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Veteran Diplomat: Obama No Israel Lover

by Jonathan S. Tobin

While Obama campaign surrogates are spending the summer beating the bushes trying to convince Jewish voters not to believe anything they saw the president do to Israel during his first three years in office, a veteran Washington peace processor and critic of Benjamin Netanyahu has the chutzpah to tell the truth about the state of the U.S.-Israel relationship, in an article in Foreign Policy today. Aaron David Miller spent 24 years working for several administrations, pushing hard to force Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians. But he understands the difference between presidents who care about Israel and ones who don’t. In an article in which he forecasts “Turbulence Ahead” for the U.S.-Israel relationship if President Obama is re-elected, Miller says one of the key problems is the attitude of the man in the White House:

I’ve watched a few presidents come and go on this issue, and Obama really is different. Unlike Clinton and George W. Bush, Obama isn’t in love with the idea of Israel. As a result, he has a harder time making allowances for Israeli behavior he doesn’t like. Obama relates to the Jewish state not on a values continuum but through a national security and interest filter.

It’s true that the president doesn’t emote on many policy issues, with the possible exception of health care. But on Israel, he just doesn’t buy the “tiny state living on the knife’s edge with the dark past” argument — or at least it doesn’t come through in emotionally resonant terms. …

In this respect, when it comes to Israel, Obama is more like Jimmy Carter minus the biblical interest or attachment, or like Bush 41 minus a strategy. My sense is that, if he could get away with it, the president would like to see a U.S.-Israeli relationship that is not just less exclusive, but somewhat less special as well.

Miller doesn’t pull punches about Netanyahu’s shortcomings nor does he blow the current difficulties out of proportion. He rightly acknowledges this isn’t the first time there has been tension between the two nations. But Miller’s discussion of Obama’s view of the Jewish state goes right to the heart of the problem. Obama’s apologists can deny these facts all they want, but the ordinary pro-Israel voter isn’t fooled, which accounts not only for the polls that show the president bleeding support but also for the Jewish charm offensive the administration has been conducting in recent months.

As Miller points out, the impending crisis about Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons makes the need for close cooperation between the U.S. and Israel vital. But Obama’s coldness toward the Jewish state not only creates dangerous daylight between the two nations but also undermines the notion that Israelis should defer to and rely on the United States in a crisis. If the president is unhappy about the prospect of Israel striking out on its own on Iran, he has no one to blame but himself.

While Obama’s supporters keep trying to pretend there is no problem, Miller is merely saying what everyone already knows when he observes: “Obama’s views are much closer to the Palestinians than to Israel.”

As for the future, Miller points out that past confrontations between U.S. and Israeli leaders has led to them both being defeated for re-election, as was the case with the elder George Bush and Yitzhak Shamir in 1992. But Netanyahu is not in much danger of losing the next Israeli election. That means if Obama survives Romney’s challenge, the odds are the next four years will be difficult. As Miller writes, “Buckle your seat belts. It may be a wild ride.” That’s a prediction pro-Israel voters should take seriously this fall.

Jonathan S. Tobin


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Turkey Reportedly Mobilizes Tanks and Missiles to Border with Kurdish Syria

by Ilan Ben Zion

Erdoğan’s rhetoric regarding Syria has grown increasingly belligerent

A Turkish military truck transports a mobile missile launcher to the Syrian border, in Iskenderun, Turkey, on Wednesday. Turkey is deploying anti-aircraft units along its border with Syria following the downing of one of its warplanes by Syria. (photo credit: AP Photo)
A Turkish military truck transports a mobile missile launcher to the Syrian border, in Iskenderun, Turkey, on Wednesday. Turkey is deploying anti-aircraft units along its border with Syria following the downing of one of its warplanes by Syria. (photo credit: AP Photo)

Turkey has mobilized and deployed tanks and missile batteries on the Syrian border adjacent to a Kurdish region that declared autonomy from Damascus, the Turkish Cihan News Agency reported on Thursday.

Trucks loaded with battle tanks and missile batteries departed from the southern Turkish town of Sanlıurfa, bound for the Mursitpınar border crossing, the report said.

The border towns of Amuda, Derik, Kobani (aka- Ayn al-Arab) and Afrin were reportedly under the control of a Kurdish group called the Democratic Union Party, allegedly affiliated with the PKK.

The mobilization of Turkish troops toward the border came a day after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned that Kurdish control over western Syria could prompt Turkey to invade.

“If there are formations that are being set up right now that [result in] a terrorist act, then it is our most natural right to intervene,” Erdoğan said.

The presence of Kurdish groups affiliated with the PKK could provide Turkey with a casus belli in Syria, analysts believe. The PKK, a Kurdish group designated by the US, the EU, and Turkey as a terrorist organization, has waged a decades-long conflict against Ankara.

Erdoğan’s rhetoric regarding Syria has grown increasingly belligerent since the uprising there broke out 16 months ago. Last month, Syria shot down a Turkish Air Force jet, which nearly prompted military retaliation by Turkey.

Ankara warned Syria earlier this week that any cross-border violence would be repaid in turn.

Ilan Ben Zion


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Iran's 'No to Mandatory Hijab' Campaign Grows

by Joanna Paraszczuk

As Cyber Police announce Facebook crackdown, Iranians protest obligatory Islamic dress code on social networks.
Photo: Ruth Eglash

A Facebook campaign against the obligatory veiling of women in Iran continued to grow this week, attracting over 15,700 'likes' by Thursday - even as Iran's Cyber Police vowed increased crackdowns on the social network, and after morality police raided and closed Tehran coffee shops for serving improperly-covered women.

Liberal students from Iranian universities launched the Facebook campaign, called 'No to the Mandatory Hijab', two weeks ago. Since then, thousands of Iranians have 'liked' and commented on the Facebook page, which reads "Rules cannot force anyone to do anything, this includes all people and all women all over the world". The page asks Iranians to send in photographs that are then posted to Facebook with a banner that reads 'Unveil Women's Right to Unveil.'

The campaign has also generated enormous interest across the Persian-language cyberspace, with blogs, Twitter and Facebook discussing it.

While she has not sent her photograph to the Facebook campaign, Ayatollah Khomenei's granddaughter, Naimeh Eshraghi, also criticized the mandatory hijab this week.

Eshraghi, a petrochemical engineer, told the Jamaran news site that her grandfather had never actually decreed that Iranian women most cover their heads.

"I have a positive view on the hijab, and personally I like it," Eshraghi said. "However, I'm not really interested in the chador (the usually black, floor-length, full body covering, whose name means 'tent' in Persian), because it makes things hard for me and also, when a woman is dressed from head to toe in black it doesn't really make too pretty a sight."

Notably, another of Khomenei's granddaughters, Zahra Eshraghi, has also previously spoken out against the mandatory hijab.

Ironically, Iran was the first Muslim country to ban the veil. In 1936, Reza Shah Pahlavi - the father of Mohammed Reza Shah - banned the hijab and the chador, and ordered the police to arrest women who appeared in public wearing it.

Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, however, the hijab has been compulsory for women in Iran.

However, over the years, many women have pushed the boundaries regarding head-coverings.

This month, the Iranian police launched a new campaign against 'un-Islamic' clothing and hairstyles. In a single July weekend, the Basij 'morality police' and regular officers raided and closed down over 50 Teheran cafes found to be serving improperly veiled women, ISNA reported.

(Such crackdowns are not uncommon - in January, the Iranian police launched a campaign against sellers of 'pernicious Western' Barbie dolls.)

Meanwhile, Iran's Cyber Police announced this week that it was cracking down - yet again - on Iranian use of the social network.

