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Tucker Carlson rips the mask off the Democrat party - Andrea Widburg

by Andrea Widburg

What’s behind that mask is the terrifying darkness of totalitarianism – and they’re not bothering to hide it anymore.

I was working on a post about how the Democrat party is cynically hiding their presidential candidate, Joe “Who’s My Wife” Biden, from public view, while using the Wuhan virus, mobs, and cancel culture to silence any opposition to Democrat politicians or their plans for America. Then, while I was looking for a specific link, I stumbled across Tucker Carlson’s monologue about Biden and the debates. I knew I had nothing to add.

Carlson is getting increasingly angry about what’s going on in this country. The thread of humor that used to underlie his opening monologues is gone. Instead, he’s gone full constitutional warrior, tackling the Democrats' cynicism, and calling out the dual leftist practices of violence and censorship. Every day, Carlson is better than the day before, and that’s certainly true with this monologue.

After listening to Carlson, you should be inspired to get out of your house and vote on November 3. This election is so pivotal that there’s no excuse for not voting, including the fact that you live in a blue state, where your vote won’t matter, or in a red state, where you’re sure things will be fine without you. That’s not how it’s going to work this year.

I feel very strongly that ordinary Americans are getting angry and worried. No matter how much the media has cultivated ill-will towards Trump, Trump is still going to look better than the specter of a doddering old man in the White House, a mob on the streets, and a cancel culture in academia and the corporate world. People who haven’t voted before or who voted Democrat are going to want to have a say in politics this year. 

This is how these stealth Trump voters will play out in a majority Democrat state such as California: In 2016, 32% of Californians voted for Trump, an insufficient number to give him California’s electoral votes. This year, that 32% of voters may think to themselves, “Why bother?”

Here’s why they should bother: If just 20% more people back Trump in 2020 than did in 2016, that 20%, when added to the 32% of existing California conservatives, means Trump wins California. If the 32% can’t be bothered to show up, there’s no chance of a miracle.

Meanwhile, in traditionally red states, expect election fraud such as you’ve never seen before. Generations of the dead will be signing an X with their skeletal hands so that they can vote for Biden. The only way to assure that fraud doesn’t swing red states to Biden is for Trump supporters to turn out in overwhelming numbers. Only with more living than dead votes can Biden be so soundly trounced that the claims that “Trump cheated” will die a swift, painful death.

Watch Carlson and, if you haven’t already registered to vote in the upcoming election, do so immediately. And then vote in November. Also, if someone accuses you of being racist, spit in his eye. And if your employer tries to fire you over speech or race issues, use the internet to find a civil rights lawyer who will sue your employer into bankruptcy.

We can fight back. We must fight back.

Image: YouTube screengrab

Andrea Widburg


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Understanding the collapse of liberal Zionism - Jonathan S. Tobin

by Jonathan S. Tobin

Peter Beinart claimed to speak for Jewish critics of Israel. Now he wants to replace it with a binational state, leaving Jews defenseless. Is anyone really surprised?

There's a reason why most Israelis find it difficult to listen patiently to lectures from liberal American Jews. For Israelis, their country is a real place filled with real people and perplexing dilemmas that have no easy solutions. But for all too many American Jews, Israel is a dreamland – a place for intellectual tourism where we can project our own insecurities and anxieties on the Jewish state while expressing our moral superiority over the lesser beings who live there and lack our wisdom.

Which brings us to the problem of Peter Beinart.

Beinart, the former editor of The New Republic and columnist for The Atlantic, sought to carve out a place for himself as the leading liberal critic of Israel with his 2012 book The Crisis of Zionism. The book was as spectacularly ignorant as it was arrogant in its refusal to acknowledge the reality of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

The conceit of the work was that Israelis needed to rise above their fears and recognize that a two-state solution was within easy reach. Anything that contradicted his assumptions – like the nature of Palestinian political culture or the continued rejectionism and obsession with the fantasy of Israel's destruction – was either rationalized or ignored. Too immersed in their unseemly quest for security and profit, Israelis could only overcome the "crisis" of the title by listening to the wisdom of Beinart, a righteous American pilgrim, whose manifest good intentions should have generated respect and deference from his recalcitrant Israeli pupils.

Much to Beinart's chagrin, rather than take the advice of a leading American public intellectual to heart, Israelis ignored it. In the eight years since then, Israel has endured more violence and political controversy while the Palestinians have continued to reject peace, whether along the lines laid out by President Barack Obama (whose alleged bona fides as a friend of the Jewish people was discussed at length in his book) or the less generous terms offered by President Donald Trump.

Instead of moving closer to moral and physical collapse as Beinart has been prophesying, Israel has only gotten stronger. Much of the Arab world has tired of Palestinian intransigence and largely abandoned advocacy for their cause, as many now perceive the Israelis as a vital ally in the struggle against Iran, as well as a needed resource in the areas of technology, agriculture, and clean water. Peace with the Palestinians is not in sight. But until it becomes possible, the Jews of Israel will hold on and continue to thrive.

All of this has left Beinart deeply troubled. He understands that events on the ground have refused to conform to his ideas. So rather than stick to his tired mantra about two states, Beinart has decided to junk it.

The result is an 8,000-word essay in Jewish Currents – the far-left magazine where he now writes on Jewish affairs after having decided that the ultra-liberal Forward was no longer woke enough for him – and a shorter version published in The New York Times in which he decides it's time to give up on two states or rather the whole idea of a Jewish state. His "Yavne: A Jewish Case for Equality in Israel-Palestine" is a manifesto calling for the dismantling of Israel as a Jewish state, replacing it with a binational entity where Jews and Arabs will share sovereignty over all of the territory between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River.

Such a country will supposedly respect the rights of both peoples and provide a path to peace that was rendered impossible by the insistence of the Jews on having their own state in order to protect them from their unreasonable fears of another Holocaust. Having thus divested themselves of their unfair demonization of Palestinians, Israelis will prosper as Arabs mourn the Shoah and Jews will join them in lamenting the nakba ("disaster") caused by the birth of the Jewish state.

