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Communism Is Reborn with a New Name in America - Gary Gindler

by Gary Gindler

Meet the Fifth International.

Do some people really think that the impeachment, the corona-gulag, and the pogroms all occurred in America one after another in a completely random pattern of events?

Why did pre-planned and synchronized riots and looting suddenly arise? Because the adventure with the coronavirus hysteria failed.

Why did the coronavirus hysteria suddenly lead to a corona-gulag being created? Because the impeachment failed.

Why did impeachment suddenly arise? Because "Russiagate" (or, rather, Obamagate) failed.
Why did "Russiagate" arise? Because leftism was defeated in the 2016 elections.

The preparatory work has been well done, comrade Democrats! In 2020, the Democrats managed to simultaneously shoulder on America the analog of the 1918 epidemic, the analog of the 1929 depression, and the analog of the 1968 riots. Moreover, as soon as the corona-gulag began, impeachment was completely forgotten. As soon as the pogroms started, the coronavirus had been milked for all it was worth, and they want you to forget about it conveniently.

The pogroms of 1968 (both in America and in other Western countries) became possible only because of the significant external influence and support of thugs. The whole machine of foreign propaganda in the USSR worked toward this. It should be remembered that before hippies of the 21st century occupied Wall Street, hippies of the 20th century were occupied by agents of the Soviet KGB.

The pogroms of 2020 also became possible only due to profound influence from abroad. This time, communist China acts as an external force, with a fifth column inside the United States — the Democrat Party. The country most affected by President Trump, the Anti-People's Republic of China, is one of the 2020 pogroms' most prominent sponsors.

The task of the Chinese communists is to bring bankruptcy to American cities, states, and businesses and thereby bankrupt America as a whole. For them, Trump is just another obstacle to achieving their goals. The attacks on Trump are not personal — they are just business, the political business of the communists, in which there are only winners. The defeated, according to the old Stalinist tradition, are simply erased from history. Moreover, money in this business is secondary, while ideology is primary.

The platform of the Democrat Party for the 2020 elections looks like this: "America, on your knees!" Anyone who thinks this election slogan is a winning one needs to be reminded that real America has not gone anywhere. America, which has never knelt and will never kneel before anyone, is still here.

In addition to this, the Democrats' latest slogan — to defund the police force and eliminate it — is a real gift not only to Trump, but to all Republicans. Let's recall that it was Vladimir Lenin who proposed first the dissolution of police in April of 1917, six months before the Communist Revolution in Russia.

The ancient philosopher Pericles is credited with the phrase "Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you." To paraphrase Pericles, one could say, "Just because you do not take an interest in a worldwide communist conspiracy doesn't mean the communists will leave you alone."

Who now, after the collapse of the USSR, is on top of the communist Olympus? Who else is behind the pogroms of 2020?

Much to the chagrin of global leftism, the key players on the left side of the American political field are not one, but three — China (American disinformation media), George Soros (Black Lives Matter, Democratic Socialists of America, and their numerous mediators), and the Democrat Party (Washington and regional politicians and the militant wing of the party — Antifa).

The most important thing is that these three strike forces of the left are not united. Not only are they not united, but they are in competition with each other. This is what will guarantee their defeat.

What is happening in America today is not anarchy or lawlessness. In America, there is an open communist terror. This terror was premeditated, albeit poorly coordinated. The inconsistency of the left's actions occurs because the activists of this terror are divided into three ideologically opposing factions. Without going into the nuances of ideological discussions, we simply note that the main difference among these factions of the left is what particular form of Gulag should be built in the United States.

The Mussolini blackshirts' emulators in America — Antifa — are not a centralized organization. Antifa is a conglomerate of hundreds of independent groups in all states. The Black Lives Matter group has a similar decentralized structure. Their financing is also not centralized. The essential thing that these ersatz revolutionaries do not have is that they do not have a leader on the scale of Trotsky. They do not have a leader who could unite all the disparate left groups and lead them to a revolutionary assault.

The previous attempts to unify the left are well known — the First and the Second International. They were replaced by the Socialist International (Socintern), which still exists (the branch of the Socintern in America is located in New York and is called the U.N.). Also, there was the Communist International (Comintern), dissolved by Joseph Stalin in 1943. It was the third in the order. After it, the Fourth International was created. This Fourth Communist International is Trotskyist, and it still exists.

The history of all these leftist Internationals extends for a century and a half. The last of them — the Fourth — was founded back in 1938. Since then, leftist philosophy has not been able to offer anything new.

And now — lo and behold! — something incredible happened.

In May 2020, the Fifth Communist International was established. This new International is called Progressive International. At the helm of it is a man well known in America: Bolshevik Bernie Sanders.

The Fifth International is the response by the left to Trump. It is another attempt to unite the leftist, anti-American forces. This is a materialization of the hatred of the Democrats for Trump, the quintessence of the hatred of the Democrats for the Republicans, who dared to deprive the Democrats of their black slaves. The name of this International — Progressive — should not confuse anyone. It has nothing to do with the progress of humanity; rather, it is about progressive taxation (which, as it's known, was one of the requirements of the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx).

The disunity of the anti-American forces in the 2020 elections is a manifestation of the confrontation between globalism and communism, the clash between the Fourth International and the Fifth International. This confrontation resembles the fight between communism and fascism, which, too, being ideologically very close, have always been irreconcilable political opponents. Therefore, it has long been clear to everyone that Antifa, although nominally attacking "fascism," is basically not different from it. As for the catchphrase "Black Lives Matter," it should be confronted with "Gray Matter Matters" (hat-tip Greg Viola).

