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UNRWA Fails its Students -- but Still Wants More U.S. Money - Joseph Klein

by Joseph Klein

And it hires a public relations firm rather than reform its ways.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has hired a public relations firm,, to bolster its image after the Trump administration cut back sharply the amount of contributions the United States will be making to the agency. The Trump administration reduced the expected 2018 U.S. contribution of more than $360 million to about $60 million. As part of its Dignity Is Priceless global fundraising campaign to help make up for the shortfall, Scott Anderson, UNRWA’s Director of West Bank Operations, and Peter Mulrean, Director of UNRWA’s Representative Office in New York, spoke to reporters at UN headquarters last week.

The UNRWA directors pitched the importance of UNRWA’s humanitarian work. They said that the current financial crisis is in on a scale unlike any that UNRWA has experienced in the past, calling the cutback an “existential” threat to UNRWA’s ability to continue serving the needs of the Palestinian people. They complained that the United States government has not explained the rationale to UNRWA for its action. All that UNRWA’s leadership should do is to look in the mirror for the answer.

The truth is that continuing to provide hundreds of millions of dollars to UNRWA is throwing good money after bad.  Mr. Anderson, UNRWA’s Director of West Bank Operations, unwittingly pointed to the fatal flaw in the educational program UNRWA offers to its students, consuming about half of UNRWA’s regular budget, which he described as the most important service that UNRWA provides. UNRWA, he said, must teach the “host” country’s curriculum, which UNRWA considers to be the curriculum that the Palestinian Authority creates. Mr. Anderson said that it treats the Palestinian Authority for this purpose as representing a “sovereign” nation. Based on this fiction, UNRWA contends it has no choice but to use a curriculum designed by the Palestinian authorities that has been found to indoctrinate Palestinian children to hate Jews and to believe that Israel has no right to exist. A study released last year by the Center for Near East Policy Research, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Middle East Forum found that textbooks used in UNRWA schools during 2016 and 2017 have continued instilling anti-Israel, anti-Jewish hatred.

UNRWA cannot change the Palestinian Authority’s curriculum, according to Mr. Anderson, although it can develop “enrichment” materials to help teachers introduce tolerance lessons that “conform to UN values.” When UNRWA tried to do just that, however, it faced fierce resistance from the Palestinian Authority because it perceived the new materials as too favorable to Israel. Last year, the Palestinian Authority Education Ministry issued a statement complaining that “[A]ny distortion of the Palestinian curriculum is a flagrant violation of the laws of the host country, and any change to any letter to appease any party is a betrayal of the Palestinian narrative and the right of the Palestinian people under occupation to preserve its identity and struggle.” UNRWA’s added materials were condemned as an “affront to the Palestinian people, its history and struggles.” The ministry said that the Palestinian Authority’s suspension of cooperation would continue until the UN agency’s “positions are corrected.”

UNRWA appeared to cave to the Palestinian Authority’s demands. UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl promised that "UNRWA is completely committed to the Palestinian curricula, and that no change will be made in these curricula." Even then, the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education would allow no wiggle room. According to an article published on November 8, 2017 by the official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, “The [PA] Ministry of Education and Higher Education reiterated its complete opposition to any step or attempt that UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) or any international body are liable to make against the Palestinian curricula – whether by omitting, changing, or adding any materials in contradiction of the philosophy of the [PA] curricula and in contradiction of the contents of the schoolbooks in everything connected to the national identity and cultural, social, and national heritage of our people.” The article quoted from the ministry’s November 7, 2017 notice that “all of the materials that UNRWA is interested in adding must be complementary and consistent with all of the contents of the schoolbooks.” In other words, UNRWA cannot stray from the Palestinian Authority’s hate-filled curriculum.

Mr. Anderson said that UNRWA was just beginning to roll out its “enrichment” materials, but was deliberately vague as to what that really meant, given the Palestinian Authority’s use of hate-filled indoctrination as part of its curriculum. He gave no timetable for the rollout, or any indication whether the teachers in UNRWA’s schools would have to use the additional UNRWA-produced materials in their classrooms. The only example he offered of an UNRWA lesson in tolerance had to do with gender equality.

Until the Palestinians stop using UNRWA schools to poison the minds of Palestinian children with hate, the Trump administration should continue its cutback of funding for the UN agency. Rather than hire an expensive public relations firm to polish its image, UNRWA should fundamentally reform its ways.

Joseph Klein is a Harvard-trained lawyer and the author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom and Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations & Radical Islam.


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Obama said we can't drill our way to energy independence. Actually, we did - Gregory Winkeleer

by Gregory Winkeleer

Increased drilling - “drill baby drill,” he called it - was not a plan, but rather “a bumper sticker,” according to the Smartest President Ever.

Believe it or not, there was a time when a seemingly large, definitely vocal group of US political leaders told us that we must reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuels – particularly, oil. “We are running out of oil”, they said. “We can’t compete with OPEC”, they insisted to us. And of course, the most famous warning they gave us: “We can’t drill our way out of this”.