There is, of course, nothing new about binationalism. It was championed by a small group of Jewish intellectuals in the 1920s and 30s whose naive and fearful approach was rendered obsolete by the Arab terror and rejectionism of that era. If Jewish life were to persist in its ancient homeland, sovereignty and self-defense were a must.

As scholar Daniel Gordis has written of Beinart's foolish essays, acceptance of his premise requires not so much imagination as ignorance even greater than that of the author. This means ignoring the fact that Palestinians still conceive of their national identity as inextricably tied to the destruction of Zionism and Jewish life, not a desire for peaceful co-existence. That Beinart's essays were published in the same week that the Fatah and Hamas movements announced their decision to join forces to oppose any compromise with Israel is not so much ironic as it is telling.

Beinart's call for a new Yavne – a reference to the place where Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai built a yeshivah where Judaism could be revived after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E. – is also deeply symbolic. The real-life Jews of today are not defeated, but are flourishing in their reconstituted Jewish state. But that's meaningless to Beinart because he believes the Palestinian refusal to accept Israel is a good enough reason to abandon the whole project. So he's prepared to throw in the towel and with it, not only Jewish security but also the revival of Jewish life and culture that was made possible by Zionism.

Should Israelis treat his intellectual journey as if it were the epic event that he and his friends at the Times think it is?

Beinart's chutzpah and self-importance demand satire, not respect. The notion that the state created by the sacrifice, blood, guts, and brains of millions of courageous Israelis should be trashed because it doesn't measure up to the hopes of one presumptuous intellectual living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan is something so silly that you'd have to be an idiot (or an editor at The New York Times) to believe it.

While we do well to mock Beinart, we still shouldn't ignore him.

Beinart's anti-Zionist broadside in America's leading newspaper represents more than just his own appalling egotism. His abandonment of the Jewish state is also indicative of the crisis of faith within much of American Jewry, whose loyalty to liberal patent nostrums exceeds their love of their fellow Jews or the vibrant society that has flourished in Israel.

His delusions are also to be found in the boardrooms of all too many liberal American Jewish institutions and philanthropies. Their talk of disillusionment with Israel and along with their judgmental attitude towards the hardheaded realism of the overwhelming majority of Israelis are not dissimilar to Beinart's ideas.

The contempt for the achievements of Zionism and the fearful refusal to contemplate a future in which Jews can succeed despite the fact that insoluble problems remain unsolved has become part of the narrative of American Jewish life. Though Beinart's ideas are as unoriginal as they are lacking in insight, they have the virtue of mirroring the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of much of the liberal American Jewish establishment – both philanthropic and religious – that is more interested in kowtowing to a Black Lives Matter movement linked to anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism than it is to standing up for Zionism and the Jewish state.

The retreat of the defeated to Yavne is an image that has nothing to say to Israelis. Rather, it is an apt metaphor for the failures of an American Jewish organized world drenched in ignorance and Jewish illiteracy that is suffering both a demographic implosion and a crisis of faith. The surrender of the self-described leading exponent of liberal Zionism speaks volumes about the failures of American Jewry.

Reprinted  from

Jonathan S. Tobin


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The Full Deck Progressives Aren’t Playing With - Don Feder

by Don Feder

When you’re living in a fantasy world, everything is in a constant state of flux.

“Delusional” is usually defined as “a withdrawal from reality.” The condition is said to be characterized by “holding idiosyncratic beliefs that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of (a) mental disorder.”

For the left, delusional is business as usual. Its principal enemy isn’t cops, capitalists, white supremacists or Trump, but a reality that challenges everything progressives believe.

Delusional can be a man who thinks he’s Napoleon, or man who thinks he’s a woman, or someone who thinks the Palestinians want peace, despite a steady stream of anti-Semitic agitation coming from the Palestinian Authority and payments of pensions to the families of terrorists.

It could be someone who believes the 1969 moon landing was faked, or someone who thinks socialism leads to prosperity. It could be someone who believes the First Amendment provides a right to abortion, but the Second Amendment says nothing about a right to private gun ownership.

The left’s forays into Neverland grow increasingly bizarre.

On July 2, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio (who is Neverland’s CEO) announced that the city council’s move to cut $1 billion from the police department’s budget for the coming year (17% of the total) will make New York safer.

In the first half of 2020, murder was up 21% in the Big Apple, and shootings up 40% over the same period last year. The thin blue line keeps getting thinner. In the same period, 272 cops announced plans to retire, compared to 183 in the first 6 months of 2019.

On the July 4th weekend, at least 41 were shot, 7 of them fatally. Think of how much safer New York would be if police were issued straightjackets instead of body armor.

On the other coast, after a 24-day occupation, Seattle police were finally allowed to clear out the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), where anarchists occupied 6 city blocks, set up barricades, and patrolled the area with armed militias. All it took for the city to bring down the curtain on CHAZ was two murders, four additional shooting victims, and gunfire every night.

When the Occupation started on June 8, Mayor Jenny Durkan said it could be the beginning of a “Summer of Love” and noted the open-air asylum had the festive air of a “block party.” And the guillotine gave enemies of the Republic free haircuts.

For Mayor Jenny, it finally got to be too much when CHAZ supporters marched on her home and an openly Marxist city council member went to war with Her Honor.

Earlier in June, a St. Louis prosecutor announced she would investigate a couple who defended their home and lives with guns, after they were threatened by an Antifa mob.

St. Louis City Attorney Kimberly Gardiner called the goons who’d broken into the family’s gated community (and were shouting obscenities and death threats) “peaceful protestors,” but she was outraged by the couple trying to defend themselves from these gentle souls, who were only exercising their First Amendment right, she asserted.

Earlier, Gardiner refused to prosecute rioters who were arrested for throwing rocks at cops and breaking the windows of a deputy sheriff’s van -- more peaceful protestors doing their First Amendment thing. In the warped world of typical urban Democrat Gardiner, rioting is protest and self-defense is aggression.

