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America: Talked Out of Liberty - Peggy Ryan

by Peggy Ryan

The weaponized liberal media are attacking America from within spiritually and morally; dividing us by race, sex, and religion; and transmuting American culture.

For two and half years, the media predicted that President Trump would be impeached, possibly jailed, once the special counsel wrapped up his investigation. So when the Mueller report not only fails to charge the president, but exonerates him, a dazed media establishment reels from the news — Russian collusion was a hoax!

Seriously? Does anyone really believe that the media didn't know about the conspiracy to frame the president? Ha! Not only did they know about the coup, but they're leading the coup.

But that's ridiculous, you say. The press doesn't have the power to use government, courts, and Congress to illegally oust a sitting president. The media could never launch and execute a coup without government. True, and government could never launch and execute a coup without the media.

"The first thing dictators do is finish free press, to establish censorship. There is no doubt that a free press is the first enemy of dictatorship." —Fidel Castro

Done! Free press in America is dead. We now have what the late Andrew Breitbart labeled a "Democrat Media Complex" (DMC), an imperium even more powerful than our government.
After all, media effectively control who serves in government, can play kingmaker or assassin with information they release or withhold. Politicians know that a coordinated racism, sexism, or #MeToo charge can destroy the most powerful official, sink the most promising candidate. Gaslighting is another tactic the press uses to sway election and suppress the vote. Media release phony polls to make the Republican candidate appear a lost cause, the Democrat inevitable.

And our government can't (yet) invade Americans' homes, remove forbidden literature, and enforce state propaganda. They can't (yet) round up Americans and ship them to re-education camps to restrict information and block opposing views, to instill the progressive doctrine. Yet the press can and virtually does all the above, a superpower, omnipresent, ever-present, and invincible

Omnipresent — Everywhere at once. Today's media reach into every home, car, workplace, school, airport, anywhere there's a TV, internet, or a phone.

Ever-present — Always here — 24-hour news, our daily paper, hourly reports on radio and internet, media are in our ears, dusk to dawn.

Invincible — Safely ensconced behind the very Constitution they seek to eradicate, the media are untouchable.

These weaponized media attack America from within spiritually and morally; divide us by race, sex, and religion; and transmute American culture.


The press staunchly defends abortion, effectively spawning sociopaths who "lack a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience" (60 million U.S. abortions since Roe v. Wade). Many women who can't so easily rationalize taking an innocent life suffer serious psychological and emotional damage.

Yet millions of Americans, men and women, demand the right to take out a contract on their own children, to pay a third party (doctor) to do the wet work.

Divide Americans by Race

In 2014, networks reported that an unarmed black man, Michael Brown (the gentle giant), was shot in the back by a white cop while trying to surrender. Investigators later found that Brown, the 6'5", 289-lb. raging bull, was charging when shot in the front, not back. But the exculpatory evidence came too late; the lie stuck.

To this day, black activists wear t-shirts with "Hands Up/Don't Shoot" logos, and NFL players "take a knee," opposing their own flag, anthem, and country to protest the fake news from Ferguson, Mo.

Eradicate Our Culture/Strip Our Identity:

The press elevates the trans agenda (men who "identify" as women are women despite anatomy; ditto for women who think they're men). Any who "misgender" the man, woman, or child may become a social outcast, lose his job, or even be jailed for refusing to participate in the delusion. And yes, it's delusional. Yet media are so influential that they convince people to deny reality, validate the fiction, and share in the psychosis.

This staggering power is used to weaken our country, to prepare America for surrender. The media use loaded language to push "sensible gun laws" (gun control), "comprehensive immigration reform" (open borders), "Medicare for all" (socialized medicine), "women's reproductive health" (abortion), and "popular vote" (extraconstitutional elections. Their cleverly worded arguments convince Americans to stand down while the Left chips away at our Constitution, to willingly disarm and passively surrender our independence.
To allow this enemy press to take asylum in the Constitution is like giving Satan sanctuary in a church. Both despise the very institution that gives them safe harbor, will not stop until it is burned to the ground.

These traitors are able to preach sedition and advocate the overthrow of our president because they claim the sanctity of free press, but also because they're firing on us from within our ranks. The enemy is within the gates, a trusted friend, one of our own.

"The traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely[.] ... For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments[.]" —Marcus Tullius Cicero

But they're not one of us, not patriots, not even loyal Americans. They loathe our country, despise our people, and abhor our Constitution. They use psychological weapons (psyops, propaganda, thought control, and Alinsky's Rules for Radicals) against their own people.

American patriots in the Revolutionary War and soldiers throughout our history fought bloody battles to establish and defend our freedom. They were attacked by fierce enemies with swords, guns, cannons, and bombs, were tortured, maimed, and killed in defense of our liberty. They gave their lives, sacrificed their futures to preserve a free country for those who would come behind them.

Now our freedom is slipping away — not taken at gunpoint or lost in bloody wars, but surrendered to arguments, defeated by rhetoric, talked out of liberty.

We owe it to those who came before us and those who will come after us to defeat this most dangerous enemy, to fight with every ounce of our being.

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." —Thomas Jefferson

The clock is ticking. Our Republic is at stake.

Peggy Ryan


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Black Education Decline - Walter Willilams

by Walter Willilams

What lies behind the crippling of black academic excellence?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says that the city's specialized high schools have a diversity problem. He's joined by New York City Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza, educators, students and community leaders who want to fix the diversity problem. I bet you can easily guess what they will do to "improve" the racial mix of students (aka diversity). If you guessed they would propose eliminating the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test as the sole criterion for admissions, go to the head of the class. The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test is an examination that is administered to New York City's eighth- and ninth-grade students. By state law, it is used to determine admission to all but one of the city's nine specialized high schools.