This came mostly from Democrats. In 2012, no less an authority than Barack Obama told us that calling for increased production by increased drilling - “drill baby drill,” he called it - was not a plan, but rather “a bumper sticker”. Mr. Obama assured us “you know we can't just drill our way to lower gas prices", as if everyone who disagreed with him was simply refusing to admit that, deep down, they were wrong and he was right.

But what went widely unreported during the Obama years was that advances in the two technologies that are most responsible for increased drilling efficiency - Industrial Fracturing (aka fracking) and Horizontal Drilling – were creating a revolution in the US Energy industry. Production became much more efficient, even though Mr. Obama opposed these technologies. He later tried to take credit for the results – while conveniently leaving out the fact that due to his administration’s extreme reluctance to permit drilling on Federal land, all of the increase in production came from private/state owned land. And, in case you were wondering, the same goes for natural gas. How reluctant was Mr. Obama to permit drilling on Federal land? On average, the number of leases granted by the Bureau of Land Management to drill for oil on Federal land under Mr. Obama was far lower than any of the 4 presidential administrations prior to his.

Yet in spite of the restrictive energy policies of the Obama administration, by 2015 the US was the top producer of natural gas (most of the energy released by fracking is in the form of natural gas) in the world, producing about 20% more than runner up Russia.

Fast forward to 2016 - Donald Trump is elected President with a very different energy policy in mind than that of Mr. Obama. He wants to increase production, by repealing Obama’s fracking rules. He also wants to make more Federal land available for drilling – he even included opening up ANWAR to drilling for the first time ever, as part of the Tax Reform bill he signed into law in December 2017.

As a result of Mr. Trumps policies, the US is about to overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s top oil producer by 2019. Even the once-mighty OPEC has been left in the rear view mirror.

What’s next? Probably the next bottleneck: Refineries. As of January, 2017, there are 141 petroleum refineries operating in the United States. Believe it or not, all but 11 of them were opened more than 40 years ago. I would expect to see Mr. Trump to reform the permitting process for building refineries in the same way he has reformed processes related to fracking.

Regardless of what Mr. Trump does for an encore, we now know that Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats were wrong: We not only can drill our way to energy independence, but we did.

Gregory Winkeleer


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US envoy: Iranian drone incursion into Israel 'wake-up call' to the world - Shlomo Cesana, Yoni Hersch, Daniel Siryoti, David Baron, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff

by Shlomo Cesana, Yoni Hersch, Daniel Siryoti, David Baron, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff 

Iran's breach of Israeli airspace was "an egregious and unprompted escalation," U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley says

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley
Photo: AP

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley warned Wednesday that Iran's piloting of a drone into Israeli airspace on Saturday must serve as a "wake-up call to the world" regarding the Islamic republic's efforts to cement its presence in Syria.

Saturday's incident ratcheted up tensions on the Israel-Syria border. The Iranian drone was intercepted by Israeli air defenses, but a retaliatory strike on Iranian assets in Syria saw anti-aircraft fire down an Israeli fighter jet as it was returning from its mission.

Addressing a U.N. Security Council briefing that focused on the situation in Syria and Saturday's incident, Haley lambasted Iran's breach of Israeli airspace.

"Earlier this week, Iranian-backed militias in southern Syria launched a drone into Israeli territory. It was an egregious and unprompted escalation. The drone flight this week is a wake-up call for all of us. Iran and Hezbollah are making plans to stay in Syria," she said.

"Iran was once again doing what it does – risking conflict and testing the will of its neighbors and opponents to resist its aggression. Israel rightly took action to defend itself. The United States will always stand by our ally when confronted with provocations from Iran, Hezbollah, or the Assad regime."

Haley went on to stress that the incident "shines a spotlight on the reality in Syria today. We are seeing actors engage in a dangerous game of pushing boundaries, instead of behaving responsibly and committing to peace.

"The Assad regime has become a front for Iran, Hezbollah, and their allies to advance the irresponsible and dangerous agenda for the Middle East. On every front of this conflict [in Syria], we find fighters imported by Iran from Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan. When we see the Assad regime starving civilians in eastern Ghouta or pummeling schools and hospitals in Idlib, we see advisers from Iran and Hezbollah helping direct those atrocities," Haley said.

She further warned that Iran's presence in Syria prevents the possibility of brokering an end to the nearly seven-year-long civil war.

"It's hard to see how a peace process will work while the Assad regime continues to launch all-out attacks against the Syrian people, and Iran and Hezbollah are entrenching themselves inside the country."

Ahead of the meeting, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon said that the Security Council should condemn Iran's aggression and put an end to Tehran's provocation in the region.

"The Security Council cannot stand idly by as Iran repeatedly violates U.N. resolutions and pursues actions that could lead to a dangerous escalation," he said.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday also expressed concern over Saturday's incident.

