Thursday, March 10, 2011

The New Egypt: Muslims Burn Down Church then Kill the Protestors

by Paul Cooper

The media sold us all on the Egyptian so-called democracy protests. It would bring peace and a secular government. Christians would not have to fear. All would be well. Those same newsmen might want to revisit Cairo today where a mob of violent Muslims attacked a Christian protest. So far we know at least 13 people were killed and around 150 have been wounded.

Why were the Christians protesting? Last Friday in the village of Sole, just outside of Cairo, local Muslims decided they now had the freedom to burn down the town’s Coptic church. Without a strong Mubarak police force, they had nothing and no one stopping them. After torching the sacred place, the Muslims promised to build a mosque on that very spot (Are you listening Cordoba House/Park 51 supporters?).

On Tuesday thousands of Coptic Christians protested in front of the state-ran television building in Cairo. They carried large wooden crosses and hoped to get the media’s attention of the burning down of their church (the Church of the Two Martyrs). Sadly, soon after, many of the protesters became martyrs.

We were staging a peaceful demonstration for the church, but they attacked us with firearms, stones and Molotov cocktails. -Samia, a Christian protester.

There was a small military force on the scene. Some reports said the military fired into the air in hopes of stopping the violence. But there are Christians who were there claiming the military aided the Muslims in attack by getting out of the way of the Muslims and even firing on the Christians. Most of the Coptics are part of a local trash collectors’ settlement, and the Muslim attackers were apparently allowed by the military to start burning down the homes of the Christians.

The tanks made way for the thugs to come in. There was shooting until two o’clock in the morning. After that they burnt the houses and stole from them. They broke whatever they could not carry away. No fire engines or ambulances came. We had to take the injured to hospital in garbage trucks. – Samia

In the early morning hours of Wednesday the fighting finally stopped as more military moved in.

Much of the mainstream media, possibly as a way to save face for themselves and Muslims, are presenting the story as generic “sectarian violence” or an equal clash between Christians and Muslims. Just read a couple of the headlines:

New York Times: Christians and Muslims in Fatal clash Near Cairo

Financial Times: Sectarian Clashes Kill 13 Near Cairo

Somehow if Christians are ruthlessly attacked and some of them try to defend themselves, our press thinks it is equal violence. It would take a lot more than this ruthless attack for the Left to admit they might have been wrong on Egypt. But how much more innocent blood will be spilled? Such violence will sadly spark more violence. Moreover, this new temporary government doesn’t seem too concerned.

Maybe they’re just following our lead.

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