It's taken as axiomatic that the relatively few blacks admitted to these high-powered schools is somehow tied to racial discrimination. In a June 2, 2018 "Chalkbeat" article (, de Blasio writes: "The problem is clear. Eight of our most renowned high schools — including Stuyvesant High School, Bronx High School of Science and Brooklyn Technical High School — rely on a single, high-stakes exam. The Specialized High School Admissions Test isn't just flawed — it's a roadblock to justice, progress and academic excellence."

Let's look at a bit of history to raise some questions about the mayor's diversity hypothesis. Dr. Thomas Sowell provides some interesting statistics about Stuyvesant High School in his book "Wealth, Poverty and Politics." He reports that, "In 1938, the proportion of blacks attending Stuyvesant High School, a specialized school, was almost as high as the proportion of blacks in the population of New York City." Since then, it has spiraled downward. In 1979, blacks were 12.9% of students at Stuyvesant, falling to 4.8% in 1995. By 2012, The New York Times reported that blacks were 1.2% of the student body.

What explains the decline? None of the usual explanations for racial disparities make sense. In other words, would one want to argue that there was less racial discrimination in 1938? Or, argue that in 1938 the "legacy of slavery" had not taken effect whereby now it is in full bloom? Genetic or environmental arguments cannot explain why blacks of an earlier generation were able to meet the demanding mental test standards to get into an elite high school. Socioeconomic conditions for blacks have improved dramatically since 1938. The only other plausible reason for the decline in academic achievement is that there has been a change in black culture. It doesn't take much to reach this conclusion. Simply look at school behavior today versus yesteryear.

An Education Week article reported that in the 2015-16 school year, "5.8% of the nation's 3.8 million teachers were physically attacked by a student." The Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics show that in the 2011-12 academic year, there were a record 209,800 primary- and secondary-school teachers who reported being physically attacked by a student. Nationally, an average of 1,175 teachers and staff were physically attacked, including being knocked out, each day of that school year.

In the city of Baltimore, each school day in 2010, an average of four teachers and staff were assaulted. A National Center for Education Statistics study found that 18% of the nation's schools accounted for 75% of the reported incidents of violence, and 6.6% accounted for half of all reported incidents. These are schools with predominantly black student populations. It's not only assaults on teachers but cursing and disorderly conduct that are the standard fare in so many predominantly black schools.

Here are questions that might be asked of de Blasio and others who want to "fix the diversity problem" at New York's specialized schools: What has the triumph of egalitarian and diversity principles done for the rest of New York's school system? Are their academic achievement scores better than students at New York's specialized schools? The most important question for black parents: What has been allowed to happen to cripple black academic excellence?

Photo by COD Newsroom

Walter E. Willilams is a professor of economics at George Mason University.


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Wake-up call! They're devouring our Land - Sara Haetzni-Cohen

by Sara Haetzni-Cohen

The PA is methodically swallowing up more and more of Area C.

The long Shavuot holiday overshadowed the most important declaration of the week. U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman was interviewed by the New York Times last week and gave a gift to the government of Israel and the People that dwells in Zion: an American declaration of Israel's legitimacy to apply sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria. "Under certain circumstances", said the Ambassador, "I think that Israel has the right to hold part of the West Bank, but not all of it."

What, exactly, does the U.S. Ambassador mean? There is no way to know, but this is a significant milestone. For years, our great friend beyond the sea has been pushing plans that included almost complete Israeli withdrawal while freezing construction, even in Jerusalem. And now, the official representative of the President of the great superpower comes and opens a window to another mode of thinking and a different policy, changing the equation with international approval. After recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, transferring the embassy, and recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, here is another declaration. We clearly must progress from declarations to deeds, but for now we have a transitional government, so meanwhile it is good to take a glance at the territory over which (or within which) sovereignty is to be applied.

The cautious optimism that steals into our hearts with the Ambassador's declaration comes up against a grim reality. How grim? Very grim. Recently the Regavim organization has been carrying out some serious work and the preliminary results (which are not yet available for publication) attest to a catastrophe on the ground.

And here is the news: They are devouring our Land. Despite the Ambassador's pleasant words, the Land is being devoured before our closed and loving eyes. Declarations are important but they are reversible. National Zionism must join with practical Zionism. It works only when they are together, and practical Zionism at the moment is in a deep hole. Someone has taken practical "Zionism" and translated it into Arabic – the one that has been quarreling with us over the Land for more than a hundred years. We think that he is losing but he is a good student; he has learned from us the quiet method of "one more acre and one more goat" and executes it at a frightening pace.

2011: Pulling the rug from under our feet:

The focus of this important event is what is defined as Area C – the territory under Israeli civil and security control (since the Oslo Accords). Approximately sixty percent of the territory of Judea and Samaria falls under this definition, including all of the Jewish communities, roads, IDF bases, firing ranges and more. Most of the territory is not settled or farmed. But this territory only seems to be under Israeli control. What is happening there is actually persistent, sophisticated, and creeping Arab annexation. Most Israelis are not interested at all in what is happening "over there". Even most of the Jews living in Judea and Samaria are not interested. It is not terror that explodes and interrupts the flow of life; it is not a boycott that threatens the basis of the economy, it is done quietly and persistently, and very soon it will be too late. The nooses around the Jewish communities and the arteries of Jewish life are tightening.