Antifa, BLM, Democrats, Democratic Socialists, communists — all of them, although fragmented, oppose Trump. Trump is fighting on several fronts simultaneously, but only now, the idiocy of the left is beginning to resemble some kind of rationality.

The rationality of the leftists is that the first half of 2020 could be defined as a political banzai charge. It is a psychological, suicidal banzai charge of desperate losers, political kamikazes. They decided, in the end, to wage, using words from the USSR national anthem, "the last and decisive battle" in America. 

Perhaps that is why the riots in America began with the Jewish pogroms of 2019, and at the exit from the corona-gulag, we observe the next, openly anti-Semitic phase of the leftist pogrom. After all, the "peaceful protest" of the left was, is, and always will be an oxymoron.

Gary Gindler, Ph.D., is a conservative columnist at Gary Gindler Chronicles and the founder of a new science: politiphysics. Follow him on Twitter and Quodverum.


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The Great Threat to America — and to American Jewry - Caroline Glick

by Caroline Glick

On the burning streets of America today, leftist Jew-hatred is on clear display.

Scattered among the thousands of cellphone videos depicting looting and destruction in the streets of America’s greatest cities are clips of a different sort. In these short videos, we see throngs of white people on their knees, bowing before black people and asking for forgiveness for their “white privilege” and the “structural racism” in the deplorable, irredeemable United States of America.

Earlier this week, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee former vice president Joe Biden symbolically embraced these genuflecting denunciations of “white privilege” as the official position of the Democratic Party. Biden had himself photographed on bended knee with a group of African Americans standing behind him during a visit to a church in Wilmington, Delaware.

These videos point to a socio-political phenomenon that sparked the riots throughout the country following George Floyd’s brutal death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. They also make clear the reason that the liberal media in the U.S. continues to back the protests despite the fact that from the outset they have involved wide-scale violence, destruction and looting.

Contrary to the narrative being pushed by the media and America’s elites, the riots are not an consequence of increased police brutality towards African Americans. As Heather Mac Donald documented this week in the Wall Street Journal, over the past several years, police violence against black people has decreased significantly.

The violence we are seeing is a result of the steep radicalization of progressive white Americans. Biden gave voice to this radicalization last summer when, during a campaign appearance in Iowa he said, “We choose truth over facts.”

Last year, political scientist Zach Goldberg published an article in Tablet online magazine where he presented statistical data demonstrating the depth and breadth of the radicalization of white progressives over the past ten years. Goldberg revealed that between 2010-2019, white progressives became the only demographic group in U.S. history to prioritize the interests of other groups over its own interests. White progressives prioritize the advancement of the interests of minorities and immigrants over their own and over those of American society as a whole. Moreover, as Goldberg showed, white progressive positions on race and immigration are more extreme than the positions black, Latino, and Asian progressives hold on these issues.

Goldberg argues that the massive increase in internet usage by white progressives over the past decade is responsible for the radicalization. Online platforms have created an information bubble which has created a warped presentation of reality to those inside the bubble. In this warped reality, race relations are far worse than they are in reality. Hence, those who inhabit this bubble prefer “truth” as presented in the bubble to facts.

Goldberg is undoubtedly correct that the more time people spend inside their internet bubble the more removed they become from objective reality. But internet isn’t the only source of the radicalization. The Obama presidency was also a factor.

When Barack Obama won the presidential race in 2008, many Americans believed his victory was proof the United States had overcome its racist past. Obama however, did not support this view. Throughout his tenure in office, Obama used the power of his position to resonate and legitimize positions on race that until then had been relegated to the leftist margins of American politics.

Obama cultivated the view that far from being a post-racial society, America is inherently racist and that American racism is structural – that is, it was baked in and impossible to overcome. In so doing, Obama gave credence to the false claim at the heart of the riots: that black Americans are under continuous, existential threat from the state as a whole and from law enforcement bodies first and foremost. Calls by Hollywood celebrities and Obama administration alumni to defund the police take this view to its logical endpoint.

A third cause of the radicalization of white progressives is the higher education system. The more radicalized campuses are, the more radicalized graduates become.

The radicalization of white progressive politics has been given its most dramatic expression in the refusal of progressive mayors and governors to act forthrightly to end the violence in their streets. Instead, we had the likes of New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio (whose daughter arrested for participating in the mayhem), stand with those burning his city.

In a letter to police sergeants in the New York Police Department, Ed Mullen, President of the Sergeants Benevolent Association gave expression to the distress of New York police officers. “I know we are losing our city,” Mullen wrote.

“We have no leadership, no direction, and no plan. I know that you are being held back and used as pawns,” he continued.

He then asked the sergeants to hold the line.

“Remember,” he added, “you work for a higher authority.”

For American Jews, the violent riots constitute a challenge on several levels. First there is the challenge of squaring their political identity with their Jewish identity. As the 2014 Pew survey of American Jews showed, around half of American Jews identify as progressives. As progressives, many American Jews share the views of their non-Jewish progressive counterparts regarding the need to prioritize the interests of minority communities over their own interests.

