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UN, Nov. 29: A crime and a punishment

by Prof. Ron Breiman

A turning point in the history of the Jewish people occurred on Nov. 29, 1947, when the U.N. decided to divide the land into two states, Jewish and Arab.

The Jews agreed, with sorrow and joy, while the Arabs and their brethren in neighboring Arab countries chose war. From that moment, the Partition Plan should have passed from the world. But despite the subsequent wars forced upon Israel — in particular, the War for Independence in 1948, followed by the Six-Day War in 1967 — it was always the Jews who adhered to the decision to divide the land. 

The past 20 years, since the signing of the Oslo Accords, have been a march of follies by Israel, the product of nefarious domestic elements who revived the partition idea. These same Leftist elements, accompanied by the flock of journalists tied to their wagon, began a brainwashing campaign aimed outwards and toward home, as if the magical formula for a solution to the conflict in the Land of Israel is the creation of an Arab state in its midst.

The 20 years since Oslo proved over and over, through fire and blood, that the "two-state solution" was a bankrupt idea and that peace with a Palestinian state (west of the Jordan River) was an oxymoron. The creation of such a state nullifies the ability to reach a peace agreement. 

The basic assumption by the Oslo architects was that the Jewish people were an occupier in their own land, in Judea — the origin of the people's name — and in Samaria, and had to forfeit the heart of the land to the Arab occupier imported from abroad within the framework of the "Israel-lie" known as the "peace process."

Another of the Oslo creators' faulty basic assumptions was that the Arab side was comprised of "good" terrorists who needed to be engaged and "bad" terrorists who should not be negotiated with. For 20 years, since Oslo, it has been consistently proved that there are not two types of terrorists: The PLO and Hamas twins share the same objective and "solution": the destruction of the Jewish state, in however many stages it takes. 

Several events from November 2012, 65 years after that fateful November in 1947, revealed the coordinated pincer movement carried out by those who share the same goal. For the time being, only the method is different: The "bad" terrorists from Gaza have blanketed the country with rocket and missile fire, and the "good" terrorists from Ramallah have bombarded us on the diplomatic front, as if they have suddenly accepted the Partition Plan they rejected 65 years ago. There is no basis from which to differentiate between the Holocaust denier in Ramallah (Abbas), who needs to be cultivated for talks, and the terrorists from Gaza who can't be negotiated with. The PLO is no different from Hamas. 

It's reasonable to assume that the diplomatic attack on Israel will include resuscitating the Partition Plan; and will include the same map. On this map Nahariya and Carmiel are not part of the Jewish state, and would share the same fate as Hebron and Ariel. Suffice to say that the proponents of transfer/disengagement/convergence will soon begin scheming up plans known by politically correct names such as "eviction/compensation" for the “settlers” in Carmiel and Nahariya. 

How should Israel approach this coordinated attack? The result from the U.N. General Assembly was expected and inevitable. A sharp Israeli response should have been prepared ahead of time. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, must, without hesitation, implement a number of measures. First, he must adopt the Levy Commission report and implement its conclusions, specifically the stipulation that Jews are not occupiers in Judea and Samaria. Second, he must nullify all partition proposals from Nov. 29, 1947, up until today. 

The prime minister must also retract his Bar-Ilan speech, in which he sinned by adopting the narrative of lies and, on top of that, added the construction freeze in the Jewish heartland. As long as the Israeli government authorizes widespread Arab construction and freezes Jewish construction, the message is that only Arabs are allowed to create facts on the ground. It's important to note that this is a "right-wing" government. 

Finally, Netanyahu and his government must begin building throughout the entire country, as a right, not as a "punishment" to the enemy. The punishment can come in the form of freezing construction for Rawabi, the new Arab city in the works near Ramallah.

Professor Ron Breiman served as chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel from 2001 to 2005.


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salubrius said...

The Partition Plan of 1948 was a recommendation. The UN General Assembly has no power beyond that of recommendation. If their recommendation is not accepted by the relevant parties, if has no further legal force and effect.
Preceding that recommendation in 1948 was a decision in 1920 that was dispositive without more. That was the decision of the WWI Allies at San Remo to recognize the Jews as the exclusive owners of the political rights over Palestine. These rights were to be placed in trust with the Jews to hold only a beneficial ownership of them until such time as the Jewish population of Palestine attained a majority. England, as trustee, would have legal dominion over them and could exercise sovereignty temporarily. England abandoned its trusteeship in 1948 and in 1950 the Jews attained the needed population majority.
The form of the mandate was that of a trust. See: D. Campbell Lee, A Barrister at the Middle Temple and a member of the NY Bar.
He presented this opinion in 1921 in a lecture at University College, London University, in May, 1921. It is now published in book form and available from Amazon.
The decision of the WWI Allies at San Remo was approved by the League of Nations, a joint resolution of the US Congress in 1922, and a treaty between the US and the UK in 1924, the Anglo American Convention.
Although the League of Nations had been dissolved, its decisions on land lived on, saved by Article 80 of the UN Charter. During the UNSCOP hearings, Ben Gurion offered to give up some of these rights of the Jews in return for peace. The Arabs had been threatening violence and engaging in violence foreshadowing their position if the Jews were to exercise any political rights in Palestine. "Acts of Aggression Provoked, Committed, and Prepared by Arab States in Concert with the Palestine Arab Higher Committee against the Jewish Population of Palestine in an Attempt to Alter by Force the Settlement Envisaged by the General Assembly's Resolution on the Future Government of Palestine," memorandum submitted by the Jewish Agency for Palestine to the United Nations Palestine Commission, Feb. 2, 1948; Moshe Shertok, "Letter from the Jewish Agency for Palestine Dated 29 March 1948, Addressed to the Secretary-General Transmitting a Memorandum on Acts of Arab Aggression," UNSC, S/710, Apr. 5, 1948.

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