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History of Jewish sovereignty over Israel over 3000 years



by Roy Chweidan




This short article, taking less than eight minutes to read slowly, is a necessity to educate the average citizen on the truth about the historic Jewish ownership of the State of Israel including Judea and Samaria (West Bank). A comprehensive treatise on the above subject would take hundreds of pages and very many hours to read, and almost no average citizen is prepared to do this, let alone remember the facts. This article fulfills this vital need.

This educational article is also essential to combat the world-wide belief in the truth of the fabricated, massive and continuous Moslem propaganda against Israel since 1948 up to the present time. This belief has become established because the degree of opposition to it from Israeli and Jewish sources has been negligible over the last sixty years. This situation needs to be changed with the assistance of all decent and honest people living outside Israel, by making universally known the real truth about the heroic history of the Jews in their own Land of Israel. This requires the large-scale dissemination of the truth below. This story of the Jews should also alarm the whole world as as to the zero credibility, real intention and modus operandi of the Moslem world in planning to take over the whole free world and to create a global Moslem state. Remember that ALL Moslems are brothers, and all Islamic terrorists are Moslems.

There is definitive historical and archeological proof of everything I state below, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, excavations by renowned archeologists, discovery of coins relating to various times in history and reference to books on the subject by world renowned authors.


Two million Jews living in Judea and Samaria including west bank in 1000 bc:

In 1000 BC King David established the Jewish kingdom of Judea with Jerusalem as its capital. There were approximately two million Jews living in Judea & Samaria (the area that in modern times became known as the "West Bank" of the Jordan River) with King David as overall leader. This area was at the centre of King David's Kingdom.

In 965 BC King Solomon began to build the first temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem which became the focal point of Jewish life forever and until today.

In 586 BC the Babylonians destroyed the first temple and the whole of Jerusalem, after defeating the Jews. Most of the Jews were exiled to Babylon. Thus up to this point in time, the Jews inhabited, ruled and owned the Land of Israel, including Judea and Samaria, for over 600 years.

In 538 BC the Jews were allowed to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and this process began in 516 BC.

Until 63 BC the area was controlled by the Greeks and the Romans but all the Jews were allowed to remain, so for nearly 450 years, in addition to the above 600 years, Judea & Samaria was inhabited by the Jewish people, whose population increased dramatically.

In 63 BC Pompey, the Roman military leader, conquered Judea & Samaria including Jerusalem and brought this area under total Roman control. (The Roman rule lasted for 7 centuries until the Arab conquest which took place between 634 AD and 642 AD.)

In 70 AD the Romans under Titus defeated the Jews living in Jerusalem, destroyed the city, occupied Jerusalem and destroyed the second temple.

In 73 AD the collective suicide of all the Jewish defenders of Massada occurred.

The Bar Kochba revolt of the Jews against Roman rule lasting 3 years was totally defeated by the Romans in 135 AD. Most of the remaining Jews were forced out of the Land of Israel and never allowed to return.

Proof of the great patriotism, bravery and love of their Land is emblazoned in the fact that the mighty Roman army took three years and over half a million Jewish dead before they could defeat the Jews.

It is vital to record that in the year 6 AD, when the Land of Israel was under Roman occupation, it was set up as a Roman province called JUDAEA (JUDEA), which was the heartland of the Land of Israel. It included Jerusalem and the whole of Judea and Samaria, which is now known as the West Bank.


At the time of the Bar Kochba revolt, the Roman Emperor Hadrian made a decision of great historical importance. He changed the name of the province from JUDAEA to PALESTINA. This name in the form of Palestine has existed ever since until 1948 when it was legally changed to Israel. It provides proof that the true Palestinians are only Jews, because only Jews were living in Palestine when it became so named. There are no Palestinian Moslems, not now or ever, because Moslems only lived in Palestine through their conquest of the Romans during 634 to 642 BC After this conquest, the Moslems deliberately built their Al Aksa mosque and the Dome of The Rock on the ruins of the Jewish Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. This was a deliberate act of treachery in order to try to eradicate all evidence of Jewish existence. The Moslems then declared Jerusalem and the Temple Mount as their holy site. The Moslems have no more rights to Palestine than do the Romans. After the defeat of the Jews in 135 AD, having lost over a million dead in the revolts ending in 70 AD and 135 AD, most of the Jews were exiled permanently and never allowed to return.


