Thursday, May 3, 2012

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Official Palestinian Authority Media Glorifies Jihad Terrorist

by Robert Spencer

Good thing Obama is giving them that $192 million, eh? "PA Media Glorifies Master Terrorist On Anniversary of His Death," by Elad Benari for Palestinian Media Watch, May 2:

During the week of the anniversary of the death of PLO arch-terrorist Abu Jihad, the Palestinian Authority held events and broadcast TV programs celebrating him and his terror attacks.

The programs as well as newspaper articles glorifying Abu Jihad were monitored and translated by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) research organization, which presented them on its website.

Abu Jihad was the name by which the former head of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s military wing, Khalil al-Wazir, was known. 125 Israeli civilians and soldiers were killed in terror attacks he planned and directed. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement a few months ago exposed a video which shows Abu Jihad plotting to kill then-Cabinet minister Ariel Sharon.

WAFA, the official PA news agency, glorified his killing of Israelis and his attacks on civilian targets in an article that also appeared in the official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida on April 16.

“Abu Jihad was killed by the Israeli Mossad in Tunisia on April 16, 1988... and was crowned the Prince of the Martyrs of Palestine... Among the military operations planned by Abu Jihad: the explosion at the Zohar reservoir in 1955; the operation to blow up the Israeli National Water Carrier in 1965; the operation at the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv, which killed 10 Israelis, in 1975; the blowing up of a truck bomb in Jerusalem in 1975; the killing of Albert Levi, the senior sapper, and his assistant, in Nablus in 1976; the Dalal Mughrabi operation (i.e., bus hijacking), in which more than 37 Israelis were killed, in 1978; the shelling of the Eilat Port in 1979; the Katyusha fire on the northern settlements [in Israel] in 1981...”

WAFA lauded Abu Jihad for attacking numerous civilian targets and depicted the killing of civilians and soldiers as positive accomplishments. Because of his successful record of terror, said the report, the anniversary of Abu Jihad's death is celebrated....

If the history of our time is ever written by free people, the fact that we gave these bloodthirsty jihadis money will stand as a particularly large blot on the blot-filled record of early twenty-first century America's stand against the jihad.

Robert Spencer


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