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Shocker! DC Elites Have No Moral Sense.. - Patricia McCarthy

by Patricia McCarthy

Sixty-two per cent of them could care less that a woman who has been part of the political scene for thirty years and accomplished exactly nothing but selling access to corporate donors foreign and domestic in order to enrich herself may well become President of the United States.

A recent poll of Washington DC elites shows that they overwhelmingly support Clinton - 62%  vs. the 22% who support Trump.

This  should be astonishing because these are the people who know better than the rest of the population just how corrupt the Clintons are. They know the dark and dirty details of all their scandals, from Whitewater to Benghazi, to her private server and the  pay-to-play scheme that is the Clinton Foundation. And they don't care!  Sixty-two per cent of them could care less that a woman who has been part of the political scene for thirty years and accomplished exactly nothing but selling access to corporate donors foreign and domestic in order to enrich herself may well become President of the United States.

They know she was fired from the Watergate Committee for lying and taking home documents. They know she fired all the people who worked in the White House Travel Office so she could give those jobs to her friends. They know she stole nine-hundred FBI files when she left the White House the first time around (and likely uses them when needed), as well as other artifacts that belonged to the White House. They know she was the person in charge of harassing the women her husband abused to keep them from speaking out. They know she made up the story about the deaths in Benghazi  being caused by a video and that she lied to the parents of the dead over their caskets. They know she lied to Congress, numerous times, about Benghazi, about her private server, about the emails she did not turn over. They have read  all those emails released by hackers: hers, the DNC's, Soros', etc. That is a short list of what they know about Hillary Clinton.  They know without a shred of doubt that she is a women bereft of character and still they support her for the highest office in the land! Could there be a sadder commentary on the character of those DC elites?

These are likely the same DC insiders who rage against Trump for a wide variety of reasons, many of them justified but many of them media-created; the media are on a mission to see that Trump is defeated no matter how creatively deceitful they have to be.  There is no trick of their trade too low if it can do damage to Trump.  These swells feel so superior to Trump and those who support him, they have no qualms about their attempts to destroy him. Trump supporters, in their view, are not to be listened to, ever.  They are to be mocked and ignored. 

Apparently there are slightly more conservatives with a residual moral sense; only 37% of them support Trump. The outlier candidate is clearly a threat to just about everyone inside the Beltway. He does not play by their rules. He does not speak like they do. He violates just about every precept  by which they order their lives.  And they don't like upstarts.  And that is precisely why so many people outside of that fancy, privileged bit of real estate do like him, no matter how outrageously he behaves, no matter what he says carelessly. 

The media is awash with polls that scream Trump is losing and the mainstreamers are gleeful and relieved as they pronounce his presumed fall.  They are certain they have succeeded in bringing him down hard.  And he so generously keeps giving them openings for their journalistic treachery. But thousands of people are still showing up at his rallies; only hundreds show up at hers.  He says he is raising lots money from small donors. We know she raises lots of money from billionaires like George Soros, who apparently have a great deal of influence over her.  Soros sees himself as a grand puppet master and he has purchased many puppets. Hillary is just one of those who did his bidding when she was Secretary of State.

As Hillary shrieks tired old cliched promises at her audiences, Trump  is gradually becoming a bit more serious, perhaps more palatable to his many detractors on both sides of the aisle.   She wants open borders, he wants America to remain a nation with defensible borders.  She wants to import hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from the Middle East (the Christians have nearly all been killed).  He favors halting immigration from terrorist nations until a reliable vetting process can be devised.  Like Obama, she is anti-police, he is pro-police.  

The election is not over.  But we know for sure that those DC elites could care less that the person they support is pathological liar,  incompetent at foreign policy and national security, a woman for whom amassing great wealth and the power that comes with it is and has always been her singular purpose in life. We also know that  the majority of the powers that be in Washington DC do not care one bit about the moral character of their candidate. The machine that is the Leftist-dominated media may well succeed in defeating Trump. What will they get for their efforts?  Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt candidate for the presidency in American history and a harbinger of horrors yet to come.

Patricia McCarthy


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