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Clean Out the Stables and Prepare for War - Part I

By Moshe Sharon

O believers, what is amiss with you, that when it is said to you: 'Go forth in the way of Allah,' you sink down heavily to the ground? Are you so content with this present life, rather than the world to come? Yet the enjoyment of this present life, compared with the world to come, is a little thing.

Qur'an, Sura 9 Verse 38)


Go forth light and heavy! Struggle in Allah's way with your possessions and yourselves; that is better for you, if you know.

(Qur'an Sura 9 Verse 41)

Based on Arberry, The Koran interpreted. London 1955.


From a new Middle East to the second Lebanon War

The second Lebanon War of the summer of 2006 has not yet come to an end. As this is being written, one round of the war has concluded in an intermission. It is only an introduction to the prologue. In the year past since the agreement on ceasefire the Hizbullah terrorists have been aligning for another "round" and another one after that, for many years to come. Over the last decade and a half, ever since the foolishness of the Oslo Accords, everything has been done to erode the nation's resolve, its strength, and its belief in the justness of its path. Contributing to this phenomenon has been a media mobilized to the insane idea of "peace" and a "new Middle East," various intellectuals who depicted peace as being just around the corner and prevented by the "occupation," which, if it were only to end, the End of Days would arrive immediately and Islam would lovingly accept the Jewish State. Orientalists and Islamists swept under the rug all of the truths crying out to them from every document that they researched, from the pages of every Arab newspaper that they read. They told the nation just how peace-loving the Syrians and the Palestinians were, how their only desire was that the occupation cease and a small state be established alongside Israel; things which do not appear in any authorized or semi-authorized Arab-Islamic document. They did not report about that which was openly stated nor did they relate to what anyone could read on the MEMRI website: that the demand to end the occupation is just a pretext to separate Israel from the few strategic assets still under its control and hold it hostage to the kassams of Hamas and the katyushas of Hizbullah. They repressed the fact, which they knew better than anyone else, that since 1979, when the 15th century of Islam (according to the Muslim calendar) began, the majority of the Muslim world has been engulfed in the fire of messianic expectations. From that point on, the molten lava of jihad, shot forth, poured into the Middle East and the world in general, and began to flow through the pathways and tunnels of fanatical Islamic fundamentalism, kindling half-dormant hopes and arousing the fire of hatred for everything non-Muslim everywhere. Over the course of an entire generation it has been boiling and blistering and amassing power daily. In its wake lie the Twin Towers from September 11 along with thousands of dead in Europe, the United States and in the Arab countries themselves, especially in Iraq.

Today it is clear to everyone who is prepared to confront unadorned reality, and they are the majority of people in Israeli society with the wish to live, that we have to take advantage of the short period of time left to us to prepare the army for the inevitable next war. It is already on the way.


The UN Resolution – a worthless piece of paper

Hizbullah is the immediate enemy. No one will disarm it because it has no intention of disarming and there is no one to coerce it to do so. The UN resolution on the issue was filed away long ago. The UN is collaborating with Hizbullah and none of its member nations has any interest in dealing with it. Why make life easier for Israel? Kofi Annan has already gone to Hizbullah's Canossa and shaken the hand of the murderer from South Beirut. As Hizbullah has no one to fear – and now not even Israel – it has no reason in the world to relinquish the power that renders it master of Lebanon.

After many years, during which the Shiites were the most wretched, backward and destitute segment of their country's population, they have now become the masters who can do whatever they please in Lebanon. They are supported by two countries that arm them to the teeth, provide them with massive economic support, and enable them to emerge as the spearhead in Islam's war against Israel. Thus, there is no reason for them to lay down their weapons willingly. In the world in which we live, arms are strength and that is all the more true in the Middle East. It is absolutely clear, therefore, that the Hizbullah will not emerge weakened from this stage of the battle but, instead, will become much more powerful. This interlude will enable it to learn the lessons of the campaign. The Iranians and Syrians have learned something as well. They will provide Hizbullah with anti-aircraft missiles and a significant quantity of anti-tank missiles as well as more accurate medium and long-range missiles.


