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Tucker Carlson exposes the totalitarian Biden regime - Rajan Laad


​ by Rajan Laad

Is this the world's leading democracy or a tinpot third-world dictatorship?

Since its inauguration, the Biden administration has displayed its absolute contempt for freedom and democracy.

Some examples:

The January 6 probe's sole function is to prevent President Trump from running in 2024. Parents who opposed the teaching of Critical Race Theory to young children were branded as domestic terrorists.  The Disinformation Governance Board's function is to intimidate citizens from freely expressing themselves. Biden recently called Trump supporters "the most extreme political organization that's existed in recent American history."  

The Democrat government-ordered vaccine and mask mandates encroached upon freedom of choice and lockdowns that restricted the movement of citizens.  

But beyond these overarching anti-Democratic acts, the Biden administration has also baselessly targeted specific political opponents.

Tucker Carlson reminded his viewers of political opponents who have been targeted since Biden’s inauguration in his monologue yesterday. 

The following is the gist of what Carlson referred to:

On Jan. 27, 2021, days after Biden's inauguration, the Justice Department arrested Douglass Mackey, known online as Ricky Vaughn for creating Internet memes that made fun of Hillary Clinton. 

On Feb. 3, 2021, the FBI raided the homes of Russell Taylor and Alan Hostetter for organized a lawful political rally on January 6 for which they had a permit.

On April 28, 2021, the FBI seized the cell phones and computers belonging to Trump’s former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, despite not charging him. This was a violation of client-attorney privilege 

On June 24, 2021, the FBI raided the home of a Giuliani associate, George Dixon who was working on a documentary about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and their shady business dealings in Ukraine. 

On Jan. 19, 2021, Infowars's Owen Shroyer was arrested and charged because he told the crowd on January 6, "Today we march for the Capitol because on this historic January 6, 2021, we have to let our congressmen and women know, and we have to let Mike Pence know, that they stole the election." 

On Nov. 6, 2021, the FBI raided the homes of journalists who work for Project Veritas and the organization's founder, James O'Keefe. They reported on a diary written by Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley, in which she revealed, that Biden behaved inappropriately with her which made her a sex addict later in life.

On Nov. 15, 2021, the Justice Department arrested one of the most prominent critics of Biden and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon for refusing to cooperate with the January 6 probe.

On Nov. 16, 2021, the FBI raided the home of Sherrona Bishop, a former campaign manager for Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado. The FBI confiscated Bishop's cell phone but never charged her with a crime. 

Also on Nov. 16, 2021, the FBI raided the home of Mesa County Republican Clerk Tina Peters. Peters had questions about the legitimacy of the last election.

On June 3, Peter Navarro, a trade aide to Donald Trump, was arrested at Washington National Airport, put in leg irons, and sent to jail. Navarro had sued the January 6 Committee, he claimed executive privilege in his communications with the president.

On June 9 of this year, the FBI arrested a leading Republican candidate for governor of Michigan Ryan Kelley. Kelley had participated in the January 6 protests.

On June 22, the FBI seized the phone of former Trump attorney John Eastman in a parking lot. Eastman wasn’t even presented with a warrant.

On June 23, the FBI searched the home of former Trump DOJ official Jeff Clark. The search came one day before the January 6 Committee held a televised hearing claiming Clark had a role in attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The Biden administration has also targeted the January 6 protestors. Some of the protestors were placed in solitary confinement for prolonged periods of time. Such was the torment that one among them committed suicide.

The criminalizing of political opponents only occurs in third-world dictatorships where the despot wants to leave no stone unturned in his monopoly on power and the narrative. All opposition is outlawed. Questioning journalists, members of the opposition party, protestors, activists, and even artists are targeted.

These are not the kind of occurrences expected in one of the world's leading democracies.

The goal behind these arrests, confiscations, and raids is to outlaw political opposition and association with political opponents.  

The targeting is also supposed to function as a deterrent. 

Most people just don't want the hassle of being arrested in public or having their devices confiscated so they stay away from Trump or the GOP and keep their ideas to themselves. 

If Trump wins in 2024, there may be several talented individuals, perhaps in the private sector, who could serve in Trump's cabinet present fresh ideas, or even run for president themselves later and work toward the betterment of the nation. But they look at the various witch hunts and choose to stay away because they do not want any suffering or the destruction of their reputation. The result is progress is halted and Washington's stale and inept ideas prevail.

This is how the power grab succeeds. 

In addition to the overt targeting of opponents. The Democrats also want to make elections irrelevant. They infiltrate election infrastructure. They also amended electoral laws to enable fraud. They use big tech and suppress stories critical of Democrats and concoct stories about their opponents. The list of assaults on Democracy is relentless. It is ironic that they even call themselves Democrats.

They leave the border open and allow an uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens. They even attempted to give voting rights to non-citizens in local elections. The attempt failed, perhaps they will try again or resort to fast-track citizenship for illegal migrants, hoping to increase their vote base. 

Unabashedly working alongside the Democrats in this power grab is the news media.

Once upon a time, a few papers and TV channels had a monopoly over the news. They could push whatever narrative they desired and consumers really had very little choice.

Those days are over. The consumer now has numerous news sources to draw from. The facts can no longer be suppressed. However, the undesired side effect of the news boom is consumers have volatile short-term memories.

They may remember minute details about a news broadcast when the Berlin Wall came down, but they may not recall any details about an explosive news story from the previous day.

This volatile memory often enables the powerful to incrementally commit violations. Each violation may seem insignificant on its own, but put together we see a trend.

When the state of affairs descends into chaos, the opposition has a function to beat the drums of warning to inform the citizens. 

In addition to high inflation, surging gas prices, and the open border this authoritarian power grab should be a leading campaign issue.

Tucker meticulously detailing the political opponents that the Biden administration unfairly and systematically targeted is an eminent journalistic effort. 

Tucker Carlson is among the few who speak truth to power, irrespective of party.

If only there were more such as him!


Rajan Laad


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The Latest Killings in Iran May Indicate a Notable Shift in Israeli Strategy - Jonathan Spyer


​ by Jonathan Spyer

Israel has succeeded in thoroughly penetrating Iran's defenses.


Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Col. Hassan Sayad Khodaei was killed in Tehran May 22; two days later his coffin was borne at his funeral.

The killing of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Col. Hassan Sayad Khodaei outside his home in Tehran on May 22 appears to have manifested a significant shift in Israel's strategy toward Iran.