The Minneapolis City Council just voted unanimously to abolish the city’s police department (perhaps they’ll replace it with an elite force of social workers and shrinks) and the House that Nancy built passed legislation to make policing harder by allowing cops to be subjected to civil suits – apparently, risking their lives isn’t enough. This was after Democrats knelt for eight minutes and 46 seconds for George Floyd. The thousands of blacks killed each year by other blacks got nothing.

President Trump calls it crazy. Yes, but it’s a particular kind of lunacy. Making urban areas safer by tying the hands of police is like boosting productivity by raising taxes and fighting crime by disarming honest gunowners.

Last year, when Joe Biden said of his party, “We choose truth over facts,” most thought it was just another nonsensical Bidenism -- like “I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places now.”

Most would say truth is based on facts. But Democrats have their own reality driven by ideology. Because they want the type of abortion that even they used to call infanticide, the consider it clearly part of a woman’s right to choose. Mobs without face masks are a danger to life and health -- unless it’s in a sacred cause, like “racial justice.”

The U.S. Supreme Court is infallible when it mistakes the Constitution for the Democratic Party’s platform, but a threat to democracy when it reads the Constitution as it’s actually written.

There’s no way of knowing how far Democrats will take this. When you’re living in a dream world, everything is in a constant state of flux. You might say they’re not playing with a full deck -- or playing with a deck that’s full of wild cards.

Don Feder


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When Did the Left First Go Woke? When They Betrayed Black Slaves - Ben Poser

by Ben Poser

Leftists: still cheating on black slaves with their masters.

[Photo above: Black Sudanese slave women rest as they wait to be redeemed by aid workers from Christian Solidarity International after years of enslavement by Arab masters in the north — January 8, 2011, American Anti-Slavery Group.]

Twenty-three years ago yesterday, in 1997, Dr. Charles Jacobs, a frequent FrontPageMag contributor and president of the pro-Israel educational non-profit Americans for Peace and Tolerance, published a biting op-ed in The Boston Globe: “Where are the liberals?”

At the time, Dr. Jacobs, a human rights campaigner and Jewish activist, was the president and research director of the American Anti-Slavery Group, an organization at the forefront of the war against modern-day black slavery in Africa.

By 1997, thanks to his relentless activism and that of the heroic black journalist Sam Cotton (may his memory be a blessing), the world was slowly coming to grips with a vile fact: that Arabs and Muslims own black men, women, and children as chattel property in Mauritania and Sudan — today. Dr. Jacobs himself had come to this news inadvertently. One day in 1990 he picked up a copy of The Economist on a flight home, and flipped to page 42 where he found a one-page editorial entitled “Slavery: By any other name.” What he read shook him to his core: “In Sudan chattel slavery is spreading fast, as a consequence of the civil war between the black Christian and pagan southerners and the Arab, Muslim north.… In February 1988 a [black] child could be bought for $90; so many slaves are available [two years later] that the price has now fallen to $15.” A child cheaper than a pizza; Jacobs took the magazine home with him and was never the same.

The problem, however, was that all of the activist and media elements which one would think would jump to free modern-day black slaves, including the formidable anti-apartheid coalition of the 1980s, simply weren’t there. Even worse, organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch — the people who had produced the reports of slavery which originally alerted Dr. Jacobs and others to its horrors — simply refused to be of much help.

Furthermore, so-called black “leaders” like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, world-famous figures with massive community and media clout, either directly rebuffed efforts to help tell the world, or backed off at the behest of actively hostile parties such as Louis Farrakhan (who decided to act out of character and blame the Jews).

Though a few brave and decent people in the mainstream media, such as at Dateline NBC and even The New York Times, did do their part in broadcasting the images and accounts of slavery, such instances of righteousness were few and far between — and today, are just about extinct.

What, then, astounded Dr. Jacobs and his allies was that it was conservatives and evangelical Christians who actually took up the fight. While liberals waffled and worried about offending Arabs or “dividing” the black community (against Farrakhan, Jackson, and Sharpton), conservatives stood up. For instance, Pat Robertson’s 700 Club and CBN News became a forceful mouthpiece for the abolitionist movement. In the spring of 1997, they were likely the first national television show to broadcast footage of angels like Dr. John Eibner and Baroness Caroline Cox of Christian Solidarity International directly buying back Sudanese slaves’ freedom. In fact, their segment was specifically shaped to refute Farrakhan’s disgusting public denial of slavery from a year earlier — Robertson himself trashed Farrakhan as “an absolute charlatan.”

Jacobs also approached feminists, telling them that female slaves, forcibly converted to Islam and often vaginally mutilated in the case of Sudan, are mostly concubines whose bonded wombs their Arab captors use as a sadistic weapon of cultural, demographic, and racial jihād. Nobody agreed to help except Barbara Ledeen of the conservative Independent Women’s Forum, who in 1996 helped organize a four-hour hearing on slavery before members of Congress at which Jacobs, Cotton, Cox, and other abolitionists testified.

Liberals, however, save for a precious few laudable Democrats like Barney Frank and the late Donald Payne, were silent.

That is what led Dr. Jacobs to ask, “Where are the liberals?”

The answer is staring us in the face today. Around that time, we now know, the crackpot cultural Marxist idea that “white people” can’t criticize evil committed by non-Westerners was becoming en vogue. Since white people have committed grievous violations of non-white people’s human rights in the past, all they have the right to do now is crusade to correct Western sins, and leave those non-Westerners commit today, no matter how much worse they may be, alone. For white “human rights” activists who’ve snookered themselves into feeling guilty about the “unearned” wealth on which they live, this serves as their masochistic expiation. When given the choice between virtue-signaling with a black square as their profile pictures on Instagram and freeing real-life black slaves, we know which one liberals will choose.

Back then, Jacobs called this the “human rights complex.” Today, it’s called “intersectionality,” where Jews are now at or near the top of the rich, white “oppressor” cabal, and neither have the right to their own state, nor to tell Black Lives Matter or Farrakhan that they’re racist, anti-Semitic hypocrites who care nothing about addressing the deep-seated, heart-wrenching problems in the black community — or about black slaves owned and brutalized by non-white masters.