In an interview with the Iranian Students News Agency on Tuesday, Cyber Police chief Kamal Hadianfar said the authorities planned to take down sites on Facebook and elsewhere on the internet that promoted "prostitution and licentiousness".

"In 2010, Facebook was a free country for criminals, but thanks to Allah and the Cyber Police, over the past 15 months we have made great progress in cleansing social networks, especially Facebook," Hadianfar said.

The Cyber Police chief boasted that the authorities had already shut down a major Facebook page, Daf & Paf.

According to Reporters without Borders, in January the Cyber Police arrested four Iranians allegedly involved in setting up the Daf & Paf page which had 27,000 members and allowed Iranians to take part in an online beauty contest by uploading photographs of themselves.

Radio Zamaneh, a Persian-language news site based in Amsterdam and blacklisted by Iran's Intelligence Ministry, reported on Wednesday that several Iranian Facebook users have said their accounts have been hacked in the past few days.

Some Iranians, however, are fighting back against the crackdowns and against the Islamic dress code.

Since the police shut the Daf & Paf site down, Iranians created several 'protest' Facebook pages, one of which features a bareheaded woman in an off-the-shoulder dress with an above-the-knee hemline.

Meanwhile, the 'No to Obligatory Hijab' campaign has attracted support from men as well as women, including several prominent Iranian figures. On Thursday, writer Moniro Ravanipor - who formerly faced trial in Iran for taking part in the 2000 Berlin Conference - sent in her photograph. Also featured on Thursday was human rights activist Kourosh Sehati, who was arrested and detained for helping organize the July 1999 student uprisings, which led to street battles in downtown Teheran.

The pro-democracy Iran Press News website, which posts news from inside Iran, reported recently that several people attacked Basij 'morality police' officers after they arrested a young girl in southeast Teheran for violating the Islamic dress code.

Joanna Paraszczuk


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No Illusions about Egypt

by Isi Leibler

The government of Israel is making all the right noises and appropriate statements in expressing hope that the new government of Egypt will maintain the cold peace.

But we should be under no illusions. Even the greatest optimists cannot gloss over the reality that the Islamic forces of the Muslim Brotherhood seeking to control Egypt are ultimately committed to revoking the peace treaty. Their motives stem not merely from nationalist xenophobia, but are deeply rooted in fanatical extremist Islamic ideology, which is infinitely more intense and inflexible. Although former President Hosni Mubarak treated Israel like a pariah and exploited popular anti-Semitism, in comparison to these Islamic zealots, he would be considered a “liberal.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is the organization that spawned Hamas and remains adamantly committed to wiping the “Zionist entity” off the face of the map. This was reiterated last month by its leader Mohammed Badie, who called for “imposing Muslim rule throughout Palestine” and “freeing it from the filth of Zionism.”

It represents the most intolerant wing of Islam, rejecting coexistence with other religions, and is renowned for persecuting and harassing Christians. The Brotherhood is not merely dedicated to imposing Shariah law in Egypt but is fervently committed to achieving global conquest on behalf of Islam.

Its leaders, who during World War II allied themselves with the Nazis, are notorious for promoting rabid anti-Semitism. The imams continuously remind their followers that Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs and deserve to be killed as enemies of the Prophet Mohammed. They have a long tradition of assassinating opponents, terrorism and suicide bombings.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood is pragmatic and politically savvy and thus disinclined to overplay its hand, initially avoiding extreme behavior which could result in a break with the U.S. and Western countries and lead to a total meltdown of the already disintegrating Egyptian economy. It recognizes that Mubarak’s ouster was principally propelled by economic factors and that if it is to retain power it must feed 80 million Egyptians.

U.S. administration spokesmen are burying their heads in the sand when they imply that once the Brotherhood is in control it is likely to act responsibly and provide a pluralistic environment for Egyptians. Even more absurd are the reassurances that it is undergoing a liberal transformation and committed to maintaining a democratic system of government. Similar delusionary nonsense was disseminated about Hamas when it “democratically” gained control of Gaza.

Every “elected” radical Islamic group has ultimately imposed a regime in which political opponents and other independent societal elements were marginalized. One need only observe the more "democratic" and "liberal" Erdogan Islamist regime in Turkey which, in a relatively short time, completely eradicated the reforms of Kemal Ataturk, imprisoned the former military leaders and replaced the secular military government with an Islamic authoritarian regime. The Muslim Brotherhood is far more radical than its Islamic Turkish counterpart.

The reality is that democracy cannot survive in a society dominated by Islamic extremists who brook no opposition. Indeed, much as we despise authoritarian, dictatorial and even totalitarian regimes, precedents clearly indicate that a regime ruled by Islamic fanatics is likely to be far more oppressive than a military autocracy.

Although weakened, the military did dissolve the Islamic fundamentalist-dominated parliament, and still represents a barrier to total Muslim Brotherhood control. But it is likely to avoid a direct confrontation unless it is confident it has public support. In this explosive environment, U.S. pressure on the military to stand down can only serve to further undermine Western interests and lead to intensified oppression.

We should not expect newly elected President Mohammed Morsi to be a moderating influence. His recent undertakings to act on behalf of the entire Egyptian people are totally out of synch with his long-standing record of support for hardline Brotherhood policies.

Just prior to the election, Morsi announced that the Quran would be the constitution of Egypt and “that this nation will enjoy blessing and revival only through the Islamic Shariah. I swear for Allah and before you all that regardless of the actual text [of the constitution] ... it will truly reflect the Shariah.”

Morsi, who refused to accept a congratulatory call from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that he would honor Egypt’s existing international agreements, including the peace treaty with Israel. Yet he repeatedly includes the caveat that it is necessary to re-examine the 1978 Camp David agreements and that if Israel’s leaders (to whom he previously referred as "vampires" and "murderers") did not keep their commitments to the Palestinian people, Egypt was not obliged to honor the peace treaty. Oft-repeated chants expressed at his rallies included “Morsi will liberate Gaza," “Jerusalem will become the capital of the united Arab nation,” and “Death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.”

Setting aside the current “standoff” with Israel, there is every likelihood that at a future time of his choosing, like Yasser Arafat, Morsi is likely to suggest that the Prophet’s violation of the Treaty of Hudaybiya in 629 C.E. on the grounds that agreements with infidels and Jews need not be honored was a historical precedent that could be applied against Israel.

Any doubt about Morsi’s outlook towards the West was clarified with his televised inaugural presidential speech, which the U.S. government ignored. He proclaimed that “it is my duty to make all efforts” to seek the release of the “Blind Sheikh,” Egyptian Omar Abdel Rahman, who headed the terrorist group that allegedly orchestrated the assassination of Anwar Sadat, was accused of being allied with Osama Bin Laden and is now serving a life sentence in a North Carolina prison for conspiring in 1993 to destroy the World Trade Center and seeking to bomb New York City landmarks.

In reporting this, The New York Times observed that Morsi had previously remarked that he suspected that unknown hidden hands might have played a role in the 9/11 World Trade Center bombings, saying, “When you come and tell me that the plane hit the tower like a knife in butter, you are insulting us.”

Now, notwithstanding undertakings to Jewish leaders that he would not invite Morsi to the White House unless the Egyptian president made a public commitment to genuinely adhere to the peace treaty with Israel, U.S. President Barack Obama has announced that he will be hosting the man who will urge him to release an unrepentant, major, global terrorist leader.

We in Israel are on the front lines. We may enjoy relative tranquility from Egypt in the short-term due to the prevailing chaos and restraints from the military. However, Hamas now feels confident that in the event of a future clash with Israel, Egypt is likely to provide it with maximum support and may ultimately even join it in confronting us.