I hope that someone who reads these lines will treat this problem with sacred awe and with the great understanding of the mission. Someone from the executive branches must wake up, must want to wake up; one of the policy makers, one of the elected representatives. Someone.

The Arabs have been lusting for this area - Area C - for a long time. And since 2009 they have also been working to establish facts on the ground with a sophisticated and smart strategy. This strategy was defined as the Fayyad Plan (named for Salam Fayyad, former Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority) and its official name: "Palestine – ending the occupation, establishing the state". Exactly like Herzl's The Jewish State in one way, but so very different. And that's how it is. The objective of the plan is to establish a state de facto, assuming that the negotiations will break down and lead nowhere.

And in Area C, this very strategic territory, facts are being determined on the ground. Schools are built, since they are more difficult to evacuate, water lines are put down, temporary structures are built that quickly become permanent, seedlings are planted, terraces are being built. In broad daylight and no one cares. Surely not the Civil Administration.

2012: A rainy confrontation in Netzer:

The PA folks have done their mapping, have chosen strategic areas such as E1, the Judean Desert, the road to the Dead Sea (note the issue of Khan al Ahmar, which is still standing), Har Hevron, Gush Etzion and many more. In this area everyone is stirring things up. Especially the European countries – the Norwegians, the Dutch, the Danes, the European Union, the UN, everyone. As if they don't have enough problems of their own, they stir up matters here at full speed. The projects there deal with civil matters, agriculture, transportation, quality of life, and what not – the main thing is to swallow up as much territory as possible, while we are dealing with our other issues. The Palestinians are galloping toward a state, and the Ambassador's declarations are left behind, eating the dust.
And the irony? They don't even hide it. They produce marvelously accurate plans (in English) that are available on the PA internet sites, with clear statements, no excuses or pretenses. We are going to establish a state here, whether they like it or not.

And in Israel? There is no governmental body that knows (or wants) to cope with the matter. Actually, there was one. A young man by the name of Kobi Eliraz, an advisor to the Defense Minister on issues dealing with the settlements, who was relieved of his duties ignominiously and without any explanation a few days ago. Kobi held the position during the periods of Ya'alon and Liberman, and it was actually Netanyahu who decided, during the transitional government, to fire this most ethical and professional man, who lived the reality 24/6 and knocked on all of the doors in order to warn people and expose the reality, put out all the fires, and come up with intelligent and organized plans.
Kobi and Regavim. One person who has already been dismissed, and a civil social organization without resources (but full of motivation and Zionism), and no one else. It is unbelievable. Where is the Civil Administration? Where is the Defense Ministry? Where is the Agriculture Ministry? Nada. In the best case, these bodies have no idea what is happening on the ground and in the worst case – they are too fastidious with Jews and too lenient with the Arabs. A total failure.

2012: Raanana “settlers” in Netzer prevent illegal Arab take over:

So what can be done?

After we wake up and understand the depth of the problem, and this had better happen soon, we will have to produce, approve, and execute an emergency governmental plan for Area C. To see what is possible to rescue.

In parallel, there is a new tool that has even passed the greatest of tests, the test of the Supreme Court. It is a special order that was used during the time of he-who-shall-not-be-named, Avigdor Liberman, when he was Defense Minister, and he deserves some credit for this. The New Building Order allows for the bureaucratic process to be shortened and to destroy illegal structures more easily, before temporary structures become permanent. This order has been in place for 40 days and it is the Civil Administration that is supposed to use it. Want to guess how many times it has been used since then? For those who guess correctly we will raffle off one of the European Union's mobile buildings. They will have to "prepare for enacting it" in the Civil Administration – they have time. This is what happens when the bureaucracy and the public sector's lack of efficiency join with negative motivation and lack of will to act.

During the unsuccessful coalition negotiations the United Right Party issued an ultimatum: to fight the Fayyad Plan. The engine is Orit Struk, a member of the National Union, who is very familiar with the reality in the field, who led the demand for the government to pass a decision entitled "Deciding for Judea and Samaria". This would entail enforcement against the illegal Arab takeover of territory, advance a policy of registering state lands and carry out activities for the protection of state lands, and all of this while acting against those who are stirring things up: the international organizations.
Netanyahu did not accept it. He stalled and stammered and stuttered. These were days of spin and chaos, bombastic declarations and headlines. But when the noise settled down, it was precisely this critical ideological demand (that was not based on keeping one's "chair") that he did not accede to. How it finally ended, we all know.

2013: Arabs and anarchists try to take over land and to burst into the community of Elazar:

About two years ago, an article by Ariel Kahana appeared in Makor Rishon describing a tough conversation between world leaders and Netanyahu about Peres' funeral in 2014. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and John Kerry were all on Air Force 1, the presidential jet. They phoned and asked to deliver a message to Netanyahu: "Tell your boss that if he also wants to have a funeral like Peres', he should start moving, going forward", said one of the Americans to Yoav Horowitz, Chief of Staff. "Tell him", answered Netanyahu, "that I will do without the honor, because I don't have any intention to take part in my country's funeral."

Can it be that this same Netanyahu that stood up so heroically to the Obama administration, who comes from the concept of "A Place in the Sun" and the "Iron Wall", who managed to create strategic relations with the Trump administration – can it be that ironically he is the one who will allow a Palestinian state to sneak in?

This is a wake-up call, because they are devouring our Land.

Translated from Hebrew by Sally Zahav for the Sovereignty Movement. The article was originally published in Makor Rishon.

