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Palestinians Accuse Hamas of Storing Weapons in Civilian Areas - Hugh Fitzgerald


​ by Hugh Fitzgerald

So even the Palestinians are getting fed up with Hamas?



How satisfying it is to see Israel’s claims about Hamas deliberately storing weapons in residential areas is now being backed up by the Palestinians themselves – to wit, 133 Palestinian NGOs who have denounced this dangerous and cruel practice by Hamas. The story is here: “Palestinians accuse Hamas of storing weapons in residential areas,” by Khaled Abu Toameh, Jerusalem Post, July 24, 2021:

Palestinian factions and human rights organizations have called on Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups to stop storing weapons in residential areas following another explosion that killed one person and injured 14 others on Thursday [July 21].

They also demanded a thorough investigation into the explosion in order to hold those responsible accountable.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip said that the explosion took place in a warehouse used by Hamas for storing weapons.

The “warehouse” was, in fact, an ordinary three-story residential house in the Al-Zawiya market area in the middle of Gaza City. Scores of civilians would have been in and around the house at all times.

Hamas said it has launched an investigation into the explosion, but has not provided any details….

Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights in Gaza views the explosion incident with grave seriousness, as there have been repeated incidents of internal explosions in houses in overcrowded residential neighborhoods for various reasons in the past, which resulted in the killing of a number of civilians and the destruction of homes and public and private properties,” the statement read.

From the Palestinian horse’s mouth: “there have been repeated incidents of internal explosions in houses in overcrowded residential neighborhoods” which “resulted in the killing of a number of civilians.” This was not the first such explosion of a Hamas weapons warehouse that killed civilians, but only the latest of many, all of which could have been avoided had the terror group placed its weapons well away from residential areas. But the terror group has always insisted on maximizing the danger to Palestinian civilians, by warehousing weapons in their midst, in the hope of avoiding Israeli attacks.

“Accordingly, Al-Mezan reiterates its call for a comprehensive and serious investigation into this incident and other similar events, to publish the results of the investigation publicly, and to take the necessary measures to ensure that it does not recur in order to preserve the lives and property of citizens.”

The “necessary measures to ensure that it [such an explosion] does not recur” would mean an entire overhauling of Hamas’ policy on weapons warehousing would have to take place. The weapons would be moved from populated places and placed far from civilian areas — where of course they will be more easily detected by the IAF. As far as Al-Mezan goes, that’s just too bad.

The Palestinian NGO Network, an umbrella organization comprising 133 member organizations, also called for a “serious and transparent” investigation into the explosion. “The Network stresses the need to expedite the provision of all forms of assistance and support to those affected,” the group said. “It also stresses the need to announce the results of the investigation and to take serious measures to prevent such explosions from happening again.”…

It looks like the Palestinians are at the end of their tether, fed up with Hamas’ practice of deliberately storing its weapons ammunition in the midst of civilian areas where the danger of unintended explosions and civilian casualties is high. And they are now making public their pent-up fury, even though their complaint about the terror group’s practices echoes, and buttresses, the claims made by Israel about Hamas.

Fadel Al-Manasfeh, a Palestinian writer, echoes the Israelis: “Hamas chooses popular markets as a safe place for its ammunition warehouses because it knows that Israel does not target such places.” The Israelis try to pinpoint their attacks on these warehouses so as to minimize civilian casualties, and before launching them the IDF makes sure to warn civilians to leave the immediate area, through telephone calls, emails, and the “knock-on-the-roof” technique. Not all the civilians always leave in time, and sometimes the hoped-for precision of the bombing is not achieved. But Israel never deliberately “targets” civilian areas. Al-Manasfeh has it right: “Israel does not target such places” as those “popular markets” within or near to which Hamas stores its ammunition and weapons.

The next time the Jewish state is attacked in the UN Genera Assembly for causing “civilian deaths,” Israel’s ambassador should read out the Jerusalem Post article posted above, taking care to point out that the Palestinians themselves have accused Hamas of deliberately storing their weapons in civilian areas, in the hope that either Israel will be forced to refrain from attacking or, if it does decide to attack, any civilian casualties that result – Hamas doesn’t give a damn about what happens to them – will make Israel look bad. Let the Ambassador read out to the General Assembly what the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights has to say about this latest explosion at a house in the midst of the Al-Zawiya market area, and why the 133 Palestinian NGOs have called for a thorough investigation, and what the Palestinian writer Fadel Al-Manasfeh said about the terror group Hamas’ practice of deliberately placing weapons in civilian areas (like markets), because it knows that Israel would be unlikely to target them. Having read all that out – quoting only Palestinians themselves – he can then tell the stunned Assembly (and the furious delegate from the “State of Palestine”) that “I rest my case.


Hugh Fitzgerald


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China Aims to Dominate Global Governance - Steven Neill


​ by Steven Neill

Though the dangers to the world of China becoming a global powerhouse are evident, a few frilly words from China seem to be all that is needed for Western elites to disbelieve their eyes.

A December 2020 report by the U.S. Department of the Navy divulged the following on China's methods for projecting its "true maritime power":

China's aggressive actions are undermining the international rules-based order, while its growing military capacity and capabilities are eroding U.S. military advantages at an alarming rate.

China has implemented a strategy and revisionist approach that aims at the heart of the United States' maritime power. It seeks to corrode international maritime governance, deny access to traditional logistical hubs, inhibit freedom of the seas, control use of key choke-points, deter our engagement in regional disputes, and displace the United States as the preferred partner in countries around the world.

China's aggressive fishing policies coincide with its aggression in other areas as well:

• Reuters reports China's aggressive building of dams, dikes, and levees controlling the water flowing from Tibet has choked the Mekong River, which provides water to tens of millions of people, basically weaponizing water.

• According to Breitbart, China is violating its treaties with India by building at least 20 military camps along their border, called the Line of Actual Control. The added military personnel escalated tensions between the two Asian nations to levels not seen since the mid-'70s.

• China and India are considering building competing dams along the Brahmaputra river — called the Yarlung Tsangpo river in China — further heightening tensions. The Express U.K. quoted Brahma Chellaney, a reporter on India and China's relationship: "India is facing China's terrestrial aggression in the Himalayas, maritime encroachments on its backyard and, as the latest news is a reminder, even water wars."

China is using its Belt and Road Initiative to invest in infrastructure in dozens of countries. It then uses that debt to pressure those countries into cooperating or face a debt trap in which they owe China more money than they can pay back, expanding China's global influence. The University of Pennsylvania posted a podcast in which Marshall W. Meyer, Wharton emeritus professor of management and a China expert, said of the Belt and Road Initiative,

While U.S. foreign aid or the Marshall Plan to rebuild economies following World War II is not expected to be repaid, the BRI is a "Chinese investment that expects a return." Its banking institutions loan money to the partner countries for BRI projects and use Chinese companies to do the work, resulting in a Chinese company benefitting from the loan. The host nation got the debt.

Pearl Risberg of the Center for Strategic International Studies explains what happens when the host nation is unable to repay the loan:

The BRI is often critiqued as so-called "debt-trap diplomacy." According to this narrative, China provides infrastructure funding to developing economies under opaque loan terms, only to strategically leverage the recipient country's indebtedness to China for economic, military, or political favor. The debt-for-equity swap of Sri Lanka's Hambantota port is an oft-used example, where China excused Sri Lanka's $8 billion debt in exchange for a 99-year lease of the Sri Lankan port in 2017.

