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Arab party official: 'The settlements will be erased' - Israel National News


by Israel National News

Sec.-Gen. of MK Mansour Abbas' party claims, 'Western Wall is Muslim, release security prisoners.'


Mansour Abbas
Mansour Abbas                                                                                                     Arutz Sheva

In a televised interview on the Kul al-Arab Israeli-Arab news station, Ra’am (United Arab List) Secretary-General Ibrahim Hijazi on Monday praised "security prisoners" fighting the "occupation," asserting that the Temple Mount and Western Wall belong only to Muslims, and calling for Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria to be erased.

Hijazi's interview, which was translated and brought to the public eye by the Arab Desk of Im Tirtzu, took place a day prior to the highly-praised declaration by Ra'am head MK Mansour Abbas that Israel will remain a Jewish state.

Critics of Ra'am's inclusion in the government have long accused Ra'am of speaking one way in Arabic and another way in Hebrew in order to mask its true agenda.

Hijazi's interview did nothing to soothe critics' concern, as he made clear that, "The one who makes decision on large matters, nationalistic and ideological, is not Ibrahim [Hijazi] or Mansour [Abbas] – it's the Ra'am platform."

"Our position is firm," continued Hijazi. "The blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and every grain of dirt in it, its plazas, its domes, its walls, and the Buraq Wall (Western Wall) all belong to Islam and no one can step foot there."

Regarding jailed terrorists, he said: "Why are the security prisoners in Israeli prison? They defended their land. The security prisoner has a problem with the state, or with a police officer, a prison guard, or the army. He has a problem with the state that is occupying its land. In every matter regarding the prisoners – by the way, there are old prisoners, sick prisoners, child prisoners, sick prisoners [sic], and women. What's with them? What are they still doing in prison?"

"I know how to do my job in order to make a serious contribution regarding this matter. This is a serious matter in which a security prisoner fought and sacrificed."

Hijazi also took aim at Jews living in Judea and Samaria, accusing them of "perpetrating terrorism against our Palestinian brethren."

"Our stance on this is clear: The settlements will be erased, either sooner or later," he emphasized.

Hijazi, whose surname indicates his family origins in the Hejaz region in Saudi Arabia, also asserted that the Arabs, not Jews, are the natives of the land.

"The difference between us and them (Jews) is that we are the natives here. I didn't come from anywhere else. Palestinian Arabs didn’t fall here from the sky."

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg said that the interview further proves the duplicity of Mansour Abbas and the danger of having Ra'am in the coalition.

"Mansour Abbas is in essence a doll used to hide the violence and radicalism of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is a façade who has no power to make decisions," said Peleg.

"Those who are gushing over Mansour Abbas' words should remember what happened after leading Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi promised democracy in Egypt."


Israel National News


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After 20 Years of Blindness, a Nazareth Arab Gets Her Sight Restored by Israeli Doctors - Hugh Fitzgerald


by Hugh Fitzgerald

Being healed by the people you want to kill.

When the settler-colonial apartheid state of Israel is not making Gaza into an open-air prison, or setting up illegal settlements between the Jordan and the sea, or blighting the lives of the Palestinians whose lands they have stolen, or attacking Palestinian civilians without warning and with no conceivable justification, or poisoning the wells of inoffensive Palestinian farmers, or makes plans for its long-delayed expansion from the Nile to the Euphrates, it sometimes does things – oh, hell, it is always doing things — that contradict these malignant tales. One such example, about Hana Awad, a blind Arab lady from Nazareth who had her sight restored by path-breaking Israeli doctors, was made public in mid-December.

The report on this medical miracle is here: “Blind Woman Regains Eyesight at Israeli Hospital With Artificial Cornea Carved From Her Shin Bone,” by Sharon Wrobel, Algemeiner, December 15, 2021:

A blind woman has regained her eyesight after 20 years following a first-of-its-kind surgery at an Israeli hospital.

The rare procedure carried out at Israel’s Beilinson hospital restored the sight of 60-year-old Hanan Awad from Nazareth, who suffered from a severe corneal disease which led to her blindness. During the complex surgery, which was performed for the first time at an Israeli hospital, a piece of bone from Awad’s leg and an artificial cornea were implanted in her eye.

 “The surgery is performed in the most severe cases of corneal disease in which it is not possible to perform a cornea transplant from donor tissue, and in fact it is the only option for returning eyesight to blind patients whose condition until now was considered incurable,” said Dr. Eitan Livni, head of the cornea unit at Beilinson, also known as the Rabin Medical Center.

Diseases of the cornea, the eye’s outermost lens are the second leading cause of blindness in most developing countries. Every year about two million new cases of corneal blindness are recorded, according to estimates by the World Health Organization.

Awad’s two-phase procedure involved surgeries lasting seven hours each, the hospital explained last week. During the first, a piece of bone from Awad’s shin was taken and then carved and sculpted into the shape of a thin disc. In its center, a 3-millimeter hole was drilled, into which an artificial cornea made of plastic material was inserted. As a result, the doctors created a hybrid implant of organic bone and an artificial implant, to be implanted in the affected eye.

For a period of three months, the implant was placed under Awad’s skin so that soft tissue and blood vessels would nourish the bone and it would be kept alive. During this period, fresh tissue grows that attaches to the bone. In the second phase of the procedure, the surgeons removed the bone prosthesis with the blood vessels formed around it, and in a complex operation, implanted the bone disc with the artificial cornea in the center of Awad’s eye….

The recipient of the “first successful artificial cornea transplant” in Israel was Jamal Furani, an Arab resident of Haifa. Like Hana Awad, he owes his sight both to the brilliant breakthroughs of Israeli scientists, who created these artificial corneas, and to the equally wonder-working skill of Israeli surgeons who implanted them. Don’t expect the Palestinian Authority, however, to show any gratitude for Israeli doctors treating Israeli and Palestinian Arabs. Nor will there be any coverage in the Arab media about these dazzling displays of Israeli medical prowess enrolled in restoring sight to blind Arab patients.

“We are pleased to lead another breakthrough in the field of artificial corneas. These are surgeries which are performed in a small number of medical centers around the world, due to the great complexity associated with them,” said Professor Irit Bahar, Director of Beilinson’s Ophthalmology Department. “Beilinson is the only center in the country to perform these types of surgeries, which restore eyesight to blind people.”

How many of the people cursing Israel today for its “mistreatment” of Arabs – Kylie Broderick at UNC-Chapel Hill, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and so many others — are aware of the fact that the leaders of both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority always send their own relatives to be treated in Israeli hospitals, and insist that they themselves be treated by Jewish doctors?

Saeb Erekat was the chief propagandist for the PA, who spent his life denouncing Israel and Israelis. But when he came down with Covid-19, he insisted on being treated at the Hadassah Hospital, where he received – as he knew he would – a standard of care unobtainable in Palestinian hospitals.