Sara Haetzni-Cohen


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Government Intrusion in Higher Education Is Sowing the Next Debt Crisis - Abraham H. Miller

by Abraham H. Miller

Universities were far better institutions and far more affordable before the government got involved and nurtured the bureaucracy.

It was one of those moments whose significance only became apparent years later. It was part of the pro forma interview process for a faculty position. I was to be interviewed by the university’s bursar.
He was an elderly gentleman, tall, erect, and rather dapper in his black pinstriped, three-piece suit complete with pocket watch. If central casting had called for a Germanic-looking bureaucrat for a WWII war movie, this would have been the guy.

His formality and dress seemed out of place in an era where suits and ties came off, and faculty dress was almost indistinguishable from that of the students.

Being young and arrogant, I mentally dismissed him as a relic of another era. He was more than pleasant, and we both knew we were engaged in an academic ritual of another time.

He called me to the window and asked me what I saw. I said a parking lot, sort of wondering what the exercise was about. How many reserved spaces do you see? Three, I responded. When it gets to twelve, the place will have gone to hell, he said, and you should find another career.

I didn’t know how prophetic he was. Some years later, the parking lot had over two hundred reserved places, and by the meaningful standards of another time, the place had gone to hell.

Faculty, with very rare exceptions, do not get reserved parking places. Reserved parking places are for administrators and their staff.

The parking lot was symptomatic of the dramatic change across the nation in administrative bloat and the corresponding decline in tenure track faculty positions. Universities hire more part-time and adjunct faculty and have even created a new designation, “contract faculty.” These are faculty who have no research demands and are hired solely to teach, usually at substandard salaries with no prospect of permanency.

Across America there are nearly four administrative staff positions for every faculty position. At the University of California, Berkeley the ratio is an incredible 9.42 to one in favor of administrators and staff.

How did we get to this point? Government.

The results of government intervention are counterintuitive. Student loan programs did not make a college education more affordable; they made it more expensive. Administrators quickly figured out that if they raised tuition, students would simply borrow more.

In addition, government financial aid required its own mini-university bureaucracy to administer such programs.

In addition, promulgation of government rules to deal with affirmative action and the rights of “oppressed” groups created a need for deans of diversity and inclusion as well as separate student unions and housing facilities.

Diversity and inclusion also meant the establishment of a shadow university in student housing to provide sensitivity sessions and compulsory forums indoctrinating the values of political correctness.
A whole series of required multicultural courses surfaced, which were little more than propaganda sessions masquerading as education requirements, or as the students referred to them, “bull***t requirements.”

All of this required people to teach them and bureaucrats to administer them. Each bureaucrat required office space and a staff, usually a multicultural staff because a multicultural bureaucracy must look like the people it serves. If there is a straight, white male out there employed as a dean of diversity and inclusion, I haven’t met him.

As one university administrator whose tongue became too loose at the annual Christmas (now holiday) party said, “If we could get rid of all this diversity crap, we could reduce the university budget by at least 5%.”

The University of California, Berkeley, budget, for example is two and a quarter billion dollars, probably somewhat higher than most. If you took 5% of it, you would end up with over 100 million dollars.

Just think how many scholarships could be granted with that money.

Government regulations have transformed universities, especially public universities, into top-heavy dysfunctional bureaucracies, which are sustained by students carrying financial debt.

The debt now exceeds consumer debt and threatens the financial system. The current default rate is over 11%.

We need a massive reconfiguration of the higher educational system so that it is less a public works project and more focused on delivering a meaningful education to those who can benefit by it. Universities were designed for the top 7.5 to 15%, but it is not uncommon for universities to reach down to the top 50%. Less qualified students drop out, but their debt remains.

Many college requirements are merely high school redux, and the diversity and oppression-studies requirements are totally unnecessary. College could be reduced from four to three years by eliminating meaningless requirements. Dismembering the diversity bureaucracy would further reduce the cost of an education.

Since colleges and universities are big advocates of socialism, why not put a cap -- like rent control -- on college tuition, limiting increases to some metric based on inflation? Why should the insane rise in tuition be exempt?

But none of this is going to happen. There are too many vested interests in exploiting the system for group benefit.

Ultimately, however, the system will collapse because it cannot continue. Student debt threatens the financial system, and graduates in the liberal arts are unlikely to find careers that will generate the kinds of incomes to pay off those debts. Eventually, there will be a large number of defaults, and we will revisit the equivalent of the housing crisis of 2008.

Universities were far better institutions and far more affordable before the government got involved and nurtured the bureaucracy. The old guy in the pin-stripped suit knew what he was talking about.

Abraham H. Miller is an emeritus professor of political science and a distinguished scholar with the Haym Salomon Center.


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Islamic Republic of Iran sets up network of jihad terror cells in Africa - Robert Spencer

by Robert Spencer

This is the regime that the Left in the United States is working assiduously to preserve, protect, and defend.

“Tehran sets up terror cells in Africa as Western sanctions bite,” by Con Coughlin, Telegraph, June 24, 2019:
Iran is setting up a network of terror cells in Africa to attack US and other Western targets in retaliation for Washington’s decision to impose sanctions against Tehran, according to Western security officials.
The new terror network has been established on the orders of Qassem Suleimani, the head of the Quds Force, the elite section of Iran’s Republican Guard Corps that has responsibility for overseas operations.
The aim of the new terror cell is to target US and other Western military bases on the continent, as well as embassies and officials.
The Iranian cells are said to be active in a number of African countries including Sudan, Chad, Ghana, Niger, Gambia and the Central African Republic….