This was why, five years after this op-ed, Jacobs published another in the Globe: “Why Israel, and not Sudan, is singled out.” Israel accidentally kills a few civilians while targeting terrorists — Human Rights Watch cries about “war crimes.” But about Sudanese Arabs who murder and enslave tens of the thousands of black African Christians — the “human rights community” just whispers, if that.

This is even more egregious when we see most of the left’s characteristic inaction now that we know there is also Islamic slavery in AlgeriaLibya, and Nigeria. They’d rather applaud statues of George Washington and General Grant being torn down by mobs of spoiled, ignorant children.

It is always a sad day when a warning from the past comes true, and remains unheeded.

Ben Poser is the research director of the American Anti-Slavery Group.


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Why are Palestinians Committing Suicide? - Khaled Abu Toameh

by Khaled Abu Toameh

Under Hamas control, the Gaza Strip has suffered from rising unemployment, elevated poverty rates, and a sharp contraction of the private sector.

  • Last year, Palestinian activists took to the streets of the Gaza Strip to protest economic hardship and demand that Hamas provide solutions for soaring unemployment and poverty rates. The protests, held under the banner "We want to live!," were brutally suppressed by Hamas's security forces and militiamen.
  • Such calls by human rights organizations are dismissed out of hand by Hamas leaders, whose only concern is the iron grip of their power.
  • Hamas, after 13 years of criminal negligence, rejects responsibility for the wellbeing of its people. Astoundingly, it continues to succeed in convincing the world that Israel is to blame for the misery of its own people. This convenient and toxic lie enables it to continue receiving money and weapons from its friends in Iran and Hezbollah to tighten its death grip on the Gaza Strip.
  • For Hamas, jihad (holy war), not a decent life for its people, is what matters. Tragically, it seems that young Palestinians in Gaza are getting the message -- loud and clear.

Why is Hamas chasing Palestinians to cemeteries and to the homes of grieving families? Because its leaders are terrified that the world will wake up to the fact that their ruinous rule is driving young men and women to commit suicide. (Image source: iStock)

The Palestinian terror group Hamas is making a serious effort to prevent journalists from reporting about a surge in suicide rates in the Gaza Strip. Hamas does not want the world to know that young men and women living under its rule in the Gaza Strip, have, as a result of economic hardship and oppression, been taking their own lives.

In the past week alone, four Palestinians from the Gaza Strip reportedly committed suicide in separate incidents -- by gunfire, pills, self-immolation, and jumping from a tall building. The suicides have embarrassed Hamas, whose leaders decided to take strict measures to stop the news from leaking to the media.

Thirteen years after its violent takeover of the Gaza Strip, Hamas is still seeking to present a rosy picture of the situation there. Hamas wants to show the world that life for many Palestinians under its Islamic rule and repressive measures is wonderful.

The reality, however, is a bit different. Under Hamas control, the Gaza Strip has suffered from rising unemployment, elevated poverty rates, and a sharp contraction of the private sector.

Since 2017, the Palestinian Authority government in the West Bank has reduced payments for electricity supplied by Israel to the Gaza Strip and cut salaries for its employees, exacerbating the local economic crisis. Since 2014, Egypt's crackdown on the Gaza Strip's extensive tunnel smuggling network has exacerbated fuel, construction material, and consumer goods shortages.

Last year, Palestinian activists took to the streets of the Gaza Strip to protest economic hardship and demand that Hamas provide solutions for soaring unemployment and poverty rates. The protests, held under the banner "We want to live!," were brutally suppressed by Hamas's security forces and militiamen. Hundreds of activists were detained by Hamas, which saw the economic protests as part of a "conspiracy" to "create instability and anarchy" and undermine its dictatorial regime in the Gaza Strip.

One of the organizers of the protests was Sleman Alajoury, a 24-year-old activist and unemployed university graduate from the northern Gaza Strip. Alajoury was detained several times by Hamas for his role in the widespread protests, described as the worst since Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip after toppling the government of PA President Mahmoud Abbas in 2007.

On July 4, one year after the protests were crushed by Hamas, Alajoury's body was discovered inside his home in the Sheikh Zayed suburb in the northern Gaza Strip. His friends and family members said that the young man had committed suicide with a single shot to the head.

In his last posting on Facebook, a few hours before he took his life, Alajoury wrote that his suicide was aimed at seeking "salvation." He also wrote that "complaining to anyone but God was an act of humiliation."

Alajoury's words are perceived by many Palestinians as implicit criticism of Hamas over its failure to improve living conditions in the Gaza Strip and its ongoing crackdown on young activists campaigning for a better life, democracy and freedom of speech.

Ramzi Mahmoud Suleiman, a friend of Alajoury, said that Alajoury had suffered greatly under Hamas's oppressive measures. Suleiman said that Alajoury had been detained by Hamas security forces, who raided his home on a number of occasions.

Another friend, Shaher al-Habbash, revealed that Alajoury was frequently targeted by Hamas because of his political and social activities in the Gaza Strip. "Hamas's Internal Security Force arrested him several times," al-Habbash said. "They attacked his family home and humiliated him during his interrogation inside Hamas prisons. They even raided the home during his sister's wedding; this bothered him a lot."

Alajoury was the fourth Palestinian to take his own life in the Gaza Strip last week. Several other cases of suicide attempts have been recorded there in the past few weeks.

Instead of addressing the problem, Hamas is now trying to sweep Alajoury's tragic death under the carpet.

Some Palestinians who attended his funeral or visited the family home to offer condolences have been detained by Hamas security officers and militiamen.

One Palestinian, Basim Othman, wrote on Facebook that his brother, Fadi, and three other men were "kidnapped" by members of Hamas's military wing, Ezaddin al-Qassem, after attending the funeral. "Our message is clear: Hamas is a terrorist organization," Othman wrote. "We will teach the kidnappers and their families a lesson."

Another Palestinian, Ramez Mahmoud, wrote on his Facebook page that he had escaped a kidnap attempt by the Hamas militiamen after the funeral of Alajoury. "I just survived a kidnaping attempt by security forces belonging to Hamas and its military wing," Mahmoud said. "They kidnapped my friend, journalist Yusef Hassan, and others who came to offer condolences to the Alajoury family."