A war that accomplished nothing

The Hizbullah army will not abandon even one position in the south. We will soon see how they upgrade positions and dig bunkers before the eyes and cameras of the IDF and the Israeli Government; the legions of journalists, intellectuals and peace-seekers will relate how quiet and good and beautiful it is in the flourishing, prosperous north; and the bed and breakfasts, yes, we mustn't forget the bed and breakfasts! That which transpired from mid-July to mid-August 2006, will be repressed in a collection of memories that ruin the picture and are best left forgotten. Let's say it clearly: Nothing was achieved in this war except for a ridiculous UN document and an interlude during which the enemy will have the opportunity to better entrench itself 700 or 70 meters from the border, in and under villages that were virtually undamaged. In the valleys surrounding them, thousand of rockets and other tools of destruction are stockpiled. If the organization lost some fighters (not many more than the IDF losses) that has not weaken it at all, as it has the ability to recruit thousands from within Lebanon and abroad in a short time: Shi'ites craving martyrdom are always available. They will come from Iran, Iraq and other Shi'ite communities. However, even without them, the pool of Shi'ites in Lebanon is huge, and several hundred of these Shi'ites have been undergoing guerilla warfare training in Iran for some time already. The Hizbullah army does not need to be large in terms of manpower. Hizbullah does not require divisions. It functions in small, fast units, which can easily hide in the houses, and the natural surroundings that they know better than anyone else. They are equipped with excellent anti-tank missiles and operate cheap missile launchers against civilian populations in order to spread death and devastation with no pangs of conscience. Conscience is not a commodity with which Hizbullah is equipped vis-à-vis the Lebanese citizens and certainly not vis-à-vis Israel. Therefore, the homes of the fellow Lebanese are its shelters and their babies are its human shield, and it has learned that it is dealing with Israeli fools for whom the lives of their enemies very often take precedence over the lives of their soldiers and civilians.

The Shi'ah of Hizbullah has taken control of Lebanon with the generous help of Iran and Syria and it will not relinquish it even if this means bringing about its total destruction. Lebanon will gradually be emptied of its remaining Christian population and zealous Islam will have achieved an important objective: One of the only two non-Muslim countries in the Middle East will just disappear.

Preparations for the next war must begin immediately in every sense: Both the forces at the front and the defense of the rear. The national list of priorities must be reordered, and defense must be elevated form fifth to first place in the existing distorted list of priorities, as without a country there is also no one to whom to distribute benefits; for a welfare state there must first be a state. At the same time it is imperative to shatter the myth which the State of Israel has been force fed by the guardians of morality, bleeding heart liberals, various peace camps and proponents of the new Middle East: There is no peace. There is no new Middle East. On the contrary, the old Middle East of the Middle Ages is still alive and well, a Middle East inundated by a zealous, combative, messianic and apocalyptic Islam, led by clerics filled with hatred for anything non-Muslim, and by their servants who have emblazoned on their banner the restoration of the caliphate and world domination. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not the only one who is giving public expression to this Islam; and he, despite the monstrosity of his turn of phrase, is not the most outspoken among them. It is worth listening to Yusuf Qardawi, the oracle of Muslim intellectuals, an anti-Semite from head to toe and the beloved of Ken Livingstone, mayor of London.

Ahmadinejad expresses just a small part of the Islamic political and military doctrine and not a particularly zealous brand of Islam, but rather an accepted, traditional Islam. However, modern Islamic zealotry has taken this tradition and singled out the doctrine of war and the hatred of the non-Muslim world, particularly the Jews. This Islamic zealotry encompasses large communities and speaks to the masses in a language that they like to hear. There is no point in engaging in armchair psychological analysis of the reasons for this. The facts speak for themselves. This is the Islam that sees bloodshed as a supreme value.


To murder, slaughter and decapitate

A clear example of this was the "spontaneous" demonstration held in London a few months ago in protest against the publication of several caricatures criticizing Islamic terrorism, employing the image of Mohammed (about a year after they were published!). This was a massive demonstration of Muslims. The banners brandished by the demonstrators included just the words: "Kill," "Slaughter," "Decapitate," "Prepare for the next holocaust" and other linguistic flourishes of this kind. In every demonstration held in Lebanon, Gaza, Nabulus, Ramallah, Iraq and many other places in the Muslim world, the demonstrators brandish any weapon on which they can lay their hands: rifles, missile launchers, hand grenades. The unfortunate among them can only brandish pistols. All this is accompanied by cries of hatred, the burning of flags and effigies and by promises of murder and destruction, especially for the Jews: "Slaughter the Jews!" is the oldest slogan.