He is one of many Palestinians who have counted on Israeli medical care. A report on this phenomenon is here: “Palestinian Leaders Want Israel Destroyed — Until They Need a Doctor,” by Reuven Berko, IPT News, December 4, 2020:

The coronavirus-related death of senior Palestinian figure Saeb Erekat in Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital has rekindled a debate in Israeli society about medicine and morality, and the Palestinians’ cynicism and ingratitude in their relations with Israel.

Erekat, whom I knew personally, is a perfect example: he worked tirelessly not only to delegitimize, but to try to destroy Israel by means of economic strangulation through his unending promotion worldwide of the BDS campaign. He accused Israel of being an “apartheid” country, actively supported the “resistance” (a euphemism for Palestinian terrorism, which aims to kill Israelis), called for a tsunami of millions of “returning Palestinian refugees” to overwhelm Israel and demographically destroy it as the homeland of the Jewish people, and fiercely advocated ending all security and civilian coordination between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). Still, despite his statements supporting terrorism and the elimination of the State of Israel, he was never rebuked by any Western government or human rights organization. In fact, Erekat was treated no differently than other members of the P.A. and Hamas who openly support and coordinate terrorism and indoctrinate their students with poisonous anti-Semitic curricula – often subsidized by European governments and large left leaning U.S. foundations.

Erekat was born in Jordan but pretended he was Palestinian. The Erekats are Bedouins, related to a large clan based in south Jordan. It was therefore ironic, not to say weird, when the diplomatic terrorist, who refused to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and did his best to destroy it in order to establish “Palestine” on its ruins, would look to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Israel’s capital city for help in his coronavirus plight despite the boycott he worked so hard to impose on Israeli institutions.

“Ironic” is too kind a way of describing Erekat’s behavior – spending his every waking moment undermining the Jewish state while, in his hour of need, he had himself taken to an Israeli hospital. Other words – such as “base hypocrisy” – come more fittingly to mind.

The Jerusalem-based Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, whom I also have known personally, behaved the same way. For years, he spewed vicious propaganda and anti-Israeli and anti-American incitement from his pulpit in al-Aqsa mosque. When he was in charge as the “Mufti” (an Islamic legal authority), he led millions of Muslims in prayers –beamed all over the Muslim world by radio and the internet – with his religious rants against the United States (“Allah will turn the White House black…”) and religious curses calling for the “annihilation of the Zionists” and “the destruction of Israel.” But when he urgently needed heart surgery, his first choice was…the Zionist-run Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. The Jewish doctors saved Sabri’s life and he returned to defaming Israel and inciting violence and terrorism against Jews, just more fervently than in the past.

There are many other examples of the moral double standard that serves as the operative code used by the Palestinians, who ignore the old Arabic proverb, “Don’t throw stones into the well you drink from.” Hamas and Palestinian Jihad Islamist terrorists glorify what they proudly refer to as early Islam’s “Islamic morality,” the legacy of their seventh century beginnings in which they believed it was their intrinsic right, ordained by Allah, to impose their way on the rest of the world. Thirteen centuries later, they now love the land “occupied” by Israel so much that every summer they burn its forests, launch incendiary balloons to destroy its crops and year-round fire rockets into it, and indiscriminately shoot, run over and stab Israeli men, women and children. At the same time, every month the Hamas and PIJ leadership send hundreds of sick Palestinians to Israeli hospitals for complicated medical procedures.

It is interesting that there are so many terrorists among the Arab medical establishment that has made such a prominent contribution to terrorism and murder. Ayman Zawahiri, a medical doctor, was one of the original founders of al-Qaida; Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi was a senior Hamas figure and a physician, as is Mahmoud al-Zahar (a surgeon) and Ibrahim al-Yazouri, (a pharmacist); all of them terrorist operatives to the core. But instead of fostering a modern Palestinian public health system, in building new hospitals and improving the quality of medicine in the Gaza Strip, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad leaders invest the international community’s ‘”humanitarian assistance” money in positioning missile arrays inside United Nations schools and infirmaries, building a network of underground command and attack tunnels throughout the Gaza Strip, and fortifying the bunkers they constructed under Shifaa Hospital in Gaza City.

It is no wonder, then, that the Palestinian public health system cannot deal with complicated medical problems and sends its difficult cases to Israeli hospitals. In 2014, the wife of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was treated in Israel. In 2018, an Israeli specialist was sent to Ramallah to treat Chairman Abbas himself, resulting in a dramatic improvement in his health. Over the years Israel has provided medical care for the relatives of the Hamas and PA leaders, whose main pastime is to spend their days thinking about and planning how to destroy the State of Israel.

Abbas and his wife are not the only members of his family who have been treated by Israel. Mahmoud Abbas’ younger brother, Abu Louai, was treated in Assuta Hospital, a private hospital in Tel Aviv. Abu Louai is 76 years old and suffers from cancer. He lives in Qatar. The PA press has not and will not ever publish this information, nor will the rest of the Arabic press should they ever get the news. Notice that Abu Louai chose or rather, his brother chose for him, to be treated in an Israeli private hospital, even though the alternative was not, in his case, a poorly-funded Palestinian hospital, but a state-of-the-art hospital in enormously rich Qatar. No doubt Mahmoud Abbas wanted the best care for his brother, and his own experience with an Israeli specialist who treated him in Ramallah for a life-threatening condition led him to insist that his brother be treated by Israeli medical personnel. Even a hospital in Qatar wasn’t good enough. And when Abbas’ brother-in-law needed a heart operation, he too was treated in an Israeli hospital. In other words, Abbas, his wife, his brother, and his brother-in-law have all been treated for life-threatening illnesses by Israeli doctors.

One of the scandalous absurdities arising from Israel’s unparalleled humanitarian policies toward the very terrorist groups trying to destroy the Jewish state – never reported in the Western media – is that the very same terrorist organizations have tried to turn some of its patients into suicide bombers. They hope to detonate their bombs at the precise moment they were being treated by the most number of Israeli doctors and nurses. For example, in 2005 Hamas sent a Gaza woman named Wafa Samir Ibrahim Bas to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba for life-saving treatments. But Hamas secretly padded her under-clothing with 20 pounds of high-powered explosives so she could blow up the doctors treating her in the Israeli hospital.

A Palestinian patient who needed life-saving treatment offered by Israeli doctors instead was prepared to blow herself up — with them – in a suicide bombing planned by Hamas. Fortunately, the 20 pounds of high-powered explosives hidden inside her underclothing was discovered in time. Could there have been a more diabolical act than murdering the very people who are trying to save your life?

Beyond the medical treatments given to the very terrorists sworn to destroy the Jewish state, Israel opened up a field hospital on its Syrian border in the Golan Heights to treat any wounded Syrian soldier or citizen seeking help. The IDF doctors and nurses asked no questions of any of the hundreds of wounded. The patients included soldiers from the hostile Syrian Army – still technically at war with Israel – and even fanatic Islamist terrorists including ISIS operatives who have vowed to slay every Jew in the world.

