Saturday, July 16, 2011

Survey Shows Palestinians Far Worse Than the Inhabitants of Nazi Germany

by David Horowitz

Liberal pollster Stanley Greenberg has conducted a survey of Palestinian attitudes towards the extermination of the Jews which shows that the vast majority of ordinary Palestinians are for it. I have long said that Palestinians are more genocidal than the inhabitants of Nazi Germany because Hitler hid his plans for the Final Solution as he calculated that Germans were too civilized to embrace the evil he intended. Muslim leaders shout it from the rooftops — and now we have concrete evidence that they do so because they know their followers support it. Anyone who finds this hard to believe can view this YouTube video of my encounter with a member of the Muslim Students Association at UC San Diego, or read the article linked above by Andrew Bostom. And this makes progressive supporters of the Palestinian cause enablers of the genocidal wishes of their Palestinian friends.

David Horowitz


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