Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No Money for White House Tours, But $20 Mil for Palestinian Authority

by Daniel Greenfield

It’s not just $20 mil of course, the real amount is much bigger but this is one single contract awarded after the sequester.
The overall goal of the program is to build more effective and competent Palestinian Authority (PA) public institutions that are accountable to the public and respond to citizens’ needs.
The contract, to Development Alternatives, Inc., was awarded March 4, several days after the Sequester began.
Making the Palestinian Authority more accountable to the public might begin with holding elections But the PA isn’t into that.

This looks like a 20 million dollar consultancy which is a whole lot of money to spend at a time when we’re cutting the military to the bone and the White House has spent the last few weeks screaming that children are about to start dying without vaccines and firefighters will have to fight fires with small coffee cups.

Development Alternatives, Inc is one of the big foreign aid contractors out there. It was in the top 10 US AID contractors for last year pulling in 308 million dollars in contracts.

That’s a sizable amount of cash. Its employees have included Obama’s mother and there are repeated claims of CIA connections. Setting that aside DIA is clearly influential and the fact that contracts like these are being handed out shows that there is a major spending problem.

$20 million might not be a lot, but blowing it to try and provide civics lessons to a corrupt terrorist group that doesn’t even want to hold elections, is a senseless waste of money.

Daniel Greenfield

Source: http://frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/no-money-for-white-house-tours-but-20-mil-for-palestinian-authority/

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