During a visit to Jordan, Tillerson said Iran should withdraw its forces and militias from Syria, where Tehran backs President Bashar Assad.

Responding to the comments, a senior Iranian official, Ali Akbar Velayati, said Iran's military presence in Syria was legitimate and based on an invitation from Damascus. He called on U.S. forces to leave Syria.

Shlomo Cesana, Yoni Hersch, Daniel Siryoti, David Baron, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


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Trojan Horses: 3 Liberal Policies that Secretly Push Open Borders - Russ McSwain

by Russ McSwain

Examine Democrat policy positions closely, and a theme starts to emerge

I've lost count of the pundits and people who call themselves comedians who refer to the absurdity of Trump. He is an interesting and contradictory guy, but what is most notable about his presidency is how consistent, reasonable, and realistic his policies are. His policies do not work at cross purposes. One can disagree with his choices, but there is no basis to call them absurd.

Democrats are a different story. They really are absurd. Library shelves are filled with books about liberal policies that either achieve the exact opposite of the ones intended or cancel the effect of other policies. We have before us another example with the total commitment to open and unfettered immigration. That the desired immigration is not merit-based adds to the absurdity.

The three most cherished goals for Democrats are these.

1. Reduce carbon emissions to combat global warming (sorry – climate change).
2. Reduce income inequality, at least to the golden-age level of the 1950s.
3. Provide affordable access to health care for all Americans.

We'll look at each in turn, but pay special attention to health care, as it ties into the need for merit-based immigration.

1. Carbon emissions. To be clear, I am not a believer in the notion that humanity faces a crisis caused by fossil fuels. I'm not a denier. It would be easy to convince me. All it would take is, you know, evidence. But this isn't about what I think.

Scratch even reasonable Democrats and you'll find an Al Gore. They explain the urgent need to reduce our carbon footprint by burning less in fossil fuels in order to save the planet. They really say "to save the planet." Here is Hillary Clinton making the point as only she can. 

The crazies think we should convert everything to renewable fuels. The slightly more rational give a little leeway to natural gas and maybe even nuclear power. But it is the crazies, like Gov. Jerry Brown, who also push the most extreme immigration policies, including sanctuary cities and states. By the way, it's the crazies who are likely to win Democratic primaries.

The per capita carbon footprint in the US is 15.53 metric tons. In Mexico, it's 3.66. Central American and most African countries are even lower than Mexico. If the goal is stop the increase in atmospheric carbon, why maintain policies that encourage migration to the U.S.? Why not politely and humanely encourage people to return to their countries of origin? Instead of sanctuaries, why not a genteel version of ethnic cleansing? 

I want to say again: this is not my policy. I just don't understand why it isn't the Dems' policy. After all, the whole world is at stake, not to mention the polar bears.

2. Income inequality. For years, the left made fun of the conservative qualities of the 1950s. Lately, Democrats have discovered that there was much less income inequality in those dark times than we have today. What was different about those days? There were many fewer immigrants than we have today. 

We are a country of immigrants, but the flow has ebbed and crested. From 1925 to 1965, America had much more limited immigration. For that reason, in the '50s, it was possible to pass weeks at a time without meeting a new person of foreign birth. Today, 46 million Americans were born in another country. That's 15% more people than live in California. It is the number of people who live in Spain.

It isn't just a matter of more poor people entering the country. These immigrants compete for jobs with native-born Americans – of all races – and drive down wages across the board. I have yet to find anyone who disputes this effect. All that's needed to verify the connection is to look at the open borders positions of the National Association of Manufactures and the Chamber Commerce.

There is a double-edged irony here. With sustained rapid economic growth, it is possible that the existing labor pool and even a much larger one would be needed to fill newly created jobs and sustain prosperity and still have 1950s-level wages. In plain English, over time, a Trump economy is more likely to support additional immigration than an Obama economy. I think that will happen, eventually. 

Until that day arrives, why are the income equality people pushing so hard for more immigration?

3. Affordable access to health care. This is the holy grail for Democrats. Obamacare is a feeble attempt to move in that direction. It has many faults, and the most glaring is that it created more effective demand without increasing supply. Current immigration policies don't help with either side of the problem.

In a SOTU address, Obama said illegals weren't eligible for Obmacare. Rep. Joe Wilson shouted out, "You lie!" Impolite, but not incorrect. Even if Obama had been truthful, the mere presence of additional people, legal or not, increases the demand and therefore lengthens the line we face in getting medical care. The line can be for some important treatments. Oregon tried to remove an illegal alien from the liver transplant waiting list. The ACLU intervened, and the woman is back on the list. When that can happen anything is possible. 