A Palestinian human rights group condemned the Hamas crackdown on Alajoury's friends and other activists and called for a thorough examination into the increased spate of suicides in the Gaza Strip.

"The [Hamas] security services in Gaza arrested at least nine persons in three separate incidents on July 4, 2020, who were attending the funeral of Sleman Alajoury," the Al-Mezan Center For Human Rights said in a statement.
"Al-Mezan's field investigations show that members of the security services in Gaza arrested Ghasan Sadi Musalam, 37, Fadi Mohammed Othman, 38, and Khalil Adib Salim, 33, at around 1:30 pm near Beit Lahia's cemetery in the northern Gaza Strip, just after they had left Alajoury's funeral."
The human rights group also pointed out that Hamas had arrested two journalists who were covering the funeral. They were identified as Ahmed al-Ras, 35, and Helmi al-Ghoul, 26, and were interrogated about the nature of their work, before being released.

"Four more persons were arrested after visiting the deceased man's family to pay their respects," Al-Mezan revealed.
"Officers of the security services traveling in a blue vehicle and a white mini-bus stopped the four men, two of whom were identified as Yousef Khalil Hassan, and Ahmed Awni al-Mahali, and transferred them to the police station, before releasing all four the same day."
The human rights group said that some of those detained by Hamas were summoned back for further interrogation in the coming days. "Others reported being beaten and verbally abused during interrogations surrounding posts they made on social media that called for peaceful assemblies, and their cell phones were confiscated," the group added.
"Al-Mezan condemns the incidents and demands a halt to the arbitrary arrests and summons orders that are carried out in violation of due process, and stresses that duty-bearers are obligated, under Palestinian and international law, to promote public liberties and respect human rights, notably freedom of opinion, expression and peaceful assembly. Al-Mezan further affirms that the problem of suicide in Gaza is symptomatic of the rising level of frustration and despair felt among Palestinian inhabitants."
Such calls by human rights organizations are dismissed out of hand by Hamas leaders, whose only concern is the iron grip of their power. For Hamas, Palestinians who commit suicide imperil its regime, even -- and perhaps more so -- after their death.

Why is Hamas chasing Palestinians to cemeteries and to the homes of grieving families? Because its leaders are terrified that the world will wake up to the fact that their ruinous rule is driving young men and women to commit suicide.

Hamas, after 13 years of criminal negligence, rejects responsibility for the wellbeing of its people. Astoundingly, it continues to succeed in convincing the world that Israel is to blame for the misery of its own people. This convenient and toxic lie enables it to continue receiving money and weapons from its friends in Iran and Hezbollah to tighten its death grip on the Gaza Strip. For Hamas, jihad (holy war), not a decent life for its people, is what matters. Tragically, it seems that young Palestinians in Gaza are getting the message -- loud and clear.

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Khaled Abu Toameh, an award-winning journalist based in Jerusalem, is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at Gatestone Institute.


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Fatah’s role model: 14-year-old who chose death as a Martyr - Nan Jacques Zilberdik

by Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Still, after 20 years, a young Palestinian boy who sought and achieved death as a “Martyr” serves Fatah as a role model.

Already from the early beginning of the PA’s terror wave (2000-2005) - the second Intifada – the PA was actively encouraging Palestinian children to seek Martyrdom. One 14-year-old boy, Faris Ouda, deliberately entered into confrontations with Israeli soldiers with the goal of becoming a Martyr. Believing the PA’s brainwashing, Faris left his mother with the words: "Don't worry, mother, Martyrdom is sweet.” [Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 3, 2001] Expecting and hoping to die as a Martyr, Faris had prepared a wreath in his room with his picture and the words “The brave Martyr Faris Ouda.” [Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 30. 2000] Palestinian Media Watch published its first report documenting the PA’s promotion of Martyrdom for children, already in November 2000, just two months after Arafat started the PA terror wave. Throughout the terror wave, the PA continued to teach children to “ask for death.”

As part of the recent attempts by the PA and Fatah to prompt the willingness of Palestinians to use violence and terror when the leadership wants it, a Fatah spokesman singled out Faris Ouda as a role model. Glorifying young Palestinians who sacrifice themselves and seek Martyrdom in the fight against Israel, Fatah official Osama Al-Qawsmi mentioned Faris as an example of “greatness” and threatened Israel that it should “remember well” the sight of “Faris Ouda standing opposite the tank”:

Official Fatah Spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi: “This is the land of Palestine. Whoever remembers Faris Ouda and ‘the children of the rocks’ knows that this people is great… This people is fighting… Israel doesn’t frighten us – not with its armored vehicles and not with its planes... We have the Palestinian will. We have the Palestinian honor… The image of Faris Ouda standing opposite the tank – Israel needs to remember it well.”
[Official PA TV, June 12, 2020]
Faris Ouda also became Yasser Arafat’s personal role model. Addressing children, Arafat often specifically mentioned Ouda, presenting him as a hero for children to emulate:

Yasser Arafat: "We are saluting the spirit of our hero Martyr, Faris Ouda! Faris Ouda! Faris Ouda! We are proud of you [youth] who represent the steadfastness and the sacrifice of your companion, the hero Martyr, Faris Ouda! Oh, children of Palestine! The peers, friends, brothers and sisters of Faris Ouda."
[Official PA TV, Aug. 4, 2003, July 22, 2003, Aug. 18, 2002]
The status of Faris Ouda as an admired “national hero” was reinforced for years after his death. PMW documented that a riddle for children on official PA TV included the clue: “A knight riding the Martyrdom horse.” A child answering correctly that this referred to Faris Ouda would win a $200 prize:

Child host: "The [clue] to the riddle: The national hero, a small child; A knight riding the ‘Martyrdom’ horse; Martyrdom is bliss. Paradise is yours, the hero of Palestine, who carried a stone to confront a tank. The prize is very high: $200."
[Official PA TV, Sept. 16, 2008]
During the terror wave 2015/2016, a song appeared on Palestinian social media encouraging youth to engage in violence. It mentioned Faris Ouda and was also broadcast by Fatah:

