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Ilhan Omar and a moveable feast of intolerance - Jack Engelhard

by Jack Engelhard

These Muslim immigrants feel comfortable enough to bring us a taste of Omar’s Somalia, and other such Islamic hell-holes, where calling for the murder of Jews is a typical Friday sermon.

I’m all for locking the doors to this country if Rep. Ilhan Omar is symbolic of what’s coming in…and bringing with them cultures of religious intolerance.

Agreed, not all are like that; life is complicated and I have Muslim friends who are steady Americans.

It is not our style to bad-mouth another people. We are Jewish and we know how it feels.

But we also know how it feels to come under attack as never before in the United States. Somebody has to speak up before it’s too late…as we warned here elaborately.

So, it’s my view that President Trump had it right when he declared it’s time to “take a pause” on immigration…even the legal variety. (Naturally he got hammered for this.)

He was again right when he said “we only want people coming in who love our country.” (Naturally he got pummeled for this, too.)

No doubt the good are part of the mix – but who’s to sort them out before it’s too late?

It’s too late to stop people like Omar. She’s in. She got in through our generous doors…doors that were flung open by way of the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965, which, in effect, narrowed access to people who share our values, mainly European Christians and Jews, and instead gave preference to people who don’t…namely, to a substantial degree, Muslims.

LBJ signed the legislation. Ted Kennedy pushed it through.

The consequence? Ilhan Omar… and thousands more like her…like numerous imams who wormed their way in through Hart-Celler and feel comfortable in America.

They feel comfortable enough to bring us a taste of Omar’s Somalia, and other such Islamic hell-holes, where calling for the murder of Jews is a typical Friday sermon.

The New York’s Post’s Paul Sperry did the digging and here uncovered “Radical Imams spewing anti-Semitism in the US with Impunity.”

Yes, this is happening in America. This has come to America where we felt safe and away from all that, and where we escaped from all that whether Christians or Jews. (Read this memoir.)

For Jews, finally, there will always be Israel to call home. Back here, not so sure anymore.

Rep. Omar’s latest bitchy stunt was to harangue (Jewish) witness Elliott Abrams as if the House Foreign Affairs Committee were a kangaroo-court in old Berlin.

So it begins. She got her first Jewish catch…and in one swoop rendered the entire Democrat Party, along with the entire Congress, unrecognizable.

Yes, that Somali twerp sits on that committee, and like her brothers and sisters for the advancement of Islam in America – they all feel perfectly at home as Jew-hating bigots.  

Had we not heard? Did we not know that these are a people who can’t help themselves? It’s in their blood. Their anti-Semitism goes with them wherever they go.

It is a portable intolerance…a moveable feast of anti-Semitism that has already sunk Europe as they keep coming to poison one culture after another.

When did it come to the United States? Think Hart-Celler, 1965, and how three years later, June 5, 1968, Sirhan Sirhan, shoots and kills Robert Kennedy.

Ted Kennedy invited him in, through that immigration act, and now Sirhan Sirhan, a “Palestinian,” sits out a life sentence in a San Diego County prison.

Anti-Semitism was his culture and Robert Kennedy was his target for his support of Israel.

But another “Palestinian” from the same culture, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, today sits in our House of Representatives, courtesy of Michigan voters.   

So, we know when it began. When does it end? Where are the other voices to sound the alarm?

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