This forced exile of most of the Jewish people from their sacred land does not mean that the Jews relinquished legal and moral ownership of their land. This judgement has been confirmed to me by retired British Judge Gerald Rapport. For more than 1800 years all Jews, wherever in the world they were, prayed towards Jerusalem, their eternal capital and the eternal centre of all Jewish life. The Jews also yearned to return to Judea and Samaria (West Bank), which is the heartland of ancient Israel. It was not until 1967 that these dreams were totally realized.


Arab Moslems only came into existence as a result of the Prophet Mohamed, in 632 AD, which is 500 years after the forced exile of the Jews in 135 AD. He established the Islamic Moslem people from the Arab tribes who had become the predominant population in the Arabian peninsula, on which now exists Modern Saudi Arabia. Subsequent to that, these increasing numbers of Arab Moslems conquered Jerusalem and later the whole of the Middle East and settled in the whole of the Land of Israel. The Jews were scattered far and wide. From the sixteenth century until 1918 the whole of the Middle East was ruled by the Ottoman Empire

In 1947 the establishment of a Jewish State was passed at the United Nations, and on 15 May 1948 the State of Israel was officially declared by Ben Gurion and the country Palestine ceased to exist. All the Arab States which attacked Israel were decisively defeated and the new boundaries of Israel were determined by the United Nations after Israel had defeated its enemies.


The "Palestinians", a proxy of the Arabs were invented by the Arab League in Cairo in 1964 to delegitimise the State of Israel in its own land. The Palestine Liberation Organization was also established in 1964 when Israel's border with Jordan did not include the so called West Bank which the Arabs are now demanding for a Palestinian State. The Arab Moslems' use of the two words PALESTINE and PALESTINIANS for their own unlawful use is a theft of these two words from Jewish history and represents one of the greatest frauds perpetrated during the 20th century. I repeat, these names ceased to exist on 15th May 1948. The PLO then never considered the West Bank for a Palestinian State. The obvious deduction here is that the Arabs wanted the whole of pre-1967 Israel for their State and to eliminate Israel from the map. This is why the Arabs of Egypt, Syria and Jordan mobilized in 1967 to wipe Israel out. The result was their humiliating defeat including the return of the West Bank to Israeli control after 1832 years of enforced exile.

It is completely wrong for this area to be called Israeli occupied territory because it has been the heartland of the Land of Israel for the last 3000 years since the Kingdom of David. If anything, it is the Arab Moslems (wrongly referred to as Palestinians) who are living on Israeli territory in the so called West Bank.

All the above are true facts as recorded in the history of this region of the world.

After 1967 the PLO had to make another plan, and they decided as an interim measure that the Palestinian State be created on the West Bank. This attempt to create such a State on Israeli territory was designed to weaken Israel and to make Israel vulnerable to future Arab aggression under their "PHASED PLAN RESOLUTION" adopted in Cairo on 9th June 1974. This resolution proves that the ultimate aim of the Moslems is the creation of the Palestinian State in the whole of Israel which will never happen.


Whether or not Israel decides to accept a two State solution, it is a travesty of justice to call the West Bank, Israeli occupied territory, and it is a distortion of the truth to believe that the Moslem Arabs are Palestinians. In fact never since Arab Moslems came into existence in 632 AD, 1377 years ago, has there existed a legal Arab state called Palestine.

As recently in modern history as World War II, the Jews of Palestine were internationally recognized as Palestinians as proved by the fact that 32 thousand Palestinians (only Jews) served in the British army. In fact the Jewish soldiers in the Jewish brigade of the British army wore the name PALESTINE on their shoulder flashes.

