Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama and Israel

by Steve McCann

I forced myself to listen to Obama deliver his so-called new Middle East policy speech. It was exceedingly difficult to do. During the speech, as Obama declared that Israel should acquiesce to the 1967 borders, my minds eye turned toward the days of 1938 and Czechoslovakia wherein the leaders of Western Europe so callously decided the fate of that country and declared it "Peace in our Time". Within less than a year the country ceased to exist.

I realize my perspective is colored by my personal experience surviving World War II; but I am haunted by the prospect of history repeating itself as the entire Middle East is about to become a tinderbox with the ascendancy of radical islamists in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Lebanon while Iran becomes the major power in the region. Israel can do nothing to assuage the blood lust of these radicals; there is not enough land to surrender, there is no compromise on the right of return that the Palestinians demand. Only the destruction of the state of Israel will satisfy the mob outside the gates of that country.

Yet today a President of the United States willingly puts Israel in a box, attempts to impose a course of action that if not taken by Israel will further inflame the Arab world and international sentiment. The seeds of conflict have been sown for many years, this past spring and today they have been watered and will sprout.


Steve McCann

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Rhonda said...

Time to vote for a Pro-America Pro-Israel President. 2012 can't come fast enough.

Georg von Starkermann said...

Israel cannot trust the United States, its President or the Democratic Party to support the only democracy in the entire Middle East. America should be ashamed of The Messiah Obama and his minions trying to destroy The State of Israel. The speech today was a travesty, truly a negative speech given by a liar and a thief.

Soovey said...

Obama is all show and very little substance. He is naive enough to want to engage with Islamism on western terms (and he will be taken for the fool he is), and has chutzpah enough to insist that Israel does, as though it can deal with an entity which never has acted in good faith.

He has sold Israel out because of his naivete and ignorance. Shame on him

annieAthens said...

I think the truth is that he is naive and has no experience of International affairs. However now that he has heard the reaction from Hamas to his speech, maybe he will change his tune.

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