Friday, February 12, 2016

Know Your History: Arab Boycott, 1945 - Aussie Dave

by Aussie Dave

Hat tip: Jean-Charles Bensoussan

Introducing a new series where I bring to you news from the newspaper archives to debunk common misconceptions about the Middle East conflict.

With BDS all the rage among the Israel haters these days, did you know that Arab were boycotting Jewish goods before the establishment of the modern state of Israel?

Except they were not called “Jewish” goods.

From the New York Times, December 4th, 1945.

NY Times archives Arab boycott 1945

Yes, there were Arabs living in Israel at the time, but they were not a distinct nation called “Palestinian.” They were simply referred to as “Arab groups in Palestine” (I will get around to the birth of “Palestinian nationalism” in the early 20th century in other posts).

Aussie Dave


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