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Islamic State: Germany and Austria are Next - Clarion Project

by Clarion Project

German jihadists to bring terror to the streets of Germany and Austria in ISIS' latest German-language execution video.

Screenshot from video.
Screenshot from video.

The Islamic State has threatened to bring slaughter to Germany and Austria in its latest execution video, calling on Muslims living there to move to the Islamic State, or if they cannot for whatever reason, to kill non-Muslims in their countries.

The video was shot in Palmyra and featured jihadists executing two soldiers of Assad’s army. It is in German with Arabic subtitles, speaking directly to its target audience.

One of the two jihadists featured in the video praised Allah and made the journey himself to the Islamic State (termed ‘hijrah’ – migration).

He called on German Muslims saying “My dear brothers, make hijrah with Allah’s permission. I swear in the name of Allah if you do this you will be very happy. You will live here knowing that the sharia of Allah rules all around you.”

The emphasis in the video was on moving to the Islamic State, with carrying out terrorist attacks in the West framed as a last resort only if hijrah is not possible.

The second jihadist, shortly before the pair executed their prisoners, called on Muslims who can’t move to Syria to kill their non-Muslim neighbors saying “You don’t need a lot to do this. Take a big knife, go out into the street & slaughter every infidel you see.”

Warning: This video contains graphic images of execution

This is not the first time the Islamic State has attempted to radicalize German Muslims. Rapper turned jihadist Denis Cuspert released a rap song earlier in the year. Entitled ‘Fisabillilah’ (fighting in the cause of Allah), it threatened jihad in Germany from sleeper cells within the country and called on German Muslims to rise up.

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