In the past, the Jewish state's alleged efforts on Iranian soil have been directed toward personnel and facilities connected to the Iranian nuclear program. However, Jerusalem now appears to have expanded the scope of its operations against the Islamic Republic.

Khodaei had no known connection to the nuclear program. Instead, he was one of the IRGC-Quds Force's most seasoned special operations men. Khodaei was a senior commander in the Quds Force's Unit 840, which is engaged in external operations including kidnappings and assassinations. He also played an essential role in transferring drone and missile technology to Lebanese Hezbollah, Tehran's key regional proxy. Moreover, according to Hebrew media reports, Khodaei was masterminding a plan to abduct Israelis overseas at the time of his demise.

Khodaei's killing was the second known operation attributed to Israel on Iranian soil against a target unconnected to Tehran's nuclear program. The first was a strike at an airbase at Kermanshah in mid-February which decimated Iran's UAV fleet.

Israeli operations on Iranian soil, famously, are not a rarity. They have in recent years included the theft of the Iranian nuclear archive in 2018, the killing of several scientists associated with the nuclear program and probably also acts of sabotage against nuclear facilities, such as the explosion at the uranium enrichment complex at Natanz in December 2021.

These actions indicate that Israel has succeeded in thoroughly penetrating Iran's defenses. More broadly, Israel has in recent years been engaged in a shadow war against Iranian efforts at power-building across the Middle East. Israeli air power has been active in disrupting and damaging Iranian infrastructure in Syria. Individual assassinations have taken place in Syria and probably also in Lebanon. Israeli planes have struck as far afield as Iraq.

Israeli action against Iranian efforts at power projection across the poorly governed spaces of the Levant and Iraq has been frequent. And a campaign on Iranian soil to disrupt nuclear-related activity is long-standing. But the extension of Israel's campaign against Iran's non-nuclear subversive activities onto Iranian soil is a new development and a significant escalation.

So what has precipitated this broadening of Israel's secret war?

Firstly, such a change is not merely tactical, and a decision to adopt it would not have been taken at the professional-operational level. Such operations would need to have received the nod from the prime minister.

The growing perception in Israel in recent years is that the Iranian nuclear program cannot be seen in isolation from Tehran's broader strategy for regional domination. Outgoing Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has long been vocal in support of this view.

While serving as then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's defense minister in February 2020, Bennett told Israeli reporters, "When the octopus tentacles hit you, you must fight back not just against the tentacles, but also make sure to suffocate the head of the octopus, and the same applies to Iran."

He added, "For years, we have fought against the Iranian tentacles in Lebanon, Syria and the Gaza Strip, but we have not focused enough on weakening Iran itself. So now we are changing the paradigm."

In June 2020, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) established the Strategy and Third Circle Directorate, a body tasked with formulating a comprehensive view of the Iranian threat. The Directorate's express purpose is to avoid compartmentalization of the Iranian threat and instead see all aspects of it as connected.

Now, this approach is being extended to the operational sphere. Israel sees Iran as engaged in a comprehensive, strategic drive intended to result in Tehran's emergence as the dominant power in the Middle East. The destruction of Israel is a critical element of this strategy.

This project is not led by the employment of conventional armed forces. Instead, it is focused on political and proxy military activity, investment in its ballistic missile program and the development of a nuclear capability as an insurance policy for the other two elements. The Jewish state, in turn, is in the process of formulating and implementing a comprehensive response.

A counter-envelopment of Iran through deepening ties with states surrounding it—including Azerbaijan to the north and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to the southwest, form part of this approach. Israel's transfer to U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) offers potential for operationalizing these growing links in key areas, such as air defense.

A notable change of the rules of engagement has taken place, in which the totality of Iranian actions will now be opposed, including on Iranian soil. The strike on the UAV fleet at Kermanshah and the assassination of Col. Khodaei in Tehran were the first manifestations of this new approach.

This is not a strategic change in direction for Israel, but a significant broadening of its target bank and perhaps its understanding of the nature of the Iranian challenge.

Some additional suspicious deaths of significant figures within Iran's national security apparatus have occurred since Khodaei's death, though none were as senior as him.

With a change of government now a matter of time in Israel, it will be interesting to see if this significant shift is maintained in the period ahead.

Jonathan Spyer is a Ginsburg/Milstein Writing Fellow at the Middle East Forum and director of the Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis.


Jonathan Spyer


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Leaked Documents Reveal Wide Scope of China's Human Rights Violations in Xinjiang - Lawrence Franklin


​ by Lawrence Franklin

Democratic countries should distribute these leaks globally as cautionary warning to all societies that the CCP's projected panda bear image of China obscures the reality of a quite different animal with an insatiable appetite.

  • One of the leaked documents, which contains "a shoot to kill order" for guards in the camp's watchtowers, confirms that these camps are indeed prisons. Another leaked report stipulates how detainees are to be transported from one site to an alternate location: ankle shackles, handcuffs and hoods.

  • Previous leaks of official documents, unauthorized films, commercial satellite images and testimony from escaped former inmates have scripted a profile of the hell that the Chinese Communist state has crafted for the Uyghurs and other minorities in Xinjiang. This massive province-size gulag regime includes forced abortions, sterilization and rape of female detainees, separation of husbands and wives, removal of children from the custody of parents, obligatory retraining of workers in skills supportive of CCP economic goals, and daily ideological indoctrination of inmates.

  • Democratic countries should distribute these leaks globally as cautionary warning to all societies that the CCP's projected panda bear image of China obscures the reality of a quite different animal with an insatiable appetite.

The massive gulag regime for ethnic Uighurs in Communist China's Xinjiang Province includes forced abortions, sterilization and rape of female detainees, separation of husbands and wives, removal of children from the custody of parents, obligatory retraining of workers in skills supportive of Party economic goals, and daily ideological indoctrination of inmates. Pictured: "The Artux City Vocational Skills Education Training Service Center," a facility where mostly Muslim ethnic minorities are detained, north of Kashgar in Xinjiang. (Photo by Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images)

Documents and photos of thousands of ethnic Uighurs arrested by Chinese authorities, made public in late May, lend additional indisputable evidence to the Communist regime's massive human rights violations in Xinjiang. Many of the leaked documents are official Chinese Ministry of Interior dossiers of incarcerated individuals just from Shufu, one among 61 counties in Xinjiang Province. The Shufu County in the Kashgar Prefecture is the site of several large internment camps.