Yet even with all of the above taking place, the West has consented to and even encouraged Chinese expansion, ceding to China her path to a dominant role in world governance, allowing and even promoting more significant Chinese influence in the U.N. other world organizations.

As of April 2020, Chinese nationals now head four of the 15 U.N. specialized agencies, including the Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Telecommunication Union, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and the International Civil Aviation Organization. According to the Diplomat, China's U.N. monetary contribution has risen to 12 percent. But, as the World Health Organization's handling of China's role in the COVID-19 pandemic — essentially deflecting blame for the pandemic from China — clearly shows, money covers a multitude of sins.

Under the guise of environmentalism and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, China openly uses its control over the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs to further its Belt and Road Initiative. In 2018, Chinese communist Liu Zhenmin, the incumbent head of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, wrote:

In this regard, the Belt and Road Initiative has provided a new open and inclusive platform for international development cooperation, which can make a great contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)….

While the Belt and Road Initiative and the 2030 Agenda are different in their nature and scope, they share a similar vision and a set of basic principles in many respects.

Both of them serve the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

The U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs is even endorsing China's Belt and Road plan, saying that China would strengthen "the effects of international development cooperation under the Belt and Road on the achievement of the 17 SDGs in the participating countries, with positive spill-overs to the achievement of the SDGs in the rest of the world."

And as Beijing pushes globalism with a Chinese twist — through its investments in capital improvements overseas — the American ideals of freedom and human rights are losing influence. China is exploiting most of the poorest nations and peoples on Earth and removing them from the American sphere of power with the blessings of global elites.

Though the dangers to the world of China becoming a global powerhouse are evident, a few frilly words from China seem to be all that is needed for Western elites to disbelieve their eyes. On January 25, 2021, President Xi gave a virtual speech that, in the words of the Wall Street Journal, "wows" the "global luminaries" at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. In his speech, Xi stated:

The right choice is for countries to pursue peaceful coexistence based on mutual respect and only finding common ground while shelving differences, and to promote exchanges and mutual learning. This is the way to add impetus to the progress of human civilization….

China will get more actively engaged in global economic governance and the push for an economic globalization that is more open, inclusive, balanced, and beneficial to all.

It is said that some things are so crazy that only an academic would believe them. Maybe it should read "only a globalist would believe them." Imagine, if you will, a leader of a country whose warplanes are even now threatening Taiwan, Japan, and even Pearl Harbor and is responsible for numerous acts of global bullying, preaching the perks of "mutual respect" and "finding common ground" and promising to become even more involved in "global economic governance," for the benefit of "all."

Photo: Pixabay license

To comment, you can find the MeWe post for this article here.


Steven Neill


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Fighting the Blight of Durban - Richard Kemp


​ by Richard Kemp

Anything less than full support for Israel's vital and lawful defensive actions amounts to encouragement of violence by Hamas and tacit approval of its actions.

  • Hamas started this war [in May] as part of its power struggle with Fatah... But its... acts of aggression — seen repeatedly since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 — were also intended to engender an Israeli reaction that would unavoidably lead to the deaths of Palestinian civilians, and in turn provoke vilification against the Jewish state and its isolation from the international community.

  • All of this takes place and is legitimised within a wider international political web with the United Nations, spider-like, at its centre. Under the instigation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation... at the end of the Gaza conflict the obedient UN Human Rights Council resolved to create a permanent "Commission of Inquiry" into Israel's treatment of Palestinians, the only open-ended inquisition of its kind against any country in the world. Its findings are sickeningly certain even before they are written.

  • [The UN's upcoming Durban IV conference] marks the anniversary of the Durban Declaration made at the 2001 UN World Conference Against Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia and Intolerance. Shocking even for this corrupt ... world body, the conference was itself characterised by racism, discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance — the direct opposite of its declared purpose. In one hate-filled speech after another, Israel was falsely accused of racism, ethnic cleansing, apartheid and genocide.

  • The conference and subsequent linked events in 2009 and 2011 have served to legitimise Jew-hate.

  • France, Italy, Bulgaria, New Zealand and Poland, each of which refused to attend in 2011, have yet to declare their intentions.

  • Amb. Ronald Lauder has called on President Biden to take the lead against this vitriol... by declaring such hatred beyond the pale... . Lauder says the US president is the one man in the country who can make a difference... He is right and the same applies to presidents and prime ministers everywhere.

  • Anything less than full support for Israel's vital and lawful defensive actions amounts to encouragement of violence by Hamas and tacit approval of its actions. Leaders who fail to support Israel and condemn these terrorists share culpability not just for antisemitic hate in their own countries but also for an increasingly violent cycle in the Middle East in which the greatest victims are Palestinian civilians, betrayed and endangered by the vicious actions of their own leadership.

  • Although many political leaders have spoken out against Jew-hate, their failure to both publicly condemn Hamas and vigorously support Israel's defensive actions gives credence to the poisonous propaganda of the street thugs in their own countries and green lights their antisemitic aggression.

  • When the Gaza conflict began, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz hoisted the Israeli flag on the roof of the federal chancellery in Vienna as a sign of solidarity with Israel's fight. "The terrorist attacks on Israel," he wrote, "are to be condemned in the strongest possible terms! Together we stand by Israel's side".

Under the instigation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, at the end of the Gaza conflict the obedient UN Human Rights Council resolved to create a permanent "Commission of Inquiry" into Israel's treatment of Palestinians, the only open-ended inquisition of its kind against any country in the world. Its findings are sickeningly certain even before they are written. Pictured: The UN Human Rights Council in session on June 30, 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland. (Photo by Fabrice Coffrini/AFP via Getty Images)

This week, Ronald S. Lauder, former US ambassador to Austria and currently president of the World Jewish Congress, sent an open letter to US President Joe Biden setting out his concerns about rising antisemitism. "Recently, American Jews have witnessed something we never thought we would see in this country," he wrote; "...a Jewish man wearing a yarmulke cannot walk down an American street without fear of violence. Jews have been attacked by pro-Palestinian mobs in Los Angeles, New York and other cities. Antisemitic incidents have more than doubled in the past year. Hate crimes against Jews in America are twice as high as crimes against any other religious group".

In Britain, the Community Security Trust, a charity that monitors antisemitism and provides security for the Jewish community, reports that racist attacks against Jews in May this year "surpassed anything we have seen before", with more antisemitic incidents than in any single month since records began in 1986. In London, a convoy of vehicles drove through Jewish areas brandishing Palestinian flags and screaming at passers-by to kill Jews and rape their daughters. According to the UK charity Campaign Against Antisemitism, recent examples of hostility include physical beatings and vandalism, chants and placards at rallies, social media abuse and threats to Jewish children at schools and universities.

Similar antisemitic attacks have been on the increase around the world from Buenos Aires to Brussels. In a speech this week Israel's Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said: "Antisemitism has reached a peak that has not been seen since World War II".

This recent spike in aggression against Jews was fuelled by intensive antisemitic propaganda during the May 2021 Gaza conflict initiated by Iran-backed Hamas, a proscribed terrorist group that fired around 4,500 rockets, mortars and anti-tank missiles at Israel in 11 days. (For comparison, the average daily rate of fire was four times that achieved by Germany in its V1 rocket attacks against England in the Second World War.)

