Monday, July 8, 2019

A tired old man... - Brian Tomlinson

by Brian Tomlinson

The left's shenanigans against President Trump and the people who elected him are getting old.

I’m a tried old man. I’m tired of people telling me that symbols of freedom of this great country are supposedly symbols of oppression. I’m tired of people telling me that symbols of Christianity offend them yet I am supposed to turn the other cheek when two persons of the same sex make out in public.

I’m tired of naturalized citizen politicians who denigrate the same people who kept them safe when we opened our arms to them to enjoy the fruits of America.

I’m tired of politicians who know the truth about the past Administration’s illegal spying on political opponents yet continue to deny facts to brainwash the public with their lies. I’m tired of the LSM who praise the yet to be found merits of the last Administration but will not recognize the herculean achievements of POTUS Trump.

I’m tired of socialists who praise the Cuban paradise or yearn for the oppression days of the former Soviet Union yet avoid exclaiming the death and destruction wrought on a once prosperous nation, Venezuela.

I’m tired of being referred to as one of white privilege because of my success even though I grew up in a high prole lifestyle.

I’m tired of politicians who want to forgive college debt and virtually have me pay for it. Gee, I managed to pay my way through college like many others. I made a choice to work more and party less.

I’m tired of people trying to wreck/wreak havoc about our unique history without recognizing all issues about a historical topic.

I’m tired of grievance industry snake oil salesmen pandering to lower percentage of overall population groups (e.g. LGTBQ) to elevate their voices as if they are the majority.

I’m tired of affirmative action as the gift that keeps on giving without recognizing that such “equalization measures” have reached their asymptote on the equality curve.

I’m tired of having to explain a request at an establishment in California or Florida in my non-native Spanish.

I’m tired of climate change grifters who do not recognize the inconvenient truth that carbon dioxide, fuel for plant growth, is not a pollutant. I guess as long as man-made carbon dioxide generation in Asia is O.K., but not in the USA, the world is supposed to be in harmony.

I’m tired of antifa fascists who need a lesson in American civics about individual rights and liberties and less coddling by the LSM and goofball politicians regarding definitions of assault, battery and freedom of speech. I’m tired of the mindset of “ didn’t build that…” versus if you put your mind to it plus some sweat and tears, damn, look at what you built attitude.

I’m tired of people who preach the ills of making too much money yet think receiving $600,000 for a single speech is chump change. Oh yeah, and don’t forget bashing American exceptionalism while on foreign soil since it is supposedly the cool thing to do.

I’m tired of abortion industry zealots who preach to us mere mortals that they need $500 million annually of taxpayer money for “women’s health” while simultaneously openly longing for that Lamborghini after selling enough fetal baby parts to the highest bidder.
I’m tired of those same pious abortion-loving politicians who say they’re good Catholics like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Tim Kaine, Maria Cantwell and many others.

I’m tired of poseur “crying” politicians posing falsely at chain link fences separating themselves from parking lots. Their diatribes release more greenhouse gases than the cow farts they lament. Open a beer; share a screed; this Bud’s for you.

I’m tired of worn out politicians who want to build expensive trains to nowhere that no one will ride.

I’m tired of the same ilk who think that 100% of electric power from renewables, excluding hydropower mind you, should be legislated as the new norm without consideration of impact to the taxpayers’ ability to pay. They should chase their moonbeams over someone else’s blue bayou.

I’m tired of these same politicians who believe that my tax dollars should fund insurance for illegals and grant them special protected sanctuaries while they allow homeless and druggies camp out in streets without regard to public health.

I’m tired of the Hollywood elites who embrace socialism despite real-time examples of its ill effects in places like Venezuela, while they bank millions away, live in their mansions, and drive their fancy cars.

Like I tell my wife, simple elegance and fewer (cosmetics) is more beautiful. Likewise, I would appreciate hearing less from windbags Michael Moore, Alyssa Milano, Robert DeNiro, Mark Ruffalo and many others.

I used to be full of pep and expected each new day to bring God’s blessings and brightness of pleasantry. I yearn for those days and must tell you that over these past two plus years some energy has returned.

The promises kept by our President Trump and the economic engine that he has conducted are fuel for the soul. He not only promised to Make America Great Again, but also Keep America Great once it was back on track. The future is looking much brighter than it has been before in many years.

Thank you.

Brian Tomlinson


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