Monday, February 20, 2017

Protests and resistance lead the narrative, but Trump keeps chugging along - Howard J. Warner

by Howard J. Warner

The main-stream liberal press is the dividing agent and their narrative is to continue this division at the detriment of America.

Friday night, north Philadelphia experienced protests against the police, which resulted in 4 arrests and 3 police officers hurt. The neighborhood surrounding Temple University was the locus for this disruption. The grievances originate with complaints of police brutality and mistreatment, much as the Black Lives Matter movement. However continued anarchy demonstrates an organized attempt to delegitimize the Trump administration. This is furthered by the media which continues to haunt the Trump administration.

President Trump has been in the White House for one month. The press has given us a non-stop narrative of confusion, disarray (McCain), corruption and incompetence. Thursday’s news conference reenergized the Trump supporters, barraged daily with negative news about the functioning of the administration. He hopes his trips to South Carolina and Florida continue the positive feeling.

Lost in all this news is the successful completion of one aim of Trump’s campaign. He sought to deregulate elements of the national economy. The Congress sent legislation undoing the regulations placed by Obama’s administration on coal and petroleum, using the Congressional Review Act, a Clinton era law. Under this law, most regulations put in place since June 2016 may be subject to congressional reversal. Presently, Congress is examining reversal to retirement rules and recently passed legislation to undo the Second amendment rights of those on social security disability.

The administration is still waiting to fill the cabinet, and few sub-cabinet positions have been filled or announced. This leaves many embedded Obama officials within the bureaucracy to stall and thwart Trump policies. These people are likely the source of the many leaks regarding foreign affairs that occupy news reports concerning General Flynn, Russia, and immigration policy. The State Department and much of the intelligence community are loaded with liberal leaning officials. 

Trump has made changes already by executive orders that reverse many Obama regulations and orders. The president is fighting with the media, the Democrats and many in his own party. The swamp is deep and full of dangerous animals. The reversal of governmental control will allow jobs to appear that would have not gotten off the ground or would have disappeared.

Senator Schumer claims that the disinfectant of sunlight must be used to vet cabinet nominees, but this is the longest such hearings have ever occurred. Yet, he could not stop the vote for EPA administrator Scott Pruitt. The future trajectory of this agency is now subject to reversal.

Perhaps the best way to change the trajectory of the federal governmental growth is through the budgetary process. Now the Republicans in Congress have a president prepared to sign such legislation. There still remains work to prepare a unified repeal and replacement of Obamacare. Whether this should be piecemeal to gain necessary Democratic votes, or all at once as Senator Paul desires, is not clear yet. 

Then, the president must work for tax reform and continue the effort to grow the economy. Despite the trend to automation which threatens manual jobs, there is room for manufacturing growth. This is ambitious because, unlike Obama, Trump is going against the beating drums of the media. 

At the press conference, he was asked about the division in our politics. He stated that he did not create it, nor did Obama. The main-stream liberal press is the dividing agent and their narrative is to continue this division at the detriment of America. This makes them the enemy of the people.

Howard J. Warner


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