Friday, October 23, 2009

Our freedom and rights.


In the face of rising threats to their freedom and rights, Americans today are uncertain about what a proper foreign policy should be. This uncertainty arises from the philosophical influences of pragmatism and altruism, which have misguided American leaders for 50 years,  and have made it difficult for Americans to evaluate their leaders and to evaluate their actions. As a result, Americans have failed to forthrightly confront rising threats, and have not properly supported allies – in particular, Israel. We have, as a result, emboldened and empowered the worst threat to the West in centuries. Islamists pursue their campaign of intimidation against the West. Compared with the legendary  fighting spirit of the British, the seeming capitulation of European capitals to their tormentors and the baffling incomprehension they exhibit of the Islamist phenomenon which has repeatedly declared itself so clearly inimical to them cannot be explained.


History reveals very clearly that the apathetic give way to the passionate and the complacent are subdued by the committed. This is the time for people to rise up and defend our freedoms. Defeating Islam is the single most important issue of our time. It is more important than global warming, than welfare reform, than stem cell research, even than reproductive rights. And that's because none of those issues can be addressed if we've been subjugated to Islamic fundamentalism. Punish them where it hurts most. To understand more please open the two following videos:





Geert Wilders Warning to America Part 2 of 2




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