In all their programs, Democrats always assume supply. If access to medical care is provided, then presto: medical care will be provided. Obamacare made no effort to increase the number of providers, even though the United States is facing a severe shortage of doctors and nurses. By 2025, the shortfall in doctors will be 90,000. Then there are nurses:
Nursing shortages have occurred in the past, but the current crisis is far worse. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there will be more than a million registered nurse openings by 2024, twice the rate seen in previous shortages.
These shortages cause problems all along the health care system, from school nurses' offices to hospitals. 

Why would Democrats, who say they value health care as an inherent human right, not favor a merit-based system that gives preference to doctors and nurses? There are other policies to train more providers we could try and wish we had tried, but right now, the shortages are real. Why have a lottery system or system based on the third cousin once removed of a previous immigrant? While it might be nice to have the company of that cousin, it might be even nicer to have a person who can set a broken leg or perform an appendectomy. 

The shortage of doctors and nurses applies to other areas as well. Why not favor people with various skills over people randomly selected? It's not as though we'd be breaking new ground. Canada and Australia have this exact policy. 

Calling a group of people absurd is a little harsh, but it's actually their word pointed back at them. Still, I'm willing to take a softer approach. In the coming immigration debate, I'll be politely listening. Democrats can explain how their immigration policies are like Trump's: consistent, reasonable, realistic, and designed to help the country.

Russ McSwain


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When Susie Met Comey - Lloyd Billingsley

by Lloyd Billingsley

A mysterious email raises questions about the Deep State's designs for the incoming Trump administration.

January 20, 2017, was inauguration day for president Donald Trump and last day on the job for national security advisor Susan Rice. At 12:15 p.m. that day, Rice sent herself an email about a January 5 meeting with POTUS 44, FBI boss James Comey, deputy attorney general Sally Yates, and vice president Joe Biden

In this meeting, Rice wrote, “The president stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book.” From a national security perspective, however, the president “said he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia.”

Senators Lindsey Graham and Charles Grassley, among others, found the email highly unusual. Former White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler countered that Rice was simply “memorializing an important discussion for the record.” The discussion did not involve the Steele dossier and “any insinuation that Ambassador Rice’s actions in this matter were inappropriate is yet another attempt to distract and deflect from the importance of the ongoing investigations into Russian meddling in America’s democracy.” Others offered a different explanation for Rice’s eleventh-hour message. 

“She’s obviously trying to rewrite history,” Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News. “She’s trying to make it look as if something happened that didn’t happen.” Those present “learned something between January 5th and January 20th which caused them to want to change the narrative about this meeting.” 

As the FBI’s Trump-hating Peter Strzok and Lisa Page said in their texts, “potus wants to know everything we are doing,” in their various investigative capers during 2016. Those doubtless concerned the “insurance policy,” the lovebirds discussed in the office of Clinton crony Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI. So perhaps that was the narrative Susan Rice wanted to change on January 20, 2017. With her proven experience, she was the right woman for the job.

On September 11, 2012, Islamic terrorists attacked the U.S. compound in Benghazi, killing Ambassador Christopher Stevens, information officer Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew it was a planned terrorist attack but told the world it was all part of a spontaneous protest over an internet video. Susan Rice, then U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, dutifully echoed that narrative on national television. 

As national security advisor, Rice spun the narrative that turncoat Bowe Bergdahl served the United States with “honor and distinction.” As Rice told CNN, “I’m upfront with the American people and I always do my best on behalf of my country and I do my best to tell the facts as I know them.” 

On the Benghazi episode, Rice said she provided the “best information” the government had at the time. “I regret that the information I was provided was wrong, that I delivered to the American people,” she explained. “That doesn’t make me a liar. That makes me a public servant trying to say what we knew at the time.”

As Shirley MacLaine said in Being There, “I reveal myself to myself, and I am drenched and purged.” To the nation, on the other hand, Rice revealed herself as a professional liar, though not particularly convincing. As it happens, her January 20, 2017 attempt to retrofit POTUS 44 as a by-the-book champion of propriety is part of a long tradition. 

In the 1995 Dreams from My Father, strategic information always comes from the ladies. At the prestigious Punahou School, teacher Miss Hefty says, “Barry Obama’s father is here, and he’s come all the way from Kenya, in Africa, to tell us all about his country.” Aunt Jane calls from Nairobi to explain: “Listen Barry, your father is dead. He is killed in a car accident.” 

Auma, the Kenyan Barack Obama’s daughter, shows up in Chicago. “You know, the Old Man used to talk about you so much!” Auma tells the American. “He would show off your picture to everybody and tell us how well you were doing in school.” 

In his massive Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, Pulitzer Prize-winner David Garrow explains that Dreams from My Father was not a memoir or autobiography. “It was instead, in multitudinous ways, without any question, a work of historical fiction.” (Garrow’s italics) And “its most important composite character was the narrator himself.” 

With collaboration from the establishment media, that composite character became the 44th president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, for eight full years. Since he left office, evidence has been mounting that POTUS 44 corrupted the FBI and DOJ to ensure the election of his chosen successor. When Hillary Clinton lost, the president tasked FBI and DOJ bosses to frame Donald Trump on charges that he colluded with Russia.

