, but after I researched the situation inside Palestine and outside, I am in support of the Hamas movement more than the PLO.”

In an interview that same year with newsman Mike Wallace, Awad was asked if he supported the “military undertakings of Hamas,” to which he replied: “The United Nations Charter grants people who are under occupation [the right] to defend themselves against illegal occupation.”

In 2006, during the campaign of antisemitic Islamist candidate Keith X. Ellison, Awad claimed, “I don’t support Hamas today.”


Enough said.


Daniel Greenfield


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After anti-Semitic attack in Philadelphia and other outrages -- 'never again' is now - Eric Utter


by Eric Utter

Suddenly, we know how Nazis got started.

An Israeli-born restaurant co-owner in Philadelphia was recently harassed and his restaurant vandalized by a large group of pro-Hamas protesters who gathered outside his Israeli-style falafel shop, called Goldie. Hundreds of protesters took to the City of Brotherly Love’s streets calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, chanting inane ditties like "Goldie, Goldie, you can't hide, we charge you with genocide." Some of the demonstrators actually stormed Goldie, shouting their slogans and spraying graffiti, according to officials.

Not to be outdone, a group of Pro-Palestinian students from The New School in New York City recently blocked the entrance to one of the college’s main buildings as they protested the school’s interim president for “condoning genocide” by not calling for the destruction of Israel. Approximately 40 students blocked the entrance to The New School University Center-- which contains classrooms, studios, a library, and a dining hall-- for two hours while waving Palestinian flags and donning the terrorists' signature keffiyeh scarves.

Meanwhile, back on Capitol Hill, a hearing on growing campus anti-Semitism was held, during which Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) repeatedly asked the presidents of Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and MIT whether “calling for the genocide of Jews” violates each university’s rules or code of conduct. One might think that a remarkably easy query to answer, and yes, she told them that, but none of the presidents simply answered “yes.” In fact, all three stated that the answer to that poser lies in the “context” surrounding the call for genocide. Because, you know, there is good genocide and bad genocide, apparently. Two of them suggested that the speech must turn “into conduct” in order to violate their school’s rules. 

Incredibly, MIT President Sally Kornbluth, seemingly not grasping the concept of “genocide,” said it would if the comments were “targeted at individuals.” Okey-dokey, then. Kornbluth also noted that calls for “intifada” could be “anti-Semitic depending on the context, when calling for the elimination of the Jewish people.”

Yes, if calling for the elimination of the Jewish people isn’t considered anti-Semitic, one could scarcely conger up what would be. For “context,” it may be helpful to note that Ms. Kornbluth’s school currently teaches faculty and staff that using a gender-dysphoric person’s actual name instead of their new chosen name is a “violent act.”

At one point, Rep. Stefanik said to the higher education heads, “I am asking, specifically calling for the genocide of Jews, does that constitute bullying or harassment.”

To which University of Pennsylvania president Liz McGill replied, “If it is directed and severe or pervasive, it is harassment.” This prompted Stefanik to follow up by saying, “So, the answer is yes?”

McGill answered: “It is a context-dependent decision, Congresswoman.”

So, these Ivy League presidents say that if you actually start trying to exterminate Jews-- severely and pervasively exterminate them-- they would consider that “bullying” or “harassment.” But just “calling” for them to be “eliminated”-- on an occasional basis-- is not. And “hate speech?” Pshaw!

Well, that clears it up. I feel much better now!

Try to picture openly speaking of the “genocide,” “elimination,” or “extermination” of any other group of people. Blacks? Gays and lesbians? Transgenders? Mind-blowing. Impossible.

Sometimes you look back on something horrific like, say, the Holocaust, and think to yourself: how could this have happened? Some refuse even to believe that it did.

And then you look around today and see things like this…and are immediately both sadder and wiser.

And you think to yourself: 1938? Again?

Image: Screen shot from Twitter video

Eric Utter


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Stopping the Mullahs vs. Getting Them All Set Up - Majid Rafizadeh


by Majid Rafizadeh

Compared to the tens of billion the US delivers to Iran, the US government's annual $3.8 billion investment in Israel -- which invariably inspires extensive howling from some quarters -- is proportionately bus fare.


  • Not surprisingly, billions from the West have enabled the Iranian regime to help plan, finance and support, among other aggressions, the invasion of Israel and genocidal massacre of Jews perpetrated by Hamas on October 7. Western money gifted to Iran is also helping the regime advance its nuclear weapons program to near-completion by "a few weeks or less, after which they can make as many bombs as they like.