But the Jews’ progressive desire to work on behalf of those demonstrating for African Americans places their political identity on a collision course with their Jewish identity. Black Lives Matter, the radical group leading the demonstrations, is an anti-Semitic organization. BLM was formed in 2014 as a merger of activists from the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam, the anti-Semitic Black Panthers and Dream Catchers. In 2016, BLM published a platform that has since been removed from its website. The platform accused Israel of committing “genocide” and referred to the Jewish state as an “apartheid” state. The platform accused Israel and its supporters of pushing the U.S. into wars in the Middle East. The platform also officially joined BLM with the anti-Semitic BDS campaign to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. BDS campaign leader Omar Barghouti acknowledged this week that the goal of the BDS campaign is to destroy Israel. BDS campaigns on U.S. campuses are characterized by bigotry and discrimination directed against Jewish students.

BLM’s platform’s publication was greeted with wall-to-wall condemnations by Jewish organizations from across the political spectrum. But today, Jewish progressive are hard-pressed to turn their backs on the group, despite its anti-Semitism. As white progressives, they believe they must fight America’s “structural racism” even at the cost of empowering social forces that reject their civil rights as Jews. As Jews, they feel that their rights should be protected. One progressive Jew tried to square the circle writing in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, “Today Jews need to support Black Lives Matter; tomorrow we can talk about Israel 
As white progressives radicalized over the past decade, radical Jewish progressives built a formidable Jewish organizational framework whose mission is to advance the progressive revolution. They have worked to recast Judaism itself as the apotheosis of progressive revolutionary ideals under the banner of “tikkun olam.”

Last week Tablet published a twenty-thousand word essay titled “Bend the Jews,” on Bend the Arc, the flagship organization spawned by those efforts.

Bend the Arc first rose to the attention of the general public in 2018 in the wake of the massacre of worshippers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. The organization quickly put out a statement blaming President Donald Trump for the massacre. When Trump came to the congregations to pay his respects, Bend the Arc organized demonstrations against him.

Bend the Arc may not have members. But it has an annual budget of tens of millions of dollars. $28 million of its budget comes from three non-Jewish foundations which have no other foothold in Jewish organizational life. On the other hand, one of the funders, the Rockefeller Foundation is well known for its generous support for radical anti-Israel and BDS groups.

To achieve its goal of reshaping the world views of American Jews, among other things, Bend the Arc trains Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist rabbinical students. It also pays the salaries of associate rabbis in various communities. With many synagogues long steeped in financial crisis due to dwindling membership, Bend the Arc’s ability to pay rabbis makes its involvement with synagogue hiring an attractive option for many communities. This is doubly true for synagogues whose members are progressive
As progressive politics paralyze Jews from acting against anti-Semites in their political camp, levels of anti-Semitic sentiment among white progressives are rising. As Goldberg reported, as white progressives became radicalized on issues related to minorities and immigration, they also turned against Israel. Today white progressives are hostile to Israel. And Goldberg argued that while they express support for Jews, “their sympathy toward and concern for Jews has become more conditional.”

What is it conditioned on? On Jews not being opposed by blacks or other minorities that are considered by white progressives to be less privileged than Jews are.

On the burning streets of America today, leftist Jew-hatred is on clear display. Although New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio has prevented New York police from taking firm action against looters and arsonists, he did instruct them to use all necessary force to prevent ultra-Orthodox Jewish children from going to school. Earlier this week police in Brooklyn chased a group of Hassidic children and their mothers off a playground in Williamsburg.

Even worse, synagogues have been vandalized in New York and Los Angeles. According to Yeshiva World News, 75 percent of Jewish-owned stores in an Orthodox enclave of Beverly Hills were looted last weekend. Graffiti in Los Angeles made clear that the businesses and neighborhoods were targeted deliberately because they are Jewish.

Between BLM’s establishment in 2014 and the publication of its platform in 2016, anti-Israel activists went to great lengths to create an utterly false conceptual linkage between the Palestinians and African Americans. Today, anti-Israel activists in the U.S. have stepped up their efforts to capitalize on the riots. Anti-Israel activists in Bethlehem painted a picture of George Floyd wearing a khaffiyeh and draped in a Palestinian flag on the separation barrier. Photos of the picture are being heavily promoted on social media.

Democrats believe the riots will wreck President Trump’s reelection hopes. Polls this week indicate that at least in the short term, the unrest is hurting Trump’s chances of being reelected. Then again, it’s possible the chaos in the streets will strengthen public support for President Trump who voters may view as the last bulwark separating them from national destruction.

Whether Trump wins or loses in November, the radicalization of white progressives at the heart of the mayhem represents the greatest short and long-term threat to social cohesion in America. It also represents the greatest threat to the communal future of American Jewry, to relations between the American Jewish community and the rest of the Jewish world, and to U.S.-Israel relations.

* * *
Photo credit: cantfightthetendies

Caroline Glick, Center for Security Policy, is deputy managing editor of the Jerusalem Post.


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A Nazi Collaborator’s Fund is Paying Black People to Call Jews, “White Supremacists" - Daniel Greenfield

by Daniel Greenfield

When Bend the Arc vows to defeat white supremacism, it really means defeating Jews.

Only a few days after Orthodox Jewish synagogues and schools were targeted by black supremacist rioters and their allies, Shais Rishon, the Content Manager for Bend the Arc, posted a hateful image of an Orthodox Jew in a Klan hood wearing handcuffs and nooses over his Tallit surrounded by text from Jews complaining about Black Lives Matter anti-Semitism and violent riots by the racist hate group.

Rishon accused Jews, who had anti-Semitic slurs shouted at them, seen synagogues defaced, congregants attacked, and stores looted, of “cluck clucking” about the black supremacist riots.

