Saturday, December 10, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood to 'Review' Egypt-Israel Accords

by Rick Moran

The MB pretty much said as much before the election so this isn't entirely unexpected. Haaretz:

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood said that the country's peace treaty with Israel needs re-evaluation by the country's new parliament, in press remarks by a senior member of the group published Friday.

"A long time has passed since the Camp David accord was signed, and like the other agreements it needs to be reviewed, and this is in the hands of the parliament," said Mahmoud Hussein, the group's secretary-general.

"The brotherhood believes the treaty is of great importance, but it is not on the top of our list. There are other priorities for the time being," Hussein told the regional Asharq al-Awsat [The Middle East] daily.

"Generally, Israel does not honor the agreement," he added.

He denied a report saying that the Muslim Brotherhood had reached an understanding with the United States and Israel on "the importance of safeguarding the peace treaty with Israel."

Egypt has already been backsliding with regards to security in the Sinai. Infiltration has been common and law and order has broken down. In a sense, Egypt is already in violation of the accords and anything the MB does to further weaken it will be considered gravy by the Isamists.

Rick Moran


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