It was thus ironic that in the past two weeks, at the same exact Golan Heights site where Israel operated the field hospital treating wounded Syrians, Israeli soldiers found a system of IEDs set to kill an IDF patrol. An IDF investigation concluded that the IEDs could only have been placed in the very carefully calibrated position inside the Golan Heights by those very same patients who had come to the Israeli field hospital from Syria for medical care.

The story of ongoing Israeli medical treatments of senior Hamas leaders – even after that same leadership has ordered tens of thousands of missiles be fired into Israel in an attempt to kill as many civilians as possible – gets almost no attention in the western media. It prefers to promote a demonstrably false narrative that Israel is an “apartheid” country and that Palestinians are not afforded Israeli medical care.

In Israel, we know the truth. For example, in October 2014, just two months after Hamas started a war with Israel in which it launched more than 10,000 missiles into civilian targets, Sarah Haniyeh, the daughter of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, was treated at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital following complications she suffered in a Gaza hospital. Around the same time, but unreported, Hamas leader Haniyeh’s mother-in-law and granddaughter also left Gaza for treatment in Israeli hospitals.

The parade of Hamas murderers, kidnappers and genocidal Jew-hating terrorists who find no moral contradiction in seeking medical help from the very people they are sworn to wipe out boggles the mind. But then again mass murderers usually don’t have guilty consciences. They range from the sister of Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouk to the children of Hamas military commanders who orchestrate maneuvers to carry out murderous terrorist raids on Israeli schools, towns and kibbutzes near the Gaza border.

Another absurdity that separates Israeli medicine from Palestinian cynicism and hypocrisy is the example of terrorist Yahya al-Sinwar, head of the Hamas political bureau in the Gaza Strip, who, while imprisoned in Israel in 2007, was operated on to have a brain tumor removed. Now, having been released in 2011 in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal, he continues to furiously beat the Hamas drum for more and more missiles, more and more killings.

Yahya al-Sinwar was operated on for a brain tumor in 2007; his life was saved by Israeli doctors while he was imprisoned in Israel. Upon his release in 2011, he went right back to calling for more attacks on Israeli targets, more killings of Israeli civilians. Like Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, like Mahmoud Abbas and his relatives, like Ismail Haniyeh and his relatives, Yahya Sinwar was a beneficiary of Israeli medicine. And like them, after having his life saved, Sinwar went immediately back to denouncing Israeli Jews and calling for the destruction of their state. These recipients of Israeli medical care were unembarrassed; they did not think of themselves as hypocrites; they knew that you could accept aid from Infidels and still want those Infidels dead.

In sum, the Palestinian leaders demand to be treated in Israeli hospitals, or in the case of Mahmoud Abbas, who didn’t want to be photographed in such a hospital, by an Israeli cardiologist who made a house call in Ramallah. Here’s the roll call of the Palestinian gratin that has insisted on being treated by Jewish doctors in Israeli hospitals:

Saeb Erekat, the PLO’s main propagandist. (COVID).

Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority (heart condition), who made sure his wife, his brother, his brother-in-law had Israeli doctors in Israeli hospitals.

Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, who spews his hatred of Jews to the faithful in Jerusalem mosques.

Yahya al-Sinwar, head of Hamas’ political bureau in Gaza (brain tumor). Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas, who insisted that his daughter, his mother-in-law, and his granddaughter all be treated in Israeli hospitals.

And now Israeli doctors have made the blind see – Hada Awad, and Jabar Fulani.


Hugh Fitzgerald


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An Iranian endgame? - Hamid Enayat


by Hamid Enayat

The Iranian regime may be facing a brick wall. How will the mullahs respond?

The Iranian regime wants to return to the 2015 agreement that allowed it to maintain its entire nuclear infrastructure, recoup $150 billion, and sell up to 2.5 million barrels of oil a day. With this money, it has expanded and developed its network of paramilitary militias throughout the region, developed its missiles, attacked oil tankers and a Saudi refinery, and threatened the Strait of Hormuz.

But the regime is unaware that the balance of power has changed in the region. It has been virtually driven out of Syria. It suffered a stinging defeat in the Iraqi legislative elections. In Lebanon, the population defies Hezb’allah, which is supported at arm's length by the mullahs. Above all, the regime has gone through three significant uprisings in 2017, 2018, and 2019. This situation has led the Supreme Leader to disqualify all rivals in the presidential election in favor of a president who will lead an  obedient government.

It is clear that under the new balance of power, the P5+1 group and their allies no longer want to allow the clerical regime to continue threatening the region, block the Straits of Hormuz, or attack oil tankers.

For months, Iran has ignored Western calls to return to the negotiating table while continuing its nuclear program. Iran seeks to buy time to obtain enough 90% enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb. This is unlikely unless the 5+1 revives the 2015 agreement. While the first condition for restarting the JCPOA is compliance with its commitments, the regime must cease all actions taken since 2018 in violation of those commitments and return to the pre-2018 period. However, this will open the doors to regional interventions, foreign militias, etc. A vicious circle.

The Supreme Leader is at a crossroads: either he renounces nuclear weapons and the deployment of his militias to obtain a lifting of sanctions and delay the social explosion in his country, or he will face not only the anger of his population but also the activation of the "trigger mechanism" of the Iranian nuclear agreement, which could lead to the return of UN sanctions.

The regime believes, wrongly, that it can guarantee its survival by acquiring the atomic bomb. For this reason, at the cost of international isolation and unprecedented poverty, it is bent on obtaining it at all costs. After the 2015 nuclear deal, it maintained its nuclear infrastructure. The regime's goal is to obtain the maximum concessions in the negotiations to eventually obtain the atomic bomb.

Since the beginning of the year, Iran has crossed several red lines, raising the rate of uranium enrichment to unprecedented levels. The mullahs themselves have never informed the International Atomic Energy Agency of the details of their nuclear program.  The only real Iranian opposition, the National Council of Resistance, has revealed the details of the program, including the enrichment sites at Natanz and Fordo and the heavy water reactor at Arak. The regime in Tehran has always acted on a policy of denial, deception, and duplicity.

Iranian discontent and anger are growing. Recently, there was an uprising in Isfahan, Khuzestan, and Baluchistan. A few days ago, teachers held simultaneous demonstrations in 68 cities and 28 provinces. The regime's budget for its nuclear ambitions could lift Iranians out of poverty, but instead, their leaders mismanage funds and leave a growing number of Iranians in poverty.

The demonstrators' slogans, such as "Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, I sacrifice my life for Iran" and "Leave Syria, think of us," express a clear rejection of the policy of interference in the region. But this rejection is rooted in domestic politics. The protests of November 2019 were triggered by a spark: the increase in the price of gasoline. The anger quickly turned violent, and the Supreme Leader did not hesitate to suppress it. Young insurgents were killed and thousands were arrested.

The government cannot meet the cultural and economic needs of 21st-century society. The vast majority of Iranians want the establishment of a democratic republic. The slogans "Reformists, fundamentalists, the game is over," and "Down with the oppressor, whether he is shah or mullah" during the uprisings confirmed this.