POTUS 44, James Comey, Sally Yates and the whole Deep State squad weren’t exactly acting “by the book.” As Judge Napolitano said, Susan Rice is “obviously trying to rewrite history.” The American people should see it as another backward masking of a president who, unlike all the others, wasn’t exactly who he claimed to be.

Lloyd Billingsley is the author of the new crime book, Lethal Injections: Elizabeth Tracy Mae Wettlaufer, Canada’s Serial Killer Nurse, and the recently updated Barack ‘em Up: A Literary Investigation.


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We’re From the International Community and We’re Here to Help - Daniel Greenfield

by Daniel Greenfield

How the Clintons, the UN and Oxfam trashed Haiti.

“I've always felt the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help,” Ronald Reagan famously said. But the most terrifying words in every other language are, “We’re from the international community and we’re here to help.”

In Haitian Creole that would be, "Nou soti nan kominote entènasyonal la e nou isit la pou ede."

When an earthquake hit Haiti in ’10, everyone who was anyone in the international community quickly showed up. Bill Clinton had been appointed as the UN Special Envoy for Haiti a year earlier where he had touted the “unique opportunities for public and private investment” in Haiti. The earthquake opened up those opportunities to Clinton Foundation donors.

A year later, Bill Clinton was touting a $45 million new hotel owned by an Irish cell phone tycoon who was a close pal as the only thing a country with a million homeless needed. A CNN puff piece claimed that the hotel would house “aid workers, potential investors and other visitors”. Like Anderson Cooper, who needs someplace to take a hot shower after standing waist deep in water for 5 minutes on camera.

Haiti was a gold mine for the Clintons. Literally. Hillary’s brother was added to the board of a small company that got a gold mining permit at half the standard rates with a 25 year renewal option. Tony, Hillary’s brother, is a college dropout who had worked as a repo man and a prison guard.

The Clintons not only turned a disaster into a slush fund, but even got Hillary’s idiot brother a gig.

But inflicting the Clintons on Haiti wasn’t the worst thing that the United Nations did to the impoverished island. The worst thing that the UN can do to any country is send in the blue helmets.

Before the UN peacekeeping mission arrived, Haiti was a disaster. After it left, it was a disaster with cholera. The UN peacekeepers brought the disease with them and spread it around, killing 10,000 people and infecting at least 800,000 others. None of them could get into a Clinton luxury hotel.

Before the UN showed up, Haiti had 99,000 problems, but cholera wasn’t one of them. Then UN peacekeepers spread their multinational fecal matter into the Artibonite River. Soon the UN was trying to raise $400 million to clean up the national disaster that it created on top of an existing national disaster. It asked its staff for money and those donations added up to $6K or a week in the Presidential Suite of the Royal Oasis, Haiti’s first 5-star hotel, with financing from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

But say what you will about the Clintons, unlike the UN, they’ve never given anyone cholera. (That we know of.) So far the UN has only come up with a few million. And everyone is demanding that the United States pay for the cholera that the United Nations spread even though we are already a cholera importer, bringing in top grade cholera from Latin American outbreaks to New York, Kansas and Virginia.

But that’s globalization for you. In a flattening world, Nepalese peacekeepers bring an exotic strain of cholera to Haiti. Refugees from Haiti bring it to America. Hillary Clinton’s brother tries to get in on a gold mine. And a horse breeder in Kentucky and a plumber in Michigan have to pay for the UN’s cholera.

But it would be a slow day at the United Nations if all it did was start a cholera epidemic that infected hundreds of thousands of people, lie about it for years, then pretend to take responsibility, refuse to actually pay for it, and then try to blame the whole thing on Trump who had been hosting Season 10 of The Apprentice back then. Unlike the UN, The Apprentice never infected 800,000 people with cholera.

Since it was the UN, it also had to sexually abuse children to give Haiti the full multilateral experience.

"One boy was gang raped in 2011 by peacekeepers who disgustingly filmed it on a cell phone. What do we say to these kids?" UN Ambassador Nikki Haley asked.

Those were the Uruguayans. The Sri Lankans had their own child sex ring of some 134 peacekeepers paying children 75 cents to abuse them and the Nepalese gave most of the country cholera.

That’s the international community for you. If it doesn’t get you one way, it’ll get you another way.

It’s hard not to look at that and conclude that the United Nations is its own war crime and that the best possible punishment is to put everyone involved on trial in one of the UN’s patented multi-generational war crimes tribunals that only end when everyone dies of old age. After 11 years, the Cambodia tribunal managed three convictions. Two others died of old age. That’s how the UN coddles those monsters it wants to punish. Haiti is an example of how it treats those victims it claims to want to help.

The UN might be more effective the other way around. Just imagine if North Korea’s Kim Jong Un had to worry about being “helped” and “protected” by sex-crazed and cholera-infected UN peacekeepers.

