Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stop Them with a Clear-Cut Victory Part I


by Moshe Sharon

1st part of 5

"We shall fight on the seas and oceans we shall fight with growing confidence… we shall fight in the fields and in the streets…we shall fight in the hills…we shall never surrender."

Winston Churchill 4 June 1940


The failure in Lebanon

The year is 2007; it is the beginning of September. I am writing this for readers in the future so that they will be aware of period in which this document was composed.

This time one year ago, the northern half of the tiny state of Israel was under constant attack of missiles that fell not only on villages, and on towns, conveniently called "the periphery" on such occasions, but also on Haifa, the major port of Israel, the centre of its heavy industry, oil refineries, and vital chemical plants. Any normal country would have retaliated by laying waste the territory from which such indiscriminate attacks were aimed at civilians and civilian installations. Any normal country would have declared war immediately on the country from which these attacks came and would have given orders to its army to conquer that country or at least those parts of it that were used as bases for the missile attacks.

The government of Israel did not declare war. Paralyzed by fear of the word "occupation" it announced that it would not conquer the enemy's territory, and prevented the army from responding by attacking civilian settlements even when the Hizbullah used Lebanese civilians as human shields, and turned schools, mosques and hospitals into missile launching sites. Moreover, the government did not understand the importance for Israel of achieving a clear-cut, indisputable major victory in this war; it failed to perceive the unusual harm Israel would suffer in the long run, if the Hizbullah could claim victory as it actually did. It failed to understand that without conquering the territory used for the launching of the missiles and by not retaliating against vital civilian as well as military installations first in Syria and then in Lebanon, the war could not be won.

Extraordinarily grave damage was done. The enemies of Israel, comprising all of the Arab countries in the Middle East (including Egypt and Jordan) as well as the rest of the Islamic world, are now convinced that Israel is a temporary entity that can be defeated and destroyed, and that its Jewish population can be exterminated. This notion has already infiltrated the minds and convictions of many in the West, particularly those who belong to the Left, who believe that the establishment of the State of Israel was a mistake, both moral and political, and one way or another must be eliminated.

Peace in the Middle East – no such option

The Western world, in particular the United States and Israel, have not yet come to grips with the gravity of the global conflict, which is developing rapidly on a daily basis. This is a war that fanatic Islam, which now engulfs the whole Islamic world, has declared on the West. The eradication of Israel by force from what is regarded to be the heart of the Islamic world is regarded to be a much needed major triumph and a necessary step for the successful march to victory in the rest of the world. The naming of Israel as the "Small Satan" represents this idea: once the small abomination is eliminated, the big one will also be destructible.

The failure of Israel and the United States, as well as Europe, to see that the world is in a state of war is characterised by the seasonal birth of "peace initiatives." That Israel has convinced itself that "peace is an option," even "the only option," in spite of the fact that its enemies are actively engaged in preparing its destruction, is one of the astonishing phenomena of our times. The Arabs read the signs coming from Israel correctly, and act accordingly. On the one hand, they are arming themselves to the teeth and preparing for war and, on the other hand, they talk "peace" and occasionally release "peace plans," which aim at turning Israel into an indefensible narrow strip of land that can be conquered in a single attack.

Successive governments of Israel, and the Saudi-influenced American State Department, backed by deluded, uninformed and defeatist media, have convinced themselves and the public over the years that once the Arabs sign an agreement, whether it is called a "peace treaty" or any other "accord," they are bound to honour it. Meanwhile, they have always demanded that Israel pay for such pieces of paper with territory vital for its security. Time and again, the Arabs have proved that they will keep the parts of any agreement as long as it suits them, and for the length of time it suits them.

After the signing of the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, it is said that the late President, Sadat remarked "Poor Menahem (Begin), I gave him a piece of paper, and he gave me the whole of Sinai." How right the Egyptian president was! Of the "peace treaty" with Egypt not much more has remained than a "piece of paper" representing an extended armistice, much like the one which existed between 1956-67, 1968-1973, and 1973-1979.

Egypt leads the world in the publication and dissemination of anti-Semitism, and this is only one of the clear violations of the peace treaty with Israel. Even Jordan, whose sheer existence is dependent on Israel's protection, is not observing all the clauses of the more recent peace treaty that it signed, and its media spreads anti-Israeli venom.

Moshe Sharon

Professor Emeritus of Islamic History and Civilization.


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Anonymous said...

Absolutly brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I second that!!!

Anonymous said...

No territorial concessions compromising Israel's security-even for bits of paper!

Anonymous said...

It is so refreshing to read something by a person who clearly has their head on straight. You seem to be the only one. Please keep writing, and try to get through to the MSM. It's an abomination.

Anonymous said...

Such a brilliant man with guts, with clear-cut insights. We all need you to fight the global terror and the sharia Muslims want to extend to all countries. "Liberté, liberté chérie", l'espoir se nourrit de liberté, pas de sang.
Abel Shoni

Anonymous said...

I was lucky to hear a lecture by Prof. Sharon in September 2006.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned. It is good to read the truth.

Anonymous said...

Simply the truth.

I might only add the obvious - that Egypt also has a Gaza border and it is high time the world wakes up to Egypt's side of the Gaza siege.

Will48 said...

"Peace" is a black propaganda device invented by the KGB geniuses in the early 60s, together with the "fight for peace". "Justice" is a code word for Arab revanchist demands. The real intended result is today, as it always was, to drive the ME towards the all-out war.

USSR did that to jack up the oil prices sky high, at the minimum, and to bring about the weakening of the West and its ultimate defeat.

The Iron Wall should go around the Arab/Muslim OCCUPIED World. Their industries and factories should be bombed, and bombed again if rebuilt. Let them drink their own oil and wallow in their own filth.

Nuke their armies, and in case of any major anti-Western atrocity, nuke Mecca. And Qom. And anyone of dozens of "third holiest" Muslim sites.

Survival of civilization on the Planet Earth, and Freedom or enslavement of the future populations, are at stake. We owe it to our children to fight for their Freedom.

Never give up, Never surrender!


Free People of the World, Unite!
Against Jihadi Genocide
Free Will and Candor will Prevail
Against the bloody Muslim Hell

We Choose the Freedom of the Thought
To Muslim Beast we Bow Not
Each individual is precious
Responsible he’s and courageous

Let the Thousand Flowers blossom
Fear Not the vile Colossus
We will smash it into dust
Overcome the Lies we must

Against the darkest Muslim Night
We Choose our Might and we are Right
We’re Free as long We Do No Harm
We care and tend for our young

We stand Opposed to the Oppression
To weak and gentle our Protection
The wicked Lies reject we must
In God of Truth we put our Trust.


Anonymous said...

Stop Islamisation Of Europe supports Israel


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