The Bend the Arc content manager had previously defended Farrakhan supporter Tamika Mallory’s slur that Jews uphold white supremacy by claiming that there is “white supremacy aplenty” in synagogues.

Shais Rishon, who goes by Ma Nishtana on social media, is a black nationalist activist who claims to have been secretly ordained as a rabbi: a common claim made by radical leftists who want the status of clergy. And Rishon/Nishtana fits in perfectly at Bend the Arc and its various bigoted arms.

Alexander Soros, on behalf of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, a PAC he founded, had endorsed Keith Ellison, a longtime member of the Nation of Islam hate group with an even longer history of antisemitism. Bend the Arc’s CEO is Stosh Cotler is a former sex club dancer and anti-Israel activist.

Like its cousins J Street and If Not Now, Bend the Arc claims to be Jewish while violently hating Jews.

When Black Lives Matter added support for BDS to its platform, Cotler blamed the Jews. Yavilah McCoy, a Bend the Arc board member who serves as a coach for the Presbyterian Church’s Auburn Theological Seminary's Pastoral Coach Training Program, had accused Jews of white supremacy. “When Jews accepted a white identity in America, they participated in sustaining white supremacy," she ranted.

When Bend the Arc talks about defeating white supremacism, it really means defeating Jews.

When House Democrats tried to deal with their internal anti-Semitism problem, they invited Bend the Arc to send in a facilitator. That facilitator got things off on the right foot with an anti-Semitic joke.

None of that is surprising because Bend the Arc is as Jewish as a ham sandwich with cheese.
Cotler had been plucked from obscurity by a project run by “Rabbi” Rachel Cowan, a Unitarian descendant of the Mayflower, who went on to wreak havoc on the Jewish community. And considering the non-Jewish billionaires who fund it, it’s a good thing that the leftist group changed its name from Jewish Funds for Justice to its current name based on a quote from an anti-Semitic Unitarian minister.

Bend the Arc scored over $14 million from Warren Buffett’s son. Why is the son of a Presbyterian agnostic pouring a fortune into an organization that claims to be promoting Jewish issues?

The group also gets $1.5 million a year from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The Rockefeller clan has been accused of being many things, but being Jewish isn’t one of them. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund however does provide major funding for a spectrum of anti-Israel hate groups that back BDS. A significant amount of the funding for the infrastructure of the BDS movement comes from RBF.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund has also given millions to the anti-Israel J Street lobby along with aggressively backing the propaganda campaign in favor of legalizing Iran’s nuclear program. One of its major recipients, the Ploughshares Fund, had aggressively campaigned for the Iran Deal. Its board members included Valerie Plame, who had tweeted an Unz site article titled, “America’s Jews are driving America’s wars”. This is the sort of gutter anti-Semitism that Bend the Arc is conjoined with.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund had been set up by the sons of John D. Rockefeller and funded partly by him. But that’s not all he funded. Edwin Black’s War Against the Weak credited the Rockefeller Foundation with essentially providing the blueprint for the ideology utilized in the Holocaust.

As Black noted, “The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.” Alexis Carrel, a Rockefeller beneficiary, proposed gassing "defectives" and cheered the Nazi regime for its "energetic measures against the propagation of the defective."

Rockefeller money was used to fund an institute run by Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer who promised a "total solution to the Jewish problem." His assistant was Mengele: the Nazi regime’s Frankenstein.

As his boss later noted, Mengele was "presently employed as Hauptsturmführer and camp physician in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Anthropological testing of the most diverse racial groups in this concentration camp is being carried out with permission of the SS Reichsführer."

The Rockefellers have always been interested in diversity.

Only in the upside-down world of the progressive movement can a Nazi collaborator’s fund that helped finance the Holocaust and has gone on to champion Iran’s nuclear program, which is meant to kill millions of Jews again, be funding programming that accuses Jews of being the real white supremacists.

A Nazi collaborator’s fund is paying black people to call Jews, “white supremacists”.

If Bend the Arc’s folks want to find the real white supremacists, they can follow their own paychecks.

Bend the Arc’s big backers, the Soros clan and the Rockefeller clan, were at best complicit in the Nazi oppression of Jews. Now they’re financing black supremacist trolls who arrogantly tell Jewish people that if they don’t like their synagogues being vandalized, they’re white supremacists.

If you oppose the new Kristallnacht, you’re a Nazi.

This obscene inversion turns Jews into Nazis, and racial supremacists who quote Hitler-lover Stokely Carmichael into the new Jews. Perpetrators became victims and victims are turned into perpetrators. The police are the criminals, and the criminals are oppressed victims. Jews who don’t want their synagogues vandalized are Nazis, and anti-Jewish groups funded by Nazi collaborators are the real Jews.

Bend the Arc's Twitter account tweeted an article by Rebecca Pierce, an anti-Israel activist with JVP and If Not Now, who had accused Jews of white supremacy, in which she wrote of the riots, "property destruction becomes a symbolic tool." Much like Kristallnacht. There was a lot of symbolism there too.

The new Klan are Orthodox Jews cleaning Black Lives Matter graffiti off their synagogues.
Bend the Arc has gone on championing behavior that threatens Jews while working closely with Black Lives Matter, an anti-Semitic group that endorses BDS and whose activists have triggered attacks on Jewish establishments. Meanwhile the hate group keeps claiming that it’s Jewish and represents Jews.

As Jewish as John D. Rockefeller, George Soros, and Peter Buffett.