Lyrics: "Go out against the treacherous enemy
Even if you hold [only] a rock in your hand
O you, who will never forget a blood revenge
O vigorous person, get up and strap on the belt of fire
And sound for us the voice of the attack
Go out against the enemy, go out, resist, hit, go out
Through rocks, Faris [Ouda] stood against the arsenal and defeated a tank...
Challenge the enemy
He who humiliates us will not live...
Hold your weapon and load it, leave the revolution burning...
O Fatah fire, burn, constantly and victoriously
Pour the fire of rage on the enemy...
Hand me the weapon and the equipment
Place thousands of cartridges on me
Our enemy will pay with his blood...
I marched determinedly through desert and forests
Holding a submachine gun in my hands which arises out of the rock"
Production – “Fatah Shabiba movement in Palestine”

[Fatah-run Awdah TV, Jan. 21, 2016]
When Fatah spokesman Al-Qawasmi recently mentioned Faris Ouda, he also glorified several arch-terrorists, including Abu Jihad who orchestrated attacks in which at least 125 Israelis were murdered; Abu Iyad who headed the terror organization Black September, and planned the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972; and Nazi ally Haj Amin Al-Husseini:
“This people – who some of its leaders were Haj Amin Al-Husseini, Abd Al-Qader Husseini, Yasser Arafat, ‘Abu Jihad’, ‘Abu Iyad’, and all the Martyrs of the Palestinian revolution. This is the land of Palestine.”
[Official PA TV, June 12, 2020]
Faris Ouda - 14-year-old ‎Palestinian boy who was presented by Yasser Arafat as a role model for ‎Palestinian children because he sought and achieved death as a Martyr ‎in confrontations with Israel. According to the official PA daily, on Nov. 8, ‎‎2000, the day he was killed, before heading towards the areas where ‎Palestinian and Israelis were involved in fighting, Ouda left a wreath ‎around his picture in his room with the words: "The brave Martyr Faris ‎Ouda." The PA daily wrote that Ouda had said to his ‎mother, "Don't worry, mother, Martyrdom (Shahada) is sweet." [PA TV, ‎Aug. 4, 2003]‎ 

Haj Amin Al-Husseini - the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem at the time of the British Mandate. During World War II he moved to Berlin, where he was a Nazi collaborator and an associate of Hitler. Al-Husseini was on Yugoslavia's list of wanted war criminals, and was responsible for a Muslim SS division that murdered thousands of Serbs and Croats. When the Nazis offered to free some Jewish children, Al-Husseini fought against their release, and as a result, 5000 children were sent to the gas chambers.

Yasser Arafat – Founder of the PLO and Fatah, former chairman of the PA. During the 1960s, 70s and 80s Arafat was behind numerous terror attacks against Israelis. Although he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 together with then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and then Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Shimon Peres “for their efforts to create peace in the Middle East" after signing the Oslo Accords peace agreement, Arafat launched a 5-year terror campaign - the second Intifada (2000-2005) – in which more than 1,000 Israelis were murdered. Arafat died of an illness in 2004. However, following his death, the PA created the libel that Israel murdered Arafat, and it has been spreading it since. In 2012, samples were taken from Arafat’s remains and tested for poisoning by Swiss, Russian, and French teams of scientists. The Swiss team concluded that the tests were "coherent with a hypothesis of poisoning" - but a member of the team also stated that "our study did not permit us to demonstrate categorically the hypothesis of poisoning by polonium." The Russian scientists concluded that "there was insufficient evidence to support the theory that Yasser Arafat died in 2004 by polonium poisoning." [Reuters, Nov. 8, 2013] In March 2015, three French judges ruled that "it has not been demonstrated that Mr. Yasser Arafat was murdered by polonium-210 poisoning." The French prosecutor stated that there was "not sufficient evidence of an intervention by a third party who could have attempted to take his life." [France 24, Sept. 2, 2015] The French prosecutor also explained that the polonium and lead found in Arafat’s grave were “of an environmental nature.” [Jerusalem Post, March 17, 2015]. Despite these results, the PA continues to blame Israel for Arafat’s death without any proof or backing for this claim. Links to the libel on PMW website:

Abu Jihad (Khalil Al-Wazir) - was a founder of Fatah and deputy to Yasser Arafat. He headed the PLO terror organization's military wing and also planned many deadly Fatah terror attacks in the 1960’s - 1980’s. These attacks, in which a total of 125 Israelis were murdered, included the most lethal in Israeli history - the hijacking of a bus and murder of 37 civilians, 12 of them children.

Abu Iyad (Salah Khalaf) - PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat’s deputy, one of the founders of Fatah, and head of the terror organization Black September, a secret branch of Fatah. Attacks he planned include the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics (Sept. 5, 1972) and the murder of two American diplomats in Sudan (March 1, 1973). It is commonly assumed that his assassin, a former Fatah bodyguard, was sent by the Abu Nidal Organization, a rival Palestinian faction.

Nan Jacques Zilberdik


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The Beginning of the End of Whites in South Africa - Katie Hopkins

by Katie Hopkins

White South Africans will be resilient to the end. Their only regret is the speed with which it now comes.

“It’s been a rough month,” says Jess.

Coming from a one-man mountain with more shrapnel scars than most, things must be looking bleak in South Africa.

And it’s worse than any of us can imagine. Eighty-four farm attacks since lockdown began, twelve white farmers slaughtered from their land. The footage of the aftermath of one of the attacks circulating on Telegram and sent to me — too brutal to share. Only monsters could do such things to the elderly in their own homes.

As many of us celebrated the 4th of July this weekend, there were three murders in two days, one of them so unspeakably cruel that even those hardened to the news of torture of farmers by black gangs have found themselves white-knuckled at the speed of the horror.

When these massive men like Jess feel it, we need to stop and listen. They are the first people I would run to if I needed protecting: strong, sturdy, unflinching. These strong South Africans are part of the land, they have it coursing throughout their blood just as the sunshine and water spills through the crops and trees on their soil.