Robert Spencer


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Prager U Video: Ocasio-Cortez is Wrong About the Minimum Wage - Prager University

by Prager University

Looks like AOC should study up a bit.

Economists everywhere agree: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is wrong about raising the minimum wage. Looks like AOC should study up a bit. Check out this short new video from Prager University, presented by CKE Restaurant CEO Andy Puzder.

Prager University


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University of Cheech and Chong - Lloyd Billingsley

by Lloyd Billingsley

UC Davis protects cheerleader for cop killers -- and awards posthumous degree to racial supremacist.

On June 19, Adel Ramos, a thug with a history of violence, gunned down Sacramento police officer Tara O’Sullivan, 26, who was helping a woman move out of her home after a domestic dispute. The city paid tribute to O’Sullivan, a graduate of Sacramento State University, but over at UC Davis things were rather quiet.

In January, convicted criminal Kevin Limbaugh gunned down Davis police officer Natalie Corona, 22. Police came from across the nation to pay tribute to Corona, by all accounts a rising star in the department. The UC Davis Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission issued a Facebook post complaining that the “thin blue line” flag Corona was shown carrying “represents an attempt by law enforcement to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Then in February, The California Aggie journalist Nick Ervin unearthed posts from UC Davis English professor Joshua Clover that cops “need to be killed,” shot in the back, and so forth. Clover specializes in “critical theory, Marxism, political theory,” and other subjects including “crisis theory and the end of capitalism.”

Clover was unapologetic and crime victims thought it strange that such a person should be on the payroll of a public university. UC Davis issued a statement condemning Clover and finding it “unconscionable that anyone would condone much less appear to advocate murder.” Even so, they duly kept Clover on the job. That is a tough act to follow, but UC Davis bosses are up to the task.

On June 21, 25 years after his death, the Sacramento Bee reported, Oscar Gomez Jr. “was finally awarded a posthumous degree in Chicana/o Studies and Community Development at the Chicanx and Latinx Graduation Celebration of 2019. (Chicanx and Latinx are gender-neutral alternatives to Chicano and Latino.)”

As the Bee’s Panchalay Chalermkraivuth explained, Gomez was “a member of the UC Davis chapter of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán (MEChA) and the host of radio show ‘La Onda Xicana.’ Gomez was known and loved on UC campuses, in state penitentiaries, on fields worked by Chicanx farmers and in his hometown of Baldwin Park – anywhere the airwaves carried his voice on KDVS 90.3 FM, anywhere he had traveled to orally document the struggles of Chicanx people.”

Friends and family stood with a collective roar of “Que viva Oscar,” and Oscar Gomez Sr. presented to his other son a shawl reading:  “Oscar E. Gomez Jr. El Bandido. UC Davis MEChA. Class of 1995.” And according to the Bee, Gomez once “commandeered a university golf cart and was sentenced to community service, he chose to do his time by hosting a show on the university radio station, KDVS.”

The report notes Gomez’s “premature death on Nov. 6, 1994,” after which, according to one of his friends, “they held vigils in state penitentiaries.”  According to Chalermkraivuth, Gomez died in an accident “while covering a student protest at UC Santa Barbara against Proposition 187, which blocked undocumented immigrants’ access to non-emergency health care, public education, and other services.”

According to Bianca Beltran, a staff writer with The Bottom Line at UCSB, Gomez was on site to cover a hunger strike over increased UC student fees. There was evidence of “foul play indicated by the blunt-force trauma on his head and reports of a fight with his friend, who happened to have been the last person to see him alive.” Even so, police closed the case.

A 2012 documentary by Pepe Urquijo charts Gomez’s rallies for the “La Raza,” to celebrate their history, pride and culture. “La Raza” derives from La Raza Cosmica by Mexican education minister and presidential candidate Jose Vasconcelos. The book contends that the fusion of Spaniards and Indians is a new race “infinitely superior to all that have previously existed.”

Ironically, the translator of La Raza Cosmica was the late Didier Jaén, former professor of Latin American literature at UC Davis. Jaén noted that most critics, including Marxists, reject Vasconcelos’ idea of a superior race. But then, the Chicano movement in the United States, identified with the concept of  La Raza, “giving it new life, when in Latin America this concept had been forgotten and lost prestige.” 

As Mexican-American Communist Bert Corona explained in Memoirs of Chicano History, Vasconcelos’ racial theory was “close to the kind of German racial superiority theory supported by Hitler.”  Vasconcelos became a fascist, and as Corona explained, “I couldn’t accept all this. We’re not a superior race.”

The first bilingual edition of The Cosmic Race, was published in 1979 by the Department of Chicano Studies at California State University at Los Angeles. Vasconcellos’ ideas are the core curriculum of this non-discipline. MEChA is a belch from the sixties’ left and “Aztlan,” the lost homeland land of the Chicanos, never existed.

Meanwhile, in 2007 UC Davis awarded a posthumous degree to senior Matt Rybicki, who died in a car accident. According to the report, the university only awards posthumous degrees to undergraduates who have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher and are within 15 units of completing degree requirements.

No official word on the grades of MEChA razaista Oscar Gomez, basically a cross between Jose Vasconcelos and Cheech and Chong. 


Lloyd Billingsley


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Liberal celebrities make the ridiculous Mueller Report into a play - Christopher Paslay

by Christopher Paslay

The irony here is incredible — a fiction based on a fiction.