But it wasn’t just the Clintons and the United Nations living it up in Haiti.

The latest scandal has hit Oxfam. The leftist alliance claims to want to fight poverty, but it spends more time denouncing the rich. Its global inequality report is a staple of leftist talking points. Its Even It Up campaign is a blatant call for wealth redistribution. The anti-Israel group’s spat with actress Scarlett Johansson over her endorsement of Israeli products led to, what its boss called, a “PR disaster”.

But Oxfam had no idea what a real PR disaster was until the lefty charity’s own Haiti scandal hit.

Oxfam’s Haiti director was using the villa rented by the charity to host prostitutes. Senior Oxfam aid workers had exploited women and possibly even children. Oxfam had covered up the scandal in ’11 and tried sweeping it under the rug. And now it’s offering awkwardly unconvincing apologies.

While the Haitians suffered, Oxfam aid workers lived it up in a style worthy of Bill Clinton and the UN. “These girls wearing Oxfam T-shirts, running around half-naked, it was like a full-on Caligula orgy. It was unbelievable. It was crazy,” a London Times source stated.

Even it up indeed.

An Oxfam spokesfiend explained that the cops hadn’t been called because it was “extremely unlikely that reporting these incidents to the police would lead to any action being taken.” Fear that the police will do nothing is generally why organizations don’t report crimes committed by their members to the authorities. That and a deep concern that their donors will stop subsidizing their child rape villas.

"I don’t think it was in anyone’s best interest to be describing the details of the behaviour in a way that was actually going to draw extreme attention to it,” Oxfam’s boss said.

It certainly wasn’t in Oxfam’s interest, but it might have been in the interest of the Haitians it was claiming to help. The interest of those same people for whom Bill Clinton raised all that money, whom the UN sent in peacekeepers to protect and on whose behalf Oxfam had fundraised. But it was never really about the Haitians. It was about the gold mines, child sex rings and villa orgies. It was about the Clinton Foundation, the UN budget and all the money to be made from promising to save the world.

“We’re from the international community and we’re here to help.”

The lefty politicians and professional activists who rushed to Haiti were as enthusiastic about helping the Haitians as the Congressional Black Caucus is about lowering black unemployment. The left isn’t a charity. When it shows up to help, there are going to be luxury hotels, villas and sex rings involved.

And the people it claims to be helping will be even worse off than they were before.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.


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25 Disturbing Facts About Refugee Resettlements from Somalia - Leo Hohmann

by Leo Hohmann

How terror arrives on American shores.

Of the 11 countries included in President Trump's refugee ban, one stands out -- Somalia.
That ban expired two weeks ago and the U.S. has begun accepting refugees again from Somalia and 10 other high-risk nations.

Although Trump promises "extreme vetting," many Muslim refugees come as children and become radicalized years later.

Somali crime rivals Somali terrorism as a major problem, and the two clearly blur into one another. The problem is leaking from Minnesota into South Dakota -- as Lutheran Social Services has resettled more than 4,500 Somalis in Sioux Falls. Many of the Somalis have migrated from Sioux Falls to the city of Aberdeen in search of work at Demkota Ranch Co.'s beef-packing plant.

South Dakota State Senator and GOP congressional candidate Neal Tapio is leading perhaps the nation's most aggressive effort to expose the danger and fraud of refugee resettlements. Tapio has introduced several bills that seek to rein in high-risk resettlements in his state.

"While many people see compassion to serve the less fortunate, the truth is the Somali community has not been able to assimilate and has proven to be a major terror threat in the United States," Tapio said.

Consider the following 25 incidents that should raise red flags about refugee resettlement from this perpetually war-torn country:

[1] The Somali man who knifed two men in November at the Mall of America was not involved in an attempt to steal clothing – a false narrative put out by Bloomington police – but was actually carrying out jihad. He admitted it in a detailed statement to the court. Mahad Abdiraham said he went to the mall that day to "answer the call for jihad.”

[2] A Somali refugee who had just arrived in Aberdeen for a meatpacking job was convicted last year of trying to sexually assault a wheelchair-bound woman at a group home. Liban Mohamed, 39, found the vulnerable woman sitting outside the home and he was caught reaching up between her legs.

[3] Also in Aberdeen, Abdirhman Noor, 24, shot at two men outside the Foxridge Apartments, wounding one critically. Noor, who came to the U.S. as a child refugee, was charged with attempted murder and released on $50,000 bail. He never showed up for his March 2017 court hearing and remains at large.

[4] A 73-year-old Meals on Wheels volunteer was dropping off meals at a homeless shelter in Shelburne, Vermont, when she was attacked by 32-year-old Somali migrant Abukar Ibrahim with a machete in early January 2018. She sustained multiple injuries including a severe leg wound.