This means that our border with Egypt will need to be strongly secured and Israel must gird itself for an increase in terrorist attacks emanating from the Sinai Peninsula. These are likely to include missile attacks, making the relationship with Egypt extremely fragile.

The only bright side of this dismal picture is the awareness by our adversaries of the incredible power of the Israel Defense Forces. This ultimately represents the greatest deterrent against any further deterioration in relations or escalation of assaults against us.

Isi Leibler’s website can be viewed at He may be contacted at


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The Great Muslim Cover-Up

by Daniel Greenfield

Over in Toronto, a Muslim cleric with the unwieldy name of Al-Hashim Kamena Atangana had a great idea. Al-Hashim’s idea was for Toronto to pass laws forcing women to wear burkas. “Cover up or get raped,” was the implied message. Toronto only has an estimated 5.5 percent Muslim population so the Toronto Taliban probably won’t be getting their way until they have higher double digit numbers, but they can wait.

Meanwhile in Egypt where the population is 90 percent Muslim and the other 10 percent are running for their lives, a new TV channel represents a brave new frontier in Islamic feminism. Maria TV features women giving lifestyle and makeup tips while wearing full niqab, which covers their faces and leaves only their eyes exposed. According to some Saudi clerics who think that women are only allowed to leave one eye exposed, this makes them either a bold feminist experiment or shameless strumpets.

In a country where Tahrir Square has become synonymous with sexual assault; the Al-Hashim paradigm is taking hold. There are photos of female students at Cairo University from the 60′s and 70′s that showed them dressing like women did in the 60′s and 70′s. But by the time Obama showed up to praise Cairo University as a great representative of Islamic civilization, the cover-up had begun. The question is where will the cover-up end and what will the Cairo University class of 2020 look like? They probably won’t have faces, but will they even have eyes?

You can attend a university with your head covered, even with your face covered, but it gets harder to attend class when your eyes are covered. If the trend means anything in a decade Muslim feminism will mean fighting for the right to keep one eye open in a creed that wants everyone to keep their eyes shut.

The West has reacted to the Islamic cover-up with its own cover-up. The Western liberal will run through the gamut of his own civilization’s sins before reluctantly admitting that some parts of the Muslim world may not be an ideal place to be a woman, but he immediately reaches for a rolled up copy of the New York Times and uses Tom Friedman’s latest report from an airport’s luxury lounge in Dubai or Kuala Lumpur as proof that the reforms are coming.

Indeed if you read anything from Tom Friedman, who is expert at writing books about how the world is becoming a global village because it’s so ridiculously easy for him to fly anywhere on his frequent flyer miles, that is all he can talk about. Saudi Arabia is constantly being reformed. Why in 1962 it abolished slavery and recently the Saudi king has agreed to let women vote in municipal elections in 2015. This is naturally a big deal in an absolute monarchy that has been ruled by the same family for longer than it had oil companies.

There is no question that King Abdullah is a great feminist. If you doubt that just ask any one of his 13 wives. It may be true that women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive or leave the country without permission from their husband; but so long as Tom Friedman has a comfortable seat and an alcohol-free drink whenever he flies to Saudi Arabia, the reports of reforms will keep on coming about this cheerful outpost in our global village.

We all live in villages. Our village is a place where women are considered human beings, but in the village that is an ocean and a desert away, women are considered property. The problem is that lately our two villages have been overlapping thanks to the heap big magic of the airport. Americans travel to Saudi Arabia, where they are told to cover themselves up and respect the local customs, and Muslims travel to Canada where they tell the city of Toronto that it needs to cover up its women or they won’t be responsible for the consequences. Our village just can’t seem to win.

This is not the sort of stuff that you put in tourist brochures, this is the sort of stuff you cover up, and these days our nations exist as long tourist brochures covering up the problems and extolling the virtues of all these people who visit, move in, learn to fly planes and ram them into buildings.

Our tourist brochures say, “Diversity,” but diversity is another one of our village’s unique virtues. It’s not a virtue when you reach Saudi Arabia, and it’s not a virtue when Saudi Arabia reaches us. Our noble commitment to diversity leads us to diversify by investing in multiculturalism, but many of the men with thirteen wives and sharp knives in that other village are not interested in multiculturalism.

The Taliban showed us what they thought of multiculturalism when they blew up Buddhist statues and the Islamists in Mali are showing us what they think of multiculturalism with a rampage directed against Sufi shrines. The Muslim Waqf in Jerusalem is continuing its vandalism of the remains of the Second Temple. All of them are following in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia which has waged a campaign of destruction against the cultural artifacts of every other culture.

In India, Hindus had the temerity to sing in their own country during the month of Ramadan, which ended in violence as furious Muslims tried to explain their views on multiculturalism with big rocks. In that same spirit, Al-Hashim Kamena Atangana, like so many other Muslim clerics, is trying to explain to us that while in our village it may be the custom to treat women as human beings, in his village it is the custom to treat them as property.

The Al-Hashims bellow that Western women should act more Muslim and Western feminist groups encourage their members to try on hijabs as gestures of tolerance and servitude. That great Islamic feminist, King Abdullah and his thirteen wives, whose kingdom spends billions on such propaganda, no doubt approves, and wishes they would move on to not driving cars as another gesture of tolerance for our new wonderfully diverse village.

The hijab is the gateway to the burka and both are just forms of mobile purdah, the segregation that requires a woman to stay at home. And if she can’t stay in her tent, then she can only go out while wearing a big black tent that goes everywhere she goes.

Under the burka, the Muslim woman is still locked up in her room in her husband’s house even when she’s out and about in the marketplace. It is a liberal concession that allows her to occasionally leave the house while still being locked up in the house. And this brilliant bit of Islamic feminism, this reform which says that women can occasionally leave the house and shouldn’t be raped so long as they’re wearing a tent that makes it look like they’re still in purdah, is just one of the ways that Islam is enriching our multiculturalism with its monoculturalism.

Western liberals respond to the problem with the same methods as Middle-Eastern Islamists. Their solution to everything is the great cover-up. Muslims cover up women, Western liberals cover up the Muslim abuse of women. Muslims are afraid of dealing with the idea that women are more than mobile property and Western liberals are terrified of dealing with the idea that this is what Muslims actually believe about women.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, whether it’s for the bacteria that thrive under full body robes or the kind that thrive in ideologies which try to control everyone. No matter how many cover-ups are made and how many cloaks, hijabs and burkas are thrown over the truth, sooner or later the cover-ups have to end and the truth has to shine forth.

Daniel Greenfield


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Islamic Center Must Violate Our Laws in Order to Have Religious Freedom

by Eric Allen Bell


Friday morning, 4:10 am, Los Angeles, CA: I am being wired for sound. There are big hot lights pointed in my eyes, a screen depicting the Los Angeles skyline behind me, and a camera pointed at my face. In a few minutes I will be addressing a live audience of millions of viewers, about what I believe to be the defining issue of our time, the Islamization of the West.

I have reviewed all of the facts available to me, concerning recent Federal Government lobbying on behalf of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. I’ve read every news report on the subject I could find. I have consulted attorneys and experts, and sent over all of my notes to this major news network, to be vetted. And I have memorized all of the facts and condensed them into a few short sound bytes, in preparation for the moment that I am introduced, any minute now.