The election of Ebrahim Raïssi and the appointment of Pasdaran commanders to head the country's governorates are part of this approach. The uprising in Esfahan showed that these measures were not effective. Moreover, as the Imam of Isfahan recently pointed out, there are "resistance units" in Iran, made up of young Iranians affiliated with the organized opposition, which play an essential role in organizing and leading the uprisings. This is a nightmare for the authorities.

The P5+1 could condition all interactions on respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Then they could force Iran to hand over its nuclear infrastructure, renounce missile development, and end its regional influence. Thus, they could show support for the wishes of the Iranian people, whose protests and uprisings will only escalate.

Image: Nima Najafzade


Hamid Enayat


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Omar's Anti-Islamophobia Bill Will Target India and Hindus Worldwide - Saurav Dutt


by Saurav Dutt

Enabling Hinduphobia under the guise of protecting Islam.


Islamophobia is seemingly more important than Hinduphobia and will be explicitly used to shut down any attempt from India and Hindus to combat it, at least according to the Combating International Islamophobia Act.

This overreaching piece of legislative propaganda passed 219 to 212 votes on a party-line earlier this week in the United States, co-sponsored by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu).

The bill calls upon the president to appoint a ‘special envoy’ to fight ‘Islamophobia’, heading up a State department to monitor this apparent scourge. It is ostensibly created to fight efforts to ‘promote racial hatred’ against Muslims, conveniently sidestepping the logical fact that Islam is not a race and there are Muslims among people of all races.

It is yet another example of special treatment for Muslims and Islam itself, with the office now being created to record instances of Islamophobia, including violence against and harassment of Muslims and vandalism of their mosques, schools and cemeteries WORLDWIDE. Isn’t that quite something?

The office will not be localized to dealing with acts of perceived hatred against Muslims in just the US but also worldwide, including India which is clearly a target of the bill. The narrative this feeds into is that Muslims are unique, unique victims of persecution around the world, and one of the main proponents of this persecution is India, particular Narendra Modi, the RSS, the BJP, all its supporters and Hindus who cannot critique the forces, rationale and political groupthink that underpins Islamist sponsored atrocities when they occur just because the likes of Omar do not agree with them.

It is troubling indeed that the State Department isn’t as worried about violence against and harassment of Jews, Christians, and Hindus and the vandalism of their religious institutions, even though the US and the United Kingdom, for example have recently seen acts of  desecration to Hindu temples as well as abuse of Hindus in student campuses at major universities. 

It is clear that those who continue to frame Islam and Muslims as the most targeted group, race, and religion in the world do not afford the same importance towards other religions, as if their persecution is not as deserving.

Even more troubling is that this new office would target “propaganda efforts by state and non-state media to ‘promote racial hatred or incite acts of violence against Muslim people’.

But if Islam is not a race, then how can ‘racial hatred’ against Muslim people be actualized? What this really refers to is the subjective perception of such hatred, as well as any attempt to combat it by think-tank, NGO, lobby group, media house, or commentariat; and if any of those parties just happen to be aligned to the BJP, Modi, the RSS, or any left of center Indian media house, then woe betide the consequences that lay in store for them, even if their reporting of Jihad activity and, you know, real terrorism inspired by Islamic tenets, falls within honest analysis of the motivating ideology behind it.

So if India, Modi, any proud Hindu narrative dissents or critiques Islamic terrorism, it will now be directly in the firing line of this bill, the better to silence it completely. Since the definition of Islamophobia has not been specified n the bill-quite deliberately-Omar and apologists for Hinduphobia and overreaching Islamism are opening the doors for the propagation of antisemitism, hatred of Western civilizational values, and rampant Hinduphobia under the guise of protecting Islam.

India will now certainly be a target as Democrats and left leaning Modi haters have long taken the view that Modi and the BJP despise Muslims and want to erode their rights and existence to promote a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Islamophobia has always really been about hurt feelings, victimhood, and this bill aims to explicitly appease the feelings of those who no longer wish the harsher aspects of Islam to be critiqued; giving them free reign to wield antisemitic, anti-American, and certainly anti-India and anti-Hindu views.

Omar has shown that playing the victim card is the easiest way to shift the focus of public debate  in favor of Islamists, a careful strategy to slowly shut down criticism of Islam, its political configurations, and the views of its proponents. In doing so they will be able more easily attack India and Hindus who they feel are its key enemies.

It is a dark day indeed for democracy and free speech especially if you are an Indian and a Hindu.


Saurav Duttt is a TIME magazine featured author and political analyst. His commentary has been featured on Republic TV and The Festival of Bharat series, as well as CNN, Newsweek, VICE and Esquire.


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China in Latin America - Part 1 - Judith Bergman


by Judith Bergman

"The U.S. is losing Latin America to China without putting up a fight... And China is waiting, saying, 'We're here. We're giving you money.' They want control of course, but they don't say that." — Axios, September 23, 2021.

  • China's involvement in Latin America clearly seems to be translating into control, and not just of national resources.

  • "In the past four years, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Panama have each switched their recognition from Taiwan to China", TIME Magazine wrote in February. "Gaining these kinds of alliances in Latin America offers Beijing invaluable votes at the U.N. and backing for Chinese appointees to multinational institutions. It also empowers China to embed standard-setting technology companies like Huawei, ZTE, Dahua and Hikvision – all sanctioned by the U.S. – in regional infrastructure, allowing Beijing to dictate the rules of commerce for a generation."

  • Ecuador's debt to China is equal to 38.7% of its GDP.

  • "The U.S. is losing Latin America to China without putting up a fight... And China is waiting, saying, 'We're here. We're giving you money.' They want control of course, but they don't say that." — Axios, September 23, 2021.

  • "It is not necessary to show malevolent PRC intentions with respect to its activities in Latin America and the Caribbean to conclude that the current and long-term implications of that engagement are grave for prosperity, democracy, and liberties in the region, as well as the security and strategic position of the United States," — Professor R. Evan Ellis, Testimony before the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, May 20, 2021.

In 2000, China's trade with Latin America amounted to $12 billion. By 2019, the number had grown to a staggering $330 billion. China's involvement in Latin America clearly seems to be translating into control, and not just of national resources. (Image source: iStock)

In 2000, China's trade with Latin America amounted to $12 billion. By 2019, the number had grown to a staggering $330 billion.

The astounding growth is suggestive of how China's influence in Latin America has deepened over the past two decades.

China's involvement in Latin America clearly seems to be translating into control, and not just of national resources. "In the past four years, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Panama have each switched their recognition from Taiwan to China", TIME Magazine wrote in February.

"Gaining these kinds of alliances in Latin America offers Beijing invaluable votes at the U.N. and backing for Chinese appointees to multinational institutions. It also empowers China to embed standard-setting technology companies like Huawei, ZTE, Dahua and Hikvision – all sanctioned by the U.S. – in regional infrastructure, allowing Beijing to dictate the rules of commerce for a generation."

"LAC [Latin America and the Caribbean] China trade is expected to more than double by 2035, to more than $700 billion..." wrote Pepe Zhang, Associate Director at the Atlantic Council's Latin America Center and Tatiana Lacerda Prazeres, former Foreign Trade Secretary of Brazil.