  • The more money the Iranian regime is handed, the more trouble it causes.

  • Compared to the tens of billion the US delivers to Iran, the US government's annual $3.8 billion investment in Israel -- which invariably inspires extensive howling from some quarters -- is proportionately bus fare.

  • It is high-time for the Biden administration to learn from previous administrations -- inconveniently for them, Republican -- that only economic and military pressure work on rogue and predatory regimes such as Iran. Appeasement, regrettably.... just ignites conflict.

It is high-time for the Biden administration to learn from previous administrations that only economic and military pressure work on rogue and predatory regimes such as Iran. Appeasement, regrettably, just ignites conflict. (Image source: iStock)

The Biden administration's policy towards the expansionist regime of Iran has been anchored in appeasement policies, including handing over billions of dollars in a seeming effort to bribe Iran's mullahs not to cause even further trouble in the Middle East before the US presidential election on November 5, 2024.

Not surprisingly, billions from the West have enabled the Iranian regime to help plan, finance and support, among other aggressions, the invasion of Israel and genocidal massacre of Jews perpetrated by Hamas on October 7. Western money gifted to Iran is also helping the regime advance its nuclear weapons program to near-completion by "a few weeks or less, after which they can make as many bombs as they like.

From the Iranian regime's dispiriting record of cheating (such as here, here and here), no "deal" will stop them.

The more money the Iranian regime is handed, the more trouble it causes.

The Iranian regime prefers to cause trouble by hiding behind their human-shield proxies such as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis. This system not only enables the mullahs to claim "plausible deniability;" it also enables others to get killed while the mullahs enjoy kebabs in Tehran.

Thanks to immense largesse from the West -- business from Europe, and massive payouts -- $150 billion from the Obama administration, and an additional $70 billion from Biden -- have enabled Iran's regime to:

  • Enrich its uranium to 84%, near the nuclear-bomb level of 90%, and a "few weeks or less" from nuclear capability;
  • Fund and help plot Hamas's genocidal October 7th invasion and to try to destroy Israel. Estimates are that Iranian funding of Hamas runs to $70 million-$100 million a year;
  • Deliver drones to Russia to help it to destroy Ukraine;
  • Launch 78 attacks on US forces in Syria and Iraq since October 17;
  • Launch more than 151 attacks on US forces since the Biden presidency, trying to eject the US from the Middle East; meanwhile wounding scores of US service members, at least 20 seriously with traumatic brain injury; and
  • Step up its plans eventually to confront the US mainland from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Perhaps the Biden administration might try something else?

Compared to the tens of billion the US delivers to Iran, the US government's annual $3.8 billion investment in Israel -- which invariably inspires extensive howling from some quarters -- is proportionately bus fare.

Since the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, history has shown that the only policies that have worked against Iran's regime are strong economic and strong military pressure.

Remember when Iran attacked a Kuwaiti tanker in 1987 during the Reagan administration? President Ronald Reagan did not hesitate; he immediately ordered the Operation Nimble Archer, in which the US Navy attacked two Iranian oil platforms. After that, for as long as the Reagan administration was in office, Iran did not attack or harass any other tanker in the Persian Gulf.

In the second operation during the Reagan administration, known as Operation Praying Mantis, the US Navy destroyed half of Iran's entire Navy fleet in eight hours, thereby sending such a strong message to the Iranian regime that Tehran stopped mining the Gulf and decided to put an end to the Iran-Iraq war. According to Robert B. Charles:

"Iran mined the Persian Gulf, which ended up blowing a hole in a US Navy ship, mercifully killing no one. Reagan moved swiftly.

"In Operation Praying Mantis, Reagan dispatched the US Navy to halt Iran's belligerence. The US Navy sank an Iranian frigate, gunboat, three speedboats, and two armed platforms, crippling another frigate and a fighter.

"Message received. Iran stopped mining the Gulf, stopped attacking foreign tankers, decided the time was right to end the Iran-Iraq war. Free Gulf passage resumed. These outcomes are directly attributable to Reagan's life-learned lessons, and pre-thought tactical actions by Reagan and the US Navy."

Targeting Iran's oil refineries and platforms would also send a strong message to the regime: Iran's major revenues come from oil and gas exports. Iran possesses the world's second-largest natural gas reserves and the fourth-largest proven crude oil reserves. The sale of oil accounts for nearly 60% of the Iranian government's total revenues and more than 80% of their export revenues.