What would inspire Buffett’s son and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to plow a combined $26 million into Bend the Arc? As Sean Cooper’s Bending the Jews notes, neither have a history of giving to Jewish causes. But Bend the Arc isn’t a Jewish cause. It’s a radical lefty cause that occasionally targets Jews, preying on them as useful idiots or targets for its inflexible hostility to the American way of life.

Like its counterparts, Bend the Arc has adopted the Unitarian approach of performative political religion in which community organizers function as clergy and treat political chants as inspirational prayers. The distinctions between the Quaker summer camp and Unitarian Church youth movement that Cowan née Brown credited with inspiring her and Bend the Arc is which religious tradition they’ve hollowed out.

Unlike its partner If Not Now, Bend the Arc hasn’t even bothered appropriating a Jewish expression.

Bend the Arc’s name, as its CEO Stosh Cotler noted, “comes from a sermon by a 19th century Unitarian Minister named Theodore Parker.”

Parker was a transcendentalist minister in the Unitarian Church who hated Jews.

In all fairness, Parker hated a lot of people. The Unitarian minister, whose phrase about the moral arc of the universe always bending toward justice became Obama's go-to line, was a career bigot.

The abolitionist hero was prone to saying things like, "the Irishman will always lie if it is for his momentary interest" and describing the Irish as the "N___ of the South". And while he fought vigorously for the rights of slaves, he also insisted that there was "no doubt the African race is greatly inferior."

The minister, whose sermon gave its name to Bend the Arc, reserved a special contempt for Jews, which may be because he disliked the bible, which he believed, was the work of “bigoted Jews.”

The Jewish intellect, Parker ranted in one letter, was “pinched in those narrow foreheads”. Jews are "lecherous", "incline to despotism", and "were always cruel".

"I doubt not they did sometimes kill a Christian baby at the Passover," he speculated.

That is the origin of Bend the Arc’s name. Jews are being accused of white supremacy by an organization named after a line from an actual white supremacist whose funding derives from a Nazi collaborator.

The moral arc of Bend the Arc will always bend toward antisemitism.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


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The George Floyd Riots: The Leftist/Islamic Partnership in Action - Robert Spencer

by Robert Spencer

The Unholy Alliance is emboldened and on the march.

The nationwide riots over the murder of George Floyd have offered new insight into the unholy alliance between Leftists and Islamic supremacists. Zahra Billoo, Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay Area office of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SFBA), recently tweeted: “Non-Black POC, first and second generation immigrant Muslims friends in particular, what are you doing today to support #BlackLivesMatter?” Imraan Siddiqi of CAIR-Arizona tweeted out a video of a hijab-wearing Muslim woman kicking a tear gas canister toward police with the approving comment, “Drop-kick that tear-gas canister, sister.”

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, rioters were so grieved and angered by Floyd’s death that they spray-painted “Free Palestine” on the wall of a synagogue. And in New York City, a Muslim housing attorney is in legal trouble for tossing a Molotov cocktail at a NYPD cruiser during the recent riots in New York City. She is also a committed activist for the Palestinian jihad, having published agitprop spreading false claims of Palestinian victimhood.

Despite the hot water Urooj Rahman is in now, however, she has a bright future as an ideological leader of both the Left and the Islamic jihad. In an interview before her attack, she enunciated the common goal of both movements: “This s–t won’t ever stop unless we f–kin’ take it all down.”

In both the interview and during her attack, Rahman kept a Palestinian keffiyeh close to her face. Her sartorial choice was not incidental. With her attempted torching of the police cruiser (her Molotov cocktail didn’t light), she brought Palestinian jihad tactics to the riots in the U.S. She also revealed the congruence between the ideology of the Left in America today and that of jihadists, not just the Palestinians, but all over the world.

Regarding Israel, the goal of the Palestinian jihad is and always has been to “f–kin’ take it all down.” That is the meaning of the increasingly common slogan “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free.” If “Palestine” must be “free” from the Jordan River all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, the Palestinian cause is not about ending “occupation,” or stopping “settlements,” or anything that the establishment media tells us about it. It is, rather, about destroying Israel altogether, as The Palestinian Delusion documents in detail. Until that goal is attained, as Urooj Rahman elegantly put it, “This s–t won’t ever stop.”

The same thing can be said of the jihad all around the world. As The History of Jihad shows, for 1,400 years the goal of Islamic jihad activity has essentially been “This s–t won’t ever stop unless we f–kin’ take it all down.” While there were occasional periods in which jihad violence against non-Muslim states grew less active and virulent, these pauses were not occasioned by a general rejection in the Islamic world of the idea that jihad must be pursued, or by reform of Islamic doctrine. The doctrine always remained; the wherewithal to put it into practice ebbed and flowed.

Although non-Muslim scholars and analysts routinely insist that Islam is a religion of peace and jihad is a spiritual struggle, Islamic scholars have stated otherwise throughout the history of Islam. In his book War and Peace in the Law of Islam, Majid Khadduri, an Iraqi scholar of Islamic law of international renown, says this about jihad: “The state which is regarded as the instrument for universalizing a certain religion must perforce be an ever expanding state. The Islamic state, whose principal function was to put God’s law into practice, sought to establish Islam as the dominant reigning ideology over the entire world….The jihad was therefore employed as an instrument for both the universalization of religion and the establishment of an imperial world state.”

Or more succinctly and pungently: “This s–t won’t ever stop unless we f–kin’ take it all down.”