Hamas started this war as part of its power struggle with Fatah, the party that dominates the Palestinian Authority. But its missile tactics and other acts of aggression — seen repeatedly since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 — were also intended to engender an Israeli reaction that would unavoidably lead to the deaths of Palestinian civilians, and in turn provoke vilification against the Jewish state and its isolation from the international community.

The systematically orchestrated antisemitic attacks we see around the world today are in part the fruits of this political warfare strategy against Israel and their proliferation reflects the success of Hamas's plan as well as the words and actions of its fellow travellers including Iran, Qatar, Turkey, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hizballah and Fatah.

All of this takes place and is legitimised within a wider international political web with the United Nations, spider-like, at its centre. Under the instigation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, at the end of the Gaza conflict the obedient UN Human Rights Council resolved to create a permanent "Commission of Inquiry" into Israel's treatment of Palestinians, the only open-ended inquisition of its kind against any country in the world. Its findings are sickeningly certain even before they are written.

In September we will also witness the next iteration of the UN's infamous 20-year-old showpiece vendetta against Israel: Durban IV, a one-day event at the heads-of-state and government level during the UN General Assembly.

This proceeding marks the anniversary of the Durban Declaration made at the 2001 UN World Conference Against Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia and Intolerance. Shocking even for this corrupt and deeply flawed world body, the conference was itself characterised by racism, discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance — the direct opposite of its declared purpose. In one hate-filled speech after another, Israel was falsely accused of racism, ethnic cleansing, apartheid and genocide.

Durban has been described by the non-governmental organisation UN Watch as "the worst international manifestation of antisemitism in the post-war period". The conference and subsequent linked events in 2009 and 2011 have served to legitimise Jew-hate everywhere, with antisemitic material distributed and Holocaust denial a prominent feature. Israel was the only country singled out as racist in the closing declaration. Durban II in 2009 was planned under the chairmanship of Colonel Muammar Gadaffi's Libyan regime; in the opening speech, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad asserted that "World Zionism personifies racism". He claimed the Holocaust was an "ambiguous and dubious question" and a "pretext" for oppressing Palestinians.

Durban IV will re-energise this shameful process. The UN General Assembly draft resolution calls on member states to "reaffirm the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action, adopted in 2001... and reaffirm our commitment to its full and effective implementation". In other words, an orgy of Jew-hate.

Fifteen UN member states boycotted Durban III in 2011 and so far 10 countries have announced they will not attend Durban IV: Israel, US, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands and the Czech Republic. France, Italy, Bulgaria, New Zealand and Poland, each of which refused to attend in 2011, have yet to declare their intentions.

Durban IV will further empower anti-Israel political leaders around the globe. In his open letter to President Biden, Amb. Lauder accused "several members of the US Congress — under the guise of criticising Israel" of embracing "age-old anti-Jewish vulgarities" and turning them loose on the digital world. He continued: "In attacking Israel, these elected representatives give credence to long discredited and vile antisemitic slurs... They are carefully and deliberately chosen words originating in the halls of the US Congress".

We see the same Jew hate among politicians — mainly on the left — in the British parliament and legislatures elsewhere. Such malignant doctrine is also delivered by leaders and academics in human rights groups, universities, schools and the media. Lauder has called on President Biden to take the lead against this vitriol in the US by declaring such hatred beyond the pale of human decency. He says the US President is the one man in the country who can make a difference in this critical moment. He is right and the same applies to presidents and prime ministers everywhere.

It does not, however, go far enough. It is not adequate for heads of government just to reject Jew-hate and the antisemitic condemnation of Israel by those who flaunt Palestinian flags while yelling slogans like "from the river to the sea", meaning the eradication of the Jewish state. The US, Australia and some other Western countries gave staunch support to Israel during the recent Gaza war.

But too many, as so often, equivocated, showing their bias against the Jewish state as they would against no other sovereign democratic nation defending itself against terrorism. At the start of the conflict for example, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson echoed the standard banalities churned out by many national leaders: "I am urging Israel and the Palestinians to step back from the brink and for both sides to show restraint". Why is that biased? It implies equivalence between the two sides when there is none. The unprecedented barrage of lethal missiles fired from Gaza at Israeli civilians was completely unprovoked.

Anything less than full support for Israel's vital and lawful defensive actions amounts to encouragement of violence by Hamas and tacit approval of its actions. Leaders who fail to support Israel and condemn these terrorists share culpability not just for antisemitic hate in their own countries but also for an increasingly violent cycle in the Middle East in which the greatest victims are Palestinian civilians, betrayed and endangered by the vicious actions of their own leadership. Although many political leaders have spoken out against Jew-hate, their failure to both publicly condemn Hamas and vigorously support Israel's defensive actions gives credence to the poisonous propaganda of the street thugs in their own countries and green lights their antisemitic aggression.

When the Gaza conflict began, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz hoisted the Israeli flag on the roof of the federal chancellery in Vienna as a sign of solidarity with Israel's fight. "The terrorist attacks on Israel," he wrote, "are to be condemned in the strongest possible terms! Together we stand by Israel's side". Kurz also powerfully opposes the Durban process, rejecting its misuse "to unfairly single out and target Israel". Leaders who lack this kind of resolve both against those who fire rockets at Israel from Gaza and those who incite against the Jewish state at the UN are failing in their duties to their own citizens and to Western democratic civilisation.


Colonel Richard Kemp is a former British Army Commander. He was also head of the international terrorism team in the U.K. Cabinet Office and is now a writer and speaker on international and military affairs. He is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at Gatestone Institute.


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Lebanon Sinking - Joseph Puder


​ by Joseph Puder

A nation's political and economic meltdown.


The sight of people burrowing in garbage cans to find some food, or a violent fight in a supermarket over a carton of milk, as well as gasoline lines extending for hours as fuel prices soar, are the telling stories of today’s Lebanon. The country is bankrupt due to the corruption of its political leaders, accused by many of pocketing public funds. The confessional leaders have not only mismanaged the economy, they likewise failed to protect the population from the coronavirus pandemic. If that is not enough, last year’s massive explosion at the Beirut port caused further deterioration to the already fragile economy. Throughout all this turmoil, there has not been a functioning government in Lebanon, and Hezbollah and its patron, the Islamic Republic of Iran, are holding the country hostage.  

The Wall Street Journal reported that, “Nearly 200 people were killed and more than 6,000 injured in a massive explosion at the port of Beirut on August 4 (2020), ravaging the heart of residential areas and the City’s vibrant commercial district. Dozens of people are unaccounted for.” Two dozen people were arrested but no government ministers were among them. A cache of ammonium nitrate was ignited at warehouse Hanger 12, and the explosion shook Beirut and far beyond.  

The damage to the port through which much of Lebanon’s imports entered had caused food prices to soar. Violent protests forced Prime Minister Hassan Diab and his cabinet to resign. Mustapha Adib replaced him, but he too quit, less than a month later. Thus, the political elite named the former PM Saad Hariri for the job, who subsequently quit (July, 2021) as well, as he (Saad Hariri) and Lebanese President Michel Aoun disagreed over the composition of the cabinet.   

A year later, as of July, 2021, there is still no functioning government in Lebanon. Lebanon’s economic depression is getting worse, and it was described by the World Bank as, “Likely to rank in the top 10, possibly top 3, most severe crises episodes globally since the mid-nineteenth century.” The Lebanese pound (LP) was trading at an unofficial rate of about 19,700 for one US dollar. The official exchange currently stands at 1527.57 LP per dollar. The charismatic Maronite-Christian Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rai, blamed Maronite-Christian President of Lebanon Michel Aoun, and his ally, the Shiite Hezbollah, for the Lebanese disastrous situation.