“Eric, shall we introduce you as a former Liberal documentary filmmaker?” a voice asks in my earpiece. “Sure, that sounds about right.” I answer, “Just either you mention or I’ll mention that the film was supposed to expose what I thought was Islamophobia, until I learned the truth about Islam.” Silence for a moment, and then, “Okay, please stand by”. I sit up on my seat and review the bullet points in my head one last time:

- The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is building a 53,000 square foot mega mosque, in defiance of a court order, having obtained their permits illegally. The foreign born, Muslim Brotherhood-aligned Islamic leaders were court-ordered to stop, but have continued to build.

- Additionally, the Islamic Center had indicated publicly that, in spite of being denied an Occupancy Permit, they still intended to occupy their new compound in time for Ramadan. It seems to me that loyalty to Islam comes first, before anything, including respect for the law in America. And I see this trend happening all over the country right now and in Europe as well.

- I personally have no objection to any group worshipping in peace, but I do take issue when that group refuses to abide by our laws

- Judge Corlew, of Rutherford County, had ruled the permits void due to a violation of the open meetings act. The Mayor had been exposed, lying on the witness stand in court, about having financial dealings for many decades with a Board Member of the Islamic Center. He had first said he had never heard of this Egyptian Muslim leader, Essam Fathy, but only minutes later it was proven that Dr. Fathy was an important part of the Mayor’s substantial personal income.

- On Wednesday of this week, there were two discreet “Emergency” lawsuits filed, at the same time. One was filed by Ossama Bahoul, the Egyptian Cleric of this massive Islamic compound. But what I found especially bizarre was that the other was actually filed by the Federal Government – using our tax dollars. This had to have taken quite a bit of planning, timing and calculation. The alliance here is disconcerting and raises a lot of questions.

- Both lawsuits were heard immediately, and a ruling was made the same day, by a Federal Judge in Nashville, saying that the Islamic Center would be granted an emergency restraining order against Corlew’s ruling, so that the Islamic Center could celebrate Ramadan in their new compound, instead of at their existing facility. This unexpected move had all of the appearances of a backroom deal. The people of the affected community already had their day in court and won – but their lawyers were not informed of this hearing until after the fact. So I question why the Federal Government is circumventing the will of the people, and lobbying on behalf of an Islamic group – especially one with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

I had gone over my sound bytes one more time in my head, “So it seems that the Federal government is not only lobbying on behalf of an Islamic group. But the message here appears to be this – that not to allow the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro to violate our laws – is somehow a violation of their religious freedom”.

Show time: Another voice comes over the ear piece and says, “Eric, I’m so sorry but your segment has been preempted. There’s been a shooting at a movie theater in Colorado and we have to go to that right away. Can you come back tomorrow?”

In the car, on the way home, I listened as the morning news radio covered the tragedy. A young man entered a movie theater, shooting and killing many in attendance. It was premeditated. He has psychological problems. And experts predict that this might hurt how the latest “Batman” sequel will do in the box office. Every media outlet out there was covering this event and new details came to light, because if they did not, you might change the channel.

Horrible as this tragedy was, something like this happens every few years here in America. Meanwhile, brutality on this level is the norm in the Islamic world. However, in Islam a violent action such as this one is commanded in the Koran, as the person carrying it out is only following the example of the highest moral authority in Islam – the man to be imitated – Mohammed, who had said in Koran: 3:150 “We shall strike terror into the hearts of the Infidels.”

Anyone who is paying attention can see that Political Islam is on the rise, nuclear armed and colonizing Europe and America. Everyone else is either ignoring this alarming development, or else making apologies for it. In America, Political Correctness makes this subject difficult to talk about. And in Europe, “hate speech” laws make it nearly impossible. Add to that the distractibility of the comfortable classes – which when compared to much of the world, would be just about all of us in the West, and one can see a perfect storm forming.

It is clear that a new Islamic caliphate is forming in the Middle East. As the Arab Spring degenerates into an Islamo-Psycho Summer, the Muslim Brotherhood assumes power in Egypt. Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi won - using as his campaign slogan, “The Koran is our Constitution! Mohammed is our Leader! Jihad is our cause!”

Here in America, Nonie Darwish, a well known and highly respected Apostate from Islam, published an article. In it she states that as many as 90 + percent of Muslim Egyptians, living in the United States, who voted in the Egyptian elections, voted for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate. I find this rather disturbing bit of information even more infuriating, given the lack of sufficient coverage of this by traditional media.

Meanwhile, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation appears to have taken over the UN. They are calling for an international law which forbids the mocking of any prophets or religions – although I think they have one prophet specifically in mind. Abdou Kattih, the Muslim Brotherhood aligned Treasurer of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, made a statement that Muslims in America should also demand this. The statement was scrubbed from the web, but I have made it available on my site, www.GLOBALINFIDEL.TV .

Muslim Brotherhood front groups infiltrate nearly every aspect of American life – from politics, to culture, to the law, education and even our food. Islamic colonization in Dearborn, Michigan and recently in Tennessee, result in a sharp rise in radicalization at mosques – where anti-American sermons have become commonplace and terrorist ideas are spread. I often think about what it must have been like in Germany, in the 1930s, for anyone who was trying to get through to the people before it was too late – before telling the truth became a crime – and I stay the course.

On the ride home from the news room, I thought more about the theater tragedy in Colorado. And I could not help but remember reading that Muslim Apostate, Ali Sina, had announced a few months earlier his plans to make a full length feature film, promising to depict the true story of Mohammed. His intentions were to reveal the truth, about this “prophet”, a blood thirsty tyrant, a pedophile, a slave owner, a deranged lunatic who suffered from auditory hallucinations, from a cruel imaginary friend named “Allah”. Allah told Mohammed to behead his critics, to kill the Jews and the Christians, to torture and stone people to death, to rape and to keep sex slaves (this is how he met his wife, Safia), and to spread his “religion of peace” by the sword, until the entire world submits to Islam. And today, this mandate of forcing the world to submit to Islam, remains in place.

When the article was published, I received a lot of emails telling me that I should speak to Ali Sina about his movie idea, given that I had made some films and spent most of my career in the entertainment industry. So Ali Sina and I spoke.

I said I admired his courage and felt very strongly that this was a movie that had to be made. But I added that there was probably no way he would ever get a theatrical release. Movie theaters would be afraid of the violent backlash. The life of Mohammed would have to be released on DVD or online – streaming on demand. The production would have to be financed privately and the movie shot in secret locations. In theaters, this would literally be a movie that “bombed” – whether suicide bomb, pipe bomb, time bomb, car bomb – every jihadist knows that they are commanded to kill anyone who dares to “insult the prophet” and that the surest way to get to Paradise is to “die in Allah’s cause”.

That said, I knew there were millions of people who would want to see this film, for many generations to come. If I were in a Hollywood pitch meeting, I would describe this as “Braveheart” meets “Lolita” as war and sexual abuse pretty much sum up the life of Mohammed. If such a movie did get released, the availability of this information could potentially change the course of history. Ali Sina’s vision was a cause I could believe in, and I hope that one day this brave Counter Jihadist can make it materialize.

But our conversation was also a sobering one, as we discussed whether or not Ali Sina would face the same fate as the Danish cartoonist Kurt Vestergaard, who received death threats, followed up by a Somali Muslim intruder, armed with an axe and knife and entered his house, for drawing pictures of Mohammed. These simple drawings actually lead to about 100 deaths, the bombing of the Danish embassy in Pakistan, setting fire to the Danish Embassies in Syria, Lebanon and Iran, storming European buildings, burning the Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, French and German flags in Gaza City and a letter bomb being sent to the Jyllands-Posten newspaper. All of this – for offending “the religion of peace”.

