Thursday, September 13, 2018

Linda Sarsour Condemns "Humanizing" Israelis - Joseph Klein

by Joseph Klein

Leftist darling lets the mask slip.

Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian-American community activist, Women’s March organizer, and leader of what she described as a jihad against President Trump, strutted her radical stuff last week. On September 4th, the first day of Judge Ben Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Linda Sarsour got herself arrested by police as she and other protesters were loudly heckling in an effort to disrupt the hearing. "This is a mockery and a travesty of justice!" Sarsour declared. As she was being removed from the hearing room, she continued to scream, "This is a travesty of justice. We will not go back! Cancel Brett Kavanaugh! Adjourn the hearing!" Her left-wing supporters were ecstatic.

Sarsour was evidently revved up by the speech she delivered the weekend just before the hearing to the annual conference of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Sarsour accused American Muslims who did not meet her standard of extreme pro-Palestinian activism of lacking true faith. They were “complicit,” she said, “in the occupation, of Palestinians, in the murder of Palestinian protesters.” It is wrong, she declared, to try and “humanize the oppressor,” by which she meant Israeli Jews. “So when we start debating in the Muslim community about Palestine, it tells me a lot about you and about the type of faith that you have in your heart,” Sarsour added.

During her ISNA speech, Sarsour wore the mantle of both the devout Muslim and an American patriot. “When I stand up here and I’m fighting for your rights and the rights of all people in these United States of America, I am a true patriot,” she boasted. However, a "true patriot" believes in free speech and equality for all. Sarsour believes in neither.

For example, this self'-proclaimed “true patriot” and feminist used chilling words to condemn a former Muslim woman, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who had the audacity to speak out against female genital mutilation, as well as Brigitte Gabriel, an Arab Christian who lived the early part of her life in constant fear of jihadist attacks. Sarsour tweeted: “Brigitte Gabriel=Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s asking 4 an a$$ whippin’. I wish I could take their vaginas away — they don’t deserve to be women.” Not exactly a lesson in respect for the exercise of freedom of speech by those with whom one disagrees. Nor do Sarsour's vile words show respect for women generally.

In May 2017, a young white male student at Dartmouth confronted Sarsour about this tweet. Sarsour responded by telling the student that his comments were irrelevant because he was white: “Let’s just get — let’s get some context to what is going on here. Celebrating a community, right? Talking about communities of color who are being directly impacted by this moment and I have a young white man in the back who is not directly impacted by any of the issues I mentioned.” Then she denied that she authored the tweet. “That never happened,” she claimed. Ultimately, she equivocated, explaining that if she did issue such a tweet it was a youthful indiscretion. “People say stupid sh** sometimes, right? I will be judged by my impeccable track record for black lives and immigrants rights and women’s rights and LGBT rights, you judge me by that record and not by some tweet that you think I did or did not tweet ten years ago or seven years ago or whenever it was. So that’s my answer to your question.”

Sarsour was exposed as a hater of those brave women who suffered first-hand the abuses women and girls regularly face in Muslim-majority societies. They told the truth about such abuses. Sarsour’s instinct was to first attack the women personally and then to attack the questioner regarding her vile tweet simply because the questioner was white. This is especially puzzling since she considered herself to be white, before putting on a hijab that somehow transformed her racially. “When I wasn’t wearing hijab I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City,” Sarsour said in a video posted in January 2017. By April 2017, she was talking about “inspiring young people of color like me.”

Less than a month after her Dartmouth confrontation with the white student who dared to question her, Sarsour shamelessly claimed in a June 2017 commencement speech at City University of New York School of Public Health to be “committed to justice and equality for all people.” She promised the graduates listening to her hollow words, “I will be righteously outraged every day until we are all treated with dignity and respect and we are all free in every part of this world, when one of us is not free – none of us are free.”

Sarsour delivered these remarks with a straight face to gullible students while remaining an unabashed defender of Sharia law, which is full of calls for Islamic supremacism, violence against infidels, and misogynism. In fact, Sarsour once tweetedthat “Sharia law is reasonable, and once u read the details, it makes a lot of sense.” In Sarsour’s mind, Sharia-sanctioned wife beatings, child marriage, and the killing of apostates, blasphemers and gays all make “a lot of sense.” Indeed, Sarsour, who believes that feminism and Zionism are mutually exclusive, has defended the Sharia-based legal system of Saudi Arabia, which denies women their most basic rights, except the newly granted right to drive. Where is Sarsour’s outrage against the Saudi Arabian prosecutors seeking the death penalty for a female human rights activist? Where is her outrage against honor violence, particularly against Muslim women and girls? Sarsour’s outrage on the subject of honor violence was not directed against the violence itself but against the documentary, Honor Diaries, which exposed its evils. She cheered the cancellation of a showing of Honor Diaries at a university. Sarsour does not believe in free speech, preferring to suppress a documentary that does not support her false narrative. Sarsour also does not believe in the dignity of all women. She is concerned only about women "of color" like her hijab-wearing self, oppressed by American society's so-called "white privilege" and Israel's so-called "apartheid state."

The fact that Linda Sarsour has become a darling of the Left tells us all we need to know about the hate-filled Red-Green Alliance.

Joseph Klein is a Harvard-trained lawyer and the author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom and Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations & Radical Islam.


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