One of the leaked documents, which contains "a shoot to kill order" for guards in the camp's watchtowers, confirms that these camps are indeed prisons. Another leaked report stipulates how detainees are to be transported from one site to an alternate location: ankle shackles, handcuffs and hoods.

The documents also contain policy papers and speeches by high-level officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) concerning the "Uyghur Question." One speech was delivered on June 18, 2018 by Xinjiang Party Secretary Chen Quanguo , the principal architect of the Uyghur Re-education Infrastructure. Chen developed his minority-suppression model while regional Party leader in Tibet from 2011 to 2016. Chen was then transferred by China's President Xi Jinping to apply his skills to Xinjiang, where he was Party leader from August 2016 to December 2021. Chen's replacement should not be viewed as a demotion for Chen. He remains a full (voting) member of the CCP Politburo and may be promoted even further in the upcoming 20th CCP Congress this autumn.

In another report, authored a few days before Chen's address, China's Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi draws a solid line connecting Xi and the campaign supposedly to eradicate "separatism, terrorism, and religious extremism" among Xinjiang's Turkic minorities. The imprisonment and "reprogramming" of the daily lives of millions of Xinjiang's inhabitants is fully in concert with CCP policy. In fact, the replacement of the brutal Chen as Xinjiang's Party boss by the hi-tech savvy former Guangdong Province Governor of Ma Xingrui probably does not signal a decision by China "to clean-up its act" in Xinjiang because of international pressure. It is more likely a sign of the regime's confidence that the repressive infrastructure it has visited upon Xinjiang's Muslim minorities has successfully suppressed any separatist sentiment for an independent state in China's Far West.

The CCP's propaganda machine has attempted to blunt international criticism but not at price of sacrificing its abusive policies in Xinjiang. The Party has produced several propaganda documentaries on Xinjiang, some of which have been aired on the Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN). These videos of life in Xinjiang display a pluralistic society while modernizing, but that still celebrates ethnic minority traditions. Visiting dignitaries are given orchestrated and "sanitized" tours of allegedly authentic daily life in the province. China's power, wealth and commercial prowess also tend to dampen or even mute criticism of the CCP's anti-Islamic regulations from the world's many Muslim nations. Any citizen of Xinjiang sporting a beard, wearing a veil, attending a religious service or downloading verses from the Koran is subject to arrest and confinement in an internment camp.

Previous leaks of official documents, unauthorized films, commercial satellite images and testimony from escaped former inmates have scripted a profile of the hell that the Chinese Communist state has crafted for the Uyghurs and other minorities in Xinjiang. This massive province-size gulag regime includes forced abortions, sterilization and rape of female detainees, separation of husbands and wives, removal of children from the custody of parents, obligatory retraining of workers in skills supportive of CCP economic goals, and daily ideological indoctrination of inmates. The comprehensive and intense nature of the persecution of non-Han Chinese minorities in Xinjiang amounts to a conscious plan by China's leaders to erase the culture and values of the native populations of northwest China. Democratic countries should distribute these leaks globally as cautionary warning to all societies that the CCP's projected panda bear image of China obscures the reality of a quite different animal with an insatiable appetite.


Dr. Lawrence A. Franklin was the Iran Desk Officer for Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. He also served on active duty with the U.S. Army and as a Colonel in the Air Force Reserve.


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Twitter is Just Fine With Calls to Assassinate Justice Thomas - Robert Spencer


​ by Robert Spencer

What malicious inconsistency looks like.


Shortly after Roe v. Wade was overturned, a Twitter user with the handle @redfrnn, who has since deleted his or her or xis account, tweeted: “i’m going to assassinate supreme court justice Clarence Thomas.” The same Twitter user had just before that tweeted a photo of a gun, saying: “im considering buying a mac mini.” Twitter, however, did not find this murderous psychopath to be in violation of their rules, despite the fact that those rules say, “You may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people.” Well, sure. You can’t threaten violence against an individual, but Clarence Thomas, he’s a conservative. And not only does Thomas dare to dissent from the Left’s agenda, but he is one of the most powerful individuals in the country who is actively working against it. So would the Twitter fascists mind if @redfrnn or someone else actually did kill him? It’s unlikely that they’d shed a tear, even for the fallen rule of law in our staggering republic.

This is, after all, Twitter, which banned a sitting president of the United States and hasn’t reinstated him. The Washington Post reported on Jan. 13, 2021, that “Twitter banned Trump’s account, which boasted 88 million followers, last Friday after first suspending him for 12 hours the day of the Capitol siege. On Friday Trump again tweeted that he wouldn’t attend the inauguration, as well as saying that his supporters would not be disrespected ‘in any way, shape, or form.’ Twitter immediately dismantled his account, saying the tweets could incite violence.”

So Twitter was ostensibly worried that Trump’s words would somehow incite violence, even though he didn’t call for any and had told the Jan. 6 protesters to proceed “peacefully.” But when it comes now to an open and explicit call for violence against someone who is out of favor with the Leftist elites, Twitter says “redfrnn hasn’t broken our safety policies.”

Twitter has demonstrated this same malicious inconsistency before. On New Year’s Day 2022, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, tweeted, “Martyr Soleimani is an eternal reality that will live on forever. His assassins – including Trump & the like – will go down in history’s garbage bin, but of course after receiving retribution in this world for the crime they committed.” That “retribution in this world” bit was a clear threat, but Twitter did nothing to restrict Khamenei’s account.

Nor did Twitter do anything to the account of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps when it tweeted nine days later, “The Islamic Republic of Iran considers vengeance against those responsible for the Baghdad crime to be the right of all believers; whether they are drops in the ocean or bits of sand in the desert they’ll seek vengeance next to the criminals’ homes.”

So the hardcore Leftists who run Twitter allowed Khamenei and the IRGC to threaten Trump, but banned Trump himself after he called for a peaceful protest. And now Twitter is allowing open threats against Clarence Thomas. So whatever happened to Elon Musk’s bid to take over Twitter? It seems to have simply faded away, and the Twitter fascists are just as much in the saddle as they always were.

Twitter’s blasé response to the threats to Thomas, however, demonstrates anew how deeply corrupt the platform really is, and how desperately an alternative is needed. The primary means of public discourse today are in the hands of ideologues who don’t believe in the freedom of speech and, as is increasingly clear, don’t even believe in the rule of law.