Back on February 4, 2020, the New York Times reported that the antigovernment protesters “Were caught on TV denouncing Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Islamist militia and political party Hezbollah, in the month long Lebanese uprising.” The uprising was directed against the Lebanese government’s corruption and incompetence. Nabih Berri, the head of the Shiite Amal party, and Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, is considered among the Lebanese of all stripes as one of the most corrupt in the ruling class.  

Many of the Shiite protesters derided their Shiite Hezbollah party (and terrorist group) for focusing on the war in Syria rather than on domestic bread and butter issues. With Lebanon’s political and economic meltdown (occurring months before the August explosion at the Beirut port), protesters of all religious backgrounds were united in their scorn for their leaders who were unable to deliver the basics: 24-hour electricity. With Hezbollah essentially in control of the government by virtue of being the most powerful armed group in Lebanon, it is the primary culprit in Lebanon’s crisis.

The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), the most trusted institution in Lebanon, is however dwarfed by the far more powerfully armed Hezbollah. Many among the LAF rank-and-file are Shiites, who are more loyal to Hezbollah than to the nation. LAF chief, Maronite-Christian Joseph Aoun, addressing army personnel (July 16, 2021) stated that, “Our responsibility is large in this period and we need to preserve the security of the nation and its stability, and prevent chaos.” He previously refused President Aoun’s (no relation) request to forcibly clear the protesters blocking roads with burned tires and garbage. Nevertheless, discontent has been brewing in the army and security forces in Lebanon over the loss of 90% of the value of the LP against the dollar. This has driven down the soldiers’ wages, and many have taken extra jobs while some others quit the army altogether.

The European Union (EU) is putting pressure on Lebanon’s bickering political leaders by threatening them with sanctions. These efforts are led by France, the historical protector of Lebanon, and a strong backer of Saad Hariri. Paris is seeking a legal framework to target Lebanese politicians for sanctions, including travel bans, and freezes on assets. This is meant to force Lebanese politicians to form a new and functioning government, implement reforms, and reach a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

Joseph Hakim is a native Lebanese Christian, and President of the International Christian Union (ICU), an umbrella organization of Middle Eastern Christians. As he put it, “My feet left Lebanon, but not my heart.” Concerned about the crisis in Lebanon, he had this to say: “According to the Lebanese Middle East TV, Lebanese politicians have robbed the public treasury of more than $100 billion.” He added, “Lebanese politicians stole taxpayers’ money from the Central Bank, the head of the Central Bank stole from the affiliated banks, and the affiliated banks stole the peoples’ lifelong savings.” According to Hakim, “Government employees’ salaries currently amount to $50 a month. They can hardly afford to buy bread. The government should go under Chapter 7.” Hakim maintains that, “Lebanon is no longer sovereign.” It has defaulted on its financial obligations, with 55% of the population living below the poverty line.

Hakim believes that Hezbollah, along with the political cartels that are robbing the nation, must be eliminated. Hezbollah, he said “Must be placed under tougher sanctions.” He pointed out that Hezbollah is the only beneficiary of the current Lebanese crisis. Hakim explained that, “Hezbollah is able to bring cash into Lebanon via planes, ships, and overland from Iran. They bypass the Lebanese banks and escape international monitoring. Hezbollah has created its own banking system called al-card, al-Hassan (the good loan). A lot of cash comes from Africa and South America, while much of the cash comes from laundered drug money. The absence of a functioning Lebanese banking system provides Hezbollah’s cash political power.”

The solution Hakim offers to alleviate Lebanon’s crisis is to be found in the large Lebanese Diaspora. “We need to form a political party temporarily named ‘the Diaspora Party,’ made up of mostly American Lebanese ex-patriots, including some members from Latin America (Mexico included), and Europe, who are willing to bring western values to Lebanon such as non-sectarianism, the rule-of-law, government accountability, fiscal responsibility, and general democratic procedures in government. The Party would focus on raising money for Lebanon while ensuring accountability, and it would appoint its representatives in consultation with the local (in Lebanon) representatives, developing a slate of qualified candidates to Lebanon’s parliament, free of confessional considerations.”

As a final thought worth mentioning, as good neighbors, the Israeli government has offered to provide Lebanon humanitarian aid, including foodstuff. To avoid embarrassing the Lebanese authorities, Israel suggested transferring the aid through the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). The Lebanese, probably under pressure from Hezbollah, rejected Israel’s offer…


Joseph Puder


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'Poland is the only European country to regress on compensating families robbed of their property' - AP and ILH Staff


​ by AP and ILH Staff

US steps up pressure on Poland to block legislation that would limit Holocaust restitution claims.


'Poland is the only European country to regress on compensating families robbed of their property'
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken: The fight against antisemitism must be relentless | Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Pool via AP

The United States is ramping up pressure on Poland in hopes of stopping legislation that would prevent families from receiving restitution for property seized during the Holocaust and communist era.

The US said Wednesday that Poland is the only country in Europe to have regressed over the past year in meeting commitments to return seized property or provide compensation for Holocaust victims and their families. The public admonishment is likely to anger Polish authorities, who have rejected previous criticism on the matter.

The issue is one of several points of friction that have arisen or gotten worse between Washington and Warsaw since the Biden administration has been in office. Others include differences over the Russia-to-Germany Nord Stream 2 pipeline and a proposed restrictive media law.

The proposed compensation law, which may be enacted in August, has already been denounced by Israel, Jewish groups and the US. The new US criticism comes just before the one-year anniversary of the release of a congressionally mandated report tracking European progress in adjudicating Holocaust claims. That report called out several nations but was particularly critical of Poland.

On the eve of the anniversary, Cherrie Daniels, the US special envoy for Holocaust issues, said the Polish legislation "would cause irreparable harm to both Jews and non-Jews by effectively extinguishing claims for restitution and compensation of property taken during the Holocaust that was subsequently nationalized during the communist period."

If adopted, the law would prevent property ownership and other administrative decisions from being declared void after 30 years, which would mean that pending proceedings involving communist-era property confiscations would be discontinued and dismissed. It affects Polish, Jewish and other property that are subject to contested previous determinations.

Poland says it's a response to fraud and irregularities that have emerged in the restitution process, leading to evictions or giving real estate to property dealers. Authorities insist restitution claims will still be possible through courts, regardless of the claimants' nationality or place of residence.

But those explanations have been rejected by both the US and Israel, which has said adoption of the law would cause grave damage to Polish-Israeli relations.

"We are disappointed that the Polish government and the opposition seems too often to purposely conflate property restitution or compensation with (WWII) reparations," Daniels said. "We would like to see the Polish government, at a minimum, amend the legislation so that claimants with pending claims can continue to pursue them through the existing administrative process."

Daniels, Israeli officials and others like the World Jewish Restitution Organization and World Jewish Congress have called for Poland to enact a comprehensive law or establish a procedure that deals with the compensation issue, which becomes more urgent with each passing year due to the death of aging Holocaust survivors.

The State Department has identified six countries where significant compensation concerns have still not been addressed, but of those, only Poland has regressed, according to Daniels. The others are Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania.