Islam – the imperial fighting religion

Islam came into being as a fighting religion. Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, imposed his authority, first and foremost, by means of his military strength. He understood that even when speaking in the name of Allah, this must be accompanied by tens of thousands of fighters with drawn swords. Islam established an empire even before it crystallized as a systematic religion. It established its institutions, developed its theories, built its culture, and created its theological and legal systems only after it had established an empire. The imperial and religious aspects of Islam are interconnected. Without an empire – without a massive political framework, loose though it may be – Islam feels that it lacks a home.

The empire expressed Islamic power, prominence and virility. Islam was born in order to rule, to be great, as is only fitting for the religion of Allah which is one and exclusive. Allah's words in the Qur'an have guided the Muslims throughout the generations. They engraved them on their coins and repeated them at every opportunity: "It is He (Allah) who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that he may uplift it above every religion…" (Sura 9 verse 33). Mohammed is the last prophet and the greatest of all the chosen Messengers of God. Never before did a prophet of his caliber arise and never again will one arise. There is no prophetic mission greater than his and there is no validity to theories that preceded him if he did not validate them. The Jews and Christians, some of whose prophets' names appear in the Qur'an, cannot claim that they possess true, holy scriptures as all of the holy scriptures must be identical to the Qur'an. If in the Bible and the New Testament there are things that differ or are opposed to what is written in the Qur'an, the only possible conclusion is that the Jews and Christians are in possession of forged books. They, "the People of the Book," "changed and replaced" in their iniquity, that which is in their holy scriptures. There remains only one true prophecy and one true book and one universal legal system: The prophecy of Mohammed and the book of Allah – the Qur'an and the legal system of Islam that obligates the entire world forever.


Jews, Christians and the Islamic world order

It is possible that Jews and Christians may be allowed to exist until Judgment Day, when their fate will be ultimately determined: The Muslims will then kill all the Jews, because without this the conditions for Judgment Day will not have been fulfilled and the great "Hour" will not arrive. Those Christians who still remain, will certainly be sent to burn in Hell. Until that moment, Jews and Christians may only live in the shadow of Islam and only in accordance with the Islamic legal system. They will always have the status of dhimmis, that is they will live under the patronage of Islam, which will implement the canonical rule established by the Prophet: "Islam is supreme and nothing is superior to it."

This is the Muslim world order and it is alive and well and still functioning to this moment. It guides the Muslim outlook on life, the way in which they view the Islamic mission and the role of Islam in history, and it guides the attitude of the Muslims to the world beyond them. If two generations ago, these concepts were limited to the scholars and students in Muslim seminaries, today they are a political program, a means of action, a basis for political thought, a guide for fighters and a guide for government. One must look at the constitution of Hamas, which directs the Palestinian Authority in its war against Israel, in order to understand that these are not archaic religious theories, but rather the supreme ideas of conduct mandated by Islam and Muslims in the modern era.

Muslims are obligated to preserve and implement the Islamic world order and defend it against anyone who attempts to violate it. This is the natural order determined by Allah: One God, one religion, one prophet and one law, the law of God, the law that guides the community of Muslim believers – it and it alone is the community of Allah. Anyone challenging this Muslim law of nature rebels against Allah and should not be allowed to exist. Jews can live under Muslim rule, subservient to this law, but woe unto them if they try to emerge from the status of dhimmi, which the Islamic law has destined for them. Therefore, the establishment of the State of Israel in which the Jews not only are not under Muslim patronage but even rule over Muslims, has created a situation which is in contravention of the laws of nature. This is a distortion of history and there is no possibility that Islam will agree to accept it and certainly not to grant even its implicit approval. The establishment of a Jewish State on Islamic land is an open rebellion against Islamic law, insolence towards its prophet and impudence towards Allah.

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