The Left's attempt to rewrite history and further delegitimize Donald Trump's presidency kicked into another gear on Monday night with the live reading of The Investigation: A Search for the Truth in Ten Acts." The play, written by Pulitzer Prize–winning author Robert Schenkkan and performed at the historic Riverside Church in Manhattan, was a dramatization of the Mueller Report that extracted parts of the actual text for dialogue. Actors doing the reading included John Lithgow, Jason Alexander, Annette Bening, Kyra Sedgwick, and Alyssa Milano. 

According to CNN political analyst Julian Zelizer:
Given the partisan political climate, the play seemed to be undertaking the role of Congress — bringing the findings to life and giving the public a sort of thorough congressional hearing that we simply have not seen yet.
The results were powerful. The actors narrated parts of the action, using text from the report, while others acted out the lines as if they were the people in the report. Seeing Lithgow, as President Trump, delivering lines with furious indignation about closing down the "witchhunt" investigation and barking orders to his staff to follow through carried a much greater wallop than reading the dry text.
The irony here is incredible — a fiction based on a fiction. It's not enough that the Mueller investigation was launched as a result of a concocted dossier used by Democrats to mislead a FISA court in order to influence an election (and to overturn a duly elected president) — but when the results of this investigation didn't support the desired narrative, Hollywood actors had to step in to spice up the script. 

"Since the release of the Mueller Report, House Democrats have struggled to shed light on the contents of the report and its implications," Zelizer wrote. "Instead, Americans have been left with a lengthy and complicated document which on its own is unlikely to stimulate a political response."

Loose translation: The Muller Report cleared Trump of "Russian collusion" and couldn't prove supposed "obstruction," so lefty writers and actors like Robert Schenkkan and John Lithgow were brought in to use theatrical tactics to massage the report into cherry-picked sound bites to "search for the truth." 

Interestingly, this search for truth stops with the already disproven allegations against Trump and conveniently ignores the misleading and fraudulent actions undertaken by Hillary Clinton, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, and the whole gang of partisan operatives intent on undermining the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. 

Then again, the Muller Report doesn't go there. It was only after Attorney General William Barr acted like an attorney general and proceeded to call attention to all the elements and players involved in the so-called "Russian Collusion" debacle that some semblance of objectivity was achieved. This was a big no-no, and it contradicted the narrative being spun 24/7 by the Democrats and their media allies. 

According to Zelizer, the play attempts to show "just how far President Donald Trump was willing to go to stifle a major investigation into his administration and into Russian interference in the election." 

Stifle, sure. Trump could have lawfully fired Mueller and shut the whole political smear operation down, but he willingly participated in the 22-month probe, which issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants, interviewed approximately 500 witnesses, obtained more than 230 orders for communication records, and made a dozen requests to foreign governments for evidence. This doesn't include the surveillance the Obama administration was doing on Trump before and after he was president and the 4 million items seized by the FBI in raids on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's home, office, safety deposit box, and multiple electronic devices.

What were the findings? No evidence of "collusion," no indictment for obstruction. And the report, which is public for all those who want to read it, has been analyzed and re-analyzed dozens of times by a left-leaning media complex whose coverage of Trump has been overwhelmingly negative 91 percent of the time.

But somehow, William Barr is the bad guy. Zelizer stated in his CNN article:
In contrast to the way that President Trump and Attorney General Barr have depicted the report, Schenkkan's play shows that Mueller's team documented a shocking abuse of presidential power. Billed as "The Play That Attorney General William Barr Doesn't Want You To See," according to the press release, "The Investigation" is a dramatic counterpoint to the disinformation campaign that came out of the administration.
That's rich. A disinformation campaign by Trump. Forget all the inaccurate reporting and press leaks based on false information by CNN and the Washington Post and the New York Times, or how Lanny Davis walked back his Michael Cohen claim. It's Trump who's spinning the facts. 

This is exactly why Trump must win in 2020. If he fails to get re-elected, his presidency will be written off as a con pulled on the American people. Sure, Trump won in 2016, but he cheated. He didn't really receive 309 electoral votes and 63 million popular votes, or win approximately 2,600 of 3,100 counties. Russia rigged the election. 

To quote Orwell's masterpiece 1984:
And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed — if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past,' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'
Robert Schenkkan's play is more than liberal propaganda; it's a brazen attempt to rewrite history.

Christopher Paslay


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UK: A Clash of Educations, Part II - Denis MacEoin

by Denis MacEoin

The question of demands placed on Western governments to alter national laws in order to accommodate religious rulings remains an issue that is divisive, notably between secular states and citizens who might not want a secular state but a religious one instead.

  • "It seems it was far less politically complicated to keep quiet." — Baroness Cox, address on grooming gangs to the House of Lords, May 14, 2019.
  • "In the context of schooling, it manifests itself as the imposition of an aggressively separatist and intolerant agenda, incompatible with full participation in a plural, secular democracy.... It appears to be a deliberate attempt to convert secular state schools into exclusive faith schools in all but name. (5:2)" — Peter Clarke, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner and head of the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism branch, in a report for the House of Commons, July 22, 2014.
  • Is Ofsted, the schools inspectorate, still hampered by an unwillingness to ask hard questions and a desire to "avoid giving offence"?

Recent protests about supposed LGBT lessons in a school in Birmingham, England, have drawn attention from the media, politicians, the High Court, and the National Secular Society. Pictured: Birmingham, England. (Image source: Brian Clift/Wikimedia Commons)

Recent protests about supposed LGBT lessons in a school in Birmingham, England, have drawn attention from the media, politicians, the High Court, and the National Secular Society. While the protests may well spread to other cities, for the moment they are contained. When these lessons, which are based on the "No Outsiders" curriculum within the international system of "Diversity Education," become legally compulsory for almost all schools in 2020, either the protests will die out or become more clamorous in a struggle to rescind the law -- an act to which the government might well not agree.