Before World War II, Poland was home to Europe's largest Jewish community of some 3.5 million people. Most were killed in the Holocaust under Nazi Germany's occupation and their property was confiscated. Poland's postwar communist authorities seized those properties, along with the property of non-Jewish owners in Warsaw and other cities. The end of communism in 1989 opened the door to restitution claims, most of which would be coming from Poles.

Poland is the only European country that has not offered any compensation for private property seized by the state in its recent history. Only the remaining communal Jewish property, like some synagogues, prayer houses and cemeteries, mostly in disrepair, have been returned where possible or compensated for.

The still unresolved matter has been a constant source of bitterness and political tension between Poland and Israel as well as the United States, which has pressed the Poles to address it through successive administrations and called them out publicly for a lack of progress.

The year-old report was mandated by Congress in a law known as the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today, or JUST, Act, which was signed by former President Donald Trump in 2018 with the support of many lawmakers from both political parties and Jewish groups.

Both Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his predecessor, Mike Pompeo, have made combatting anti-Semitism a priority. Last month, Blinken and his German counterpart signed an agreement to begin a formal US-Germany Holocaust Dialogue to ensure that the lessons of the Nazi era are not forgotten as the number of survivors dwindle.

The matter unexpectedly surfaced again at the State Department this week when a swastika carved into an elevator was discovered on Monday at the agency's main headquarters in Washington. Blinken, the stepson of a Holocaust survivor who was raised in the Jewish tradition, condemned the vandalism and said it was a sign that the fight against antisemitism must be "relentless."


AP and ILH Staff


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Bracing for the storm - Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi


​ by Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi

The Biden administration's decision to withdraw the last American troops from Iraq might make sense from an internal political standpoint, but it inevitably exposes the Middle East, and especially Israel, to great danger.

At first glance, United States President Joe Biden's decision to bring home the 2,500 American troops stationed in Iraq by the end of this year seems sensible in terms of internal politics. Already during his election campaign, he promised to put an end to the long-running American tragedy.

Not only did former President George Bush, who declared the war, fail to overthrow Saddam Hussein's murderous regime and turn Baghdad into a democracy, but set in motion the violent and chaotic process of the disintegration of the Iraqi nation into various ethnic and religious components, giving a window of opportunity to Iran to expand its control in the divided country.

As such, disengaging from the region seems like a necessary step, one that would help save lives and resources. And yet, despite the clear benefits of such a move, the Biden administration, which has deprioritized the Middle East, must not ignore its possible regional impacts.

First of all, disengaging from Iraq would accelerate Iran's efforts to take over the country (through its proxies), as Iranian militia will soon have complete freedom to act in their country and in Syria (where the US currently has 900 troops) as they please. Not to mention Lebanon, which is on the verge of collapse and at risk of being taken over by Hezbollah.

One cannot help but wonder what would become of the Abraham Accords in the absence of US military troops in the region, providing support and backing.

Moreover, withdrawing from Iraq will be a part of a more comprehensive US strategy in the region that includes, among other things, minimizing US naval presence in the Gulf, raising concern in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and even Israel.

For the latter, US disengagement from Iraq poses a clear and tangible threat. If Iran were to take Iraq over entirely, its militia would increase its activities against Israel, especially on the Syrian border.

Israel's ability to neutralize such a threat might be undermined, with Moscow's decision to change the rules of the game in the region, and it no longer continuing its countermeasures against Tehran.

Given that the US knows the implications of its decision on Israel, one can assume the move is a calculated one. Washington is trying to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, and its decision to withdraw at this time might be an attempt to soften Iran's stance in the negotiations.

Renewing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and thus paving the way for a renewed relationship between the two countries, is part and parcel of Biden's policy and has been ever since he was vice president in the Obama administration.

Therefore, even if Washington agrees to back the impending deal in a way that would provide Israel with security, it is highly doubtful that it will compensate for the damage that abandoning Iraq and renewing the nuclear deal will cause.

In light of all the above mentioned, let us look at the situation realistically and brace for the day Israel is exposed to great danger, and is in need of protecting itself.


Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi 


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Biden’s Bridge is Falling Down - Daniel Greenfield


​ by Daniel Greenfield

A decade of false promises.


11 years ago, Obama came to the Ohio River, fussily shook hands with the construction workers now probably sporting MAGA hats and promised to rebuild the Brent Spence Bridge.

"Mr. McConnell, help us rebuild this bridge," Obama declared with his back to the bridge. "Help us rebuild America. Help us put this country back to work. Pass this jobs bill right away." The 'jobs bill' in question was the American Jobs Act which had as much to do with American jobs as Biden's infrastructure plan has to do with infrastructure.

Obama’s $447 billion bill plowed a fortune into green energy to benefit Democrat special interests and mega-donors. It had no money on tap for the Brent Spence Bridge which, as Obama’s spokesman explained, “is symbolic.”

Symbolic being a fancy way of saying a blatant lie.

Three years after Obama's visit, his transportation secretary refused to provide any assistance to rebuild the bridge. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, who has since joined Lyft as a top executive, promised that if Congress passed Obama's latest $302 billion boondoggle, there might be money for the Brent Spence Bridge. And Lucy might not pull away the football.

But no matter how many billions flowed to green energy pork, the bridge stayed the same.

A decade after Obama declared the bridge “functionally obsolete”, I rode over it on an early weekday morning. The bridge was crowded, but it was not falling down.

Now, Biden showed up at CNN’s Cincinnati Town Hall touting his $2 trillion infrastructure bill, which spends $115 billion on infrastructure and $174 billion on electric cars, along with a ton of other welfare state pork, waving the Brent Spence Bridge once again as his talking point.

“The individual elements of this plan to make sure we're going to fix that damn bridge here that is going into Kentucky,” Biden rambled to a tiny hand picked audience of sympathizers.

That “damn bridge” was supposed to be fixed 20 years ago.

Biden is promising to do the thing that his own boss had promised to do and then didn’t do.

“The two most recent presidents, past presidents have both campaigned using this region's Interstate 75 bridge, the Brent Spence bridge that crosses the Ohio River, as backdrops with a promise of an infrastructure bill that would help with the replacement,” a questioner mentioned.

“The answer is absolutely, positively yes,” Biden gushed. “I'm not just saying that. I'm not just saying that. You take a look at Ohio and Kentucky combined, there's well over -- there's thousands of bridges that need repair. Thousands. Thousands of bridges.”

Biden and the administrations he’s been part of have been promising this for a decade.

In 2011, it was Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood reciting the mantra about "rebuilding the Brent Spence or any of the tens of thousands of bridges in America." Foxx, his successor, who would turn down the Brent Spence bridge, was also pitching plans to rebuild thousands of bridges.

Replacing the “damn bridge”, as Biden put it, would cost about $2.5 billion. Instead of rebuilding the bridge, Obama had poured a fortune into Big Green projects that failed.

Solyndra received a $535 million loan guarantee to build solar panels and went bankrupt. Abound Solar got a $400 million stimulus loan guarantee and went bankrupt. Tonopah Solar Energy got $737 million in loans and went bankrupt.  Fisker got a $529 million stimulus loan to build electric cars and went bankrupt. A123 got a $249 million stimulus grant to build electric car batteries and went bankrupt.

Ener1 got a $118.5 million grant to build electric car batteries and went bankrupt. Biden had visited the company and hailed it as one of the "100 Recovery Act Projects That Are Changing America”, but he had also accidentally described it a little too accurately as "Enron One".

