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Huge Hack Exposes Soros’s War on Israel - P. David Hornik

by P. David Hornik

A radical left-wing billionaire's agenda for the Jewish State exposed.

Over the weekend hackers leaked reams of confidential reports from the Open Society Foundations, hedge-fund billionaire George Soros’s ostensible charitable network, to the DC Leaks website.

DC Leaks is believed to be backed by Russian intelligence agencies. Soros, who is of Hungarian Jewish origin, is a major supporter of the Democratic Party and a dogged opponent of the state of Israel, or—at the very least—of the policies and values embodied by its elected governments.

The leaks shed new light on the intensity of Soros’s animus against the Jewish state. One of the Open Society Foundations’ aims was to “challeng[e] Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies” and subvert its image as a democracy in the international arena.

One way Soros’s outfit did that was to funnel funds to highly adversarial Israel-based organizations. Since 2001 the largest total, almost $2.7 million, has gone to the Israeli Arab NGO Adalah. As NGO Monitor details, Adalah vilifies Israel as a “colonial enterprise” and “apartheid state,” charges it with “war crimes,” and calls for its international isolation.

Another $1 million has gone to another Israeli Arab NGO, the I’lam Media Center. During the 2014 Gaza War, I’lam expressed its loyalty to its country—a haven for its Arab minority—by calling on the notoriously anti-Israeli UN Human Rights Council to “[c]ondemn the deliberate, systematic and widespread targeting of Palestinian civilians” and set up an “international commission of inquiry” to criminalize Israel for its war against massive Hamas rocket fire.

Some of the funding to these and similar NGOs was channeled through the New Israel Fund. A far-left group in its own right, the NIF, as NGO Monitor notes, funds organizations “that are active in international and divisive campaigns that contribute to…the demonization and delegitimization of Israel.” As well as being a conduit for the Soros funds, NIF itself has received a total of $837,000 of them.

“Even more troubling,” as Liel Leibovitz notes on Tablet, “the documents repeatedly indicate that the network actively tried to conceal its engagements in Israel and the Palestinian territories.” As part of what NGO monitor calls “the secrecy and lack of transparency inherent in the [Open Society Foundations’] activities,” one document states:

For a variety of reasons, we wanted to construct a diversified portfolio of grants dealing with Israel and Palestine…and in all cases to maintain a low profile and relative distance—particularly on the advocacy front. 

That has, of course, gotten increasingly difficult in a world of hackers and mysterious websites.

In seeking to blacken Israel’s name, Soros’s network had an eye for what it saw as golden opportunities. One, as stated in a report by the network, was “a particular shift in political dynamics particularly in the US reflected by the publication of the Walt and Mearsheimer article ‘The Israel Lobby’ [denounced as antisemitic] in Spring 2006.”

“Another encouraging shift,” as Leibovitz notes, was “the rise of the international movement to boycott Israel.” As the same Soros-network report stated:

A number of factors make this a good moment to review this portfolio, including some new or improved opportunities we may choose to exploit. In recent years there’s been heightened international solidarity around Palestinians’ rights, the rise of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement and other economic levers, and increased use and traction of arts and culture by Palestinians as a means to raise awareness of violations and the impact of the conflict.”

It translates into: make use of anything—including the BDS movement, whose explicit aim is to destroy Israel—to weaken, harass, undermine, and defame the state of Israel.

Soros, himself, said that he
“grew up in a Jewish, anti-Semitic home,” and that his parents were “uncomfortable with their religious roots.” They even changed their name from Shwartz to Soros in 1936 to disassociate themselves from the Jewish community.

That Soros has also acknowledged being neither “a Zionist, nor…a practicing Jew,” nor very “engaged in Jewish affairs,” is one thing. That he works to drag the Jewish state into oblivion along with him is, of course, quite another.

Ironically, the DC Leaks website that has exposed the documents presents Soros in a vicious antisemitic caricature, including calling him a “vampire” who controls “puppets” and “slaves” who “spill blood of millions and millions of people just to make him even more rich.” Soros won’t, it’s safe to assume, be looking toward Israel—under intermittent vicious attack for 68 years—for solidarity.