Would making a full length feature film about the founder of Islam bring about the same fate as Theo Van Gough, the filmmaker, who was brutally murdered for making a short film, which criticized the treatment of women in Islam, or author Salman Rushdie who faced a death Fatwa, placed on him by an Iranian Ayatollah for his book “The Satanic Verses”?

Anyone who knows the truth about the “religion of peace” knows that Islamic terrorists would kill people in nearly every movie theater this movie about Mohammed was to be shown. The Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre would most likely be a daily nightmare, played out over and over, if a movie depicting the life of Mohammed ever reached the big screen. And that is why it never will be.

And on the extraordinarily off chance that such a biopic could be shown in theaters, the Leftist blogs, the New York Times and several others would immediately put a spin on the nonstop violent outbursts. They would say that a peaceful religion had been hijacked by a few radicals. And then they would probably blame the filmmakers for offending Islam. Some would say that America had it coming, while others would insist that this is not the true Islam.

And in time, perhaps the world would go back to sleep. Or maybe violent retaliation on this scale, for simply telling the truth about Mohammed, was what it would take to wake the Western world from its suicidal slumber. estimates there have been over 19,000 acts of Islamic terrorism, just since 9/11 alone. However, when I brought this up, while being interviewed by “The Nashville Scene” the reporter kept shifting the topic, to 8 Christian abortion clinic bombers.

When I got home from the newsroom, I was disappointed that I had been preempted. But I did return the next day. And I reported, for two and a half minutes, on how the Federal Government had lobbied on behalf of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. And then it was over and the coverage of the Colorado movie massacre continued.

If there is a “hidden agenda” in the media, it is hidden right out in the open. They deliver what we demand. And right now, the American public does not demand to know the truth about the greatest threat facing the civilized world today. Instead, they want to enjoy their morning cup of coffee with up-to-the-minute updates on a shooting at a movie theater, a Scientology celebrity breakup and whether or not Mitt Romney is “likeable” enough. And it is this, America’s addiction to entertainment that makes us weak.

To fault any one network for this would be unfair. But I will say this, the network that only a year ago I despised, Fox News, seems to be the only 24 hour news network that has the courage to even acknowledge that the threat of Political Islam even exists, and has the courage to refuse to ignore what the media outlets are hoping will just go away.

When I first appeared on “Fox and Friends” I was invited back, several more times, because of the amount of calls, tweets and viewer email asking that Fox bring on more guests, who will talk about the very real threat of Islam and what we can do about it. If the media has an agenda, it is to keep you tuned in. And if you are more interested in knowing about the biggest threat the world faces today, that being the alarming colonization of Political Islam, email your news network of choice and let them know!

But there is hope. With or without the help of big media, the people of Murfreesboro, TN continue to fight back. Recently I received numerous documents through my website, which revealed infiltration into the student curriculum on the part of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. With each new article I exposed more, and the spokesman for that School District, James Evans, was caught lying again and again for the Islamic Center. And I’m not even close to finished with releasing even more documents on this.

The same week that my segment was preempted, shortened and rescheduled, the people of Murfreesboro, TN were working diligently on a grassroots level. The School Board meeting was packed – standing room only – with concerned parents demanding answers about an “Islam Awareness Day”.

A “Guide for Teachers of Muslim Students” was handed out, exposing what Abdou Kattih, the Syrian born Treasurer of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, had sent to the School Board. The School Board downplayed the significance of this, condescendingly telling parents that this item was not on the agenda for that night’s meeting. But one citizen had signed up to speak well in advance, and he was heard. When Kevin Neal Fisher spoke out, against the Islamic Center exceeding its rights under the First Amendment, and demanding that Muslim experts be consulted in choosing history and social studies books, the crowd rose to their feet in a thunderous standing ovation.

The local paper, The Daily News Journal, has bent over backwards, ignoring the countless red flags when it comes to the mosque, in order to advance the narrative that a bunch of “Islamophobes” won’t let this religious minority worship in peace. And their coverage the next day was no different. Despite local Channel 5 showing a room filled with hundreds of angry parents, the Daily News Journal reported that “dozens of concerned parents” showed up.

Even the spokesperson for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Syrian born Saleh Sbenaty, tried to downplay this bold move on the part of the ICM to infiltrate the school system. He blamed Abdou Kattih, a local Walgreens Pharmacist and ICM official, and said that the “Teachers Guide” had nothing to do with the Islamic Center, even though their name, address and website appear in the left margin of the page.

Recently I wrote to the leaders of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, after revelations that one of their Board Members, Mosaad Rawash, had pictures of well known Islamic terrorists on his MySpace page. I let them know that no matter what happens to me, I had accumulated enough information and documentation to make sure that their Islamist Compound would be exposed and stay that way. Their secret plans to “be more than just a religious facility” and to “gain a stronghold on Middle Tennessee” (which I had exposed) were not a secret anymore, and that more and more would come to light.

You see, it doesn’t really matter whether or not the people of Murfreesboro, TN stop construction of this terror-tied mega mosque, at the end of the day. Even with the Federal Government going out of its way to defend the Islamic Center, at the expense of our national security, everyone is now watching. Remember, the enemy of Islamic colonization is information. In the fight against Political Islam, so far I would say that our political leaders have been mostly useless.

Unfortunately, not much has really been achieved militarily, since 9/11, as Islamic brutality has only increased. At home, the amount of new mosque construction in America, since 9/11, has nearly doubled - with an estimated 80% of these mosques recieving some kind of funding from Islamic regimes or organizations that are hostile toward America. And our media has failed us as well, with a few notable exceptions.

Law enforcement has caved in to demands from the Hamas front group, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and shredded documents that might offend Muslims. CAIR oversaw this and we will now never know what vital intelligence was lost. CAIR has also successfully lobbied to remove important training manuals from law enforcement, having to do with Islamic terrorism – even changing the words themselves to “extremist groups” instead of Al Qeada, Hamas, Hezbollah or just “Islamic terrorists”.

The Fort Hood massacre, where a Muslim officer killed several military personnel in what he admits was an act of Islamic Jihad, must now be referred to by law enforcement as “workplace violence” courtesy of CAIR and our spineless DOJ and Presidential Administration.

Islamic Honor Killings are to be referred to as “domestic violence” so as not to seem prejudicial against Muslims. If this sounds too crazy to be true, and you think I might be making this stuff up, check it out for yourself. Do your own homework. It is crazy, and it is true. Imagine if during the Cold War era, the Federal Government allowed KGB agents access to classified CIA documents and caved in to demands that the words “Soviet” and “Communist” be removed, so as not to offend any Russians. That is the situation we are living in today, here in America.

Our culture, our laws, our educational system, our political system, law enforcement, the courts, the media – all of it has been compromised. During the Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest bust of an Islamic “charity” funneling monies to Islamic terrorists, a memo was discovered. It outlined the Muslim Brotherhood in America’s plans for what they are calling “Civilization Jihad”. Specifically this mandated that the Muslim Brotherhood “destroy the West, from the inside, using its own evil hands”. I would say its working. They are succeeding.

So what is left? What can citizens do, since we cannot rely on our own government to protect us? The answer in my view is really rather simple. In the oppressive Muslim countries were this strategy of “Civilization Jihad” was hatched, the Jihadist overlooked a couple of important details. Islam means “submission” and Islamists do not understand the power of a free press. And in the information age, in the age of social media, we now have more of a free press than ever before. And the Islamists also forgot to take into account the incredible spirit of the American people.