The bankrupt company was then taken over by an oligarch with ties to the Russian government. But 40% of the company's stock had already been controlled by a Russian state-owned bank as collateral for a mere $24 million in loans.

That’s why the “damn bridge” still isn’t fixed.

The Biden administration is throwing even more money at green energy scams than the Obama administration.

Sun Edison got $1.5 billion in government grants and subsidies, and went bankrupt. Biden put its founder in charge of the loan office at the Department of Energy.

Bridges are boring. Solar panels, electric car batteries, and wind turbines are exciting. And major donors stand to cash in from redistributing money from the working class and middle class taxpayers, like those whose livelihoods depend on Brent Spence Bridge, to the wealthy San Francisco donors who are invested in every new green company promising utopia.

Obama, Biden, and other Democrats go to Brent Spence Bridge when they need votes, but the rest of the time they’re signing off on subsidies for the green scams of their donor base.

Biden's American Jobs Plan demands 500,000 electric car charging stations at a cost of as much as $50 billion.

Biden could build 20 Brent Spence bridges for that money.

The price of individual car chargers may go as high as $260,000. The union bosses of United Mine Workers told their workers that the rare earth metals would be mined in America. But then once Biden was in power he decided to placate environmentalists by importing them instead.

The only American jobs being created by Biden’s jobs plan are at San Francisco environmental consulting firms. The Big Green that killed millions of American jobs and created the Rust Belt isn’t about to lift its birkenstocks and pleated khakis off the necks of the American working class.

While the Obama administration never did help build a new bridge, $8 million in taxpayer money was wasted on an environmental impact study on the bridge. This was in addition to previous environmental findings from 2012 and 2005. “Environmental justice will be a big, big issue," Jack Marchbanks, the head of the Ohio Department of Transportation, has assured.

Meanwhile the Brent Spence Bridge remains little more than a talking point.

After over a decade of White House Dems promising to fix the bridge, Biden is back with the same false promises. But every headline about Biden’s plan and the Brent Spence Bridge includes the word, “could”. The plan might fund it, it could fund it, but it probably won’t.

There’s a lot more campaign cash to be made in funding green energy and then showing up at the bridge that’s always on the verge of falling down and promising to fix it. Actually repairing, replacing, or doing something with the Brent Spence Bridge would take away a familiar campaign stop that White House Democrats make to push for their latest trillion dollar package while assuring voters that unlike all the other times, this time, they’ll fix the “damn bridge”.

But they’ll be damned if they do.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


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WaPo columnists disgrace themselves covering the 1/6 hearing - David Zukerman


​ by David Zukerman

Two columns that suggest the writers are alumni of the George Orwell School of Journalism.

It was, arguably, The New York Times that first played fast and loose with January 6 truths when it printed a fictional account of the death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, reporting, January 8, that the officer had died as a result of being struck with a fire extinguisher.

To use a term hurled by the media at Donald Trump, that report was a "false claim."

The Times has yet to explain how it came to print this false report of Officer Sicknick's death, a report intended, it seems fair to say, to encourage Americans to view the Capitol occurrence January 6 as an act of "insurrection."  And now The Washington Post has checked in with two columns July 28, that suggest the writers are alumni of the George Orwell School of Journalism.

Dana Milbank, wrote a venomous column the day after Pelosi's select committee held its first session.  The column carried this false claim in its heading: "As hearings begin, Republicans side with the terrorists."

In his lead sentence, Milbank accused Republican lawmakers, the day Pelosi's select hearings got underway, of "demand[ing] justice — for the terrorists who took up arms against the U.S. government on that terrible day."  "Terrorists"?  Taking up "arms"?

This is not a political column.  It is an exercise in creative writing.

Milbank acknowledged that six GOP House members, including Rep. Louis Gohmert, Rep. Paul Gosar, and Rep. Andy Biggs, went to the Department of Justice to call, essentially, for fair treatment for the January 6 demonstrators jailed these many months, who, for the GOP legislators, seem to qualify as "political prisoners."

Milbank does not explain what the protesters, held without bail or trial, did to justify his charge that they are terrorists, a charge also raised in testimony from the uniformed officers who appeared before the Pelosi committee in its opening round.  Nor did Milbank explain his assertion that the January 6 demonstrators "took up arms against the U.S. government."  What were they "armed" with — fire extinguishers?

But as with the false claim of the Times concerning the death of Officer Sicknick, commitment to honest reporting is not important at The Washington Post — not when the aim is to ignite a firestorm of opposition to the Republican Party. Apparently, for Milbank, it is a very bad thing "to demand justice" for individuals held for months on misdemeanor charges — without bail or trial — if those individuals are not violence-prone Antifa thugs or people whose way of demanding racial justice is to loot, pillage, and burn down businesses in urban areas.

Milbank's hostility to Republican lawmakers seeking due process and equal protection of the law for pro-Trump demonstrators was also evident when he sarcastically noted that the six Republicans cut short their demonstration in front of the Justice Department building due to leftist heckling.  For a leftist apologist like Milbank, free speech is an issue only for activists who cater to his skewed sense of justice.  From a Milbank, no criticism of heckling from leftists that drowns out conservative speakers.

Milbank went on, again without explanation, to call Rep. Jim Banks "a saboteur."  Is "saboteur" now a term to be applied to any Republican who challenges leftist hegemony?  It is clear that, for Milbank, epithets can be hurled willy-nilly, provided they are hurled at hated Republicans who don't genuflect before Pelosi.  (Pelosi's select committee might, with justification, be known as the Committee Against Proud Republicans In Congress and Elsewhere [CAPRICE].  Pelosi, after all, abhors proud Republicans, and her style of government reflects caprice.)

Before ending his column of political hate, Milbank called the Republican House members seeking fair treatment for January 6 demonstrators "[t]he insurrectionists' allies."  For Milbank, "insurrectionists" — and their "allies" — must be put down, severely.

The "I" word also was thrown about in the column by Karen Tumulty that, in the print edition of WaPo, appeared below Milbank's mendacious and malign morsel of morbid misinformation.  In addition to referring to the January 6 demonstrators as insurrectionists, Tumulty said Republicans are trying to "whitewash" the events of January 6, and that "the rioters were there at the instigation of President Trump" — encouraging "violence," to boot.  For a leftist — activist or writer — the proof is in the accusation.

Tumulty promoted a comparison that is an insult to the memory of the souls lost on September 11, 2001.  She wrote:

[The Republicans] rejected a proposal to appoint an independent commission, modeled on the panel that looked into the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Let's pause here a moment.  Tumulty, along with the left, would equate a demonstration at the Capitol where the only person shot and killed was an unarmed Trump-supporter, Ashli Babbitt, with the dastardly attack of 9/11 that snuffed out, most horribly, the lives of almost three thousand people.

Tumulty should explain that reasoning to Debra Burlingame, sister of one of the pilots who perished on 9/11.  In a Wall Street Journal column, Ms. Burlingame wrote that it was "a travesty" to compare "Jan. 6" with 9/11.

Tumulty went on:

Given an opportunity to appoint five members to the select committee, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R.-Calif.) attempted to stack it with bombastic stuntmen such as Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) — a gambit that Pelosi wisely blocked.

(Pelosi's gambit to clear out the GOP presence on the committee worked like a charm, though.)