In contrast, many Arabs openly supported Nazi Germany. Their leader, called The Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el Husseini befriended Hitler in the early 1940's in Berlin and became an advisor to Hitler on the elimination of among other the Jews in Palestine after the proposed German victory in the Middle East. In many Arab villages and mosques there was talk of aiding the Germans during their campaign in Palestine and dividing up the assets of the destroyed Jewish people.


It must be stressed that there is no connection between the Philistines, and any Arab tribes, during the period of time in history during which the Philistines existed. The Philistines were Sea Peoples who originated in West Anatolia or the Greek Peninsula. They landed on the east Mediterranean coast at approx. the end of the 13th Century BC and established themselves south of Gaza. They disappeared from history about 500 BC, or 1100 years before the birth of the Arab Moslems, who were the first Moslems in the world.



I first came to Israel as a volunteer in 1956 and served in the Nahal Brigade as an infantryman and a paratrooper. In particular, since 1989, I have had extensive military and police contact with the Arabs which has enabled me to know and understand how their minds and culture work. For twelve years I served in dawn roadblocks at Tulkarm including the Intafadas, checking Arabs entering from east of the Green Line to work in Israel. Vehicles had to be checked for arms etc; and the workers searched and they had to have valid permits which included security clearance. Also, for years, I served in military reserves at Kalandia check point at Ramalla which is north of Jerusalem where I checked approximately 500 to 800 Arabs per day also coming over the Green Line to work in the Jerusalem area. I thus understand the Arab Moslem mind as well as I do the Anglosaxon mind. Before my first period of duty at Kalandia, the commander said that whoever serves at Kalandia will never be the same again.

It takes a total understanding of both Anglosaxon and Arab minds and culture in order to reach my conclusions. Many Israeli politicians do not have this background. With my experiences I have had to change definitions of truth, lies, deception, acting, exaggeration, fabrication, falsification of permits, counterfeit permits and rubber stamps, story telling etc. with reference to the Arabs. In order to understand our problem, and I refer to the Jews of the United Kingdom, it is imperative to know that the Arab is totally different from us. My accurate definition of Arab truth is the fabrication of a false truth to conform to what they want to believe. Whatever positive thing you do for them is interpreted as weakness and this encourages further aggression (refer to our painful and heartbreaking forced withdrawal from Gaza to show that we were prepared to give up territory in exchange for peace. The next day they were trying to kill Israeli civilians in Sderot with Kassam missiles). I also refer to the blatant fabrication and lies given by the Arabs to Goldstone and his henchmen. You simply cannot believe or trust the Arabs.

All our policies which we have to follow in Israel regarding the Arabs have to take all the above into account. So many policies and actions we must adopt seem unfair and aggressive to the Anglosaxon mind because they think that the Arabs are the same people as us. This is not the case a thousand times. How do you get this across to your readers? I am sure that a man as clever as you has this ability.

All the above is true and I am definitely not a racialist. I am no more a racialist than is the famous Roger Bannister, the first man to run the mile in under 4 minutes. Bannister after he had qualified as a doctor carried out research on the natural ability of athletic track runners, and he found that black runners in general had a superior ability over white athletes. On publication of his findings he was accused of being a racialist. He responded that he was only telling the truth.


I am also only telling the truth.



Roy Chweidan

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Salubrius said...

Dear Mr. Chweidan: I agree with you that the "Palestinian People" is a political ploy, invented in 1964. But I have a slight disagreement. I believe the term was invented by the Soviet disinformation specialists. According to the highest ranking Soviet bloc defector during the cold war, Major General Ion Pacepa, it was invented by the Russians who drafted the PLO Charter in 1964 in Moscow. The Charter was affirmed by the first 422 members of the Palestinian National Council, each handpicked by the KGB. General Pacepa has personal knowledge of these facts as he was involved with the Soviets in their relationship with Arafat and Arabs local to Palestine. The term "Palestinian Arab People" appears three times in the preamble to the Charter. They had to use that phase to exclude the Jews who were also Palestinian People.

Pacepa's facts are summarized in an article entitled: SOVIET RUSSIA, THE CREATORS OF THE PLO AND THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE at

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