Every single one of you reading this article can become effective Counter Jihadists today, right now. It’s easy and it is your duty as free people. Liberty means you own you. And we inherited it from those who went before us and made incredible sacrifices to hand it down for us to enjoy, to protect and to preserve for future generations. This is a call to action. This is a call to duty. Liberty is paid for in installments, by each generation. Now is our time. Use social media. Share links on Facebook, in email, on Twitter, anywhere and everywhere you can. Information is the enemy of Islamic supremacy. Use it. The information age brings with it the potential to end 1,400 years of Islamic brutality. And Islam is brutal, to the core, as it has always been. You can stop its growth – and you must. Don’t wait around for our leaders to fix this for us. For as the saying goes, “When the people lead, the leaders will follow”.

Eric Allen Bell is the author of “The High Price of Telling the Truth about Islam”. He is also the Director of Global Infidel TV and Mosque Confidential – a whistle blowing site for concerned citizens, to come forward with material that will expose the Muslim Brotherhood in America or other subversive Islamic activity. Join him on Facebook at:


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Al-Qaeda, Islamists Seek Sharia State in Syria

by Ryan Mauro

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is on his way out and the best he can hope for is to create an Allawite mini-state for his loyalists. Al-Qaeda smells blood in the water and wants a piece of the pie once Assad falls. The Muslim Brotherhood, like Al-Qaeda, envisions an Islamic State of Syria. Some of the secular rebels determined to overthrow Assad are worried, warning that the Islamists are pulling the rug from under their feet.

The Assad regime began directly supporting Al-Qaeda as the U.S. invasion of Iraq neared, though the Hezbollah networks supported by Assad worked with Al-Qaeda before that. Now, Al-Qaeda in Iraq has turned its sights on its former sponsor, just as General David Petraeus predicted. One low-level Al-Qaeda operative in Iraq says, “Our big hope is to form a Syrian-Iraqi Islamic State for all Muslims, and then announce our war against Iran and Israel, and free Palestine.”

Saudi Wahhabists are recruiting and dispatching fighters to Syria and the regime is worried enough about Hamas to apparently assassinate one of its leaders. A Libyan Islamist militia leader with Al-Qaeda ties met with the Free Syria Army in November and is almost certainly responsible for the arrival of Libyan fighters afterwards. The Free Syria Army, consisting largely of army defectors, is generally regarded as a secular force but jihadists sometimes operate under its banner. For example, a video has surfaced of fighters claiming to belong to the Free Syria Army with the flag of Al-Qaeda in the background. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Mike Rogers, says there are about 300 different rebel groups in Syria and as many as one-fourth may be Al-Qaeda supporters.

The biggest foreign supporters of the rebels are Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia—all three of which support Islamists. One Islamist fighter belonging to a group called the Revolutionary Shield says he and 100 of his colleagues have been getting $120 per month for three months. He believes the funding comes from the Gulf countries and is distributed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar’s role is worrisome because it used its influence to help the Islamists in Libya. Secular Syrians accuse Turkey of doing the same thing, with one Kurdish leader explaining, “Turkey supports the Islamists in Syria and puts them out front.”

The opposition umbrella body called the Syrian National Council is based in Turkey and is being used by the Muslim Brotherhood to meet its stated “desire to coordinate the position of the opposition.” After the SNC was formed, it immediately sent a delegation to Qatar to meet with Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, a senior Muslim Brotherhood cleric. Syria expert Thomas Pierret believes about half of the leaders in the SNC are Islamists and they are in charge of distributing the funds provided by the international community.

Many secularist opposition figures have left the SNC because of the Islamist influence. One, Kamal Labwani, complained to about how the U.S. is pressuring the opposition to unite under the SNC. Another secularist, Walid al-Bunni, said, “We [secularists] became like extras.” Sherkoh Abbas of the Kurdistan National Assembly pit it bluntly: “[The SNC has] a hidden agenda to bring an Islamist, Sunni Arab nationalist regime to Syria by excluding the Kurds and other minorities.”

One of the leaders of the SNC is a prominent member of the American Muslim Brotherhood, Louay Safi.

He has worked as a top official in at least two Muslim Brotherhood fronts and was labeled an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the case against Sami al-Arian, a Brotherhood operative who served as the chief of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the U.S.

The Brotherhood allowed secularists to take the top post in the SNC in order to have an “accepted face” while controlling the body behind the scenes, as a top Brotherhood official explains here. It’s worked. The Friends of Syria, including the U.S., endorsed the SNC on April 1. Before that, on September 24, a State Department official took part in an event with an SNC representative that was organized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a member of the American Muslim Brotherhood. For the past six months, the U.S. Institute for Peace has been meeting with 140 opposition officials in Germany with funding from the State Department. The U.S. Institute for Peace works closely with John Esposito, one of the foremost advocates of the Brotherhood and its fronts.

There are plenty of Syrian secularists that could have been embraced by the West. On September 17, the Coalition of Secular and Democratic Syrians launched in Paris. “We are all against totalitarianism in any form and that includes Islamist rule,” a spokesperson said. Its President, Randa Kassis, says that at least half of the population wants separation of mosque and state.

“The Islamist groups, which are superbly financed and equipped by the Gulf states, are ruthlessly seizing decision-making power for themselves. Syrians who are taking up arms against the dictator but not putting themselves under the jihadists’ command are being branded as unpatriotic and as heretics,” she said.

The good news is that the Free Syria Army is, by far, the most popular opposition force and it has butt heads with the SNC. One reporter writes that FSA soldiers, many of which defected from the secular regime, “do not appear to consider themselves mujahedin or otherwise fit the stereotype of Islamic extremists. Accordingly, individuals…[say] Islam does provide them with inspiration and strength but they do not fight for Islam and their goals are generally secular.”

It’s common for Free Syria Army officers to express their disdain for Al-Qaeda and Islamism. “Al-Qaeda is not welcome here and everybody knows it. Their ideology is not accepted and their help will be refused,” said one officer operating along the Turkish border. Former SNC President, Burhan Ghalioun, predicts that a free Syria will end its alliances with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.

There are visible Syrian secularists inside and outside the country, such as: Riad al-Assad, Riad al-Turk, Kamal Labwani, Michel Kilo, Walid al-Bunni, George Sabra, Burhan Ghalioun, Fawaz Tello, Abdulbaset Sieda, Suhair Atassi, Fayez Sara, Randa Kassis, Sherkoh Abbas, Ammar Abdulhamid, Farid Ghadry, Zuhdi Jasser and countless secular defectors. Some of them are part of the SNC and others are not.

The demographics of Syria are often regarded as a barrier to the Islamists. About 10-13% of the population is Allawite, 10% are Christians, 10% are Kurds and 3% are Druze. These are all secular minorities. The majority Sunni population is divided between secularists and Islamists. This leads Dr. Barry Rubin to conclude that “Syria isn’t likely to see an Islamist takeover.” Others argue that the percentage of minorities is much lower than this, with the Christian population as little as 3.5%, Druze being only 1.7% and the Allawite population has been said to be as low as 6% by the Washington Post.

One problem in understanding the makeup of the opposition is the Assad regime’s years of deception. It has long worked hard to make the opposition appear to be wholly Islamist. Christians are persecuted but also pro-regime outlets are responsible for pushing stories, such as on claiming that 90% of Christians in Homs are being ethnically cleansed.

No one can tell what Syria will look like in one year or even a few months from now. It could be governed by Islamists or by democratic secularists. There may be a shaky balance between the two. Assad may carve out an Allawite refuge. Syria could descend into chaos, ravaged by sectarian violence and proxy warfare. There is simply no way to know.