Hearing the horrible news I want to grab my little daysack — sitting ready with my passport and power plugs — pull on my boots and go. I am desperate to head back to their country, somehow leap into the struggle and to help the murdered be heard. For now I share their pictures with you, hopelessly trying to reanimate them as individuals, instead of more bodies on a pile.

This is Wynand Breedt. He was a well-loved Afrikaans singer.

He was ambushed and shot dead outside his farm on Friday. Nothing was stolen; there was no motive for the attack apart from the color of his skin. He was 46.

This smiling gentleman is Julian Stobbs. He was a Brit, a Royal Navy man and veteran of the Falklands War. A black gang raided at his home as he slept alongside his partner on Friday 3 July. They stole everything in the house and fled, only to return briefly to shoot and kill him. Julian was 59.

In Kwa-Zuklu Natal, Zakiyya Ahmedjan Ismail was brutally killed in her home. She was four months pregnant and a mother of two. Three armed men gained entry through the kitchen door and demanded cash. The father tried to protect his family, but was beaten off. They were strangling his daughter, aged 8 and kicked the 4-year-old.

The attackers dragged the pregnant mother into the bathroom and slit her throat. She was 26 years old.

The hatred of "others" in South Africa means Indian families are a target too.

Ian Cameron (author of this tweet) heads up Afriforum’s Community Safety team, endlessly on the road in his vehicle calmly providing his physical presence at flareups between those seeking violence and white farmers defending their land. We spent time together when I was in South Africa making my documentary Plaasmoorde, the Killing Fields.

He is another one of the big strong men who have been ankle deep in the blood and gore of this slaughter for years, but can still smell a change in the air — a sense that things are speeding up, and deteriorating faster than before. Ian sent me his tweet hoping I could help share the information, near desperation borne out of the real sense that no one is listening, no one is seeing what is happening to white South Africans, now down to 4% and close to extinction. In country, it is almost unbelievable that no one seems to care.

Even docile opposition parties have been forced into public statements on the slaughter. Chris Pappas, a Democratic Alliance spokesperson for agriculture in KZN, could not ignore the brutality of the murder of the pregnant mum on his patch and says he is pleading with Cyril Ramaphosa to "break his silence" on farm murders and have them reclassified as "hate crimes."

“We are shocked and appalled by the murder that took place in Weenen, KZN – especially due to the loss of an unborn child. There are now two fundamental issues South Africans must deal with: Why does the president stay silent on these incidents? And why are farm murders not classed as hate crimes?”

Of course, these are empty words.

Politicians already know the answer to the President's silence. By making Land Expropriation without compensation part of the ANC agenda, Cyril Ramoposa has created a culture of permissiveness in which attacks on whites are legitimized. The brute squad — the Economic Freedom Fighters —  are right there, like hyenas rasping at the ankles of the whites, hungry to claim a scalp. Their red-beret mob chanting "Kill the Boer, kill the whites" is a rallying cry for their supporters for whom the killing of whites is an approved and profitable sport.

Apartheid never went away. It just changed color.

The big question I see being asked by people like your good selves is, "Why do the white farmers stay? Why don’t they just leave?" And it was my question too before I walked these farms, and sat with the farming men and women — looking out over their land.

The reason is staring you in the face. The answer IS the land.

Many watched their grandfathers turn it from rough bushveld into fertile acres where for the fortunate, bananas, macadamias and avocados will grow. Even on struggling farms, many white farmers work alongside the same families of black farm workers their grandfathers employed two generations before.

For most, the land is all they have. Many are incredibly poor; they have no savings or assets with which to start again. Everything they own or earn is in front of them, rooted in the soil they would leave behind, along with their hearts.

And where would they go? The sprawling slums crawling with vermin and flies are not reserved for struggling blacks; 30,000 whites live in these desperate places without water, electricity or hope.

Australia discussed giving them amnesty until the liberals declared the idea racist. The rest of the world rejects these murders as a far-right conspiracy or myth.

Without a means to leave, or a place to go, what would you have them do? Many are preparing for a final fight and talk about the "last stand" with determination. Most sleep with a loaded weapon under their pillow, stealing themselves for death if it should come. They won’t die without a fight.

It is the reason religion is so strong here, why crosses can be still seen on buildings and hilltops, because when there is nothing left that makes sense, and apparently no power willing to defend white South Africans, God remains… God and the land.

I sat with a victim of a farm attack, Bernard, on his front porch looking out over the land he refuses to leave. He says:

“I will die in my boots from the love of my land. I put my trust in God."

You know, it is not defeat that makes them talk this way, but sheer resilience. They will be resilient to the end. Their only regret is the speed with which it now comes.

* * *
Photo credit: Plaasmoorde

Katie Hopkins


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Jewish Federations are Promoting a Farrakhan Fan Who Told Jews to “Go F___ Themselves” - Daniel Greenfield

by Daniel Greenfield

Your local Jewish Community Center is helping Chelsea Handler sell books.

"It was powerful for me the way he spelled it out,” Chelsea Handler said of Louis Farrakhan. "So whatever, you know, everybody can go f___ themselves.”

Handler, a comedian pushing a new book, was responding to the backlash over her praise for the racist black supremacist leader on Instagram. The people complaining about her praise for the bigot were Jews. And the celebrity was telling critics, including Holocaust survivors, to go “f___ themselves.”

Farrakhan had called Hitler a “great man”, ranted about “Satanic Jews”, and, more recently, claimed that Florida was suffering from the coronavirus because he had asked Allah to punish Cuban Jews.

In that same speech, he thanked Chelsea Handler for posting a clip of him on Instagram.

Handler decided to promote the antisemitic hate group leader to her 4 million followers as part of her newly woke brand which included a Netflix special, Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea, and her book, Life Will Be the Death of Me, from Penguin Random House. The theme of both the special and the book was Handler’s journey from self-absorption to wokeness by ranting about how horrible white people are.

Farrakhan had been ranting about how horrible white people are since Chelsea was in kindergarten.

