Monday, August 15, 2016

Judge Jeanine’s epic rant on Hillary - Thomas Lifson

by Thomas Lifson

Why would she take the time to make the effort to hide, destroy and delete 33,000 e-mails? Now we know.

When I heard Judge Jeanine Pirro’s first segment live on her Saturday night Fox News show, which she calls her “Opening Statement,” I got my wife to start listening, for it was truly memorable.  Part of it is her words – blunt, colorful, and honest – but part of it is her delivery, laced with sarcasm and very, very New York in tone.  It looks like Judge Pirro really believes what she is saying, and her emphatic voice conveys the outrage that so many of us feel at what passes for unremarkable when the media contemplate the Clinton crime family.

Judge Jeanine did a new show Sunday night, but audience response to her Opening Statement was strong enough that she repeated it on tape for the Sunday audience.

Here is the video, with a rush transcript below.  But do yourself a favor when you have a few spare minutes and watch the video.

Why would a woman, a lawyer no less, one experienced many times over in the ways of Washington, risk placing classified information, our live assets, the placement of satellites, drones and our most secret plans on an unprotected, non-government, non-capturable server? Why would she violate federal regulations upon which she was schooled just before she became secretary of state? Not to mention violate federal criminal laws that would put her in jail. She’s too smart to do that. Why would she take the time to make the effort to hide, destroy and delete 33,000 e-mails? Now we know.
She did it for the most selfish of reasons. The oldest of motives. She did it for greed and for power and for the almighty dollar. She did it to hide her shady Clinton Foundation dealings. She did it in order to do favors for Clinton donors and to put a price tag on our state department. The same duo who came up with a scheme to rent out the Lincoln bedroom is back in business with a new and bigger scheme, one that is more far-reaching and worldwide, one that violates not only the law but all codes of moral and ethical conduct in government. A couple willing to sell anything to the highest bidder for money and power.

Thomas Lifson


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