Sunday, June 7, 2015

Obama Officials Met w/Group Accusing Israel of War Crimes - Daniel Greenfield

by Daniel Greenfield

After all that flattery, why would Jews think that Obama is anti-Israel?


These few weeks we’ve been rolling in piles of media press releases telling us how much Obama loves Jews. David Axelrod informs us that he is a Jew. Jeffrey Goldberg berates Jews for being ungrateful to Obama.

After all that flattery, why would Jews think that Obama is anti-Israel? It might be little things like this.
Senior White House officials met this week with members of the left-wing NGO Breaking the Silence. The meeting, the first of its kind, dealt with testimonies that the organization had collected on alleged human-rights violations by the Israel Defense Forces during last summer’s war in Gaza.
Matt Duss, president of the Washington-based Foundation for Middle East Peace, organized the meeting between Breaking the Silence representatives and members of the White House National Security Council.
Duss’ work was described as filled with Jew-Hatred by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The correct spelling of the Foundation for Middle East Peace is Saudi Arabia.

Breaking the Silence is another bunch of foreign funded trolls pretending to be a grass roots Israeli civil rights group of Israeli soldiers testifying to war crimes. Their testimony is as authentic as Kerry’s Winter Soldier scam.

One of its funders is the Foundation for Middle East Peace. In other words, Duss is introducing a bunch of liars he funds to Obama’s security people.

And there are strict quotas for faking war crimes for cash.
NGO Monitor research also reveals that several of BtS’s foreign donors conditioned their grants to the group on its ability to gather a minimum number of “testimonies” that are hostile to the IDF.
No really, there are quotas for fake war crimes.

And the money for this ‘grass roots’ organization comes from such Israelis as the British Embassy.
British Embassy: In this case as well, the donation is aimed at documenting and interviewing soldiers talking about the territories. The British embassy donated 271,891 NIS to the company in 2009.
Jew-Hatred doesn’t come cheap. You’ve got to pay for it.
According to Duss, the fact that both White House staff and the State Department held meetings with Breaking the Silence shows that the organization has an open door to the administration.
And still those damn Jews remain ungrateful to Obama. Why won’t they believe that he loves them?

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.


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