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To Trump or Not to Trump? That Is the Question.- Tom Trinko

by Tom Trinko


To paraphrase Winston Churchill: Trump is the worst presidential candidate, except for all the others.

It’s extraordinarily difficult to forgive the people who rejected Cruz, Carson, Walker, and Jindal among others and pushed for Trump. After all, they’ve given us a choice between what a friend of mine called the bad and the unthinkable.

Amazingly, the sad reality is that even though Trump is an immature narcissistic self-centered misogynistic bully he’s much better than Hillary.

Clearly, Hillary has all those same problems except that she is mature in her behavior hence her evil actions are more thought out and less spontaneous than Trump’s. But of course, that makes Trump the better candidate since a petulant president is far less dangerous than a malevolent ruler.

Some might ask how a woman can be a misogynist but Hillary is clearly misogynistic based on her public attacks on the women her husband sexually harassed. But that disdain for women has helped her since it was the basis for Hillary’s enabling and lying about her husband’s infidelities and that in turn is what got her where she is today.

But we can ignore Trump’s personal failings not only because Hillary has them too but because while Trump may accidentally cause grievous harm to America due to his lack of knowledge and self-control, Hillary’s plan is to turn America into a banana republic.

While Trump bloviates about making it easier to sue reporters who lie, Hillary is clear about her intent to dismantle the First Amendment and ensure that we live in a country of men not of laws. 

Further, there is no doubt she will continue the use of both the Justice Department and the IRS to attack political enemies. Trump, on the other hand, will only need to allow true justice to take its course for Hillary and other liberals to be in a world of hurt.

However, even if Trump were to try to misuse those offices he’ll be fought tooth and nail by the entrenched liberal civil “servants” who fancy themselves as the elite who should rule us. But if Hillary is president, those same civil “servants” will fall over themselves to help her crush anyone she doesn’t like; as Lois Lerner did for Obama.

Trump is very much about Trump but while Hillary is also amazingly self-centered -- witness her exploitation of Haiti, of all places, to make money -- her visions include herself as a ruler imposing her truth on America as well; in that she’s Obama 2.0.

While people compare Trump to Mussolini the real, comparison is between Hillary and Hitler. Hillary supports what Jesse Jackson called genocide against Blacks; the fact that Black women are five times more likely to abort their baby than white women.

If Hillary weren’t a racist who agreed with Margret Sanger’s belief that black people are a burden on America she’d be saying that abortion should be legal but that we have to understand and eliminate the causes of the horrendous disparity in abortion rates. But like most liberals Hillary only wants enough blacks to win elections for her.

Hillary has gone from saying abortion should be safe, legal, and rare to approving of a convention where a woman killing her unborn child so that the woman wouldn’t be burdened was applauded as a sign of goodness and demanding that abortions of convenience should be paid for by taxpayers.

While Trump may not really be all that pro-life, at least he’s not calling for Americans to pay for abortions of convenience. Similarly, he’s not going to force nuns who spend their whole lives helping the elderly and needy pay for abortions. He may even turn out to be truly pro-life but there is no way he’ll be worse for the unborn than Hillary.

Most importantly, while Trump may be a noxious person with multiple marriages and tawdry affairs, he’s in fact a far better friend of social conservatives than Hillary is.

That’s because on social issues we are no longer a representative republic since the imperial Supreme Court rules us. 

Voters rejected so-called gay marriage, but the Court declared it to be a fundamental right. Voters rejected abortion on demand for any reason at any point in a pregnancy -- including after viability -- yet the Court imposed it on America. Voters never supported the legalization of pornography but the Court declared that while pharmacists can be forced to provide drugs that kill people in direct violation of their religious beliefs pornography is protected speech.

Hence, irrespective of the loathsome nature of Trump’s personal life, the fact that his Supreme Court candidates support the rule of law and the belief that the Court is to determine the intent of those who passed a law not make new laws means that a Trump presidency is likely to be far more friendly to social conservatives than a Hillary presidency.

Hillary thinks Obama, the man who views the Constitution as a bad thing that kept him from doing what he wanted, would be great on the Supreme Court. Her choices would be hard-core left wing social justice warrior types who view the Constitution as words to be manipulated in order to impose their beliefs on America.

Some might argue that Trump can’t be trusted on the Supreme Court but the reality is that we are certain Hillary’s choices will be eager liberal dictators so with Trump we at least have a chance for decent judges.

In light of that, #NeverTrump folks are wrong not because their assessment of Trump isn’t spot on but because we have no more margin for protecting our freedom in America.

Eight years of Hillary and millions of citizens who were illegal but who will then be able to vote Democrat or just two or three Supreme Court more liberal justices will ensure that the America we grew up in is no more. 

We’ve seen how a politically biased Supreme Court can allow Obama and liberals to ignore the law and act as rulers not representatives. Can you imagine how much worse that will be if there are five, six, or seven hard-core liberal Supreme Court justices?

Further, with Hillary as president, the message will be clear. You can break the law if you’re part of the Democrat machine; they’ll protect you. On the other hand, if you’re not part of the Democrat elite, Hillary will use any tactic, no matter how illegal, to crush you and she’ll get away with it because the law does not apply to her.

If you doubt that for one second, ask a Bernie fan. Remember Bernie was a favorite of the Democratic base but the ruling Democrat clique, made up of mostly white 1%ers, crushed him like a bug by rigging elections and eventually buying him out.

The modern Democrat party is Chicago writ large. They corrupt everything in order to maintain and expand their power; and their bank accounts. However, unlike the first Mayor Daley, Hillary and her ilk want to impose their beliefs on you; imagine if Mayor Daley had wanted to force Chicagoans to be Catholic, or at least eschew divorce, and you have a good idea of what the modern Democrat machine is like.

The idea of voting for Trump is horrifying yet the odds are that he would be a far better president than Hillary.

The reality is that between completely corrupting the IRS and FBI, installing Supreme Court judges who believe they have the right to make law, and either granting citizenship to millions of illegals or so watering down voter fraud laws that illegals can vote without being citizens, Hillary will have irrevocably destroyed America.

Because we have a better chance that the American defined by the Constitution will survive a Trump presidency than a Hillary presidency there is really no choice; we need to hold our noses and vote for Trump in November.

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