Ryan Mauro


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Muslim Persecution of Christians: June, 2012

by Raymond Ibrahim

Saudi Arabia officially bans all religions other than Islam.

U.S.-backed rebels are committing Christian genocide in Syria, where they are sacking churches and issuing threats that all Christians will be cleansed from rebel-held territory. A mass exodus of thousands of Christians is taking place, even as mainstream Western reporters, such as Robert Fisk, demonize these same Christians for being supportive of the secular regime.

The bloody jihad waged against Nigeria's Christians, which has seen hundreds killed this year alone, now includes plans to kill Christians with poisoned food, as part of the Islamic organization Boko Haram's stated goal of purging Nigeria of all Christian presence.

During Egypt's presidential elections, Al Ahram reported that "the Muslim Brotherhood blockaded entire streets; prevented Copts, at gunpoint, from voting and threatened Christian families not to let their children go out and vote" for the secular candidate.

Meanwhile, under President Obama, the U.S. State Department, in an unprecedented move, purged the sections dealing with religious persecution from its recently released Country Reports on Human Rights. Similarly, the Obama administration insists that the Nigeria crisis has nothing to do with religion, even as Obama offered his hearty blessings to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood president, in the midst of allegations of electoral fraud.

Categorized by theme, June's assemblage of Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes, but is not limited to, the following accounts, listed in alphabetical order by country, not severity.

Church Attacks

Egypt: Because many visitors were in attendance, Muslims surrounded a Coptic church during divine liturgy, "demanding that the visiting Copts leave the church before the completion of prayers, and threatening to burn down the church if their demands were not met." The priest contacted police and asked for aid, only to be told to comply with their demands, "and do not let buses with visitors come to the church anymore." Christian worshippers exited halfway through liturgy; they were subjected to jeers outside. As the Christians drove away, Muslims hurled stones at their buses. Also, repairs to a Coptic church that was torched and gutted a year ago by rioting Muslims were woefully inadequate, leaving the congregation with a staggering debt from further necessary repairs.

Indonesia: A Muslim mob of 300 wrecked a store that was being used for a Sunday church service on the pretext that it had not obtained "permission to hold Mass." The mob wrecked the first floor of the store, breaking windows and damaging furniture. Police stopped the mob before it reached the third floor, where some 60 Christians had congregated. Twelve Christians were taken into custody for questioning; none of the Muslims was arrested.

Separately, in compliance with calls by Islamic clerics, authorities ordered 20 churches to be torn down after the closure last month of 16 smaller Christian places of worship in the same district. The congregations continue to hold services inside their sealed-off buildings as a few members stand guard outside.

Iran: Authorities ordered the closure of yet another church in the capital, Tehran, "amid a government campaign to crack down on the few recognized churches offering Farsi-speaking services," according to a human rights group. The church originally served Christians of an Assyrian background; however, "due to an increasing number of Farsi-speaking believers—mostly [MMBs] Muslim Background Believers—it [the church] has become a cause of concern for the authorities and they now ordered it to shut down."

Kashmir: A 119-year-old church was torched by Muslims. The local bishop "said that the Muslim fundamentalists want Christians to leave the state…. He said that the church had filed a case with the police but had been advised not to 'play up' such incidents." Christian minorities "are coming under growing threat from Kashmir's Muslim majority. A Christian human rights group in India said that over 400 Christians have been displaced as a result."

Kazakhstan: Land use regulations are being exploited "as a means to prevent religious communities and their members exercising freedom of religion or belief." Most recently, authorities "forced a Methodist church to close 'voluntarily'," and fined the wife of the Church's Pastor, who paid for an announcement in newspapers; it said the church was "liquidating itself," because "We do not want more punishment from the authorities."

Nigeria: Islamic militants attacked several churches with bombs and guns during every Sunday of the month; they killed dozens of Christian worshippers, and critically wounded hundreds, including many children. Growing numbers of Christians "dare not" attend church services anymore, even as reports suggest that some police are intentionally abandoning their watch prior to such attacks.

Sudan: Authorities bulldozed two church buildings to the ground and confiscated three Catholic schools, as a response to the secession of South Sudan in July 2011; the authorities said that such buildings, largely associated with the South Sudanese Christians in this Islamic-ruled country, are now unwelcome. Another church building belonging to the Full Gospel Church was destroyed in the same area two months ago, also on the claim that it belonged to the South Sudanese.

Turkmenistan: An Evangelical church in this Muslim-majority nation was raided by authorities: "All adult believers at the meeting were questioned about their faith and all of their Christian literature was confiscated." Their literature was returned two weeks later.

Apostasy, Blasphemy, Proselytism

Egypt: A Christian student handing out Christian literature in Assuit University "raised the ire of Muslim students;" this action apparently resulted in clashes on campus, and caused many injuries "amid shouts of sectarian chants." Likewise, a Salafi leader declared on Egyptian TV that Muslims have no right "to convert to Christianity."

Iran: Five months after five Christian converts were arrested, their condition and fate remain unknown. They are accused of "attending house church services, promoting Christianity, agitating against the regime and disturbing national security." Being imprisoned for 130 days without word "is an obvious example of physical and mental abuse of the detainees…. One of the prison guards openly told one of those Christian detainees that all these pressures and uncertainties are intended to make them flee the country after they are released." In addition, a young Iranian woman, who recently converted to Christianity and was an outspoken activist against the Islamic regime, was found dead, slumped over her car's steering wheel, with a single gunshot wound to her head.

Pakistan: A banned Islamic group filed a blasphemy case against a 25-year-old Christian man, later deemed mentally retarded. Muslims had converted him to Islam two years earlier, to use him as a pretext to annex his Christian village. In the words of a witness: "These people [Muslims] do not let us live. We are poor but are working hard to survive. On the night of the incident a mob of Muslim clerics gathered [around] our colony to burn us all because of the blasphemy Ramzan [the retarded man] committed. Everyone was scared. We all have small children in our houses and we didn't know what to do. The mob surrounded our colony and shouted a slogan to burn all the houses; they had torches in their hands and petrol in the cans. We called police; thank God the police arrived just in time."

Saudi Arabia: Thirty-five Ethiopian Christians who were arrested in December for praying in a private home remain jailed, even as Saudi officials offer contradictory reasons for their arrest. Meanwhile, the Ethiopian Christians have been beaten and subjected to interrogations and strip searches. Saudi Arabia formally bans all religions other than Islam. In 2006, Saudi authorities told the United States that they would "guarantee and protect the right to private worship for all, including non-Muslims who gather in homes for religious practice."

Sudan: A Muslim woman divorced her husband, a convert to Christianity; the court therefore automatically granted her custody of their two sons. When their father tried to visit his children, his wife threatened to notify authorities. "They might take the case to a prosecution court, which might lead to my being sentenced to death according to Islamic apostasy law—but I am ready for this," said the Christian. "I want the world to know this. What crime have I done? Is it because I became a Christian? I know if the world is watching, they [the Sudanese authorities] will be afraid to do any harm to me."

United States: Two Christian men in Saint Louis, Missouri received death threats from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard, apparently for converting to Christianity and preaching it. One of the men formerly served in the Revolutionary Guard and was once even assigned a suicide mission against Israel, before converting and immigrating to the U.S. "The two men believe that Islam is a religion that could easily radicalize a Muslim into a terrorist." Similarly, in Dearborn Michigan, Christian demonstrators exercising their free speech rights were stoned by Muslims shouting, "Allahu Akbar!" ["Allah is Greater!"].


