Monday, December 23, 2019

Schiff's and Pelosi's impeachment dream has become their nightmare - Patricia McCarthy

by Patricia McCarthy

Just how many of the Democrats, and perhaps a few Republicans, got rich via Ukraine during the previous administration? Where was the outrage?

"Hatred is blind; rage carries you away; and he who pours out vengeance runs the risk of tasting a bitter draught." 

―Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo
So the Democrats in the House have achieved their dream and impeached President Trump. Or have they? The real votes are yet to be cast. Nancy Pelosi has seriously screwed the pooch this time around. She has well and truly lost her mojo. She let Adam Schiff lead her down the low road fraught with brambles.

Schiff clearly lied about what his faux whistleblower had to say, and Pelosi bought the farm. Neither thought Trump would ever release the transcript of his conversation with then newly elected President Zelensky of Ukraine. Schiff's hearings were monstrous — a wholly illegitimate, Soviet-style show trial in which his target, President Trump, was denied any and all due process.

Now the Dems are claiming they can't send their slapdash articles of impeachment to the Senate because McConnell is a partisan! Chances are that Pelosi is by now embarrassed. She certainly should be. If she is not, then she is more demented than she appears to be.

Pelosi's 12/19/19 presser (YouTube screen grab).

Is the outrage on the left all about covering up for Biden's and his son's clear abuses of their positions of power? Perhaps. But even the Bidens are not as corrupt as the Clintons. Hillary's "foundation" took in millions from Ukraine and practically every other nation on the planet. She used her position as secretary of state as a pay-to play scheme to enrich herself. Peter Schweizer has documented her criminality in detail. Did the Left care about her abuse of office? Not one bit. They celebrated it; it's what they all do. Just how many of the Democrats, and perhaps a few Republicans, got rich via Ukraine, then the most corrupt nation in all of eastern Europe? Might be good to know. It's most likely that Adam Schiff is one of them.

Trump the candidate promised to drain the swamp that is the D.C. bureaucracy. Over the past three years, Americans have seen just how corrupt that swamp truly is. Like cockroaches, they do not like the light. Horrified that their system of backchannel payoffs might be exposed, the self-appointed powers that were set out to destroy Trump before he could take office. Once he was inaugurated, they were determined to see him removed from office.

Now we are beginning to learn just how deviant this bunch of traitors actually were and are thanks to the Horowitz report and Judge Collyer's report on FISA abuse. These thugs all confidently assumed they were above the law they now accuse Trump of abusing.

In the meantime, the progressives have been carried away by hatred and rage. The left in the House, as evidenced by its silly, repetitive, self-serving bits of self-promotion on television, has collectively lost its mind. There is not an original thought among these people. They regurgitate leftist talking points. That is all they have to offer.

The same is true of the deranged Trump-haters in the print media. Just who distributes those talking points? Tom Perez? Or the heads of CNN and MSNBC? Would be good to know. They might consider providing their Stepford subjects with a thesaurus so they cease using the exact same words as every other pundit who got the same list of talking points. Is there not a single critical thinker among the leftists who slavishly perform their prescribed shticks for CNN and MSNBC, etc.? It seems not. They are all of a piece. No wonder they were shocked when Trump won. They are all blinkered and live in the bubble of Trump derangement, which does not afflict those of us outside the Beltway. We love him more and more each day.

Pelosi's ill advised maneuvering on her ill advised impeachment articles are going to backfire well beyond Trump's rising approval ratings. She has revealed herself to have very poor judgment. She let herself be marooned by a colleague with even worse derangement, worse judgment; that would be Schiff, the pathological liar if there ever were one. 

No matter what happens next, Pelosi and her manipulators are the losers. President Trump and the American people are the winners. The Left has done nothing but pour out vengeance since the day Trump was elected. They are about to taste the bitter draught. A.G. Barr and Durham are coming on the heels of Horowitz and Collyer.

The debate on Wednesday among the Democrat candidates again proves their dark view of America and Americans. They all speak only of how terrible our country is, how racist, unequal, how illegitimate our founding is because of slavery, how devastating capitalism is, even though it has brought more people out of poverty than any other economic system on the planet. They all claim to love their country and our Constitution, but their words reek with contempt for America, Americans and our Constitution.

In fact, they are despondent by Trump's many successes; they wanted to further manage our decline, a decline that would not affect their lives one bit. President Trump has revitalized the nation. The democrats' impeachment dream has become their nightmare.

"It is the way of weakened minds to see everything through a black cloud. The soul forms its own horizons; your soul is darkened, and consequently the sky of the future appears stormy and unpromising."

—Alexander Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

Patricia McCarthy


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