Thursday, June 11, 2009

Your town is next (?) - The destiny of Europe !



Life and death : The West and Muslims.

Jews are guilty "because as a people, they are synonymous with liberty and the veneration of life on earth." For "Islamists—as for leftist believers," who personify "the impulse to destroy and perish…such a disposition is tantamount to a declaration of war." We have, in essence, betrayed our own civilizing imperative of which Judaism, along with classical Greece, is the fount and origin.


Moreover, in the west we have the fear factor. Jews do not issue fatwas, attend violent protests, scream obscenities and threats, outfit suicide bombers, hijack airliners, kidnap foreigners, launch terrorist raids and blow up buildings. This obviously puts them at a distinct disadvantage with the Western media, political classes and large segments of the general public who cringe before the menace of Muslim reprisals for perceived offences. Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 13028 deadly Terror Attacks since 9/11.


Is this the future of Europe ?  Is it already too late ?  Just open :


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