Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Iranian Flotilla to Head to China

by Michael Rubin

It was inevitable that in an era when John Kerry is the secretary of state and the State Department basically runs the Pentagon, America’s adversaries would begin to test U.S. resolve. Hence, the latest news out of Iran should not surprise:

Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said Tuesday that Iranian flotilla of warships entered the Pacific Ocean after passing through the Malaga region, one of the most important waterways around the world. On the sidelines of a national ceremony, Sayyari told IRNA that the Iranian flotilla is to be berthed at a Chinese port with the objective of strengthening friendly relations between Tehran and Beijing.

Admiral James Lyons, commander of U.S. Pacific Command during the Carter administration, has noted wryly that he had more ships under his command in the Pacific Ocean at the time than we now do in the entire U.S. Navy. It’s hard to take seriously the American willingness to project power when President Obama, as veteran reporter Bob Woodward suggests, appears to lack seriousness about U.S. national security. Alas, when he spoke of a pivot toward Asia, Obama appears not to have been talking about the United States. But, just as with the China-North Korea axis, American interests will pay a high price.

Michael Rubin


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