"China will approach—and could even surpass—the US as LAC's top trading partner. In 2000, Chinese participation accounted for less than 2% of LAC's total trade. In 2035, it could reach 25%... Brazil, Chile, and Peru could have more than 40% of their exports destined for China."

Chinese companies have also been investing greatly in Latin America, including as part of China's Belt and Road Initiative. The list of recent Chinese projects across Latin America is long and illustrative of the influence – and the leverage that ensues from that influence – that China wields there. The following is a small selection of current projects:

In August, Brazil entered an agreement with China for the construction of Brazil's longest cable sea bridge linking the city of Salvador to the island of Itaparica, at a cost of USD $1.2 billion. The Chinese state-owned companies behind the bridge will control it for 30 years after its completion. China, through the state-owned enterprise of China Merchants Ports, also owns and operates Brazil's important second largest container terminal, the port of Paranaguá, one of the largest terminals in Latin America. China is currently building a $500 million new port in São Luis, the capital of the Brazilian northeastern state of Maranhão.

Brazil has also turned out to be a large market for China's Digital Silk Road, with Huawei having become the country's largest network equipment supplier as early as in 2014. In Campinas, São Paulo, Huawei runs an R&D and training center that instructs more than 2,000 people each year. Additionally, in 2018, China Unicom and Huawei Marine Networks completed a 9,600-kilometer undersea telecommunications fiber-optic cable across the Atlantic, connecting Brazil to Portugal through Cape Verde.

In Argentina, China appears set to start building a new nuclear power plant near Buenos Aires next year at a cost of USD $8 billion, in addition to two hydroelectric dams that China is already building in southern Argentina. In December 2020, agreements worth $4.7 billion were signed for Chinese rail companies -- including the China Railway Construction Corporation, which has links to the People's Liberation Army -- to upgrade Argentina's rail system, and build almost 2,000 kilometers of tracks.

China is Argentina's largest trading partner. In 2020, 75% of Argentina's beef exports went to China, the world's largest consumer of beef. "The Chinese-Argentine relationship... is one of the most deeply rooted in the region," according to Evan Ellis, Latin America Research Professor with the US Army War College Strategic Studies Institute.

"During the prior governments of former presidents Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, PRC-based [People's Republic of China] companies established themselves with local partners across a broad array of economic sectors: from petroleum, mining, and agriculture to transportation and logistics, telecommunications, banking and finance, and even the aerospace and defense industries."

China's People's Liberation Army runs a space research station in Argentina's Neuquén province. According to Reuters, the space station "operates with little oversight by the Argentine authorities". Ellis writes:

"While the telescope facility does not have an overtly military purpose, the head of the U.S. Southern Command has mentioned it as an item of concern, as it is conceivably capable of intercepting signals from American or other overflying satellites, or supporting other Chinese strategic missions."

In Peru, the Chinese state owned enterprise COSCO, the world's third-largest container carrier and the fifth-largest port terminal operator, signed an agreement in May to build a new $600 million port close to the capital, Lima.

China is Peru's most important trading partner and, as the world's second largest producer of copper, Peru supplies China with 27% of it. Last year, 64.2% of Peru's copper exports and 23.8% of its zinc exports, in terms of value, went to China, and Chinese mining companies play a key role in Peru's mining industry.

Chile joined China's Belt and Road initiative in 2018, and China is Chile's largest trading partner and the number one market for its fruit and wine exports.

In July, China's state-owned State Grid International Development Limited (SGID) acquired one of Chile's largest electricity distributors, the Compania General de Electricidad S.A., and now owns two of the largest electricity distributors in Chile. The investment was reportedly SGID's second-largest overseas investment since the establishment of its international business.

In Colombia, work on Bogota's first metro line began in August. It is being built by China Harbor Engineering Company Limited. China is also building in Colombia a suburban tram line, a new highway in the south, and has sold Colombia an entire fleet of Chinese-made electric buses.

The United States is still Colombia's main trading partner, and Colombia has not joined the Belt and Road Initiative, but in the longer term, China's growing involvement in the country may well change that equation.

In Ecuador, China controls the country's two main copper mines and large parts of the oil industry. China has also built several hydropower dams -- some of which are turning out to be faulty. Ecuador's debt to China is equal to 38.7% of its GDP. "The U.S. is losing Latin America to China without putting up a fight," Ecuador's ambassador to Washington told Axios in September. "And China is waiting, saying, 'We're here. We're giving you money.' They want control of course, but they don't say that."

Professor Ellis said in testimony before the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission in May:

"It is not necessary to show malevolent PRC intentions with respect to its activities in Latin America and the Caribbean to conclude that the current and long-term implications of that engagement are grave for prosperity, democracy, and liberties in the region, as well as the security and strategic position of the United States...

"China's pursuits in Latin America and the Caribbean are remarkably consistent with what it seeks globally: secure sources of commodities and foodstuffs, reliable access to markets for its goods and services (particularly in strategic, high value-added sectors), strategic technologies and related capabilities".


Judith Bergman, a columnist, lawyer and political analyst, is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Gatestone Institute.


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Our Potemkin Democracy - Bruce Thornton


by Bruce Thornton

When progressives say "democracy," they don't mean what you think it means.


Lately we’ve heard a lot of anxious talk about threats to “our democracy.” Here at home, Hillary Clinton surfaced to warn that a Donald Trump win in 2024 “could be the end of democracy,” recycling the tired “Trump is a danger to democracy” cliché. Abroad, the Biden administration recently convened a virtual Summit for Democracy comprising over a hundred world leaders, many of whose countries, like the Democratic Republic of Congo hardly qualifies as  democratic. There Biden intoned the creaking, hoary formulas of the “rules-based international order,” as he called for a “vision” and the “courage to once more lead the march of human progress and human freedom forward.”

This totemic use of the word “democracy” serves mainly partisan political and ideological interests, rather than a serious understanding of the complex history and dangers of democracy per se. As such, “democracy” functions as a feel-good marketing tool like “organic” or “all natural,” and merely confuses our response to the challenges of tyranny.

In terms of our foreign policy, the Summit for Democracy reinforces the disastrous democracy-promotion policies of the last 20 years, which ended so ignominiously in Afghanistan this year. The parochial arrogance of thinking that nations and peoples not part of the Western tradition want to imitate us ignores the reality of the true diversity comprising different cultures, mores, faiths, and ideals about how we live, and for what we will kill and die. The label “democracy,” then is like the Western suits and ties donned by international political leaders: an often-insincere, superficial concession to the Western powers that created and dominate the modern world, and that other nations want to exploit, weaken, or supplant.