If their hegemony isn’t broken, this is a sure pathway to an authoritarian or even a totalitarian state, in which enemies of the powerful elites, such as Trump and Thomas, can be silenced and even killed if they stray too far from what the guardians of acceptable opinion have delineated as acceptable things to say. Twitter has likewise in the past banned numerous people, including PJ Media’s own Matt Margolis, for enunciating obvious truths such as the fact that Lia Thomas and Rachel Levine are not women but men. Twitter will indulge and enforce these Leftists’ fantasies and forcibly silence people for dissenting from them, while simultaneously remaining completely sanguine about death threats to prominent conservatives.

Enough is enough. If we had a lion-hearted, courageous opposition party, it would open hearings aimed at shutting Twitter down altogether. If we had a Justice Department, it would be looking into prosecuting Twitter for allowing these threats.

But we don’t have either.


Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is author of 23 books including many bestsellers, such as The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)The Truth About Muhammad and The History of Jihad. His latest book is The Critical Qur’an. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.


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EU Signs Deal with Egypt and Israel to Boost Gas Exports to Europe - Soeren Kern


​ by Soeren Kern

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described the agreement as "a big step forward in the energy supply to Europe" and "the first step leading to a Mediterranean-wide agreement."

  • Over time the agreement could spur new investment in gas exploration and infrastructure in Cyprus, Egypt, Greece and Israel and potentially transform the Eastern Mediterranean into an energy powerhouse.

  • European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described the agreement as "a big step forward in the energy supply to Europe" and "the first step leading to a Mediterranean-wide agreement."

  • "The war in Ukraine has really changed the equation in a way, including for the EU where they're willing to overlook, at least in the short term, the desire to go green as soon as possible." — Dov Lieber, The Wall Street Journal, June 16, 2022.

The European Union has signed a memorandum of understanding with Israel and Egypt that paves the way for potentially significant quantities of Israeli natural gas to be shipped to Europe. Pictured: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (back) looks on as EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson (L), Egyptian Minister of Petroleum Tarek el-Molla (C), and Israeli Minister of Energy Karine Elharrar (R) sign a trilateral natural gas deal in Cairo on June 15, 2022. (Photo by Khaled Desouki/AFP via Getty Images)

The European Union has signed a memorandum of understanding with Israel and Egypt that paves the way for potentially significant quantities of Israeli natural gas to be shipped to Europe.

The trilateral agreement, signed on June 15 in Cairo at a meeting of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF), an intergovernmental organization, calls for Israeli gas to be sent to liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities in Egypt. From there, the gas in liquid form will be transported across the Mediterranean Sea on LNG vessels to markets in Europe.

Initially, the volumes of Israeli gas sent to Europe will be relatively low due to a combination of factors, including infrastructure limitations, the high costs of producing and shipping LNG, and the politics of climate change and clean energy. Over time, however, the agreement could spur new investment in gas exploration and infrastructure in Cyprus, Egypt, Greece and Israel and potentially transform the Eastern Mediterranean into an energy powerhouse.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described the agreement as "a big step forward in the energy supply to Europe" and "the first step leading to a Mediterranean-wide agreement."

Non-Russian Energy

The EU has been scrambling to reduce its dependence on gas from Russia since February 2022, when Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. In 2021, Russia supplied the EU with around 155 billion cubic meters (bcm), or 45% of the bloc's total gas imports, according to the International Energy Agency.

On March 8, the European Commission, the EU's administrative arm, unveiled an ambitious proposal to reduce imports of Russian gas by two-thirds before the end of 2022, and to make the EU independent from Russian fossil fuels by 2030. It called for increasing LNG imports from non-Russian sources by 50 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2022.

Since then, non-Russian gas producers — including Algeria, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Qatar, and the United States — have agreed to supply the EU with gas to reduce the bloc's dependence on Russia.

The amount of natural gas that Israel can deliver immediately is relatively small: over the short term, it could supply Europe with around 10 bcm per year (approximately 2.5% of the EU's total gas consumption of 350 bcm per year).

Based on the new agreement with Egypt and Israel, the European Union expects to import 7 bcm of LNG from Egypt in 2022, 2 bcm more than originally planned, according to an EU spokesman quoted by the Financial Times. The EU could import up to 10 bcm of LNG from Egypt in 2023.

Most of the LNG exported to Europe by Egypt originates in Israel, which has increased gas production but does not have large-scale export facilities of its own. Israel delivers 5 bcm of gas annually to Egypt by means of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Pipeline (EMG), which runs from Ashkelon in southern Israel to Arish in the northern Sinai Peninsula. The pipeline has a maximum capacity of 7 bcm per year.

In February 2022, Israel began shipping an additional 2.5-3 bcm to Egypt by means of the Jordanian section of the Arab Gas Pipeline (AGP), which runs from Aqaba to Arish.

Israel and Egypt are discussing the construction of additional pipelines that would more than double Israel gas exports to Egypt. The two countries recently agreed to build a second undersea pipeline that would transport 10 bcm of gas annually from Israel's offshore Leviathan field directly to LNG facilities in northern Egypt.

Israel is also considering building a new onshore pipeline that would connect the Israeli and Egyptian natural gas grids. The pipeline would allow Israel to increase supplies to Egypt by an additional 3-5 bcm per year.

The existing and future pipelines could result in Israel and Egypt shipping approximately 30 bcm of LNG annually to the EU in coming years. This would amount to 8.5% of the EU's total gas consumption and roughly 20% of the amount previously supplied by Russia.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Jonathan Miller, the special envoy for energy at Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said:

"Israel is willing to do as much as possible in supporting the European energy challenges. The big question is how does this gas get to Europe, and this remains one of the challenges. In the short term, these are not big figures because we have to rely on existing infrastructure, but I think it's an important time for Europe, Israel, Egypt and partners to look to mid-term and long-term solutions on how we get to the European market."

LNG Alternatives

Most energy analysts agree that LNG imports are only a temporary solution for Europe's gas needs. Over the long term, undersea pipelines between Israel and Europe could offer a less expensive and more stable source of gas compared to LNG. Two gas pipeline alternatives are currently under discussion.

One option is the construction of a $1.5 billion, 500-kilometer (300-mile) pipeline between Israel's largest offshore natural gas field, Leviathan, and Turkey, from where Israeli gas would be forwarded to southern Europe through existing pipeline infrastructure. This option, involving up to 15 bcm annually, would leave Israel strategically dependent on Turkey, whose president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has been hostile to the Jewish state.