[5] Tnuza Jamal Hassan, a 19-year-old woman from either Somalia or Ethiopia (Minneapolis police wouldn't release her status), was arraigned last month on charges of first-degree arson after she allegedly set fires on the campus of St. Catherine University. Hassan told police she "wanted the school to burn to the ground" and that her intent was to "hurt people,” according to charges filed in Ramsey County District Court. Hassan told police she had written a letter to her roommates containing “radical ideas about supporting Muslims and bringing back the caliphate.” The prosecution further alleges "[s]he told the police and fire investigators ‘You guys are lucky I don’t know how to build a bomb because I would have done that,’” the Star-Tribune reported.

[6] Morgan Evenson, 24, was attacked just before Christmas while walking home from work in Minneapolis. She was stabbed 14 times by a man described as Somali. That man remains at large and the Minneapolis police falsely described the attack as a failed robbery. Evenson said he never reached for her purse.

[7] On July 15, 2017, a Somali refugee serving as a Minneapolis police officer, Mohamed Noor, shot and killed an unarmed woman, Justine Damond, who had called 9-1-1 to report a rape taking place outside her apartment. No charges have been filed against Noor, who had three previous complaints about his treatment of women while on patrol.

[8] Dahir Ahmed Adan stabbed 10 shoppers at the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on Sept. 17, 2016. The refugee asked shoppers if they were Muslim. If they said “no,” he attacked them with his knife, until he was shot dead by an off-duty cop.

[9] In December 2016, Somali refugee Mohamed Ayanle, 22, was charged with first- and third-degree criminal sexual conduct after he allegedly raped a woman while riding a bus through Polk County, Minnesota. Ayanle reportedly forced her to have sex with him at knifepoint in the back of the bus. Ayanle had just arrived in Minnesota from Somalia three months prior to his arrest.

[10] Davee Devose, a promising 21-year-old black student at St. Cloud Technical and Community College, was stabbed to death at a house party in June 2015 by then-16-year-old Muhiyadin Mohamed Hassan, a Somali refugee who violated his juvenile probation and has since been moved to the adult system.

[11] In 2008, the government revealed thousands of Somali families had fraudulently entered the U.S. as "refugees" by lying on their applications that they were to Somalis already living in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal originally reported on how this fraud was uncovered by DNA tests, which led to a four-year closure of the so-called P-3 family reunification program for refugees coming from East Africa. The program was eventually restarted and none of the thousands of Somalis proven to have entered the U.S. by these fraudulent means were ever deported.

[12] On the day after Memorial Day, May 31, 2016, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a Somali refugee woman, Aisha Ibrahim, 31, appeared out of the woods wearing a burqa and beat an American woman with her own American flagpole.

[13] A federal appeals court in December 2016 upheld the conviction of Mohamed Mohamud, the Somali refugee sentenced to 30 years in prison for plotting to bomb downtown Portland, Oregon, during the annual Christmas-tree lighting.

[14] In 2013, Somali refugee Omar Mohamed Kalmio in North Dakota was sentenced to life in prison for the 2011 murder of a Native American family he had become involved with.

[15] In November 2016, Abdul R. Ali Artan, an 18-year-old Somali refugee and student at Ohio State University, wounded 11 people at OSU in a car and knife attack. Minutes before his attack, Artan posted on Facebook his hatred for the United States.

[16] In April 2011, Somali refugee Said Biyad was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his four children in Louisville, Kentucky. He avoided the death penalty by taking a plea agreement.

[17] In July of last year, Somalia native Abdinzak Ahmed Farah, 29, was arrested and charged with threatening his fellow Minnesotans with a knife. According to an eyewitness, Farah was eating raw beef with the knife and holding it out to patrons, asking them to play games. In a July 25 article, the Faribault Daily News reports a complaint filed in Rice County Court alleges Farah was pointing a knife and threatening to kill anyone who called police. Witnesses said Farah was twice told to leave, but began chasing several people and threw the knife at them.

[18] At least 40 Somali refugees have left the country to join overseas terrorist organizations such as al-Shabaab in Somalia and ISIS in Syria, the FBI has confirmed. Dozens of others have been charged and/or convicted of providing material support to terrorists.

[19] One of the top terror recruiters for ISIS in the U.S. was Mohamed Hassan, a Somali refugee with roots in Minnesota. He turned himself in to authorities in Somalia in late 2015, after leading dozens of Somali-Americans to join ISIS. He also played a role in the terror attack on Garland, Texas, in which two Muslims planned to kill participants in a "Draw Muhammad" contest and behead activist Pamela Geller.

[20] Dozens of large-scale khat busts have taken place in recent years, such as this seizure of 69 pounds of khat at the Philadelphia airport bound for Minneapolis, and this one sending nearly 20 pounds to Minneapolis. Khat is a stimulant chewed by Somali men.

[21] In June 2016, residents of the Linden Hills community in Minneapolis were terrorized by a Somali mob for three straight days. They raided the waterfront community and pretending to shoot women on the beach, ran their cars over lawns while screaming "jihad," threatened to rape one woman and beat one resident's dog. Police were called repeatedly but never could make it to the scene before the Somalis disappeared.