Hence the futility of Biden’s promise to “launch an initiative to spend up to $424 million for programming around the world that supports independent media, anti-corruption work and more,” according to the Associated Press. Even if such plans materialize, we all know they’ll do nothing meaningful other than line the pockets of government functionaries, international activists, and NGO’s. Ignoring those deep-seated cultural differences, attempts to nurture an ideal like sex-equality or freedom of the press are a waste of time. Such efforts will be interpreted as cultural imperialism or, as the Chinese and Russian ambassadors to the U.S. wrote during the Summit that both countries skipped, “as exhibiting a ‘Cold-war mentality’ that will ‘stoke up ideological confrontation and a rift in the world.’”

This confusion about democracy also muddles our political discourse at home. Our country and Constitution were born in the fierce conflict between those who distrusted democracy for nurturing the tyranny of the masses; and those who wanted more popular rule and local autonomy. The solution was a federalism that ensured state sovereignty, and the national mixed government with monarchical, oligarchical, and democratic components balancing and checking each other’s powers. Direct elections by the people was limited to the House of Representatives, and that body was further checked by two-year term limits. The aim was to prevent tyranny, whether of the many or of the few.

Such division, as Woodrow Wilson complained, makes for inefficiency and promotes factional tournaments over power, for power is “of an encroaching nature,” as the saying went, and is “sown in the nature of man,” Madison wrote. Given human nature, people and factions are seldom satisfied with the power they have, and always strive for more at the expense of others. The Founders recognized that inefficiency followed, but deemed it preferable to tyranny.

The rise of progressivism over the last century necessarily required revising the idea of the “people” from what it meant for the Founders. In practice the “American people” actually comprised “peoples,” given the diversity of settlement patterns, ethnicities, churches, economies, landscapes, mores, and “passions and interests.” The progressives found such centrifugal variety and diversity, protected as they were by the sovereign states, to be inimical to their goal of creating a technocratic elite that expanded and concentrated federal power, one supposedly made necessary by new technologies and an industrial economy.

Or as Theodore Roosevelt put it in 1901, “Since the industrial changes which have so enormously increased the productivity power of mankind, they [Constitutional “laws” and “old customs”] are no longer sufficient.” Big industries with national and global reach need big government to monitor and police big business. The commercial oligarchies could not be controlled by states, but needed a champion to ensure the “triumph of real democracy,” as Roosevelt said.

This democracy, however, meant not the freedom of a diverse people to rule themselves unhindered by a distant national government. It meant instead an abstract, collectivist “people” like the “masses” of Marxism, whose diversity, especially of opinion and belief, must be sacrificed for the centralized technocracy to function more efficiently. “The danger to American democracy,” Roosevelt said in his eighth Annual Message to Congress in 1908, “lies not in the least in the concentration of administrative power in responsible and capable hands. It lies in having the power insufficiently concentrated, so that no one can be held responsible to the people for its use.”

For us, who have lived with the regulatory Leviathan for many decades, such faith in human nature and the power of technical expertise are astonishing. From the begged question “responsible and capable,” to the gigantic network of federal agencies––whose unaccountable powers encroach upon the freedom of states, small businesses, civil society, families, and individuals––such rhetoric bespeaks rank hubris. Just the gross bungling and politicization of the covid pandemic by our state and federal government agencies alone graphically illustrates how wrong TR was. Finally, the promise that these agencies could be an advocate for a diverse people against globalist corporations and hold them accountable has ended up in a corporate partnerships with a big government whose own interests serve the interests of global corporations rather than those of the people or the country.

When progressives speak of “democracy” today, then, they don’t mean the Constitutional Democratic Republic comprising diverse sovereign states, but rather concentrated technocratic rule over the masses of citizens whose diversity and interests are marginalized and ignored if they don’t conform with those of the global managerial elite. It’s a “Potemkin Democracy,” giving us freedom over our consumer choices and private appetites and preferences, but constraining our political rights and freedom whenever they stand in the way of the technocracy’s ambitions to maximize Leviathan’s power.

The proof of our diminished Democratic Republic can be seen in the progressives’ agenda to eliminate the “filtrations,” as Madison called them, that checked the tyranny of the majority: goals like eliminating the Electoral College, basing Senate representation on population, packing the Supreme Court, and hijacking state controls over elections in order to make fraud more easy. And what is more contrary to the limited democracy of the Constitutional order than the progressives’ serial assaults on the Bill of Rights, or the corrupt politicization of the DOJ and FBI for the last six years, for which no one has been held accountable? Or what can be more dangerous to real democracy than the nearly year-long abusive incarceration of several hundred January 6 protestors, mostly for misdemeanors?

Finally, just like our foreign policies, the progressives’ “democracy” is more similar to the top-down governments of the EU, which is why Donald Trump, a nationalist who put this country’s interests and sovereignty before those of the “new world order,” drew such hatred from both our and the EU’s globalist elites.

For now, the spectacular incompetence and overreach of the Biden administration have sparked a pushback by millions of citizens. A true democracy’s most important mechanism for checking such misuse of power, regularly scheduled elections, in eleven months may put a stop the progressive Potemkin Democracy from enabling progressive tyranny.


Bruce Thornton is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Center.


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It’s Time to Abolish the Teachers Unions - Larry Sand


by Larry Sand

A disaster for students and good teachers alike.


"All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations when applied to public personnel management.”

The above caveat about government unions – usually known by the kinder and gentler “public employee unions” – was not issued by the Koch Brothers or Donald Trump. The statement was made by none other than progressive icon Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Additionally, George Meany, president of the AFL-CIO for 24 years, once stated, “It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government.” Both men understood that the very nature of government makes it wrong for its leaders to enter into negotiations with any union. When government unions negotiate, they often sit across the table from people they helped put in office with generous campaign contributions. And when these unions go on strike, they walk out on the taxpayer.

In the private sector, if a business is forced to pay its workers more money, those costs are passed on to the consumer. If the cost of a product is raised too high, the purchaser can choose to go elsewhere. Most unions get this and realize they can’t bargain for excessive salaries and perks. But some unions push things too far and ultimately price their members out of a job. An example of the latter is the United Auto Workers, whose exorbitant demands drove car buyers to Japanese models and automakers to produce cars elsewhere, thus sending Detroit down the road to ruin.

But the government unions are always a nightmare for consumers, as they can’t shop elsewhere for services provided by the state, because the government has a monopoly on them. When union negotiators and elected officials agree on exorbitant pay packages and protections for cops, prison guards, firemen and teachers, what can the public do? Call a different fire department if their house is burning down?

There is an exception here with schools, but unless there is a parental choice system in place, where public tax money follows the child, only the well-to-do really have a choice. In exercising that option, they must pay twice, however – in state and local taxes which go to their local public school and tuition payments for the private one.

It's worth noting that many government union leaders fully understand the conflict of interest. In 1975, Victor Gotbaum, leader of District Council 37 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) in New York City, bragged, "We have the ability, in a sense, to elect our own boss." Forty-five years later, in 2020, Los Angeles teacher union boss Alex Caputo-Pearl admitted, “We have a unique power – we elect our bosses. It would be difficult to think of workers anywhere else who elect their bosses. We do. We must take advantage of it.”