[General Abuse, Debasement, and Suppression of non-Muslims as "Tolerated" Citizens]

Indonesia: "The number of violations of Christians' religious rights in Indonesia reached 40 in the first five months of the year, nearly two-thirds the amount of anti-Christian actions in all of last year," according to the Jakarta Christian Communication Forum. The Christian minority in Indonesia faced 64 cases of violations of religious freedom last year, up from 47 in 2010." Violence against Christians also increased.

Mali: "Islamists in control of northern Mali are enforcing a strict version of Sharia law that victimizes Christians, women and other vulnerable groups." The radicals took control of northern Mali in April after ousting the armed forces of the government of Mali. "All the Christians have left Timbuktu (the main city in north Mali) because of the Sharia law as well as because of the presence of people linked with al-Qaeda," said a Christian leader who fled from northern Mali.

Pakistan: Police are siding with the Muslims accused of beating a pregnant Christian woman, causing her to miscarry twins, and gang-raping her 13-year-old Christian niece. "Muslim criminals believe police and courts will give little credence to the complaints of Christians in the country, which is nearly 96 percent Muslim," adds the report. The Christian family is "paying a huge price for being poor … and for being Christian," said the uncle. "What can we expect from the police when they are not paying heed even to the court orders? They are distorting facts and have even gone to the extent of accusing a 13-year-old [raped girl] of committing adultery with three men." Another Christian politician's ID mistook him for a Muslim, causing him to insist "on the floor of the Punjab Assembly that he was born a Christian and appealed to them and the media not to indulge in propaganda against him that could incite Muslim extremists to kill him."

Turkey: Thousands of devout Muslims prayed outside the Hagia Sophia—formerly Christendom's greatest cathedral, now a museum—shouting, "Allahu Akbar!" and demanding that the building be opened as a mosque in honor of the jihadi sultan who conquered Constantinople in the 15th century.

South Africa: More than 70 students were kicked out of the Coastal KZN As-Salaam campus dormitories and are currently homeless because campus officials tried to make the students observe Islam, including by banning Bibles, which the students resisted. "All we wanted was to be free to practice our own religions and not be forced to follow Islam, but now we have been punished by being deprived of safe accommodation," said one student.

About this Series

Because the persecution of Christians in the Islamic world is on its way to reaching epidemic proportions, "Muslim Persecution of Christians" was developed to collate some—by no means all—of the instances of persecution that surface each month. It serves two purposes:

  1. To document that which the mainstream media does not: the habitual, if not chronic, Muslim persecution of Christians.
  2. To show that such persecution is not "random," but systematic and interrelated—that it is rooted in a worldview inspired by Sharia.

Accordingly, whatever the anecdote of persecution, it typically fits under a specific theme, including hatred for churches and other Christian symbols; sexual abuse of Christian women; forced conversions to Islam; apostasy and blasphemy laws that criminalize and punish with death those who "offend" Islam; theft and plunder in lieu of jizya (financial tribute expected from non-Muslims); overall expectations for Christians to behave like dhimmis, or second-class, "tolerated" citizens; and simple violence and murder. Sometimes it is a combination.

Because these accounts of persecution span different ethnicities, languages, and locales—from Morocco in the West, to India in the East, and throughout the West wherever there are Muslims—it should be clear that one thing alone binds them: Islam—whether the strict application of Islamic Sharia law, or the supremacist culture born of it.

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

Previous Reports:

May, 2012

April, 2012

March, 2012

February, 2012

January, 2012

December, 2011

November, 2011

October, 2011

September, 2011

August, 2011

July, 2011


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Aleppo Braces for 'Mother of all Battles'

by Rick Moran

While fighting rages in Syria's largest city of Aleppo, the pro-regime media is telling residents "You ain't seen nothing yet."

Australian Broadcast Company:

Fighting raged in parts of Syria's most populous city through the night and into Thursday, but one security source says the main offensive is still to come.

"The special forces were deployed on Wednesday and Thursday on the edges of the city, and more troops have arrived to take part in a generalised counter-offensive on Friday or Saturday," he said.

Rebel fighters have brought in their own reinforcements, with the source estimating that between 1,500 and 2,000 opposition fighters had arrived from outside Syria's largest city to reinforce some 2,000 already fighting in Aleppo.

"They are mainly present in the southern and eastern suburbs of the city, mainly Salaheddin and nearby districts," he said.

The airport is currently cut off from the city, as four of the five roads leading to it are under rebel control, he added.

Rebels also say a regime assault appears imminent.

"The army's reinforcements have arrived in Aleppo," Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi, a spokesman for the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Aleppo, said.

"We expect a major offensive at any time, specifically on areas across the southern belt, from east to west."

Colonel Okaidi added that some 100 army tanks - as well as a large number of military vehicles - have arrived in Aleppo.

So President Assad will probably succeed in crushing the rebels in both Damascus and Aleppo. But the rebels will simply move on to occupy another city, and the game will go on and on.

We haven't seen the last of the rebels in Aleppo. They'll be back.

Rick Moran


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A Morsi-Napolitano Jihadist Pipeline to America?

by Andrew Bostom

Team Obama saw fit to delay construction of the desperately needed Keystone pipeline --jeopardizing U.S. energy security by extending our unnecessary reliance on fossil fuels from Muslim countries which use their profits from this trade to foment and actively fund jihadism.

Now it seems the Muslim Brotherhood (and its even more overtly bloody offshoot)-supporting Team Obama policymakers are creating another variety of "pipeline," compatible with their repeatedly ludicrous, see-no-jihad ideological predilections.

Here is the depressingly plausible scenario by which such a dangerous travesty could unfold.

Al-Masry Al-Youm reported this past Saturday, July 21, 2012, that the recently elected MB President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, pardoned and released 572 military detainees, including 25 leaders of Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Jama'a al-Islamiya, jihadist groups who have employed mass-murderous violence in Egypt, and well beyond, to impose the sharia. Indeed, earlier, within a week of being elected, Morsi gave a speech pledging to seek the release of Jama'a al-Islamiya founding member Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman (see pp. 8, 307), currently serving a life sentence at a U.S. federal penitentiary in North Carolina for his role in planning the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (which caused six deaths, 1,042 injuries, and nearly $600 million in property damage), and other acts of jihad terrorism within the New York City Metropolitan area.

Segue to the State Department-approved U.S. entry of the jihad terror organization Jama'a al-Islamiya's Hani Nour Eldin, now an Egyptian "parliamentarian," for sundry "consultations" -- including Nour's apparent direct petitioning for the release of Sheikh Rahman. During congressional hearings yesterday (7/25/12), before Congressman Peter King's Homeland Security Committee -- which highlighted the illegality of Hani Nour Eldin's being granted U.S. entry as a member of a federally designated (jihad) terror organization -- Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano made this frank, if alarming declaration:

... [A]s we move forward we are going to continue to have visitors to this country that the State Department and others feel are useful to bring to the country to have discussions moving forward who say they are members of the political party that in the past have been so designated[.]

Despite conceding Congressman King's point that Hani Nour Eldin's admission to the U.S. violated the appropriate ban on entry to Jama'a al-Islamiya members and regarding the failure of the State Department to even notify Congress and apply for a waiver, Napolitano argued, lamely, about overriding "nuanced" considerations.

We have to know what the group was. Is it now a political party that is running the government of a country that has strong ties to the United States?

Given this administration's stubborn cognitive dissonance about jihadism, and its openly avowed promulgators, who knows which murderous jihadist cum "politician" will next be arriving in Washington, D.C. for "consultations" -- and more potential U.S. security-compromising concessions? The MB's Egyptian President Morsi just released some future prospects Team Obama may already be considering.

Andrew Bostom


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