Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Islamists are Intimidating, We are Capitulating

By Raphael Israeli


The  new Zawahiri  broadcast tape, where  Islamists pursue their campaign of intimidation against the West  seems nothing new, but what does seem surprisingly new, compared with the legendary  fighting spirit of the British, is the seeming capitulation of  London and other European capitals to their tormenters , and in any case the baffling incomprehension that they exhibit of the Islamist phenomenon which has repeatedly declared itself so clearly as inimical to them.

Just consider the spirit of dhimmitude which has inundated the entire West due to its much-cultivated dependence on Muslim oil and the  humiliating consequences thereof. This state of mind, which dictated caution, surreptitious manoeuvering in order to survive, and a self-humiliating sycophancy toward the Muslim rulers in the hope of gaining their favor, has been inherited from many centuries of Islamic rule on vast swaths of Christendom, from Sicily to the Iberian Peninsula, from the Balkans to the gates of Vienna. This aggressive Islam which attempted, but failed to Islamize Europe, had subjected large Christian communities to the dhimmi regime  in the Near East that was conquered by the emerging new faith of Islam, like the Copts in Egypt, the Assyrians in Iraq, the Maronites in Lebanon  and countless other Christian communities which first became subjugated majorities and then systematically persecuted minorities in their own countries. This had  amounted in the final analysis, after many centuries of oppression and contempt by the rule of Islam, to a self-diminution of the dhimmis, a loss of their pride  and confidence in themselves, self-flagellation that they did not stand up to the standards set for them by their rulers, and a total distortion of their self-image and the image of their oppressors. So much so, that many Christians and Jews, years after being liberated from dhimmitude, continued to think and act as dhimmis, namely to hold themselves grateful to their Muslim masters, who beat, humiliated, and mistreated them.

What is more, the spirit of dhimmitude has been adopted, or taken over, by many Western societies today which, for reasons hard to understand or explain, pretend not to hear or comprehend Muslim threats, smile, and evince "understanding" in the face of those threats, and seem to be marching foolishly toward spiritual and cultural capitulation and enslavement. Take, for example, the regime of self-defense and of intruding into the privacy of the air-passengers, which has been imposed in airports all over the world in the past two decades due to Muslim terrorism. Instead of persecuting it and eliminating it at its roots, the West surrendered to it and adopted, at considerable financial, human and moral cost, measures to live with it, not to fight it, in what has amounted to submission to a mammoth collective punishment of innocents.  Even more ominous is the wholehearted and  even enthusiastic support of Europeans to Muslim fundamentalists on their own turf, when they rushed to sustain Bosnians and Kosovars  and other Albanian Muslims in Macedonia, that have been supported, financed and trained by revolutionary Iran, and many Muslim volunteers from Chechnya to North Africa and the Middle East, were recruited to fight  a Jihad for their cause.

So, again foolishly,  the West substituted  Muslim Jihad  and horrors for Serbian  ethnic cleansing and caused with its own doings, the severance of Christian continuity between the heart of Europe to the Aegean Sea, by creating and sustaining a continuous string of revived Muslim presence from former Yugoslavia  to Turkey, hoping thereby to extend the Turkish model of "Islamic  moderation" and salvaging the European borders from a Muslim onslaught. But it turned out that Kosovo  was totally subtracted  from Serbia under UN auspices, while in Turkey a Muslim fundamentalist party took over government  in 2002.

Now, following the London horrors, the British, who have for years given shelter to Muslim terrorists who clustered in London  under the liberal policies of then-Home Secretary Jack Straw, find themselves "surprised" and "shocked" that  the wind of "liberalism" they had sown now forces them to reap the whirlwind of terrorism. They have been talking about  "criminals", instead of Muslim terrorists or simply Islamikaze , once again making proof of their dhimmi state of mind which refuses to recognize realities or wishes to avoid offending the Muslims. We all know that criminals would take their risks and try to survive and enjoy the fruit of their crime, while the Islamikaze , as Zawahiri has again made evident,  do not expect any economic gains, for they pursue ideological goals and are ready to sacrifice their lives for them, if only they can make the West bend to their will.

So, instead of submitting to their intimidation, as we have shamefully done by yielding to our "punishment" in airports for the past two decades, and in Israel  at the entrance to every public building where we have to submit to thorough searches,  let us call a spade a spade, condemn the Muslim terrorists and the organizations behind them (by their own admission), instead of blaming the horrific acts of terror as if they were earthquakes or tsunami waves. Imputing this wave of evil to individual criminals or "suicide bombers" not only misses the point of identifying them  by name, but may even create some  pervert sympathy for them when one begins "understanding" their motives and deplore the poverty or the frustration that caused them  to go to their death and bring down with them multitudes of innocent people.

There is no prospect to  resist and survive this wave of Muslim evil unless we define it without mincing words. No other group of people, no adherents of any other faith have so relentlessly vowed to destroy Western culture as the modern Islamists have. There are plenty of poor and frustrated people in the favelas of south America, the shack cities of Asia  and the jungles of Africa. But in none of them is this unstoppable desire to kill  Westerners and Jews  as evident,  as   manifested by  the Islamikaze.  We have punished ourselves enough in our squeamishness to act violently against them, and we have tried in vain to skirt the issue of Islamic terrorism in a hope to see it go away. But it does not. Only shedding the remnants of the dhimmi spirit in all  Western minds may help us achieve that.


Raphael Israeli

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