Thursday, September 21, 2017

'It's a completely different relationship' - Eliran Aharon

by Eliran Aharon

Ambassador David Friedman says a new page has been turned in U.S.-Israel relations under President Trump.

David Friedman, the United States ambassador to Israel, said on Tuesday that a new page has been turned in U.S.-Israel relations under the administration of President Donald Trump.

“The President was very strong,” Friedman told Arutz Sheva after Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly. “He made it very clear how the U.S. is going to protect its allies, protect its values, and not wait 10 years for a problem to develop if it can be resolved now.”

Friedman said he agreed with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who said Trump’s speech was “bold and courageous”.

Asked if he believes Trump is going to cancel the deal with Iran, the ambassador replied, “I don’t know. That’s his decision to make. I don’t want to speak for him.”

Turning to the relationship between the United States and Israel since Trump has taken office, Friedman said, “I think you’ve seen a page turn here. It’s a completely different relationship, one that’s, I think, pro-Israel and hopefully not just pro-Israel but also in favor of the values that the United States and Israel share together.”

“Shana Tova U’Metuka. Ketiva V’Chatima Tova,” he concluded, greeting the Jewish people ahead of the High Holy Days.

Eliran Aharon


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