Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A note to the Swedes - Reuven Berko

by Reuven Berko

There are those who argue that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas represents an "irreplaceable, one-time opportunity." They assert that if Israel signs a peace agreement with the "rais" (president), this would obligate the Palestinians for all time. 

But anyone monitoring the situation in Judea and Samaria can see that support for Hamas, Abbas' rival, is skyrocketing, and that the prevailing sentiment favors the annihilation of Israel. 

In order for peace to be made, the sides must desire it. If a peace agreement was signed with Abbas, not even his sons would honor it. They say that the demand for right of return for Palestinian refugees under U.N. Resolution 194 is still valid. 

Abbas declared that giving up Safed (where he was born) was a personal sacrifice. According to him, this was an individual Palestinian decision and no president has the authority to make a decision on the matter. If the rais cannot make a decision on behalf of his people on the issue of "return," what value is there in signing any agreement with him while the core Palestinian issue remains unresolved? 

Abbas' true stance on the question of "return" was made clear in his recent speech at the U.N., in which he demanded "the right of return," as he interpreted Resolution 194, to a country he termed an "apartheid state." If it is in fact "apartheid," why bring more Palestinians into the cycle of "horrible suffering" inflicted by Israel? 

The rais refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state because of his obligation to the "neglected" Israeli Arabs, and his plan to destroy and flood the "apartheid state" with Palestinians under U.N. Resolution 194. Keep in mind that the word "apartheid" has been used before, when Israel built its security fence to separate Palestinian terrorists from Jewish victims. Someone stuck a spoke in the wheel. 

In his speech, Abbas stressed that the Palestinians, who refuse to act in compliance with Israel's security needs, will persist in "resistance" (i.e. terrorism) as per the "legacy of the fadayeen" (the PLO terrorists who were halfway tamed after Oslo) and in accordance with international law. In their view, the law permits "resistance to occupation" by any means. But when the "occupation" dares to "resist the resistance," it is, according to the rais, genocide. 

Abbas is now demanding that Palestinians be given control of border crossings, both on land and at sea. Since Sweden supports the Palestinian opportunism, Swedish U.N. observers will be allowed to flee via Ben-Gurion Airport before it is blown up. 

Addressing the U.N., Abbas accused Israel of giving the conflict a religious dimension. Really? Hamas, his government partner, is the one who treats the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a religious matter, by defining Palestinian land as "waqf land" that must be returned to Muslim hands as Jews are killed and their state dismantled. 

Abbas is a partner in a government that is planning and attempting Jewish genocide. He is currently part of a unity government with Hamas, which is committed to killing every last Jew as per Chapter 7 of its charter, and has been working for years to murderously fulfill this commitment. Even now, after Hamas was defeated, Abbas refuses to lend his hand to demilitarizing the Gaza Strip in spite of the Oslo Accord obligations. 

When Abbas asked the West to help him boycott Israel and seize a chance to establish a Palestinian state without peace negotiations he quoted the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish: "We Palestinians suffer from an incurable disease called 'hope.'" 

All signs point to this "hope" being hope for Jewish genocide and the extermination of Israel.

Reuven Berko

Source: http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_opinion.php?id=10167

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