This is not a new idea. The twelfth-century Maliki jurist Ibn Rushd stated: “Muslim jurists agreed that the purpose of fighting with the People of the Book…is one of two things: it is either their conversion to Islam or the payment of jizyah.” Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee, assistant professor on the Faculty of Shari’ah and Law of the International Islamic University in Islamabad, states that Ibn Rushd “leaves no doubt that the primary goal of the Muslim community, in the eyes of its jurists, is to spread the word of Allah through jihad, and the option of poll-tax [jizya] is to be exercised only after subjugation” of non-Muslims.

Or here again, “This s–t won’t ever stop unless we f–kin’ take it all down.”
Meanwhile, the Left’s anti-Americanism, and determination to “f–kin’ take it all down,” has been on abundant display in the recent riots, and continues, to the apparent delight of Muslims such as Urooj Rahman, Zahra Billoo, and Imraan Siddiqi. When she was arrested, Rahman was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES REGARDLESS.” The Arabic word for “struggle” is, of course, jihad.

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is author of 19 books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His latest book is The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the Middle East Peace Process. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.


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Hold China accountable – this bill protects US technology, property - Rep. Devin Nunes

by Rep. Devin Nunes

Strong measures are needed to protect Americans from China’s depredations and to finally dissuade Beijing from continuing them.

The Communist regime in China is a dishonest trade partner, a malign actor in global geopolitics, a predatory lender, and a singularly minded threat to the combined economic and national security of the free world.
Strong measures are needed to protect Americans from China’s depredations and to finally dissuade Beijing from continuing them. Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have run a years-long investigation of Chinese threats. Under Chairman Mike Rogers, the committee issued a comprehensive report as early as 2012 warning about the strategic threats posed by Chinese telecoms firms Huawei and ZTE.
Thursday, I am continuing this work by introducing the Holding China Accountable Act, which would improve the security of American innovation from China’s constant assaults. The bill would implement three effective measures:


Require Chinese firms to conform to either U.S. or European accounting standards. This would end China-based companies’ ability to evade the full auditing requirements that apply to other participants in U.S. capital markets.

Prohibit travel to the United States by Chinese nationals whose visit to the United States involves science, technology, engineering, mathematics or a related field. The bill allows for this restriction to be waived in any year in which the president certifies to Congress that in the preceding year, China has not provided state support of cyber espionage against a U.S. company and that no person or entity in the U.S. has engaged in espionage against a U.S. company on China’s behalf.

Tighten requirements on university reporting of foreign funding. The bill would reduce the reporting threshold to $25,000, designate China, Russia, Iran and North Korea as covered nations, and increase the fine for noncompliance.

China has launched a well-orchestrated campaign to dominate key sectors of the global economy. To this end, the full power of the Chinese state is exercised to gain market share for state-owned companies, including through seemingly philanthropic investments in infrastructure that become debt traps for developing nations. Beijing exploits this dominance to advance Chinese geopolitical interests and to undermine democratic institutions.
American universities are a particular focus of Beijing’s operations. Their open settings and emphasis on collaborative scientific research make them primary targets for the theft of U.S. innovation by Chinese agents and others bribed by the regime in Beijing. 
Leading Chinese firms have been incubated and developed based on innovations stolen from the West. Funded with virtually limitless government capital, they are promoted overseas by Chinese diplomats who bribe and threaten in order to secure market share. Beijing is thereby replacing Western influence throughout the globe, particularly in nations that have infrastructure loans through China or receive significant amounts of foreign direct investment.

China is also the world’s most prolific cyber pirate. The information targeted for theft is not limited to traditional foreign intelligence targets, such as classified government networks — in fact, Chinese hackers have been found stealing data from virtually all sectors of the U.S. economy. Much of this is primarily of commercial interest and has been leveraged to gain an advantage for Chinese state-run firms.

American universities are a particular focus of Beijing’s operations. Their open settings and emphasis on collaborative scientific research make them primary targets for the theft of U.S. innovation by Chinese agents and others bribed by the regime in Beijing.

Through its Thousand Talents Plan, China recruits foreign scientists to assist in stealing foreign technology, while Confucius Institutes on U.S. university campuses function as Chinese state-run propaganda enterprises that, according to the American Association of University Professors, “advance a state agenda in the recruitment and control of academic staff, in the choice of curriculum, and in the restriction of debate.”

The Chinese intent to transfer everything of strategic value from the United States to mainland China is well documented. In response, the United States government has pursued numerous high-profile prosecutions, including the arrest of Chinese agents operating within the United States and the indictment of Chinese intelligence officers responsible for cybercrimes.

Since Beijing is continuing its unchecked program of massive theft of U.S. intellectual property and technology, we are left with no choice but to adopt stronger defensive measures. My bill will put Beijing on notice that America will not sit by idly while our citizens’ hard work and innovations are shamelessly stolen to benefit a totalitarian regime with global aspirations.

Rep. Devin Nunes


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Why Don’t These #BlackLivesMatter? - Brian C. Joondeph

by Brian C. Joondeph

From random shootings in Chicago, to the targeting of black neighborhoods for abortion clinics, why don't these black lives matter, too?

Black Lives Matter is a political advocacy group, “[f]ounded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer,” according to the group’s website. Never mind that the George Zimmerman trial was a complete fraud, as Joel Gilbert brilliantly explained in his recent book and movie, “The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America.”