"I learned a lot from watching this powerful video," Handler had told her followers

The obnoxious celebrity was well aware of Farrakhan's antisemitism, and defended him, arguing that, "perhaps Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic views took form during his own oppression."

While some celebrities have been cancelled for the smallest of missteps, there was no apparent sign that Penguin Random House or HBO Max, which will be airing a new standup special by Handler, were ending their relationship with the hateful celebrity. But perhaps something was happening behind the scenes because after telling Jews to “go f__ themselves”, she finally apologized and deleted the video.

The apology was stiff and unconvincing, but it was enough for her book tour to go forward, not just at Penguin Random House, owned by Bertelsmann, the massive German media giant whose owner had donated to the SS, put out exciting fare such as,  "The Christmas Book of the Hitler Youth", and benefited from Jewish slave labor during the Holocaust, but at Jewish federations around America.

After Handler touted an antisemitic bigot and told Jews who didn’t like it to "go f___ themselves", the Miami Jewish Federation is touting a Zoom evening with Chelsea Handler to sell her new book.

The 39th Annual Berrin Family Jewish Book Festival features Chelsea and her book, courtesy of the Alper JCC in Miami, and the JCCs of Atlanta, Boulder, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Indianapolis, Nashville, Memphis, and St. Louis, who have all taken Chelsea’s advice and are “f____” themselves and their communities.

No word on whether they’re also willing to help sell "The Christmas Book of the Hitler Youth".

Why exactly does Handler, who is descended from a German mother and Jewish father, whose grandfather was a Nazi soldier, and who once had her sidekick dress up as Hitler to celebrate Germany’s World Cup victory, and then touted a bigot who admires Hitler, belong at a family Jewish book festival?

The answer is that the Jewish federations of nine major cities are telling Jews to “f___” themselves.

It’s not just that politically correct antisemitism leads to very little in the way of a response from mainstream society, or even from the organizations that claim to represent local Jewish communities, but those same organizations actually help mainstream and reward the promoters of antisemitism.

Chelsea Handler knows perfectly well that she can promote Farrakhan or mock the Holocaust, and local Jewish federations will still eagerly line up to help her sell her books and make her even richer.

The Alper JCC claims that its mission is "providing programs and services that are rooted in and promote Jewish values, ethics and traditions". The Aaron Family JCC in Dallas claims that it wants an "environment defined by Jewish values and culture". The Marcus JCC in Atlanta claims that it's dedicated to "strengthening Jewish life" and creating "Jewish moments".

Which Jewish values does Chelsea Handler represent besides a suicidal embrace of leftist politics?

The only references to Jewishness in Life Will Be the Death of Me are negative or derogatory, and revolve around her Jewish father’s response to the death of her brother. Even without the Farrakhan, Hitler, and Holocaust stuff, Handler would be the last person to be associated with Jewish values.

But so are the Jewish federations and JCCs that made the hateful decision to help her sell books.

The unwillingness of organizations with lots of J’s and little Jewishness in them to take even the most basic of stands by cancelling an event with the granddaughter of a Nazi soldier who defended antisemitism and told Jews to “go f___ themselves” isn’t cowardice: it’s disinterest and contempt.

They don’t care.

They didn’t care during the Holocaust when millions of Jews were being killed. They didn’t care when Islamic armies and terrorists spent generations trying to wipe out the Jews of Israel. They don’t care about the big stuff, let alone the little stuff, like their celeb promoting a bigot who called Jews termites.

The vast infrastructure of the Jewish federations and the JCCs, the campus Hillels and the alphabet soup of national organizations, is a rotted mass of deadwood built long ago by people who at least had some distant sense that being Jewish mattered in some way. Built by German Jews, funded by deceased Jewish philanthropists, many of whom survived the Holocaust, they’re now just a sinecure for full-time professional non-profit fundraisers with their “inspiring” clergy and their incubators for leftist activists.

They exist to cadge money from elderly Jews who think that funding a building or a book festival with their name on it at the local JCC will be a meaningful legacy, instead of a forum for a Farrakhan supporter, by filling their fundraising letters with mentions of Jewish values, ethics, meaning, and other things they can’t define and don’t believe in. What do they believe in? As little as Chelsea Handler does.

They believe that Black Lives Matter, that the planet is in danger, that whatever Israel did last week was wrong, and whatever else their intellectual cohort of social media lefties happens to believe this week.

They’re as ignorant of what the Torah says as of the contours of the Martian mountains, but like the bigot they’re eagerly hosting, they know how to jump on the bandwagon of the cultural moment. The problem with actual Jewish values is that they are as eternal as their Creator and don’t fit into trends.

The cultural moment and its politics are momentary, filled with obvious contradictions when you try to apply them beyond the hashtags and the memes of the now. Jewish ethics and values might ask why antisemitism is acceptable, when racism isn’t, but the cultural moment has no use for consistency.

To be eternally in the moment is to have neither values nor ethics, Jewish or otherwise, and no future.

The vast billion-dollar infrastructure of organizations that are Jewish in name only are as happy to put their membership lists at the disposal of Chelsea Handler and Bertelsmann, as of Black Lives Matter. They stand for nothing, except for whatever members of their cohort are standing for now, and they make no impact on the Jewish community, and have no future once the donors and the money run out.

Chelsea Handler, like many of the celebs these organizations promote, represents them all too well.

There are no children, no values, and no future, but right now the drinks are flowing and the money is coming in as long as you spew whatever garbage is in the cultural moment without thinking about it.

Chelsea Handler's book is titled, Life Will Be the Death of Me. The Jewish view of life is that of a gateway to eternity. That's why the Talmud comments on Ecclesiastes 9:5 by saying that good people are considered living even when dead, while evil people are deemed dead even while they're still alive.

Life and death don’t exist in the present moment. It’s not the now that matters, but the future eternity.

There are a great many organizations with the ‘J’ in them that are already dead because they chose to exist in the political moment without caring about the Jewish past or the Jewish future.

Featuring Chelsea Handler is their way of telling their donors and members to, “go f___ themselves”.

* * *
Photo credit: Asa Mouthat

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


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