Tumulty ignored the pertinent fact that Pelosi named fierce anti-Trump — and anti-GOP — partisans to a majority on the committee.  How could Mr. McCarthy have stacked the committee by appointing a minority of the members?  Tumulty's accusation makes no sense.  But that is the way with leftists.  Confident in their own strident canards, their assertions, their arguments, their attacks founder on the rocks of ordinary common sense.  With an inflated sense of self-esteem, leftists likely assume that the public will accept their blatherings at specious value, but these blatherings make no more sense than Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky."

Matching Milbank, invidious remark for invidious remark, Tumulty, before ending her column, asserted as "truth" that the January 6 demonstrators "carried out what has rightfully been called an insurrection and an assault on this country's democratic system."  Nonsense, indeed.  Note how quick the left is to accuse conservatives of acting to undermine democracy, when it is precisely the partisans of the left who represent the mind of the enemy of freedom by their assault on freedom of speech, the right to dissent, end runs around the Constitution, resistance to duly elected presidents — the wokeness of intolerance.

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David Zukerman


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Irony, Absurdity, and Dishonesty – The Democrat Party’s Playbook - Jeff M. Lewis


​ by Jeff M. Lewis

Everything Democrats have touched or done in the past year has been a disaster, and it’s time that everyone recognizes this.

Gobsmacking, as defined by a simple internet search:

Adjective, British, informal; utterly astonishing; astounding.

“The hypocrisy of the man is gobsmacking”

It has been, at least for me, a gobsmacking couple of weeks. I have watched while the Democrat Party, its partisans in state-controlled media, and their ever-so-virtue-signaling but absurdly never-self-aware politicians have had just about everything they say and do “boomerang” on them and hit them square in the noggin. I cannot have been the only guy to have observed this spectacle and have been, well… gobsmacked. Please pardon me for the sarcasm inherent in the commentary, but the issues and actions presented are just over-ripe for it and are pristine targets for sarcasm and scorn.

Let’s review the past few weeks’ events and news stories that have been given a good bit of attention.

1. Michael Avenatti

The brash lawyer who represented porn star “Stormy Daniels,” and the man who claimed he was the only man who could bring down Donald Trump’s presidency; who was lauded and praised by every Never-Trumper and state-controlled media as the “Savior of the Republic” and “Trump’s worst nightmare”; who would be The One to satisfy their deranged fantasies of having President Trump indicted, removed from the Oval Office and perp-walked out of the White House…

Michael Avenatti has himself been indicted, tried by a jury of his peers, convicted of extortion, and sentenced to 30 months in prison. In addition, he is facing future legal jeopardy and more prison time for embezzlement.

2. Defund the Police and The Rise in Crime

Amid the turmoil and trauma in the aftermath of George Floyd dying in police custody (for which Officer Derrick Chauvin was convicted and sentenced for murder), the outpouring of emotion and outrage became a call to “Defund the Police.” In the summer of 2020, Americans witnessed scenes of violent riots, looting, and assaults on police officers increase and sustain themselves at levels unseen in decades.

However, amid the calls to “transform” policing, there were many who were rightly alerting any who had the capacity to listen to a rational, reasoned discussion that removing the police presence from communities beset by crime would only result in more crime and devastation. Nature abhors a vacuum, and human nature is just the same. It is a sad fact that we live in a fallen world and when lawful authority exits or is diminished, criminals will enter and increase.

It was entirely predictable and has happened as predicted. There is a crime wave sweeping the nation in those cities and municipalities run by liberal, “woke” Democrat politicians. Minorities and the poor have suffered the most. This has not helped but has added immeasurable suffering, misery, and devastation.

Do these elected Democrats display any sense of accountability or responsibility for such a poorly conceived policy? NO! They trot out talking points and try to blame Republicans for the mess they made. At least they can be relied upon to do that. Thank goodness the fact-checkers could not escape reporting the truth.

3. Texas Election Integrity

Much has been reported about the Texas state legislators who fled the state and abrogated their responsibilities, all in the name of “voter rights” and “Democracy.” State legislatures across the country have witnessed the consequences of the 2020 election and the Democrat party’s activist success in subverting or outright violating election laws during the pandemic to engineer election victories. In politics as in sports, once you reveal your “trick play,” then the other team will learn to defend against it. Therefore, state legislators are passing bills that governors then sign into law to prevent their constitutional authority from being further eroded in future elections.

The Texas Democrats took to social media and publicized their walk-out, revealing a photo on their bus in which is also a pictured a case of beer. They protest an election integrity bill that requires a valid ID to vote either in person or by absentee ballot, but (wait for it…) somebody had to have a valid ID to buy the beer.

There’s more! Aboard their private charter bus and their private charter jet (all at taxpayer expense), they are not wearing their COVID masks. What? Don’t they believe the masks are effective? Don’t they know they need to set an example? More likely, they just want us to do as they say – you elected me, so I make rules are for you. I will do as I wish.

Not surprisingly, their escape to Washington DC turned into their very own “super spreader” as members of the Texas delegation, along with staff members of both the House of Representatives and the White House with whom they conducted un-masked, in-person (no doubt closed-door) meetings, have tested positive for COVID. It’s just too much, and many of their allies have been forced into a palm-to-the-face moment and are acknowledging this has become a disaster.

Perhaps worst of all for Texas citizens, their elected Democrat party legislators went to the friendly territory of the DC swamp to (wait for it…) lobby for Congress to enact laws that would diminish their state’s rights – and the rights of those citizens whom they supposedly represent – to ensure election integrity while also ensuring every citizen’s right to vote is not disenfranchised by an illegal vote.

4. Joe Biden’s “Follow the Constitution” Teleprompter Script

The nugget to which I will refer was delivered in his Philadelphia address about “the big lie” and “Jim Crow 2.0,” and was an attempt to lay the foundation for an argument challenging Republican-led state legislatures’ passing election integrity bills. Biden and Democrats paint these bills as backlashes against “voter rights,” Democrats’ alleged fair-and-square election victories, and the oft-repeated bald-faced lie that the 2020 election was the “most secure” in American history. Here it is:

In America, if you lose you accept the results, you follow the Constitution, you try again. You don’t call facts fake and then try to bring down the “American experiment” just because you’re unhappy.

Read it again, please. Let it sink in. Please.

What!? Joe Biden has never followed the Constitution, so who does he think he is to preach the Constitution to American citizens who know it, understand it, and hold it in reverence while he and his handlers so obviously do not?

Just what exactly, did all those Democrats and other leftists do on the morning of November 9, 2016? They surely did not accept the results of the election. Instead, they spent every moment drafting, designing, implementing, and colluding with their media allies to assert the Russia collusion hoax. They schemed and plotted to find some way to impeach a president-elect before he was inaugurated and have never stopped investigating in search of a crime even after their man was installed on January 20, 2021. They have run roughshod over the Constitutional and legal rights of members of President Trump, his allies, and continue to do so to anyone who dares to question them today.

Only a Democrat party political regime, its allies in the state-controlled media, and the deep-state bureaucracy they have carefully constructed and staffed are capable of such gobsmacking irony, absurdity, and dishonesty.

Jeff M. Lewis is a Christian, husband and father, a Veteran, and self-employed small business owner who resides with his family in South Texas.

IMAGE: By Andrea Widburg, using Adobe Spark.

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Jeff M. Lewis


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Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Most Devastating Video on the Internet -


​ by

A tale of two Bidens - and crack cocaine.


