Monday, December 28, 2009

Double Edged.


by  Marc Prowisor

The US government has asked Israel to detail its operation in which Israeli Special Forces killed three terrorists who were responsible for the Thursday killing of a Jew near the community of Shavei Shomron in the Shomron region. This because the Arabs claim the terrorists killed were unarmed and of course, needless to say, completely innocent.

The fact is that in one of the places 2 M-16s were found and that these guns have been proven to be the weapons involved in the murder, means nothing, after all we are talking about upstanding citizens of the “Palestinian Authority”, and security personnel also, who may have been trained and equipped by the US, you know Dayton’s Boys.

Using a double edge sword in dealing with problems has its advantages and disadvantages. Yes, if used properly, it is a far more efficient weapon, however, if used sloppily and carelessly, it will often hurt and injure the one who is wielding it. The US is “checking Israel’s Tzitzit”, or sticking their nose a bit too far in Israel’s personal business, regarding its protection of its citizens and how Israel deals with not just enemies in words, but enemies in actions. I haven’t heard a US reaction to the murder yet that “blasts” the PLO regarding the involvement of its own arm in this heinous crime. We read how the “Palestinian” Security or Army arrested over 120 suspects in this murder, much to the praise of the IDF, yet of course released them shortly after. It is quite obvious and understood that the new Arab Army would never arrest one of its own over the mere killing of a Jew. I really do understand this and agree with them, this would cause a major rift and dismay among the Arab population of Judea and Samaria. Imagine it to be considered a crime to kill Jews, this would go against everything they have learned, and are still learning in grammar school.

Lets get back to that Double Standard, sorry I mean Double Edged sword that the US is using regarding Israel. There they are, all the State Department cronies and President Obama’s advisors all in a tizzy over Israel eliminating some murdering terrorists, while they wont even look into their own actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know it’s a different story over there, so many are dying there anyway, who cares, the Arabs don’t, the Human Rights people don’t, so why should the State Department or Prez Obama, I mean he doesn’t even care enough about Darfur to act. But Jews killing their enemies…. whoa! This is not acceptable, after all who did these guys kill anyway, a settler, what was he doing there in the first place, the nerve!

What goes around comes around, and as long as the US plays this game using a double-edged sword, mark my words, they will be cut. The Arabs they think they are defending will turn around and bite them in the fleshy part of democracy, probably sooner than later. The rights they think they are defending will come around and will shout back at them from the rest of the world, probably from the jesters at the sitcom of the “World Court” and “United damNation”.

I am saddened that the US is making a mockery of itself, it can be a great nation and leader again. The snickers and sneers heard around the world regarding the US upset me, I guess they are filtered out from Washington DC, they probably can’t be heard over the shovels in State and the Defense Departments.

Never less, nothing new, nothing surprising in the US reaction over the killing of a Jew in Israel, just wait how they will come down on Israel when we have to defend ourselves again from Hizbulla in the North, and Hamas in the south. Until then, we will continue to do what we do, and hopefully will return to be the terror of anyone who harms a Jew, anywhere in the world.


Marc Prowisor

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