The question of demands placed on Western governments to alter national laws in order to accommodate religious rulings remains an issue that is divisive, notably between secular states and citizens who might not want a secular state but a religious one instead.

In the instance of Birmingham, the current controversy calls to mind another that took place in the city's educational system several years earlier. This was the so-called "Trojan Horse" affair, in which it was alleged that some school governors and teachers had plotted to undermine the teaching of secular values by placing extremists within staff and management positions. The claims about Operation Trojan Horse started in March 2014 with publication of a letter supposedly written by an Islamist in Birmingham and sent to a contact in Bradford. The letter had apparently been sent to Birmingham City Council some months earlier, in late November 2013.

By March 11, the London Times had declared the letter to be "a crude forgery", and by June 8, two newspapers, the Independent and the Guardian, had also declared it a hoax and the investigation that had started into it "a witch hunt". Nevertheless, by July, Birmingham's Education Commissioner, Sir Mike Tomlinson, stated that it was no hoax but was happening -- "without a shadow of doubt".

In the end, it did not matter greatly whether or not the letter itself was a forgery, or who the agitators had been. As time passed and investigations were carried out into schools in Birmingham and elsewhere, it became clear that something unprecedented had occurred and that there were reasons to look into it.

The situation attracted enormous publicity, and its ramifications are beyond the scope of a short article. However, the Government, the Home Office, the Department of Education, Ofsted (the government's Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills), the Birmingham Council, and many others were drawn into investigations and the production of reports. In March, Ofsted investigated 21 schools in Birmingham while the Education Funding Authority carried out similar enquiries. Later, Ofsted extended its investigations to schools in East London, Bradford, and Luton -- after the publication of reports concerning the schools in Birmingham.

Of those, the most telling was a 129-page report for the House of Commons written by Peter Clarke, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner and head of the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism branch. In his report he states that, "I most definitely was not approaching my role from the perspective of looking for evidence of terrorist activity, radicalisation or violent extremism." The emphasis, therefore, fell on extremist doctrine.

One of Clarke's leading conclusions regarded the failure of the City Council to respond to concerns they already had even before the above-mentioned letter was received. Clarke then goes on to identify the reason why the Council was so slow in responding over a long period:
"Despite this, some eight weeks after the receipt of the 'Trojan Horse' letter, in a further Birmingham City Council briefing note sent to the Leader of the Council, there is no suggestion that the central allegation – that headteachers were being systematically undermined and driven from their posts – needed further investigation. The focus of the Council was very much on the potential community cohesion impact that the publication of the 'Trojan Horse' letter might have. It was not until the appointment of Ian Kershaw in April 2014 that the Council mounted a full investigation into these serious allegations."
This unwillingness to offend indicates the same extreme sensitivity to possible Muslim reactions that seems to have led other councils, police and social workers to drag their feet for years despite concerns about grooming gangs in Rotherham, Telford and other cities. Baroness Caroline Cox made this clear in an address to the House of Lords on 14 May 2019:
"It seems it was far less politically complicated to keep quiet. Many victims did not receive support because of the state's reluctance to interfere in supposed cultural practices. Agencies downplayed ethnic or religiously identified dimensions of abuse. They also applied generic labels such as 'Asian' to the perpetrators, which is a source of great concern to Asians who would never indulge in or condone such horrible crimes."
The Clarke Report, regarding education, listed numerous examples of how, in many schools, a conservative Islamic agenda was imposed. These may be found in section 4 under various rubrics. For example, schools were often packed with Islamic symbols (4:25); conservative religious practices were widespread, with bans on music, severe limits to art, gender segregation, and enforced prayer (through bullying of pupils to do so: "children bullied into prayer" (4:26); prefects called 'Ambassadors' were selected from pious families to act as a form of religious police to monitor and report on improprieties committed by other students ("They have been described as the 'religious police' by some members of staff." (4:29); some anti-Western themes were spoken at school assemblies (4:30); there was witness evidence of intolerance in several schools towards those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual (4:32); there was considerable imposition of gender segregation and preference for boys over girls ("There is evidence that women and girls are not treated as equal to men and boys in schools," "there are classes where boys and girls are required to sit separately. In Park View maths lessons, where all the teachers are men, the girls were separated at the sides and back of the classroom, while the boys sat in the centre, towards the front." (4:43; 4:49-4:52).
These and similar forms of behaviour are attributed by Clarke to "The ideological agenda in Birmingham schools" (section 5 title.):
"This investigation has revealed a sustained and coordinated agenda to impose upon children in a number of Birmingham schools the segregationist attitudes and practices of a hardline and politicised strand of Sunni Islam. Left unchecked, it would confine school children within an intolerant, inward-looking monoculture that would severely inhibit their participation in the life of modern Britain." (5:1)
Clarke continued:
"In the context of schooling, it manifests itself as the imposition of an aggressively separatist and intolerant agenda, incompatible with full participation in a plural, secular democracy. Rejecting not only the secular and other religions, but also other strands of Islamic belief, it goes beyond the kind of social conservatism practised in some faith schools which may be consistent with universal human rights and respectful of other communities. It appears to be a deliberate attempt to convert secular state schools into exclusive faith schools in all but name." (5:2)
He went further, saying:
"This agenda, though not necessarily the tactics involved, appears to stem from an international movement to increase the role of Islam in education. It is supported by bodies such as the Association of Muslim Schools–UK (AMS-UK), the International Board of Educational Research and Resources (IBERR), the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and the recently closed Muslim Parents Association (MPA). The movement provides practical advice and religious legitimisation to those who, in the words of the IBERR, seek to 'Islamise the provision of educational services'. Some of the individuals who have featured in the investigation were associated with, or held positions in, these bodies." (5:3)
So far so good, but there was something much wider that was never included in either the Clarke Report or the Ofsted inquiry. Omission of earlier important evidence that shows a deep reluctance to carry forward information that might unsettle Muslim communities -- the sort of reluctance referred to by Baroness Cox.