The most devastating video on the internet is now making reverberating shock waves around the world. It's the tale of two Bidens - and crack cocaine. Don't miss it!


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The Duplicitous Ruling Elites Have Awakened the American People - Steve McCann


​ by Steve McCann

By surrendering the nation’s major institutions to American Marxists while cohabiting with the Chinese Communists, our ruling elites have sown the seeds of their own repudiation.

Over the past three decades, a sizable majority of the ruling elites have been preoccupied with self-aggrandizement and cohabitation with the Communist Chinese, ignoring the gradual and now complete domination of many of the nation’s institutions, and most importantly the Democrat party, by American Marxists. 

After a premeditated fraudulent election underwritten by the same credulous elites, and with a witless marionette in the White House, these collectivists have been de facto governing the nation since January 20, 2021.  The past six months have revealed that thanks to these Marxists’ mindless allegiance to failed ideology and breathtaking ignorance of the American experience and citizenry combined with the now unmasked duplicity of the ruling elites, there is a massive awakening bubbling to the surface.   

This cabal has for the past five years marginalized, physically confronted, and repeatedly accused not only the 75+ million Americans who voted for Donald Trump but any American not in lockstep with them of being racists, fascists, and white supremacists as well as homophobic, xenophobic and among the vilest people on the face of the earth. 

What did they do once in power?   Try to bury the hatchet or just ignore this vast swath of the citizenry and hope they go away?  Neither.  They chose to further alienate the bulk of the voting populace. 

They are accelerating demeaning accusations and rhetoric and exploiting the January 6th Capitol incursion as a vehicle to isolate and intimidate many of these same Americans.  They are continuing to fuel racial animosity in the hope of further dividing the citizenry and colluding with social media to censor “misinformation.”  Thus, fomenting resentment, ongoing political confrontations, and a determined retaliation at the ballot box in 2022 and 2024. 

Committed to changing the demographics of the nation, the American Marxists have flung open the borders and are pushing amnesty as well as ultimate citizenship for upwards of 29+ million illegal immigrants and at least another 2-4 million more every year.  It is immaterial to the Marxists that the vast majority of these illegal immigrants are lacking basic literacy and employable skills. 

Currently, 30% of all working families (or nearly 50 million Americans) are low-income but above the poverty threshold.  60% of these are families headed by racial/ ethnic minorities.  African Americans, while 13% of the population (41 million), account for nearly 30% of low-income working families.  Another 39 million Americans live below the poverty level.

Thus, a total of 89 million Americans live in low-income families or in poverty.  The American Marxists, through the Democrat party, claim to be the champion of minorities and low-income families while they plot to ultimately legalize an illegal alien population equivalent to 75% of the current African American population.

The Marxists and the Democrat party do not give a damn about the African American population, native-born Hispanics, and the low-income white working families as the potential votes of the illegal population are more important.  As the voting patterns in 2020 confirmed, these Americans are rapidly awakening and turning on this traitorous cabal as they are becoming acutely aware of being permanently marginalized.     

Thanks to the Democrat-Marxist policies of defunding the police, ending cash bail, and curtailing the prosecution of criminals, murder, and mayhem on the streets of America has skyrocketed.  Now that they are in charge of the federal government, it is national policy to actively and solely focus on gun control and disarming law-abiding citizens as the only solution to the increasing violence and criminality. 

Currently, 235 million Americans either own or could see themselves owning a gun. The Marxists in the Democrat party believe they can effectively confiscate guns in a nation of 330 million and 3.8 million square miles by doing the following:  

1) Putting language in various bills that will in effect create a national registry of all gun owners.

2) Outlawing semi-automatic weapons.

3) Punitively taxing the ownership of guns, magazines, and ammunition making gun ownership unaffordable and requiring a federal license to own a gun. 

4) Expanding open-ended red flag laws allowing anyone to file a complaint against someone, ostensibly based on their suspicions, thus allowing the police to seize the guns of the accused prior to any judicial proceedings. 

In their zeal to overturn the Second Amendment and a centuries-old tradition of gun ownership that predates the Constitution, the American Marxists do not fathom the building tidal wave of resistance and push back from nearly two-thirds of the nation’s citizenry who view gun ownership as the only viable means of self-defense against the unbridled criminality wrought by the unfathomable policies of the Marxists.

Inflation, which these same Marxists have unleashed by their profligate spending, is set to devour the economy if spending and ongoing money creation is not curtailed.   Which they have no intention of doing as they are committed to a myriad of spending programs.  The estimated average annual cost of these proposals exceeds $2+ Trillion over and above current spending.  In order to pay for these programs and keep deficit spending at past historic levels, revenue from individual taxpayers would have to be increased by 150%.  The average American taxpayer will revolt and refuse to pay the massive increase in taxes.  Refusal to pay exorbitant and unfair taxes is in this nation’s DNA as the United States came into existence based on a revulsion to paying punitive taxes.      

Nor will the American Marxists be able to continue to coerce the Federal Reserve into “printing” trillions of dollars in new money for an extended period of time due to the very real threat of creating massive hyperinflation and potentially leading to a replay of the catastrophe of the Weimar Republic (Germany) in the 1920s. 

Thus, the resources to combat the recession/depression that is on the horizon will not be available as the nation’s ability to tax, borrow or create money will have been essentially exhausted if the American Marxists remain in power.  Over two-thirds of the citizenry is convinced that the economy is getting significantly worse and blame the current regime. 

The Democrats have introduced legislation (the “Equality Act”) that will undermine and destroy religious liberty in the United States, a long-term goal of the American Marxists. They are foolishly determined to overturn 245 years of laws, a four-century tradition of religious freedom, and one of the philosophical pillars in the founding of this nation.  

Currently, 71% of Americans (235 million) are members of a Christian denomination (160 million of whom are Evangelical Christians and Catholics). The destruction of religious freedom is no longer a hypothetical but a reality that is not lost on a vast segment of the American population.

True believers in Marxism have never been able to successfully govern any nation let alone one that has a 245-year history of individual freedom and free enterprise.  The 20th Century is replete with examples of nations that succumbed to a one-party Marxist-inspired oligarchy.  In every case, these were nations that suffered overwhelming societal destruction in global and regional wars or were nations suffering from societal dislocations due to not having a history of freedom and self-determination.  Marxism and its offsprings (communism, fascism, and socialism) dramatically failed and further devastated these same nations.

Yet, the American Marxists are, for the moment, in charge of governing this nation and thus are wreaking havoc on the citizenry that will take time and determination to overcome.  To paraphrase Shakespeare, the fault lies not with the American Marxists who are ignorantly captive to Marxist ideology and are few in number, but with the ruling elites who have betrayed the American people by allowing this scenario to play out over the past 3-4 decades. 

When a significant majority of those running for election as a Democrat on the local, state, and federal level in 2022, 2024, and beyond are defeated, the American Marxists will be permanently cast upon the ash heap of history.  More important, however, is the recapture of the culture by re-transforming America’s institutions.  The citizenry must force and endure dramatic institutional battles outside of government: in universities, non-profits, media, arts, public sector unions, corporate boardrooms, and the array of institutions that constitute the sinews of a self-ruling people.  The current iteration of the ruling elites must be permanently marginalized.  Just defeating the American Marxists will not save this nation for generations yet unborn.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey CC BY 2.0 license

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Steve McCann


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