Thursday, October 2, 2014

Iran: Ayatollah Boroujerdi Being Prepared for Execution

by Shabnam Assadollahi

At 2:30am this morning friends telephoned and told us in tears that they had been informed from Iran that the prison guards have just transferred Ayatollah Hossein Kazamani Boroujerdi to prepare his execution.

Human rights advocates for Iran take these reports seriously and I ask all human rights organizations, concerned individuals, and governments from international community to react and intervene.

Please contact your government representatives and pressure the executioner regime of Iran, to stop them before they hang Mr. Boroujerdi. We are also asking the regime of Iran to immediately release this innocent freedom-loving Iranian cleric; his only crime is advocating for separation of Religion from the State in Iran.

Ayatollah Hossein-Kazamani Boroujerdi, in better times (left) and in his prison cell (right).

Background Information about his case:

Shabnam Assadollahi


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