[22] Minneapolis Police Department has for years tolerated an active Sharia cop, who married a Somali woman and patrols the Cedar Riverside area making sure Somalis are complying with Islamic dress codes and other Sharia rules.

[23] Liban Haji Mohamed, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Somalia who came to the U.S. as a child refugee, was named to the FBI's list of Most Wanted Terrorists in January 2015. Mohamed, who worked as a cab driver in northern Virginia, was charged with providing material support and resources to al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab.

[24] In May 2015, a UK media outlet broke the story that one of the Islamic State's major recruiters turned out to be a female journalism student in Seattle who liked football, cheeseburgers, and convincing women in Syria and the EU to wage jihad. The student, a Somali named Rawdah Abdisalaam, was discovered to be working as a senior recruiter while living the good life in Seattle.

[25] In January 2014, Somali refugee Ahmed Nasir Taalil, living in San Diego, was sentenced to six years for his part in a conspiracy to funnel money to al-Shabaab. Among Nasir-Nasir's co-conspirators were cab driver Basaaly Saeed Moalin, who was sentenced to 18 years, Mohamed Mohamud – a Somali imam at a local mosque – sentenced to 13 years, and Issa Doreh, who was sentenced to 10 years for working at a money-transmitting business that helped move the illegal funds.

Refugee proponents, many of them working for resettlement agencies that receive government tax dollars for every refugee they bring into the U.S., continue to allege that Somalis are an asset to the communities in which they live. But those communities deserve security too. Now that the refugee ban has expired, it is time that the clear issues of lack of assimilation and terror risks posed by many Somali refugees are taken seriously.

Leo Hohmann


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Case against PM far from solid, officials at State Attorney's Office say - Yair Altman, Itsik Saban and Israel Hayom Staff

by Yair Altman, Itsik Saban and Israel Hayom Staff 

Hat tip: Dr. Charles Bensoussan

"We don't understand the mad dash to make these recommendations public," official says of police assertion that they have enough evidence to indict the prime minister for corruption


Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit Photo: Oren Ben Hakoon

The Israel Police's corruption case against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may not be as solid as investigators would have the public believe, sources at the State Attorney's Office said Wednesday.

The police announced Tuesday that they had gathered sufficient evidence to indict Netanyahu in the two corruption probes known as Case 1,000 and Case 2,000.

Case 1,000 centers on gifts Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, allegedly received from billionaire businessmen Arnon Milchan and James Packer. Case 2,000 focuses on an illicit deal Netanyahu allegedly tried to strike with Yedioth Ahronoth publisher Arnon Mozes under which Yedioth would soften its aggressive anti-Netanyahu stance in return for the prime minister using his influence to curtail the activities of Israel Hayom, Yedioth chief rival.

When announcing their recommendations for an indictment, the police said the evidence suggests that Netanyahu's conduct involved fraud and breach of trust (considered one offense under the Israeli penal code), as well as soliciting and accepting bribes.

Netanyahu called the police findings "biased and extreme, and riddled with holes like Swiss cheese."

Senior officials at the State Attorney's Office, however, were critical of the timing and manner in which the recommendations were made.

"We got the case on Wednesday afternoon, one day after the police made its recommendations public. What we got, what the attorney general got, was the same thing the media got," one official told Hadashot evening news.

Another official criticized what he called the "police spin" suggesting that Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit, who will have the final say on whether to indict the prime minister, was delaying progress in the case.

"We were updated on the progress in this case daily. It's 95% done, but it's not solid enough to go [to Mendelblit]. It's safe to say more investigative work will be required in this case," he said.

"We don't understand the mad dash to make these recommendations public. … Our assumption is that not everything that is alleged can be backed by evidence. They [the police] have placed the attorney general in an impossible situation. Any mitigation, as small as it may be, to the charges listed in the recommendations will be perceived as it [the case] falling apart. But there will be no shortcuts."

The State Attorney's Office refused to confirm the statements by the unnamed officials who spoke with Hadashot.

The police asserted Wednesday that the case was "rock solid."

"We're dealing with people's lives, not to mention the country. You don't mess around with these investigations," a senior police official privy to the investigation told Israel Hayom.

He added that with regard to the allegations involving Netanyahu's relationship with Milchen, "The evidence clearly indicates a give-and-take relationship."

A law enforcement official told Israel Hayom that Mendelblit was unlikely to make a decision on an indictment in the next six months, as the case will now be scrutinized by a special team at the State Attorney's Office.

The team will present its findings to State Attorney Shai Nitzan, who will review it and present his recommendations to Mendelblit.

If Mendelblit decided to press charges against Netanyahu, the evidence will be turned over to the prime minister's lawyers and any final decision will be made only after a preliminary hearing.

Yair Altman, Itsik Saban and Israel Hayom Staff


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