The Turkish government has always insisted that Israeli gas can only be sold to Europe through Turkey. In 2016, Turkish and Israeli officials tried to sign a deal to deliver gas, but Erdoğan's demand that Israel lift its blockade on the Hamas-run Gaza Strip made it impossible to reach an agreement. Israeli President Isaac Herzog recently visited Ankara for talks with Erdoğan to repair bilateral relations that have long been strained due, among other issues, to the Turkish leader's anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and support for Palestinian terrorism.

The second option involves the 2,000-kilometer (1,242-mile) Eastern Mediterranean (EastMed) pipeline, a $6 billion project aimed at shipping up to 20 bcm of gas annually natural gas from Israeli and Cypriot waters to Greece and Italy.

The EastMed pipeline has been in the planning stages for more than a decade. The Israel-Greece-Cyprus project — joined by Bulgaria, Hungary, North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia — has long been seen as a way to diversify natural gas supplies to Europe.

In January 2020, the leaders of Israel, Greece and Cyprus — with strong support from the Trump administration — signed the EastMed intergovernmental agreement, which aimed at reaching a final investment decision by 2022 and completing the pipeline by 2025. The EastMed project could eventually supply up to 10% of Europe's natural gas needs.

In November 2021, the European Commission included the EastMed pipeline in its list of so-called Projects of Common Interest (PCI), priority cross-border energy projects aimed at integrating the EU's energy infrastructure.

In January 2022, just before Russia invaded Ukraine, the Biden administration abruptly announced that it no longer supported EastMed because the pipeline was antithetical to its "climate goals." Some analysts said that Biden's decision effectively killed the project because without American political support, such a costly project would be difficult to finance.

The war in Ukraine may lead to the revival of the EastMed project, regardless of opposition from the White House. Former Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, a key proponent of EastMed, recently called on the Israeli government to "urgently promote" the building of the pipeline as quickly as possible.

On May 23, at a conference — "Energy and the Eastern Mediterranean in 2022" — organized by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Steinitz said that EastMed is economically and technically feasible and "makes sense." Speaking at the same conference, Italian energy executive Fabrizio Mattana said that EastMed was the most secure option compared to other gas export solutions. He estimated that EastMed would take up to four years to complete after an investment decision is reached.

Boosting Production

Whether investments in new infrastructure projects such as pipelines are made depend on several factors, including the amount of gas available for export, and future demand from the European Union.

Israel's proven natural gas reserves are estimated to be 600 bcm, according to BP's Statistical Review of World Energy. Israel expects to find another 2.2 trillion cubic meters in its offshore fields, Steinitz told a World Energy Congress in Istanbul.

Over the next few years, Israel is on track to double gas production to about 40 bcm from 20 bcm currently as it expands existing projects and brings new fields online, according to industry officials interviewed by the Reuters news agency.

On May 8, the exploration company Energean reported that it had discovered 8 bcm in the Athena well off the coast of Israel, and that the area around the well could contain up to 58 bcm of gas.

The European Union, as part of the memorandum of understanding, has pledged to encourage European energy companies to participate in projects to explore for new gas fields in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In an interview with the Turkish state-run Anadolu news agency, Elai Rettig, professor of political studies at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, said that Europe's demand for energy could potentially become a windfall for the Eastern Mediterranean:

"Europe needs as many alternative sources as possible. The more export deals that are made, the more infrastructure will be built, the bigger the chances are that new energy companies will come to look for more gas in the Eastern Mediterranean."

Speaking to the Financial Times, Martijn Murphy, principal analyst for North Africa at Wood Mackenzie, the oil and gas consultancy, said that the deal could help foster further development of Israeli gas fields:

"It will help Israel in terms of attracting international oil companies into the country who can be confident that there's going to be a market to sell the gas on."

Israel's Energy Minister Karine Elharrar said the agreement with the EU could cement Israel's role on the global energy stage:

"This is a tremendous moment in which little Israel is becoming a significant player in the global energy market. The memorandum of understanding will allow Israel to export Israeli natural gas to Europe for the first time, and it is even more impressive when one looks at the string of significant agreements we have signed in the past year, positioning Israel and the Israeli energy and water economy as a key player in the world."

Israel correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, Dov Lieber, said that the EU deal would be beneficial to Israel and Egypt:

"This isn't going to make up for the loss of Russian gas, not even close, but it's part of the EU's diversification efforts. They will get at least some of their gas from the Eastern Mediterranean rather than relying on one partner. But for Israel and Egypt, it's actually a major significance for both countries.

"This is the first time Israel is exporting gas to Europe, obviously a major customer. Up until not too long ago, Israel itself was an importer of natural gas, and all the natural gas discoveries basically happened in the last decade or so. It's basically turned around its whole energy image of an importer to now an exporter on the world stage exporting to clients like the EU.

"Egypt also has benefited from all these discoveries of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean. But because it has such a large population, it needs to reserve a lot of its own gas for its local market, but it has these liquification facilities that Israel doesn't have that allows it to be the exporter of the gas to Europe. So it will help Egypt become basically this regional hub for gas."

The EU agreement states that natural gas will play a key role in the energy economy of EU countries only until 2030, at which point its consumption is to gradually decrease until 2050, when the bloc hopes to reach its zero-emissions target.

The Wall Street Journal's Dov Lieber concluded that the EU's urgent need to find enough supplies to replace Russian gas is outweighing longer-term goals to slash emissions:

"Exploration for natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean only began producing results up to about two decades ago, and slowly the major discoveries have started to come through. But at the same time, these discoveries of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean really happened at a time when the world was looking to transition away from fossil fuels, transition away from natural gas and towards more greener options, to decarbonize.

"The war in Ukraine has really changed the equation in a way, including for the EU, where they're willing to overlook, at least in the short term, the desire to go green as soon as possible. They're willing to build out the continued exploration, for example, and to build out infrastructure a little more in order to keep the gas flowing for now, but they haven't really invested too much in this industry because it looked like energy was going in a very different direction."


Soeren Kern is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute.


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Virulent Anti-Semite Maher Abdel Qader Campaigns with Multiple Democrats - Robert Spencer


​ by Robert Spencer

Birds of a feather.


Maher Abdel Qader of the Palestinian American Congress is the Leonard Zelig of the modern Democrat Party; he seems to know everyone, has appeared in photos with most of them, and is connected to everything. He has hosted numerous fundraisers for New York City Mayor Eric Adams; he was part of a committee putting together a fundraiser for Jesse Jackson’s son Jonathan Jackson, who is running for the House in Illinois; and he is close to Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-Ramallah) and Cori Bush (D-Race Hate), as well as a prominent former congressman, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. Abdel Qader is also a virulent anti-Semite, which should surprise no one, given the bent of today’s Democrat Party.