BLM is a self-described global network, which explains why protests and riots sprang up seemingly spontaneously all over the world after George Floyd’s death. Starting in Minneapolis, protests quickly spread to far off locales including New Zealand, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

On their website, BLM states that they, “practice empathy.” Yet in 2017 this happened.
A white teenager cowers in a corner, his hands bound with orange cords and his mouth covered with tape. Four African Americans kick and hit him and slash at his scalp. As a cellphone camera captures their blurry images and broadcasts the ordeal on Facebook, the attackers hurl racial insults and denounce President-elect Donald J. Trump.
As reported by the New York Times: “A hashtag linking the assault to the Black Lives Matter movement exploded on social media.” Were the four attackers card-carrying members of BLM? Does it matter? After all, every police officer is a white supremacist and racist based on the actions of four cops in Minneapolis. Generalizing can work both ways.

BLM claims these noble goals: “We embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with one another.” They are, “huided by the fact that all Black lives matter.” Do they walk the walk, or just talk the talk?

Do the lives of Gregory Lewis, Teyonna Lofton, or Angelo Bronson matter? These are not and never will be household names like George Floyd. The Obama Foundation website won’t feature their faces. Michelle Obama won’t show pictures of any of them on her Instagram page. The justice brothers, Jesse and Al, won’t be hustling their deaths. Benjamin Crump won’t be representing any of their families. Dr. Michael Baden won’t be reviewing their autopsies. Members of Congress won’t take a knee for any of them. And there certainly won’t be widespread protests and riots over their deaths.

Why not? All three are black. Don’t their lives matter, too?

YouTube screen grab

These poor souls were victims of another weekend in the killing fields of Chicago. As the Chicago Sun Times reported: “18 murders in 24 hours: Inside the most violent day in 60 years in Chicago.” This was last weekend while millions were proclaiming around the world that black lives matter.

“We’ve never seen anything like it, at all,” said Max Kapustin, the senior research director at the University of Chicago Crime Lab.

Yet I don’t hear Democrats, the DNC media, woke celebrities and athletes, or any race hustlers showing the least bit of concern. Where are the Obamas? This carnage occurred in their home city. Will any cable news networks be live streaming the funerals? Will Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ban funeral gatherings of more than ten for these individuals while encouraging gatherings of thousands of looters on Michigan Avenue?

Why don’t these black lives matter? These aren’t simply statistics but real people leaving lives, dreams and families behind.
A hardworking father killed just before 1 a.m.
A West Side high school student murdered two hours later.
A man killed amid South Side looting at a cellphone store at 12:30 p.m.
A college freshman who hoped to become a correctional officer, gunned down at 4:25 p.m. after getting into an argument in Englewood.
Chicago was home to 653 murders in 2016, more than the total in New York City and Los Angeles combined. Who was president in 2016? Who had eight years to “fundamentally transform America” when he wasn’t busy lowering the sea levels?

Interestingly CNN reported, “Chicago's homicide rate decreases for the third straight year.” Who has been president the past 3 years? Obviously, CNN won’t notice that association because Orange Man Bad. In their reporting, President Trump is a racist and white supremacist. The declining murder rate must be due to Obama, despite it being much higher when he was in office. CNN made the same claims crediting Trump’s economy to Obama.

It’s not just Chicago where black lives don’t seem to matter. Look at the last hundred homicides in Baltimore. One only has to go back to mid-February of this year to hit the 100 mark. The race of most victims was listed as “unknown” yet 29 of the 100 were blacks.

Antwan Phillips, Jared Hill, and Tyrone Henderson were among the victims, but no one will be wearing a T-shirt showing their names or faces. Jesse and Al won’t be at their funerals. Nancy Pelosi won’t take a knee on their behalf. Why don’t their lives matter?

Last January, 14 were killed by a roadside bomb in Burkina Faso, including seven children. A week earlier, 35 people, mostly women were killed in a terrorist attack. Did any of these black lives matter? Where were the protests? Or kneeling? Where was Michelle Obama’s #BringBackOurGirls hashtag she used as first lady, long before Donald Trump was a presidential candidate?

YouTube screen grab

The woke kneeling liberals sing the praises of Planned Parenthood, founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger whose goal was “to exterminate the Negro population.” Their abortion clinics are disproportionately “located in ZIP codes with higher percentages of blacks and/or Hispanics than the state’s overall percentage.”

In New York City, home to some of the worst rioting, while blacks make up 25 percent of the NYC population, 46 percent of abortions were black babies. Shockingly more black babies were killed by abortion in NYC than were born alive. By contrast, Whites make up 44 percent of the NYC population but only account for 12 percent of abortions. Why don’t the lives of aborted black babies matter?

Will these protests cause a surge in Chinese coronavirus cases? Where are the protests occurring and who will be most affected? According to CNN,
Black Americans represent 13.4% of the American population, according to the US Census Bureau, but counties with higher black populations account for more than half of all Covid-19 cases and almost 60% of deaths, the study found.
Social justice warriors are happy to congregate in urban areas, ignoring the social distancing and mask mandates that the rest of us have been clubbed with for the past three months, potentially spreading the Wuhan virus to blacks, many of whom live in the protest zones. It is almost as bad as protesting in a nursing home. Don’t those black lives matter?

Liberal do-gooders are hijacking George Floyd’s death for their personal quest for power, money, and furthering their Marxist agenda. From defunding police departments to saying, “Some white people may have to die”, as a University of Georgia graduate student recommended.