While all government unions do damage, none is more noxious than the teachers unions because their collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) have been a disaster for students and good teachers alike. The unions don’t treat teachers as professionals, but rather as interchangeable widgets, all of whom are of equal value and competence. To differentiate between effective and ineffective educators as a result of what their students actually learn would necessitate doing away with their fossilized, industrial-style work rules like one-size-fits-all salary scales, not to mention tenure, contractually known as “permanence” and seniority – perennial union mainstays. Many studies have borne out the harm of CBAs to America’s children.

The Long-run Effects of Teacher Collective Bargaining,” a 2018 study by researchers Michael Lovenheim and Alexander Willen, found that, among men, exposure to a duty-to-bargain law in the first 10 years after passage depresses students’ future annual earnings by $2,134 (3.93 percent), decreases weekly hours worked by 0.42, and reduces employment and labor force participation.

The Lovenheim-Willen study was not the first to detail CBA’s harm to students. In 2007, Stanford professor Terry Moe reported that collective bargaining appears to have a strongly negative impact in larger school districts.

Caroline Hoxby, also a professor at Stanford, made a three-minute video in 2009 in which she explains in plain language how CBAs stifle any management flexibility in determining the best slot for a teacher at a given school, as well as denying schools the opportunity to get rid of underperformers.

Good teachers also are hurt by CBAs. “Wage compression” occurs when the salaries of lower paid teachers are raised above the market rate, with the increase offset by reducing the pay of the most productive ones. “Why strive to become better if I am not going to be compensated for it?” is the attitude of many. Mike Petrilli of the Fordham Institute takes it one step further, claiming CBAs hurt the bottom line of all teachers. According to Petrilli, “Teachers in non-collective bargaining districts actually earn more than their union-protected peers – $64,500 on average versus $57,500.” Petrilli’s study was from 2011, and research from Michael Lovenheim in 2009 and Andrew Coulson in 2010 bore similar results. Also, University of California San Diego professor Augustina Pagalayan reported in 2018 that CBAs do not improve teacher pay.

Barbara Biasi, an assistant Professor of Economics at the Yale School of Management, has studied teacher salaries. She focused on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Act 10 in 2011, which all but eliminated collective bargaining for teachers and created a marketplace where school districts could compete for better educators by paying valued teachers more. Among Biasi’s findings is that there is a “34 percent increase in the quality of teachers moving from salary-schedule to individual-salary districts, and a 17 percent decrease in the quality of teachers exiting individual-salary districts.” In fact, about half of Wisconsin’s school districts abandoned their lock-step salary schedules and began to pay teachers for performance, for having advanced math and science skills, taking difficult assignments, etc. 

In these trying times, the teachers unions have been throwing their considerable power around with great abandon. Several studies have shown that Covid-related school shutdowns occurred more frequently in states and municipalities with strong teachers unions. In fact, the American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s second largest teachers union, lobbied the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on – and even proposed language for – the agency’s school-reopening guidance released in February. Quite obviously the lobbying paid off as “in at least two instances, language ‘suggestions’ offered by the union were adopted nearly verbatim into the final text of the CDC document.”

These unions have often used the pandemic to leverage benefits as well. The California Teachers Association, for example, issued a “bargaining advisory” in May of 2020, in which it states, “When exercising a ‘get for the give’ approach to bargaining concessions, locals should consider strengthening or implementing consultation procedures language in the CBA. The union added, “Now is the time to secure (contract) language improvements that we have wanted for some time.”

The teachers unions have also been at the forefront of the move to establish the noxious Critical Race Theory in our k-12 schools. At its latest yearly convention in July, the National Education Association New Business Items (NBI) – proposed projects and actions from the delegates for the union to pursue during the coming year – frequently pushed CRT.

For example, NBI A was adopted, which, among other things has NEA “supporting and leading campaigns that result in increasing the implementation of culturally responsive education, critical race theory, and ethnic (Native people, Asian, Black, Latin(o/a/x), Middle Eastern, North African, and Pacific Islander) Studies curriculum in pre- K-12 and higher education.”

NBI 39 continued the CRT theme and has the union joining forces with two Marxist groups – Black Lives Matter at School and the Zinn Education Project – to push their agenda, which includes providing a study that “critiques empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society.” 

To support its CRT work, NEA now offers a “Confronting White Nationalism in Schools” toolkit

Immediately following NEA’s annual meeting, the American Federation of Teachers held an online conference at which president Randi Weingarten described a “new culture campaign” that some lawmakers (and Fox News) are using to distort history, limit learning and stoke fears about our public schools.” 

She added, “Let’s be clear: critical race theory is not taught in elementary schools or high schools. It’s a method of examination taught in law school and college that helps analyze whether systemic racism exists—and, in particular, whether it has an effect on law and public policy.”  

But if Weingarten really believed that there is no CRT in k-12, why would she have Ibram X. Kendi, probably the most vocal and aggressive CRT proponent in the country, speak at the conference? His talk was touted as, “Hear from Dr. Ibram X. Kendi in this free-ranging discussion with student activists and AFT members on his scholarship and on developing anti-racist mindsets and actions inside and outside classrooms.” 

Perhaps the poster boy/patron saint for teachers unions is Bob Chanin, 41-year general counsel for NEA. At the union’s  yearly meeting in 2009, Chanin gave a legendary talk announcing his retirement, and explained why NEA and its affiliates are such effective advocates. “Despite what some among us would like to believe, it is not because of our creative ideas. It is not because of the merit of our positions. It is not because we care about children. And it is not because we have a vision of a “great public school for every child.” NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power….” 

Chanin is correct, and it is a power they never should have been given, and it should now be taken away. Yes, it’s time to abolish the teachers unions.

To that end, Tim Draper, a venture capitalist from California, is trying to put an initiative on the ballot in 2022 that would abolish all public employee unions in the state. Draper maintains that “…some public employee unions have used their money and power to protect bad employees engaged in unspeakable conduct and others who have completely failed at their jobs.”

To be continued.


Larry Sand a former classroom teacher, is the president of the non-profit California Teachers Empowerment Network – a non-partisan, non-political group dedicated to providing teachers and the general public with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues. The views presented here are strictly his own.


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Welcome to the insane world of so-called transgenderism - Andrea Widburg


by Andrea Widburg

No society can survive letting this delusional madness control public discourse. We must speak the truth.

The Daily Mail reports that one “man” believes that women and motherhood shouldn’t automatically be paired. Yes, it’s another deep dive into the madness of transgenderism, which reminds us that we cannot allow leftists to decouple America from reality.

Bennett Kaspar-Williams is a biological female. (With unintentional humor, she describes her breast amputation as “a huge weight off my shoulders.”) She is married to Malik (biological sex unknown). The couple, who present as two gay, bearded men, wanted a baby, so Bennett stopped taking testosterone and, somehow or other became pregnant. The baby, a boy (whose gender they assumed), was born last year.

The Daily Mail (which accepts the pretense that Kaspar-Williams is male) is now addressing the horrors of having healthcare workers call her, and treat her as, a woman:

‘The only thing that made me dysphoric about my pregnancy was the misgendering that happened to me when I was getting medical care for my pregnancy,’ he said.