P. David Hornik is a freelance writer and translator living in Beersheva and author of the book Choosing Life in Israel. His memoir, Destination Israel: Coming of Age and Finding Peace in the Middle East, is forthcoming from Liberty Island later this year.


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Anonymous said...

August 18, 2016

The openly admitted facts about George so-called "Soros" {as in so called John "Kerry"} have been known for decades. All the futile name-calling from all you "scribes" from "all the old familiar places", will bounce off the Soros crowd like a pea-shooter aimed at an M-1 Abrams Tank.Indeed, the inner-Soros "clan" are rather entertained by such antics, herein included: Not even the far-flung recipients of his largesse,'love' Soros any-the-more,or hate him or envy him any-the-less because of his "generosity". And there's little doubt that he's crossed lines that even his worst detractors don't suspect:Even to those who think they are inured to the most extreme corruption of mind,soul and spirit.
Mind you,there is a certain element of droll humour in Soros' career. One of them concerns his age. His official date of birth is 1930.That would put his age at the beginning of his 'financial' career in 1944 at 14.But after 1989, Soros did have access to the penurious civil servants who worked in Budapest's municipal offices. That doesn't prove a thing. But it's 'interesting'. It reminds us of similar speculation about one of the recipients of his largesse,one "Jeremy Ben Ami" of J-STREET:HIS coyness about J-STEET's benefactors is legendary. Is that HIS real name? Their Canadian branch, J-Space, several of whose "progressive" and "compassionate" luminaries are well known in the "official media" and institutions of Canada's Jewish Community,profess a comparable ignorance about their benefactors. The same applies to the 'NEW ISRAEL FUND'. Although their special 'artistic' talent for sanctimony and hypocrisy eclipses that of J-SPACE. No names please. Another, more amusing avocation of 'Soros',are his aspirations to be thought of as the greatest living economic thinker. Or to at least fund the ruminations of those who also aspire to such eminence. Hence the generously endowed "Institute for New Economic Thinking". Sorry about that Messrs. et Mesdames.
A new vocabulary about THEM has to be started. Because the traditional ones, picturesque as they are, {e.g. moser, mayoffesnick, schmaltzovnick} are woefully inadequate. Try this one: KAI-KAI-WAI-U.
It's in the Maori dialect of the Polynesian family of languages. It means,not just a betrayer, or informer,or sell-out 'activist' of one's own people: But those who actually join the enemy ranks, and enable THEM to do their worst to US. These "benefactors", regardless of THEIR roots should be THE priority targets. NOT the Soros clan.
Open season on them. But NOT of the violent kind. Use your imagination.
GOOGLE: Norman L. Roth

Anonymous said...

August 20, 2016

There are some historically recent precedents to the career of George "Soros" and his large "community" of well greased acolytes.
The most interesting is the almost forgotten Friedrich {Fritz} Mandel,
1900-1977.Look him up in the Internet. He's remembered in Hollywood's memory as one of the husbands of the late Hedy Eva Miriam {Maria} Kiesler, a.k.a.'Hedy Lamarr'.But she was proud of HER Jewish origins. She co-invented the {anti-jamming frequency-hopping}ancestral technologies to Blue-Tooth and G.P.S...Patented in 1942. According to her accounts,she was inspired from listening in on the technical details of her former husband's negotiations with some rather heinous customer prospects in the late 1930s.
"Fritzie" was a "half - Jewish" Austrian Industrialist,whose career spanned the inter-war years of the 20th century and the post war period.At one point in the 1930s,he was described as the "Third richest man in Austria".His self-delusions about how his Jewish origins could be obfuscated,are the stuff of Jackie Mason's comedy-material."Fritzie" ended his days in Argentina,still trying to ingratiate himself with the same chaps who confiscated his businesses in pre war Europe.Do such 'identity'-hopping delusions sound familiar? Shabatai Zvi, Lev Davidovich "Trotsky",Tomaso Torquamada, and on and on ad nauseam, would have understood. So would Geoge "Soros". But with far less excuse, in his own time,for what he has done.
GOOGLE: {1}Norman L. Roth {2} Norman L. Roth, economist {3}Norman L. Roth, economics of work {4} Norman L. Roth, Technological Time

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