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J Street Demands Biden Maintain Muslim Occupation of Jewish Homes - Daniel Greenfield


by Daniel Greenfield

The current Arab violence in Sheikh Jarrah and surrounding areas of Jerusalem serves a dual purpose.

J Street claims that it's against the occupation, but apparently it's only against occupying land when it can accuse Israel of doing so.

Here's Caroline Glick's brief summary of the current pretext for the Hamas/Fatah riots being supported by Warren, Sanders, AOC, and J Street.

The situation in Sheikh Jarrah is cut and dried. Buildings in the neighborhood that were purchased by Jews 146 years ago were illegally seized in 1948 by Jordan as its forces illegally occupied eastern, northern and southern Jerusalem in the course of the pan-Arab invasion of the nascent Jewish state. During the course of Jordan’s illegal occupation of those areas of Jerusalem, the Jordanian Registry of Enemy Property illegally leased the Jewish-owned buildings to Arab tenants.

When Israel liberated the Jordanian-occupied areas of Jerusalem in 1967, the owners of the buildings reasserted their property rights. Their ownership over the properties in Sheikh Jarrah was duly registered in Israel’s land registry in 1973. But when the owners tried to retake possession a 48-year legal battle between the owners and the squatters began, which is scheduled to finally come to an end this week.

Following a last-ditch appeal of the Jerusalem District Court ruling that ordered their forced evacuation, the Supreme Court is scheduled to issue a final—and unappealable—ruling on the issue this week. The current Arab violence in Sheikh Jarrah and surrounding areas of Jerusalem has been incited by Hamas. It serves a dual purpose. It invents a rationale for a new Palestinian terror onslaught against Israel. And it pressures Israeli judges, government ministers and police commanders to weigh the possibility of discriminating against the Jewish owners in the hopes of stymying Hamas’s declared plan to renew its terror offensive.

Here's J Street endorsing the continued Arab Muslim occupation of these homes in Jerusalem.

The violence of recent days has deep roots in the ongoing, incendiary efforts of Israeli settler groups to evict hundreds of Palestinians from the East Jerusalem homes that they have lived in for decades and more broadly to stake exclusive control over Jerusalem for Israel. Sadly, the current crisis has been inflamed by the use of aggressive, violent tactics by the Israeli police against Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. At Al-Aqsa, some Palestinians responded by throwing stones they had apparently stockpiled.

Funny how they had "stockpiled" these stones before these alleged "aggressive, violent tactics" by Israel. Soviet propaganda sounded more plausible than this.

Note also how J Street implicitly admits that the Muslim settlers are not there legitimately, describing them only as occupying "homes that they have lived in for decades".

Not homes they actually own or have legal title to.

J Street urges the Biden administration to make clear publicly that Israeli efforts to evict and displace Palestinian families in East Jerusalem and the West Bank are completely unacceptable to the United States

Maybe they can go live in Jeremy Ben Ami and George Soros' house instead.


Daniel Greenfield

Source: https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/2021/05/j-street-demands-biden-maintain-muslim-occupation-daniel-greenfield/

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