Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Fatwas Permit Killing Tourists, Attacking Coca-Cola and McDonald's

by IPT News

A jihadist website has posted fatwas [Ed: religious rulings] that permit the killing of tourists and targeting of "infidel" companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald's, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The fatwas on the website Al-Minbar Wal-Tawhid came in response to a posting by a member named "Abu Sayyed Qutub," which included the following questions:

· "What is the ruling regarding companies that distribute Jewish and American products, such as Coca-Cola and McDonald's?"

· "Is it permissible to receive help from gangsters in order to carry out jihad operations, as they say the jihad in Algeria is doing?"

· "Is a group of fewer than 10 young people without military or organizational experience permitted to target tourists in countries with apostate [Muslim] governments, where no known jihad group operates?"

Sheikh Abu Walid al-Maqdisi, a Gaza-based cleric, replied that according to Sharia, it is forbidden to harm Muslim lives and possessions but permissible "to target infidel and polytheist lives and possessions."

"If the owners of these companies are Muslims, it is forbidden to harm or steal from them, even if they distribute or sell goods produced by the Jewish and Christian enemies of Allah, as long as the essence of the commerce and of the goods is permissible according to sharia," Maqdisi said. "However, if these companies are controlled by infidels, their property may be taken as booty, since the infidels of today are considered combatants."

Kidnapping and killing tourists was permissible so long as it was done by "people who are reliable, knowledgeable in Sharia, and have organizational and military experience" and are acting for the benefit of Muslims, he said. If a Muslim lives where no organized jihadist group exists, he should establish one, Maqdisi said.

Muslims are prohibited from obtaining help from infidel gangsters (although they may purchase weapons from them), he added. While Sharia doesn't bar Muslims from receiving help from Muslim criminals, the assistance should be rejected "if it is likely to harm the reputation of the mujahideen, or their jihad plan," according to Maqdisi.

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