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Rudy Giuliani is again promising good news is on the way - Andrea Widburg


​ by Andrea Widburg

During his Christmas Day podcast, Giuliani says that word is finally going to get out about the vast scope of the pro-Biden election fraud.

When it comes to the election, the facts are clear: Joe Biden, an incompetent, corrupt, possibly senile politician who campaigned from his basement, allegedly received more votes than any president in American history. The engines for that victory were media and tech propaganda and censorship, and paper and computer ballot fraud. Nevertheless, a craven judicial class that refuses to look at the evidence, corrupt political officials, and more media and tech propaganda and censorship seem to have fixed the dial on a Biden presidency. On Christmas Day, though, President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, promised that things are “going to blow up” going forward.

Let me say that I’m a little bit worried that Giuliani is over-promising. I know how lawyers think. They get incredibly excited about a specific fact, legal argument, or procedural point, and optimistically assume that whatever excites them is going to break the whole case wide open. Sadly, lawyers are almost always wrong about that. What ends cases isn’t some Hollywood, Perry Mason moment, with a witness suddenly admitting to a lie or a fingerprint magically appearing. Instead, it’s a long slog of aggregating facts and legal arguments.

The problem with the 2020 election is that we don’t have a long slog. Instead, we have a judicial class (reaching all the way up to the Supreme Court) that has settled for a very peculiar and deeply immoral position: In an election rife with manifest fraud, America’s judiciary would prefer to see Trump’s real votes voided through fraud, than see Biden’s fake votes properly invalidated through having that fraud exposed. Put another way, they’re voting for a dishonest Biden win than an honest Trump victory.

Given this situation, we Trump supporters keep hoping that a black swan explodes onto the scene, or even better, a fiery phoenix that blasts to ashes the arguments propping up the dissolute, demented, doddering Democrat darling, Joe Biden. (I love alliteration.)

Giuliani chose Christmas day to suggest that the fiery phoenix is on its way. In his regular podcast, Common Sense, Giuliani said that Trump’s challenges to the alleged election results are “really going to blow up” in the coming days.

The video begins with Giuliani summing up the now-familiar examples of voter fraud, and the problems that come with media and tech misinformation and censorship. He then notes that, despite media and tech company efforts, Americans are learning about the fraud, with most Republicans, many Independents, and a small but growing number of Democrats realizing that something very wrong happened on November 3 and in the days after.

Next, Giuliani updates the procedural posture of the state legislatures, which will be reviewing whether they made the appropriate decision when certifying their electors. He notes that new evidence in Arizona has the legislators questioning their decision. There’s also legislative movement in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Wisconsin is particularly interesting because of potential fraud around absentee ballots that may affect 226,000 ballots.

And then, at 12:56, Giuliani makes the headline statement:

So, starting after Christmas, this is really going to blow up because the evidence that all these crooked television networks, newspapers, big tech, and the leadership of the Democratic Party will have been giving you is false – and you’re going to find it out all at once. It can be very shocking to the country.


Sadly, Giuliani doesn’t explain whether these facts will “blow up” because legislators will be discussing them or if something else will happen that will force the facts on Americans no matter how the media and tech tyrants try to suppress them.

The most important thing Giuliani says is that we shouldn’t lose hope. And that made me think of the 2006 winter Olympics, when Lindsey Jacobellis, a snowboarder, was so certain she had won her race that she celebrated too soon, fell, and ended up with a silver medal. Meanwhile, Tanja Frieden, who had been dismissed early in the race (“Frieden is out”), got the gold.

What I hope Giuliani is telling us here is that the Democrats are Jacobellis, celebrating prematurely and going down to a loss. Meanwhile, we Trump voters are Tanja Frieden, dismissed early on, but never giving up and ultimately winning the gold.

IMAGE: Rudy Giuliani on Christmas Day. YouTube screengrab.


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