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None of These People Deserves Our Trust Anymore - Tom Trinko

by Tom Trinko

It's time that conservatives, even the anti-Trump ones, acknowledge that pretty much everyone in DOJ and FBI leadership is a partisan

It's not that long ago that we were told that James Comey is an honest and unbiased individual. We now know that he's untrustworthy, dishonest, and partisan.

We know he's untrustworthy because he told Trump that Trump wasn't under investigation, but until he was forced to testify under oath before Congress, he refused to tell the media that Trump wasn't under investigation.

He's dishonest because he leaked information indicating that Trump had tried to obstruct justice, but then, when under oath, he admitted that Trump had not in fact ordered him to do anything wrong.

He's partisan because he is attacking Trump left and right while ensuring that Hillary Clinton got away with gross negligence in her handling of highly classified information.

Then we were told that Robert Mueller is a paragon of correctness and honesty. We all know how that worked out.

Now we're being told that the seizure of all of Trump's privileged communications with his lawyer must be based on strong evidence because Rod Rosenstein must have signed off on it.

Those same people – sadly, many supposed conservatives among them – are saying Rosenstein is trustworthy. But isn't that the same Rosenstein who authorized Mueller to investigate something after Mueller had already illegally investigated it?

Isn't that the same Rosenstein who has done nothing to keep Mueller focused on collusion in the election?

Isn't that the same Rosenstein who is allowing Mueller to drag on an investigation that was started based on Comey's dishonest leaks?

It's time that conservatives, even the anti-Trump ones, acknowledge that pretty much everyone in DOJ and FBI leadership is a partisan. Those who aren't Democrats first and civil servants second are Deep State actors first and civil servants second.

Our go-to assumption should be that Rosenstein is part of the Deep State cabal, which will do anything to get rid of Trump because Trump is an outsider, one of the common folk, not an elitist government club member.

Hence, our assumption should be that the raid on Trump's lawyer is not based on deep secret truths that are amazingly harmful to Trump but haven't been leaked to the NYT or WaPo. Instead, we should assume that like the FISA warrant to surveil the Trump campaign, this raid is based on nothing more than a desire to violate the president's constitutional rights in an attempt to find some dirt since these people haven't been able to find anything through the Mueller investigation.

As of now, the same FBI that used uncorroborated dirt from Russia paid for by Hillary to illegally spy on Trump and have access to pretty much everything Trump has said in confidence to his lawyer. Trump could have said non-criminal but embarrassing things, and now the only thing standing in front of that appearing in the NYT or WaPo is the ethical standards of Deep State employees.

When Alan Dershowitz says something is a grave violation of the Constitution, I think we should pause a second and ask ourselves whether we think it's more likely that he's unreliable or that Rosenstein, et al. are willing to do anything to nullify the last election and secure the power of the Democrats and the Deep State.

What we're seeing is the natural continuation of the slow coup the Democrats have been waging for decades. It started with the Supreme Court making law and cutting the people out of the process. It proceeded with the weaponization of the IRS and DOJ under Obama. It continues with federal judges declaring that they have veto power over everything Trump does, thereby abolishing any limits on judicial power and destroying the separation of powers, which is the core of our government.

In this latest phase, we're seeing the Deep State use fascist tactics to overturn an election that their candidate didn't win. 

Judicial activism has already stolen much of our freedom. If you doubt that, ask yourself why the biggest deal about a presidential candidate is whom he'll put on the Supreme Court.

If the Democrats and the Deep State get rid of Trump, our elections will be just as much of a sham as the "elections" in communist China or Russia. We will cease to be a free people and become serfs lorded over by the rich judges and the leftists elites.

We need to fight back, which will unfortunately require us to vote for the Republicans who let us down on immigration and Obamacare. Make no doubt about it: if the Republicans lose the House, the Democrats will impeach Trump and effectively make it clear that only Democrats, or McCain Republicans, need apply for the presidency in the future.

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