If black lives truly mattered, there would be calls for more school choice and fewer abortions, more emphasis on intact nuclear families and less on reparations for events hundreds of years ago. But those are not part of the BLM political platform, contradicting their supposed message.

From a true advocate for social justice, Martin Luther King, Jr, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” If black lives truly mattered, that would be the emphasis of BLM and their liberal sycophants. Otherwise America will become a balkanized country, populated by fools who let our once shining city on a hill crumble into the ash heap of ruin.

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a Denver-based physician and freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in American Thinker, Daily Caller, Rasmussen Reports, and other publications. Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and QuodVerum.


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China Will Regret Playing Politics with the U.S. Racial Protests - Con Coughlin

by Con Coughlin

Already there are signs in Europe of a hardening attitude towards Beijing.

  • The more Beijing tries to cover its tracks regarding the outbreak, however, and instead continues to indulge in conducting blatant propaganda campaigns against its geopolitical rivals, the more isolated Beijing will become.
  • Already there are signs in Europe of a hardening attitude towards Beijing. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who angered Washington earlier in the year by pressing ahead with a trade deal with China's Huawei telecoms giant, has now said he will review the decision, and is planning to introduce legislation that will limit China's ability to invest in British companies.
  • The European Union, too, has suddenly found the resolve to stand up to Beijing, voicing its opposition to Chinese plans to rewrite the rules overseeing the administration of the internet which would far better suit Beijing's totalitarian outlook.

The deeply offensive propaganda war China has launched against the U.S. over the killing of George Floyd is nothing more than a clumsy attempt by Beijing to seek revenge against Washington for supporting pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. Pictured: Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, on June 9, 2020, mark the one-year anniversary since pro-democracy protests erupted. (Photo by Anthony Wallace/AFP via Getty Images)

The deeply offensive propaganda war China has launched against the U.S. over the killing of George Floyd is nothing more than a clumsy attempt by Beijing to seek revenge against Washington for supporting pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.

At the height of Hong Kong's pro-democracy demonstrations last year, a number of prominent American politicians from both sides of the political divide voiced their support for the campaigners.

In November American President Donald Trump, defying calls from China to block the legislation, signed two bills supporting Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters.

The activists also received support from U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who described the protests as a "beautiful sight to behold."

More recently U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came to the defence of the territory's 7.5 million residents after China's ruling communist party (CCP) unilaterally imposed new security measures that undermined Hong Kong's semi-autonomous status.

"The United States stands with the people of Hong Kong as they struggle against (China's) increasing denial of the autonomy that they were promised," Mr Pompeo declared at the end of last month.

The Secretary of State followed this by announcing that the territory would no longer enjoy special status under American law, a move that could add a negative impact on Hong Kong's status as a major financial hub, thereby increasing the pressure on Beijing's already battered economy.

Washington's increasingly assertive policy towards Hong Kong has not been well-received in Beijing, where Chinese President Xi Jinping defiantly pressed ahead with the imposition of the new security laws despite strong protests from the U.S.

In an attempt to seize back the initiative, Beijing's communist rulers are now attempting to exploit the widespread civil unrest that has erupted across the U.S. over the killing by a white policeman of a black man, George Floyd, who was allegedly resisting arrest, to launch a propaganda offensive in defence of its actions in Hong Kong.

China's state-run media has falsely accused Washington of having a "double standard" by supporting anti-China protests in Hong Kong, and criticising China's record on human rights at a time when Washington has been struggling to cope with anti-racism protests in America.

In a brazen attempt to portray China as being a more stable power than the U.S., state-run Chinese television stations and newspapers have aired vivid images of the protests, with graphic footage of looting and rioting. They claim Chinese citizens have been cheering the unrest, insisting that the riots are retribution for the Trump administration's support for activists in Hong Kong. At the same time CCP activists have been busy trolling American politicians on social media, with China's Xinhua state news agency poking fun at Ms Pelosi's comment about last year's Hong Kong protests by describing the unrest in America as "Pelosi's beautiful landscape".

Beijing's propaganda campaign to equate the protests in America with the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong has prompted a fierce rebuke from Mr. Pompeo: "As with dictatorships throughout history, no lie is too obscene, so long as it serves the Party's lust for power. This laughable propaganda should not fool anyone."

Beijing's increasing use of propaganda and fake news, in relation to both the coronavirus pandemic and the Floyd killing, could ultimately prove to be counter-productive.

Early on during the Covid-19 outbreak, many global bodies were prepared to give China the benefit of the doubt, even though doubts persisted about China's role in creating the pandemic.

The more Beijing tries to cover its tracks regarding the outbreak, however, and instead continues to indulge in conducting blatant propaganda campaigns against its geopolitical rivals, the more isolated Beijing will become.

Already there are signs in Europe of a hardening attitude towards Beijing. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who angered Washington earlier in the year by pressing ahead with a trade deal with China's Huawei telecoms giant, has now said he will review the decision, and is planning to introduce legislation that will limit China's ability to invest in British companies.

The European Union, too, has suddenly found the resolve to stand up to Beijing, voicing its opposition to Chinese plans to rewrite the rules overseeing the administration of the internet which would far better suit Beijing's totalitarian outlook.

All of which suggests that, if Beijing continues to indulge in using propaganda and fake news to attack the U.S. and its allies, it may come to rue the day it tried to play politics with the killing of an American black man in Minnesota.

Con Coughlin is the Telegraph's Defence and Foreign Affairs Editor and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Gatestone Institute.


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