It is odd, however, that Adams, who has courted New York’s Jewish community and appointed two Orthodox Jews to his administration, would have close ties to Abdel Qader. Early in 2021, Abdel Qader was one of only six community leaders to speak with Adams on a Zoom call and talk over the then-candidate’s “campaign vision [and] issues,” as well as to “engage in his campaign.” Abdel Qader noted in an Instagram post that has apparently been removed that Adams was “on board with our community and will stand to support us.” Then in September 2021, Abdel Qader posted on Instagram in another post that was later removed or concealed: “Arab and Muslim community leaders met at Marriott hotel - LaGuardia and held a Fundraising for Eric Adams the democratic nominee for New York City mayor….Event was organized by the Muslim Agenda 2021 Coalition.”

Thus it is clear that Adams was publicly friendly with Abdel Qader years after Abdel Qader posted an article on Facebook in 2016 that charged Jews with being “satanic” and claimed that they “practice subversion and treason.” In 2017, Abdel Qader posted a list of the Jewish members of Congress, headed “U.S. Senators and Congressmen with Duel [sic] Citizenship with Israel,” strongly implying that those listed have dual loyalty to Israel and the U.S., as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) alleged back in 2019. In November 2019, he shared a video that repeated the claim that Jews are “satanic” and added the paranoid anti-Semitic trope that they control the media, while minimizing the Holocaust.

Was Adams’ campaign so careless that it didn’t pick up this material about Abdel Qader? Or was Adams’ election such a sure thing, since New York is essentially a one-party state with a moribund Republican Party, that the campaign figured that Abdel Qader’s anti-Semitism simply didn’t matter? The worst possibility is that Adams’ campaign calculated that Abdel Qader’s anti-Semitism would resonate with the Democrats’ hateful, far-Left, pro-BDS base, and counterbalance the street cred the candidate lost for being a former police officer?

Whatever the case may be with Adams, other Democrats haven’t hesitated to associate themselves with Abdel Qader, either. In May, Abdel Qader posted on Instagram: “May 18, 2022, Fundraiser for Keith Ellison the 30th attorney general of the State of Minnesota in Manhattan- New York. Also attended by Michael J. Garner, Chief Diversity Officer, MTA Department of Diversity and Civil Rights.” Of course it was.

Of Jonathan Jackson, Abdel Qader wrote: “Jonathan Jackson son of Jesse Jackson/ Chicago is running for congress and needs our support. He is a staunch supporter of Palestine, Palestinians and our Arab American community.”

As for Bush, Fox News reported that “in early November, Abdel Qader posted a Bush fundraising flier for a reception hosted by the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee and the Muslim Community of St. Louis, which solicited donations between $100 and $2,500 for Bush’s campaign, according to the flier. It appears he donated $250 to her campaign for the fundraiser.” Generous guy.

Abdel Qader appears to be closest, however to Tlaib, who has, according to Fox, “participated in several events with Abdel Qader over the years, with the most recent fundraiser posted to his Instagram account on September 25, 2021. One day after the fundraiser, Abdel Qader posted a picture of himself alongside Tlaib on a Manhattan, New York, rooftop.” In contrast to his parsimoniousness with Bush, “Abdel Qader has not only been a key fundraiser for Tlaib, donating $6,500 to her campaign since 2018, but he was also the chairman of her finance committee during her successful 2018 Congressional campaign. Tlaib introduced Abdel Qader by the title at a campaign event. And in 2018, Tlaib presented Abdel Qader with a medal as a sign of gratitude for his help with her inaugural campaign.”

Tlaib, a vociferous critic of Israel, was likely untroubled by Abdel Qader’s anti-Semitism. Apparently the other Democrat candidates Abdel Qader supported weren’t bothered by it, either. Is anti-Semitism now so mainstream on the Left that an open Jew-hater such as Maher Abdel Qader can become an influential mover and shaker for Democrat candidates? The answer is obviously yes.


Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is author of 23 books including many bestsellers, such as The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)The Truth About Muhammad and The History of Jihad. His latest book is The Critical Qur’an. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.


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The Military Went Woke. Now It Can’t Find Recruits - Daniel Greenfield


​ by Daniel Greenfield

The transgender pronouns, diversity training, and lesbian wedding ads aren't working.


The military is facing the worst recruiting environment since the end of the Vietnam War.

The Army is at only 40% of its recruiting numbers for the fiscal year despite raising its maximum enlistment bonus from $40,000 to $50,000. It now offers new recruits up to $10,000 for showing up to basic training in 30 days. And is no longer even asking them for a high school diploma.

"We've never offered $50,000 to join the Army,"  Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen, head of U.S. Army Recruiting Command, said.

While the Army runs anime lesbian wedding ads, it’s pushing away the recruits it needs, young patriotic men from traditional backgrounds. When the Biden administration’s brass decided to mandate vaccinations, they automatically rejected the 60% of potential recruits who aren’t.

By Obama’s second term, male Army ROTC cadets were being forced to march in women’s high heels. Under Biden, that escalated to mandatory transgender pronoun training while figuring out living arrangements for men who suddenly decide that they’re really women.

The Army has stopped worrying about winning wars and is instead working to establish the “Army as a global leader in DEI”. That’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Obama's Army Secretary Eric Fanning’s had already ordered mandatory implicit bias training for “soldiers and employees in senior leadership and management positions”. The Army is now preparing for the prospect of accommodating men in women’s housing and deploying HIV positive men.

While the Army brass complains that it can't find recruits, even with gay wedding ads, transgender housing and HIV positive deployment, it's been kicking out unvaccinated soldiers.

In February, it reported that commanders had  "relieved a total of six Regular Army leaders, including two battalion commanders, and issued 3,073 general officer written reprimands to Soldiers for refusing the vaccination order." As of June, 60,000 Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers are unvaccinated. That's 12% of the Army Guard and 10% of the Army Reserve.

“Army readiness depends on soldiers who are prepared to train, deploy, fight and win our nation’s wars,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth claimed. “Unvaccinated soldiers present risk to the force and jeopardize readiness.”

HIV positive soldiers don’t present a risk or jeopardize readiness, but unvaccinated soldiers do.

