Tuesday, December 3, 2013

White House Calls Netanyahu Ddesperate and Weak'

by Thomas Lifson

Israeli television reporters spoke with unnamed White House officials and they were extremely harsh in condemning Prime Minister Netanyahu. Israelnationalnews.com reports (hat tips: Gateway Pundit and Free Republic):
Senior officials in the White House have said that Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu "is desperate and weak," in reaction to Netanyahu's remonstrations against the deal struck with Iran over its nuclear weapons program.
Israeli television Channel 10 quoted the officials as saying "His pronouncements show a lack of self-confidence," in an unusually harsh personal attack on Netanyahu. "We are not perturbed by his vocal opposition."

Can you imagine officials in Neville Chamberlain's administration attacking Czech officials who protested the sellout at Munich for a lack of self-confidence?

Netanyahu then responded. Israelnationalnews.com (via Gateway Pundit):

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu clarified on Sunday evening that he has no intention of stopping his warnings against a nuclear Iran.
Netanyahu's comments came shortly after he was criticized by his predecessor, Ehud Olmert,who accused Netanyahu of "declaring war" on the United States administration.
"In contrast to others, when I see that interests vital to the security of Israel's citizens are in danger, I will not be silent," declared Netanyahu during a Hanukkah candle-lighting at the Great Synagogue in Rome.
"It is very easy to be silent. It is very easy to receive a pat on the shoulder from the international community, to bow one's head, but I am committed to the security of my people. I am committed to the future of my state and in contrast to periods in the past, we have a loud and clear voice among the nations and we will sound it in time in order to warn of the danger," he added.
"And as to the actual threat, we will act against it in time if need be. I would like to dispel any illusions. Iran aspires to attain an atomic bomb. It would thus threaten not only Israel but also Italy, Europe and the entire world. There should be no going astray after the attack of smiles.
"Today there is a regime in Iran that supports terrorism, facilitates the massacre of civilians in Syria and unceasingly arms its proxies - Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad - with deadly missiles.
"The most dangerous regime in the world must not be allowed to have the most dangerous weapon in the world. As we have warned, and I say this with regret, the sanctions regime has started to weaken and very quickly. If tangible steps are not taken soon, it is liable to collapse and the efforts of years will vanish without anything in exchange."

Thomas Lifson

Source: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/12/white_house_calls_netanyahu_desperate_and_weak.html

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