US Senator Lindsay Graham has suggested targeting Iran's oil refineries:

"What I would do is I would bomb Iran's oil infrastructure. The money financing terrorism comes from Iran. It's time for this terrorist state to pay a price for financing and supporting all this chaos."

Removing even just one oil refinery might also "send a message" and persuade Iran's ruling mullahs to rethink their plans.

Another military deterrent succeeded after the Trump administration killed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' Qods Force Commander Qasem Soleimani, and warned Iran that if it were to avenge Soleimani's death, 52 additional targets had been selected. That was the end of Iran acting up.

Another policy that worked was enforcing sanctions to the fullest extent, instead of looking the other way. When the Trump administration robustly enforced sanctions on Iran and adopted a policy of "maximum pressure," the sanctions did, in fact, impose significant pressure on Iran, and the country's rulers were forced to cut funding to their allies, militias and terror groups.

The Trump administration's enforcement of sanctions caused Iran to cut funds to its proxies in Syria. Seeing the pressure of sanctions on Iran, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Iran's Lebanese terror proxy, Hezbollah, called on his group's fundraising arm "to provide the opportunity for jihad with money and also to help with this ongoing battle".

Hamas, too, had to introduce "austerity plans". Then-Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that the Islamic Republic was encountering the worst economic crisis since its establishment in 1979.

It is high-time for the Biden administration to learn from previous administrations -- inconveniently for them, Republican -- that only economic and military pressure work on rogue and predatory regimes such as Iran. Appeasement, regrettably -- as we have seen most recently from the Houthis, who were removed from the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations in the first weeks of the Biden administration, and are now targeting American assets in the region -- just ignites conflict.

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh is a business strategist and advisor, Harvard-educated scholar, political scientist, board member of Harvard International Review, and president of the International American Council on the Middle East. He has authored several books on Islam and US Foreign Policy. He can be reached at Dr.Rafizadeh@Post.Harvard.Edu


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What Is Really Behind Bin Laden's 'Letter to the American People'? - Raymond Ibrahim


by Raymond Ibrahim

"Battle, animosity, and hatred — directed from the Muslim to the infidel — is the foundation of our religion. And we consider this a justice and kindness to them." — Osama bin Laden, "Al-Qaeda's Declaration in Response to the Saudi Ulema."

  • "Battle, animosity, and hatred — directed from the Muslim to the infidel — is the foundation of our religion. And we consider this a justice and kindness to them." — Osama bin Laden, "Al-Qaeda's Declaration in Response to the Saudi Ulema."

  • "There are only three choices in Islam: either willing submission; or payment of the jizya, thereby physical, though not spiritual, submission to the authority of Islam; or the sword—for it is not right to let him [an infidel] live." — Osama bin Laden, "Al-Qaeda's Declaration in Response to the Saudi Ulema."

  • In his "Letter to the American People," however, bin Laden portrays Islam as "the religion of showing kindness to others, establishing justice between them, granting them their rights, and defending the oppressed and the persecuted."

  • When clarifying to the Saudis what Islam really has in store for infidels, bin Laden quoted many of the most militant verses, such as Koran 9:29: "Fight those among the People of the Book [Jews and Christians] who do not believe in Allah, nor the Last Day, nor forbid what Allah and his Messenger have forbidden, nor embrace the religion of truth, until they pay the jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued."

Today, young Americans are eating up the old and discredited words of Osama bin Laden, who masterminded the murder of 3,000 Americans — all thanks to TikTok and its Chinese Communist Party owners. Pictured: A video still taken from Qatar's Al Jazeera television on June 10, 1999 shows Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. (Photo by Al Jazeera/AFP via Getty Images)

As the war between Israel and Palestinians rages on, an old "Letter to the American People" from the terrorist Osama bin Laden, who masterminded the murder of nearly 3,000 people in the United States on September 11, 2001, after his first attempt to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993 failed, recently went viral on TikTok, where it is apparently "opening eyes" based on the sorts of reactions it has been receiving, such as:

  • "It's wild and everyone should read it. If you haven't read it yet, read it."
  • "I will never look at life the same again; I will never look at this country the same."
  • "I guarantee you it's going to blow your mind."
  • "[The letter] is actually so mind-fuc*ing to me, that terrorism has been sold as this [false] idea to the American people."

