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Evergreen State newspaper section: 'for people of color by people of color' - Rick Moran

by Rick Moran

How some minorities arrive at the conclusion that it's fair to exclude opinions based on race.

When last we visited Evergreen State College, the campus was roiled by protests against racism and white supremacy when a white professor refused leave campus on a "Day of Absence" demanded by black students and faculty.

Not much has changed since then as this report in the College Fix shows.
The student newspaper at Evergreen State College has a section in its opinion pages described as “for people of color by people of color.”
“This should be a place where we can be us without it being overshadowed by the dark cloud that is living under white supremacy and having to see things from a white perspective. This is why when we do cover these issues it will be in the context and from the perspective of POC and POC only,” according to the section’s editors as they reintroduced it to readers in September.
The anonymous column, known as “POC Talk,” debuted in the bi-weekly Cooper Point Journal last year and returned this fall to the newspaper’s pages following racial unrest that erupted at the public university this past spring.
“Dear White people, please take a step back, this isn’t brown-people-answer-white-people’s-questions-hour, we’re asking specifically for submissions from POC,” the section’s editors added in their September intro. “As being told no seems to be a difficult concept for some of y’all I await your emails about the Irish, how the term white fragility is mean (great example of white fragility) and how we need to view people through a color-blind lens (just lol). You will 100% not get a response!!!”
Published in the Journal’s Letters & Opinion section, POC Talk says it provides “no-holds-barred commentary on local happenings.” In the inaugural POC Talk column, it was suggested that a subject touched on in the column could possibly include “how do I rid myself of white-dread [sic] roommate’s numerous micro-agressions.”
Topics the column has discussed include student activism, self care, the local comedy scene as well as the turmoil that upended the college after students in May accused a white biology professor, Bret Weinstein, and the university of perpetuating racism.
Freedom of the press takes on a whole, new meaning at Evergreen State these days.

It does no good to imagine a world where white kids started a "whites only" section of the op ed pages of a student newspaper because you and I both know the result; hysteria. 

The toxic, illogical thinking that is required to reach a conclusion that it is fair to exclude people's opinions based on their race can only happen in an atmosphere where reality has been replaced by fantasy. This "false consciousness" is deliberately promoted by radical leftists because by striking terror in the hearts of minority students, they can more easily control them, shape their minds and opinions, and eventually, send them off into the real world to spread the chaos.

Meanwhile, in their tyrannical war against "white supremacy," the very concept of individual liberty is lost. It isn't enough to teach the evils of western civilization, or the mortal sins of America, or the insidious plots of white people to oppress "POC's." Those lessons must be internalized to create their own reality where hate lurks in the heart of every white person and there is danger wherever more than one white person gathers.

In this reality, "safe spaces," perceived physical threats against minorities, and op ed pages reserved exclusively for POC's become a rational way to look at the world. This makes it extremely difficult to overcome, to bring students and others back to reason and logic - both of which would tell them their hysteria is unfounded.

Evergreen State is only an extreme example of this phenomenon.

Rick Moran


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