Thursday, October 8, 2015

Abbas is playing with fire - Dr. Reuven Berko

by Dr. Reuven Berko

-- like all pyromaniacs, Abbas and his crew have not devoted a thought to whether the fire could burn them as well, or to how they could possibly escape.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is continuing to play with fire. He and his ilk are claiming that because Israel is stuck in stalled negotiations, it is creating a show of violence and terrorism to increase international pressure to solve the Palestinian problem. 

In reality, the situation is the exact opposite: In light of the chaos, the threat of millions of refugees from the Middle East looming over Europe, and the fact that Islamic terror is reigning over the international agenda, the Palestinian problem has nearly fallen off the radar. That is why the PA and Hamas are trying to revive the issue using Jewish blood.

The desperate situation they are in has led the PA and Hamas to use the infamous trigger: "Al-Aqsa is in danger." Israel's declarations that it would maintain the status quo on the Temple Mount did not help. Even as mosques and churches in the area were burned, the incitement did not stop, despite the well-known fact that it is precisely Al-Aqsa that is the best-kept mosque. Even the hadith in which Muhammad urged restraint, saying, "One drop of a Muslim blood is worth more than the Kaaba and it’s surroundings," did not change the bloody equation appearing in Al Jazeera, the media outlet funded by Qatar's ruling family, the house of Thani.

The truth is that Abbas and his people (as well as some of the people from the Joint Arab List and the Islamic Movement) yearn to realize the dream of a third intifada, which is supposed to be a repeat of the first one, "an unarmed mass carrying out Ghandi-style civil disobedience." Jewish deaths are of course necessary to keep things running smoothly. However, like all pyromaniacs, Abbas and his crew have not devoted a thought to whether the fire could burn them as well, or to how they could possibly escape.

Abbas and his people have yet to condemn the recent attacks, rather, they simply issued a belated call to stop the violence. Having once advocated "controlled rock attacks," it is now hard for them to put Hamas' terrorist genie back in the bottle. They know very well that security cooperation with Israel primarily serves the PA's internal security needs.

In terms of the Palestinian "constitution," Abbas long ago lost his government's legitimacy, and West Bank opinion polls indicate the public's support for Hamas in the armed struggle against Israel. When Kalashnikovs fire, the rocks pile up on the graves of the top terrorists. It is clear to Abbas that if things get out of hand, as they did in Gaza in 2007, and Hamas takes over the territory, PA leaders will be thrown from rooftops and the property they accumulated thanks to their corrupt ways will be confiscated. Then, to Israel's satisfaction, no one will pressure it to promote Hamas in the West Bank as a state alongside Islamic State. 

Therefore, the PA's threats to end security cooperation with Israel are empty, designed to extort what it wants through international pressure, with nothing in return for Israel. The Palestinian moment of truth has arrived. Abbas must now publicly recognize Israel as a Jewish state, forgo the folly of "return," agree to land swaps, and agree to a demilitarized state with Ramallah as its capital and borders that are not under its own control.

The hadith that says, "The believer is not stung from the same hole twice," teaches Muslims to learn lessons from the past. But the false memory of the Palestinians, and also of some Israeli Arabs who are dreaming of an intifada, has made them forget the disasters that were caused by their repeated clashes with Israel. In the wake of the "Arab Spring," they should really consider changing their memory card.

Dr. Reuven Berko


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