What great revelations did the Al Qaeda chief make in his letter from 2002? While justifying the 9/11 attacks, he accused America of any number of crimes — chief among them support for Israel supposedly at the expense of Palestinians.

The problem with bin Laden's litany list against America — and, in other letters, the West in its entirety — was that none of his accusations was the ultimate reason that he and Al Qaeda hated the U.S. and Europe.

Background: Osama bin Laden, from one of Saudi Arabia's most prominent families, denounced his country's royal family as insufficiently pious, formed the terrorist group Al Qaeda, and was eventually expelled from the Arabian Peninsula. He went to Sudan, then to Pakistan, where, after two attempts to destroy the World Trade Center – the second attempt brought it down – he was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs in his hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan in 2011.

Soon after the strikes of 9/11, sometime in February 2002, sixty Americans drafted a letter titled "What We're Fighting For: A Letter from America," in which they declared America's resolve to combat Islamic terrorism.

In response, 153 prominent Saudi scholars drafted their own letter, "A Letter to American Scholars and Intellectuals: How We Can Coexist," published in May 2002, in Riyadh. Their reply, signed by many important figures of the Saudi establishment, infuriated al-Qaeda, and prompted bin Laden to write "Al-Qaeda's Declaration in Response to the Saudi Ulema: It's Best You Prostrate Yourselves in Secret."

The whole point of bin Laden's declaration (translated and annotated in this author's The Al Qaeda Reader, pp.17-62) was to chastise the Saudis for what he deemed was a theologically invalid and cowardly response to the West, one typified by "prostrations." To correct the Saudis, he repeatedly emphasized what he considered Islam's "true" position concerning non-Muslims (see below).

Because bin Laden's essay was written to the Saudis -- that is, for Islamic eyes only -- it is refreshingly honest and straightforward, and not that different from the writings of ISIS.

For instance, the Saudis had written to the Americans that "The heart of the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims is justice, kindness, and charity." Bin Laden, outraged, reprimanded the Saudis:

"As to the relationship between Muslims and infidels... 'Enmity and hate shall forever reign between us — till you believe in Allah alone' [Koran 60:4]." So there is an enmity, evidenced by fierce hostility from the heart. And this fierce hostility — that is, battle — ceases only if the infidel submits to the authority of Islam, or if his blood is forbidden from being shed, or if Muslims are at that point in time weak and incapable [of waging jihad]. But if the hate at any time extinguishes from the heart, this is great apostasy! Allah Almighty's Word to his Prophet recounts in summation the true relationship: 'O Prophet! Wage war against the infidels and hypocrites and be ruthless. Their abode is hell — an evil fate! [9:73].' Such, then, is the basis and foundation of the relationship between the infidel and the Muslim. Battle, animosity, and hatred — directed from the Muslim to the infidel — is the foundation of our religion. And we consider this a justice and kindness to them. The West perceives fighting, enmity, and hatred all for the sake of the religion [Islam] as unjust, hostile, and evil. But whose understanding is right — our notions of justice and righteousness, or theirs?

Not content with chastising the Saudis, bin Laden then took it upon himself — and here is where it gets interesting — to personally respond to the American letter ("What We're Fighting For") by penning a missive titled, "Why We Are Fighting You." It is this letter that the Guardian published in late 2002, under the title, "Full text: bin Laden's 'letter to America,'" and it is this letter that recently went viral. (The Guardian recently removed the text.)

Oddly, bin Laden said nothing about those many Islamic doctrines that require Muslims to hate and wage war against non-Muslims, which he had condemned the Saudis for failing to acknowledge in their "How We Can Coexist" letter.

When speaking to the Saudis, bin Laden had written:

"There are only three choices in Islam: either willing submission; or payment of the jizya, thereby physical, though not spiritual, submission to the authority of Islam; or the sword—for it is not right to let him [an infidel] live. The matter is summed up for every person alive: either submit, or live under the suzerainty of Islam, or die. Thus it behooves the [Saudi] signatories to clarify this matter to the West— otherwise they will be like those who believe in part of the Book [Koran] while rejecting the rest."

In his "Letter to the American People," however, bin Laden portrays Islam as "the religion of showing kindness to others, establishing justice between them, granting them their rights, and defending the oppressed and the persecuted." Curiously, he neglects to mention the three options mentioned above – conversion, subjugation or slaughter – that he chided the Saudis for failing to "clarify" to the infidels. Instead, he merely invites Americans to embrace Islam.