Instead of spending $684 million on recruitment, and a $4 billion 10 year contract with Omnicom, one of whose subsidiaries worked on the Biden campaign, the Army could try to stop actively alienating and firing the young men actually willing to fight and die on the battlefield.

And maybe then the Army might be able to stop lowering standards and issuing moral waivers for criminal records. Or forcibly extending the assignments of recruiters and making them work on federal holidays in the hopes of recruiting 60,000 active duty soldiers.

A Quinnipiac poll earlier this year found that only 40% of Democrats would stay and fight if America were invaded, while 52% would run away. 68% of Republicans would stay and fight. 70% of men would stay and fight in contrast to, understandably, 40% of women, and 61% and 57% of Hispanic and white people would stay and fight, in contrast to only 38% of black people.

Polls like these provide obvious common sense guidelines as to whom to recruit. Instead the woke army, like the rest of the woke military, keeps trying to recruit the wokes who don’t want to fight for their country and don’t even think their country is worth fighting for.

While the Army is the most troubled of the military branches, the Air Force is 4,000 personnel underwater.

“We have warning lights flashing,"  Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas warned. “Our ‘qualified and waiting’ list is about half of what it has been historically."

Good thing the Air Force, like other branches, is screening recruits for “extremism” and the unvaccinated, and focused above all else on increasing its diversity quotas. The Air Force is less interested in recruiting in the South and bemoans the fact that 86% of Air Force aviators are white men. And those are exactly the people whom the Air Force brass no longer want.

“As Airmen in the U.S. Air Force, it’s our duty to acknowledge our biases whether we realize they exist or not,” airmen who are accused of being racist because they’re white are being told.

No wonder there are warning lights flashing in recruitment.

Navy recruiters are focused on the popularity of Top Gun Maverick to bring in new recruits. But the hit Tom Cruise movie has little relationship to the reality of a woke Air Force whose racialist brass are obsessed with critical race theory and whose planes don’t actually fly.

In the movie, the pilots fly F/A-18s and no one screams at them about their pronouns and their unconscious racial biases. Or their vaccination status. In real life, F/A-18E/F's have a 51% mission capable rate. And the Navy’s woke leadership is focused on fighting “systemic racism:”

The Navy is offering a $25,000 "quick ship" bonus to recruits. "The Navy is the only U.S. military branch currently offering this high of an enlistment bonus for any new enlistee," it brags, and suggests that the "the enlistment bonus could be as high as $50,000."

But the Navy, like the Army and other services, can’t buy its way out of a morale crisis.

The United States military is never going to win a bidding war against corporations. Amazon warehouse team members make more than starting recruits. And they're generally less likely to die. The only real military recruiting edge is a patriotic commitment to defending your country.

Military recruiters blame a national manpower shortage and their advertising strategy follows the familiar one of corporations going woke, appealing to the perceived wokeness and narcissism of Gen Z. Major corporations are being roiled by the radical activists they have recruited this way who are demanding that corporate leaders adopt not only their values but their agenda. Or else.

The brass trying to dress up the military in woke colors to make it appear that it shares their values are writing a big blank check that no one, not even Gen. Milley, wants to cash.

The Obama and Biden administrations appointed brass who gutted the services and replaced patriotic and nationalistic values with woke virtue signaling and radical politics. Now they’re discovering that when jobs are going begging, no one wants to join a woke military.

Patriots don’t and wokes won't either.

Wokes willing to die for a cause are a lot more likely to join riots than the military. Those who see the military as serving their cause are, like actual white supremacists, exactly the kinds of “dangerous extremists” who are just joining up to gain experience for domestic terrorism.

There is a solution to the recruiting crisis. It doesn’t involve spending hundreds of millions on ad campaigns or anime lesbian weddings. The place to start is with the reasons for serving.

In the aftermath of the disgraceful Afghanistan retreat and of a War on Terror that has been effaced by political correctness, military service appears more senseless to many than it did after Vietnam. And in a nation riven with division, the military has come to reflect those divisions, with its brass firmly putting their thumbs on the partisan scale and adopting the leftist ideas and woke cultural values that are hostile to the majority of the men under their command.

The military, like so many institutions, went woke, now it’s finding out that woke leads to broke.

Rebuilding morale begins with a renewed commitment to national values and patriotism, to serious warfighting and meritocratic striving, and to a culture built on teams, not racial divisions.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center’s pamphlets, "Disloyal: How the Military Brass is Betraying Our Country" and "How Obama and Biden Destroyed the Greatest Military the World Has Ever Seen" charted the shape of the crisis. Our military can be rebuilt, but it will take cleaning out the brass who were put in charge to dismantle it and transform it into another failed leftist operation.

And while the woke brass stay, the recruits stay away.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


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Once Again, Stop Talking Like Progressives - Bruce Thornton


​ by Bruce Thornton

The vital importance of fighting off "semantic infiltration."


Anyone who regularly comments on current political affairs will eventually end up repeating himself. Usually that’s because politicians and pundits keep making the same errors of thinking, and displaying the same lack of critical self-awareness of those mistakes. Some, like Capote’s Holly Golightly, are true believers who sincerely believe all “this crap” they believe, and “can’t be talked out of it.”  Or they are conscious liars who don’t care that their ideas and beliefs are incoherent or pernicious, as long as they win them more power and privilege.

That truth is a commonplace. But as novelist André Gide once said,  “Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again,” in the hope that somebody will be listening, since using the dishonest, politicized words of progressives helps to spread the malign concepts and ideologies like a virus, infecting the body politic.

Recently columnist George Will called this phenomenon “semantic infiltration . . . the tactic by which political objectives are smuggled into discourse that is ostensibly, but not actually, politically neutral. People who adopt a political faction’s vocabulary also adopt — perhaps inadvertently, but inevitably — the faction’s agenda.”

Will’s example is the “woke” economic term “stakeholder,” a synonym for “stockholder.” Extending a “stakeholder” to include anybody and everybody whom a business even slightly affects is to indulge a false analogy, the logical fallacy favored by those who are up to no good or smuggling their ideology into an argument––which, as Will points out, is exactly what the “stakeholder” metaphor does: “Stakeholder capitalism violates fiduciary laws that require those entrusted with investors’ money to employ it ‘solely in the interest of’ and ‘for the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to’ the investors.”