As far back as 2008, the present writer was commissioned by Civitas, an influential independent think tank known as the Institute for the Study of Civil Society, to write a full report on Muslim schools in England.

As Clarke reported six years later (4:28), Islamic materials were often removed from schools when Ofsted inspectors were expected (they did not make unannounced visits). As going to schools in person and interviewing staff might not show the true picture of what was happening, it seemed preferable to start by looking at websites: reading them might reveal their thinking on all sorts of issues. The hunch turned out to be right.

My report, Music, Chess and Other Sins, went online in February 2009; its sections looked at:
  • Moderates and Extremists
  • Social Cohesion
  • The Muslim Curriculum and the National Curriculum
  • Muslim Schools and Women
  • Muslim Schools and Ofsted
  • Muslim Schools and Hate
In section 3, there is a reference to items in the Muslim Council of Britain's 2007 document, Meeting the Needs of Muslim Pupils in State Schools: Information and Guidance for Schools:
".... the organization articulated several areas where Muslim pupils have to be separated from their non‐Muslim fellows. Although there has always been a right for parents to withdraw their children from acts of collective worship, the MCB's insistence that Muslim children must not take part in any but Muslim worship (p.44) denies them the opportunity—which so many other children take advantage of— to share a religious experience with the rest of their school. But the self‐seclusion impinges on so much of the curriculum that it places enormous restrictions on young Muslims and their ability to be part of the schools to which they belong. The activities and lessons from which the MCB wants the right to withdraw Muslim pupils include: mixed swimming (p.38); dance (p.39); sex and relationship education (p.47); music (p.52); drama (p.53); figurative drawing (p.53). On farm visits, touching or feeding pigs is prohibited (p.56), and staff are warned that pupils and parents may refuse to shake hands with a member of the opposite sex at prize‐giving ceremonies (p.58)"
This gives some flavour of how Muslim educators were trying to keep Muslim children separate from Christians, Jews, Hindus, and others in their own schools.

The original plan was to publish a much longer 78,000-word report with a massive bibliography, a vast array of footnotes, and numerous quotations directly or indirectly on school websites or other linked material were cited. In a long appendix, all the schools surveyed via those websites were listed, with names of teachers and preachers or radical organizations involved in setting educational standards and curricula. The list also contained links to school websites and links from those sites to extremist material. Not all schools had such links, but a surprising number did.

This full version could not be published for fear that the detailed remarks on schools and individuals might lead to litigation. However, after Civitas presented Ofsted with the "safe" version -- probably a valuable enough guide to matters school inspectors were probably unaware of -- the present author handed a printout of the unedited version to the Ofsted official to whom we had given the published report.

Even though the contents of that full version might have struck alarm in official circles in and beyond Ofsted, as far as we were aware the reports were buried. Ofsted has never since referred to any of their contents, not even when the Birmingham scandal erupted a few years afterwards.

As a result, a great opportunity was missed that may have forestalled some later developments, especially the clear evidence of extremist schools, some of whose websites had even openly favoured jihad. Nevertheless, although there is a full list of photographs and links, schools have now cleaned up their online sites, removing material of concern.

With many decent schools, there appears to be transparency. But the Darul-Ulooms and other extremist-linked institutions often have direct and indirect links to fundamentalists. It is hard to single out any one school, but the following passage, taken at random, may suffice to sum up why so many of these schools are run on lines contrary to the values and expectations of British society. The Jameah Girls School in Leicester is a Darul-Uloom for female students between the ages of 6 and 16:
"The Jameah Girls Academy in Leicester has a direct link to a fatwa site run by the school's own patron, Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari. Among his many distasteful rulings are these: He places severe restrictions on male doctors treating female patients; he rules that women may not swim (even for medical reasons) where a male lifeguard is present, or where there are non-Muslim women; using tampons is 'disliked' (makruh — a classification in shari'a law); a woman may not travel beyond 48 miles without her husband or a close relative accompanying her; a female is encouraged to remain within the confines of her house as much as possible; polygamy is permissible. If anyone were to ridicule polygamy, he would become an unbeliever; it is a grave sin for a woman to refuse sex to her husband; it is forbidden to have close, intimate relations with or have love for non-Muslims Muslims are not to sit, eat, live or mingle with them; the legal punishment for adultery is stoning."
In the light of recent protests outside schools in Birmingham, it is likely that many fundamentalists are still working to restrict attempts to bring Muslim children inside the way of life British society offers them. Do the anti-LGBT protests act as a smokescreen for continuing attempts to block integration from the earliest age? If this is happening in some state schools, have things improved in Muslim schools more widely? Is Ofsted, the schools inspectorate, still hampered by an unwillingness to ask hard questions and a desire to "avoid giving offence"?

Denis MacEoin PhD is a British-Irish scholar who has taught Arabic and Islamic Studies at universities in Morocco and the north-east of England. He has written more than forty books and think-tank reports, as well as hundreds of articles. He is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Gatestone Institute.


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