Wednesday, May 20, 2015

IMDEX 2015: Rafael unveils the C-GEM, a new defense system for vessels - Amir Rapaport

by Amir Rapaport

At the maritime defense exhibition in Singapore, IMDEX 2015, Rafael reveals a new defense system for protecting ships against missiles, which is designed to deflect the missile from its course instead of intercepting it

Rafael reveals a unique defense system for protecting ships against missiles at the maritime exhibition IMDEX Asia 2015, designated C-GEM. Unlike the C-Dome, the new system is designed to deflect missiles from their course.

Unlike other active defense systems, that are based on the release of an interceptor missile that hits the incoming missile and and destroys it, the new system launches a sophisticated payload of electronic warfare, when the ship's Radar systems detects an incoming rocket. The payload tricks the missile into "thinking" the ship is somewhere else and deflects it from its course.

The new development is marketed by Rafael's Land and Naval Systems Division, headed by Giora Katz. In Rafael they explain that the development was made possible by the miniaturization of electronic warfare components, allowing to launch them as an active defense measures against missiles threatening ships at sea.

Amir Rapaport


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