Most of us can cite a whole catalogue of scare-words and question-begging epithets, like “racist” and “sexist,” used not to communicate precisely but to demonize a political enemy or advance a dangerous ideology under cover of invective. One scare-term nearly a century old is “fascist” or “fascism.” George Orwell in his 1944 essay “What is Fascism?” showed how in everyday usage, the term is over-broad and often historically incorrect. Especially in political rhetoric, “this word has lost the last vestige of meaning.”

For example, “All Conservatives, appeasers or anti-appeasers, are held to be subjectively pro-Fascist. British rule in India and the Colonies is held to be indistinguishable from Nazism.” Those who use this term so vaguely, Orwell continues, “mean, roughly speaking, something cruel, unscrupulous, arrogant, obscurantist, anti-liberal and anti-working-class.” Today we would add “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” “Islamophobic,” and “cis”-whatever to that list.

Seventy-eight years later, “fascist” remains the Left’s favorite smear. The political ascent of Donald Trump set off an orgy of “fascism”-mongering by progressives and NeverTrump Republicans alike. It was disappointing during Trump’s term to read otherwise savvy and respectable Republicans indulge such an obviously empty word.

For example, the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens wrote a whole column on superficial historical parallels with the 1930s, linking Trump to Italian fascism. In the Washington Post, the Brookings Institute’s Robert Kagan explained “this is how fascism comes to America.” Arch-NeverTrumper Jonah Goldberg accused conservatives of giving in to the “fascist temptation.” Likewise, NR’s’s Jay Nordlinger’s meditated on whether or not the “F-word” applies to Trump, and concluded, “I’m not sure”––a cringing cop-out.

Reading these hyperbolic slanders, one might conclude that these commentators don’t know that even during the Great Depression, fascism has never had the sort of political influence and presence in our culture, education, and politics that communism had and still has today. Misusing this word bespeaks an undiscriminating and lazy mind.

Then there are “imperialism” and “colonialism,” and their postmodern variant “post-colonialism.” The great scholar of Soviet terror, Robert Conquest, called out this linguistic corruption decades ago. Historical terms like “imperialism” and “colonialism,” Conquest wrote, now refer to “a malign force with no program but the subjugation and exploitation of innocent people.” As such, these terms are verbal “mind-blockers and thought-extinguishers,” which serve “mainly to confuse, and of course to replace, the complex and needed process of understanding with the simple and unneeded process of inflammation.”

Worse, they are weapons of propaganda used to denigrate the West, especially the U.S., even though actual colonialism and imperialism were brief episodes in American history. Moreover, it was American President Woodrow Wilson who put anticolonialism and anti-imperialism,  as well as national self-determination, at the forefront of the “new world order” created by the Versailles settlement. Yet today these terms have little to do with historical reality, and everything to do with Leftist anti-Americanism and globalist “new world order” hatred of Western nationalism.

More dangerously, these terms have underwritten the reflexive guilt of the West, the idea that “every Westerner is presumed guilty until proven innocent,” as French philosopher Pascal Bruckner writes, for the West is guilty of an “essential evil that must be atoned for,” colonialism and imperialism. The cringing acceptance of these specious charges compromises our foreign policy by giving our rivals and enemies a linguistic weapon for influencing our policies and blackmailing us into subordinating our interests and security to their own.

Another misleading politicized phrase is “income inequality,” a verbal bludgeon that big-government progressives wield to support tax-and-spend redistributionist policies, and to expand entitlements that are already bankrupting the country. But it is a simplistic statistical artifact that doesn’t capture the reality of Americans’ economic condition. For example, census data are used to decry that for 2017, the top 20% of earners had 17 times more income than the bottom quintile, a damning indictment, so progressives argue, of our heartless free-market cowboy-capitalism.

But as Phil Gramm and John F. Early pointed out, that datum ignores the fact that the richest 20% pay about two-thirds of all taxes, lost income that is not accounted for in the reckoning of income disparities. Nor is the $1.9 trillion redistributed to citizens, mostly to the bottom quintile, 89% of whose resources come from 95 federal programs that redistribute wealth, 80% of which comes from the top 10% of taxpayers.

Moreover, even after taking into account the state and payroll taxes the bottom quintile pays, Gramm and Early continue, when these transfers are added to household income it jumps from the official $4,908 to $50,901. Contrary to lurid leftist rhetoric about the selfish rich who need to pay their “fair share,” “America already redistributes enough income to compress the income difference between the top and bottom quintiles from 60 to 1 in earned income down to 3.8 to 1 in income received.”

The phrase “income inequality,” then, indulges an emotional rhetoric more suitable for a Dickens novels or rural America during the 1930s, in order to camouflage the reality that we live in a society in which the “poor” enjoy a material existence superior to 99% of all the human beings who ever existed. But for phony class-warrior senators like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, “income inequality” is useful for increasing the power and reach of the federal Leviathan, not to mention perfuming their own privilege and wealth.

Finally, no catalogue of Orwellian linguistic lies would be complete without including the word “gender.” Beginning in the early Sixties, “gender” has replaced the word “sex” to mean “male” or “female.” According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “gender” is a feminist “euphemism” that is “often intended to emphasize the social and cultural, as opposed to biological, distinctions between the sexes.”

This change in usage was popularized to reinforce the dubious, and unscientific idea that biological sex-identity is not binary by nature, but a spectrum comprising multiple variations, just as linguistic gender is not restricted to masculine or feminine, but can classify nouns by other qualities such as “animate” or “inanimate.” Male and female, masculine and feminine, the “woke” tell us, are not facts of nature, but social, cultural, and political “constructs” that serve the selfish interests of the prevailing regime of power. This unscientific antinaturalism is a hallmark of postmodern and poststructuralist ideology, as well as Marxism and its “epiphenomena” and the “false consciousness” they create in the oafish bourgeoise.

Using the word “gender,” then, to mean biological “sex”––which today just about everybody does, including Republicans––insidiously and relentlessly reinforces and validates the notion that human will and scientism can override and ignore  the restraints of nature and nature’s God, and that human reality can be manipulated, changed, and perfected by  “technicians of the soul,” as Stalin euphemized the thuggish agents of “improvement.” Of course, that malignant idea produced not utopia and social justice, but mass murder and dehumanizing tyranny.

Trying to avoid corrupted words that are constantly in circulation is nearly impossible, especially when these words and phrases serve political interests. But even though people may not be listening, we should continue to warn our fellow citizens about the dangers of what Will calls the “semantic infiltration” of our language, which always is followed by the big battalions of tyranny.


Bruce Thornton is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.


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