‘The business of pregnancy - and yes, I say business, because the entire institution of pregnancy care in America is centred around selling this concept of “motherhood” - is so intertwined with gender that it was hard to escape being misgendered.

‘Even with a full beard, a flat chest, and a ‘male’ gender marker on all my identification, people could not help but default to calling me “mom”, “mother”, or “ma’am”.

The horror! However, she’s still cushioned in her madness—and a decidedly narcissistic madness it is too: “Nothing feels stronger than being able to say I’m a dad who created my own child.”

Kaspar-Williams’s ultimate take on pregnancy is something that should give every sane person in America the courage to stand up and say that the transgender emperor has no penis or testes. Instead, the emperor is a woman:

‘No one can ever really know whether having children is possible until you try - being born with a uterus doesn’t make conceiving or carrying a certainty.

‘That’s why it’s so important that we stop defining “womanhood” in terms of “motherhood”, because it’s a false equivalency that all women can become mothers, that all mothers carry their children, or that all people who carry children are mothers.

“It’s a false equivalency...that all people who carry children are mothers”? Uh, no. It’s a biological reality. Beneath the male pattern baldness and beard that Kaspar-Williams achieved through testosterone and the surgically flat chest, Kaspar-Williams’s chromosomes are XX, she once had functional, milk-producing mammary glands, and she still has ovaries capable of producing eggs and a uterus that can hold a fetus. Those are uniquely female attributes that men don’t have. When she’s dead and gone, her bones will tell the tale: Here lies a woman.

Image: Screen grab of Bennett Kaspar-Williams’s Instagram page. Note the pregnancy picture and the attacks on “toxic masculinity.”

If people are delusional but harmless, I willingly leave them alone. If you’d like to explain to me that Big Foot is real or that you were abducted by aliens when you were a teenager, I’ll listen and even keep my opinions to myself. And certainly, Kaspar-Williams’s unhappiness with her natural body is sad. But still, people like her are toxic because she’s using her prominence to try to remake society to conform to her delusional thinking. Thanks to the internet, she and Malik have four different Instagram accounts on which they spread their departure from reality.

From Kaspar-William’s crusade to decouple childbearing from women, it’s a short step to Will Thomas (aka Lia Thomas) a strapping 22-year-old men’s competitive swimmer who announced he was a woman and then jumped into the pool to swim against women. Because of the madness that is 2021, he wasn’t dragged out of the pool and kicked out of the University of Pennsylvania. Instead, he was acclaimed as a women’s swimmer who broke all the records. In fact, he broke no records at all because he’s not a woman, any more than Bennett is a man.

The world is real and functions according to real rules. Men are, on average, bigger and stronger than women. Women carry babies. The earth’s climate changes on its own, without human help. Modern Monetary Theory is nonsense. Epstein didn’t kill himself. And Joe Biden didn’t get over 80 million votes.

To buy the delusions means erasing true female athletes; decoupling women from motherhood; going back to a dark premodern world that, absent fossil fuel, relies on human and animal labor to “save” the climate; destroying the US economy; and pretending that the American people really were stupid enough to vote for the corrupt lump occupying the Oval Office.


Andrea Widburg


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2021 sees record-breaking immigration from US to Israel - ILH Staff


by ILH Staff

Aliyah surges by 30% this year as 27,050 new immigrants make the Jewish state their new home.

Aliyah to Israel surged by 30% in 2021, with 27,050 new immigrants having moved to the Jewish state from across the globe compared to last year's 21,820 olim, according to statistics published on Thursday by the Aliyah and Integration Ministry, The Jewish Agency for Israel, and Nefesh B'Nefesh.

This past year also brought a record-breaking 4,000 olim from the United States, who arrived in Israel with the assistance of Nefesh B'Nefesh. This immigration from the US constituted a 30% increase over 2020 and the highest annual number of new arrivals from the USA since 1973. Another 400 olim arrived this year from Canada, bringing the expected total of new immigrants from North America in 2021 to over 4,400.

The aliyah numbers also show a 40% jump in immigration from France this year compared to 2020, with the arrival of 3,500 French Jews, the highest number of arrivals from that country in the last four years.

Elsewhere around the world, aliyah figures for 2021 included 7,500 olim from Russia this year, an increase of 10% from 2020; 3,000 immigrants from Ukraine, up 5%; and 1,636 immigrants from Ethiopia as part of "Operation Tzur Israel."

Other significant sources of aliyah this year include 900 olim from Argentina, an increase of 55% over last year and the highest number of immigrants from that country since 2003; 650 immigrants from the United Kingdom, an increase of 22% over 2021; 550 new arrivals from Brazil; 550 olim from South Africa, a dramatic increase of 72%, particularly in comparison with figures from the last decade; and 290 Jews from Mexico, a 55% increase.

The growing popularity of aliyah among the younger generation continued as well, as 55% (14,620 olim) of all this year's new immigrants olim were under the age of 35. Further, 16.5% of arrivals were ages 36-50; 13.6% were 51-64; and 14.7% were 65 and older.

The city welcoming the most olim in 2021 was Tel Aviv, where 2,870 immigrants chose to make their new home, followed by Jerusalem, with 2,760 arrivals, Netanya with 2,710, and Haifa with 2000. Other cities where new immigrants arrived in 2021 included Ashdod (940), Bat Yam (920), Raanana (880), Beit Shemesh (860), Nahariya (825), and Beersheba (750).This year also brought olim with diverse professional backgrounds, including over 1,100 doctors and paramedical professionals who will join the Israeli health system; 1,670 olim from the fields of technology and engineering; 960 from the fields of accounting and law; and 750 educators.

Aliyah and Integration Pnina Tamano-Shata said: "Despite the pandemic and its limitations, aliyah to Israel did not stop and we're happy to welcome tens of thousands of olim who chose to make aliyah this year. Olim are an incredible growth engine for the Israeli economy and are a national, economic, and moral powerhouse for the nation." Yaakov Hagoel, acting chairman of The Jewish Agency concurred.

"We are thrilled to see a sharp increase, of tens of percentage points, in aliyah from countries, such as the US, France, Argentina, Britain, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and more," he said. "Growing interest in aliyah continued this year, with The Jewish Agency's Global Aliyah Center, which provides aliyah information throughout the day in six languages, opening almost 32,000 new aliyah files. However, the best is yet to come – we haven't yet maximized on the potential aliyah"

Rabbi Yehoshua Fass, co-founder and executive director of Nefesh B'Nefesh said, "After an incredibly challenging year, we celebrate each and every oleh who made the courageous move and overcame the many difficulties and ever-changing factors over the last year and made aliyah.

"The resounding interest in aliyah that we witnessed in 2020 has borne fruit this past year, translating into an actual surge in aliyah. As we look to 2022, our organization's 20th year, we are excited about the future of aliyah and look forward to helping thousands more North Americans realize their Zionist dreams," he said.


ILH Staff


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