Just like the Saudi response to the Americans, bin Laden's "Letter to the American People" ultimately relies on political, humanitarian and even emotional arguments as to why Al Qaeda had declared war on the United States (for instance, self-defense, U.S. support for Israel at the expense of Palestinians, U.S. support for oppressive, dictatorial regimes, unjust wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, etc.).

Even the letter's opening Koranic verse puts everything in a defensive context: "Permission to fight is given to those who are attacked, for they have been wronged and surely Allah is able to give them victory" [22:39]. Yet when clarifying to the Saudis what Islam really has in store for infidels, bin Laden quotes many of the most militant verses, including Koran 9:29:

"Fight those among the People of the Book [Jews and Christians] who do not believe in Allah, nor the Last Day, nor forbid what Allah and his Messenger have forbidden, nor embrace the religion of truth, until they pay the jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued."

Islam's classic threefold choice, then — conversion, subjugation, or slaughter — is the ultimate source of problems, even for other terrorist groups, such as Hamas. As the Encyclopedia of Islam's entry for "jihad" by Emile Tyan puts it:

"[The] spread of Islam by arms is a religious duty upon Muslims in general ... Jihad must continue to be done until the whole world is under the rule of Islam ...."

Unfortunately, we, the "infidels" — Americans, Israelis, Christians, Jews, Hindus and all non-Muslims — are to people of this mindset de facto enemies. It is in this context that the question of U.S. support for Israel should be examined. Being hated and deemed an enemy for political differences is peripheral to being hated for simply existing, as, sadly, Islam views Jews -- not Israelis, Jews.

Nevertheless, instead of understanding and responding to this complex reality, today, young Americans are eating up the old and discredited words of Osama bin Laden, who masterminded the murder of 3,000 Americans — all thanks to TikTok and its Chinese Communist Party owners, who are outspokenly committed to displacing the US as the world's leading superpower. The Chinese Communist Party and their allies in Iran appear committed to that goal; what is the US doing about it?

Note: For additional articles that closely examine and show the contradiction between al-Qaeda's words to the West and its words to fellow Muslims click here, here, here, here, here, and here.


Raymond Ibrahim, author of Defenders of the West, Sword and Scimitar, Crucified Again, and The Al Qaeda Reader, is the Distinguished Senior Shillman Fellow at the Gatestone Institute and the Judith Rosen Friedman Fellow at the Middle East Forum.


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Reporters embedded with Hamas in bed with Hamas? - Eric Utter


by Eric Utter

Hard to cover the news objectively when you are taking a selfie of yourself literally smooching with a Hamas terrorist mastermind.


Recently, more than a dozen state attorneys general signed a letter to media outlets such as the New York Times and Reuters, putting them "on notice" that providing material support to terrorist organizations like Hamas is illegal

Would this be necessary if we actually had a free and unbiased press? Shouldn’t “journalists” already know this?

Republican Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird initiated the letter, which expressed concerns that journalists embedded with Hamas may have deep connections to the terrorist organization "and may have participated in the October 7 attack." 

In fact, “mainstream” media outlets even reportedly hired Palestinian photojournalists.

The state AGs referenced a letter a bipartisan group of lawmakers sent to Reuters recently that asked the outlet "how its journalist knew to be available for the October 7 attack.” The letter also urged Reuters to address whether it had prior knowledge of the attack-- or if one of the organization’s journalists had been in contact with Hamas before the attack. 

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) also sent a letter last month to Attorney General Merrick Garland, CNN, the Associated Press, Thomson Reuters, and the New York Times, in which he asked for details surrounding reporters embedded with Hamas.

Cotton wrote:

I write regarding reports that so-called 'journalists' employed by the Associated Press, CNN, New York Times, and Reuters accompanied Hamas terrorists into Israel during the October 7 terror attack. These individuals almost certainly knew about the attack in advance, and even participated by accompanying Hamas terrorists during the attack and filming the heinous acts. In at least one case, one of the individuals affiliated with these media outlets even took a selfie while being kissed on the cheek by a Hamas leader who helped mastermind the attack.

Wow. So much for “fair and balanced.” It’s hard to claim you’re a detached, objective, observer when a terrorist mastermind of the very attack you are currently covering is smooching you on the cheek while you are taking a selfie.

Who can forget the great “photojournalists” of yesteryear-- like Heinrich Himmler, Charles Manson, and Timothy McVeigh?

Sadly, much of what we are told-- and shown-- by the press is “fake news.”

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

Eric Utter


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