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The Left Is Locked in A Life-and-Death Struggle With The Family - Don Feder


​ by Don Feder

For Marxists, there is one very special key to everything.


In “Godfather I,” Vincent Sollozzo says he’ll offer the Corleone family a deal that’s too good to refuse – one which will guarantee the safety of the Don, who’s lying in a hospital bed severely wounded after two attempts on his life.

But Michael Corleone sees reality with crystal clarity: “I don’t care what Sollozzo says about a deal, he’s gonna kill Pop, that’s it.  That’s the key for him.”

For Marxists, killing the family is the key to everything.  The war on the family isn’t peripheral; it’s central to the revolution.

The National Council on Family Relations, a professional association started in 1938 and consisting of hundreds of marriage and family therapists and researchers, just announced a webinar called, “Toward Dismantling Family Privilege and White Supremacy in Family Science.”

Just as white people are “privileged,” according to CRT, so too is the nuclear family, which supposedly enjoys “unearned benefits in U.S. laws, policies and practices” over “non-traditional configured family systems” – including single-parent families and “committed partners living together and raising children.”

The question which seems almost too-obvious to ask (but which alludes most social scientists) is this: Why is it that intact (two-parent) families consistently outperform others on every measurement – income, independence and children who are healthier, happier and less prone to social pathologies.

Who can fail to see that most problems in the black community are due to the virtual disappearance of two-parent families? Since the 1960s (when the Great Society began its war on the black family in the guise of fighting poverty), the black crime rate, out-of-wedlock birthrate and welfare rate have soared.

Due to the success of Black Lives Matter, everything now is seen through the lens of institutional racism – criminal justice, electoral politics and, of course, the family.  When BLM’s founders described themselves as “trained Marxists,” believe it.

Until negative publicity forced them to take it down, BLM’s website proclaimed: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another….”  Western-prescribed?  Presumably, there are no nuclear families in Africa or Asia.

BLM echoes the screwball theories of Marx and Engels, who insisted there was an ancient, matriarchal communist society which preceded patriarchy and capitalism.  They viewed the “bourgeoise family” as capitalism in miniature, with the father/husband as the owner and his wife and children as the exploited proletariat.  Both will be abolished by the communist state, they predicted.

Writing in the 1920s, Antonio Gramsci, the father of Cultural Marxism, reversed the equation.  Since the family is the chief obstacle to revolution, its destruction must precede the triumph of communism, not follow it.

Gramsci said the family will be overthrown, and society reshaped, through subversion of the culture: “In the new order, Socialism will triumph – via infiltration of schools, universities, churches, and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.”

In 21st century America, the contest is being played out in the educational arena.

For the left, the central purpose of public schools isn’t education but indoctrination.  Public education has failed miserably at the former (as may be seen by plummeting standardized test scores) but succeeded spectacularly at the latter (as may be seen in the leftward drift of the electorate – especially younger voters).

The objective is to take children away from parental values and align them with the worldview of the Democratic Party. The cutting edge is CRT and the sexualization of students, seen most recently in the enthusiastic embrace of transgenderism.

The battle lines are drawn, with the public education establishment (administrators, school committees and teachers’ unions) and Democrat politicians on one side and parents and some conservative politicos on the other.

Parents are outraged by what their children are being taught. Progressive are outraged that families would try to interfere with the intellectual/emotional kidnapping.  For the left, the role of families in education is to pay up and shut up.

Again, the principal purpose of the schools is to get children to reject the parental worldview (the Judeo-Christian ethic, patriotism, individualism and the free market) in favor of Cultural Marxism (neo-paganism, internationalism, determinism and collectivism).

In clear defiance of the dictates of the elite, protesting parents are invading school committee meetings, calling for accountability and demanding change.

At a Fairfax, VA school committee meeting, a mother had the chutzpah to read aloud from a book promoting gay pedophilia found in the school library. In Louden Co., VA, a father charged that his daughter was sexually assaulted in the girls’ room by a boy wearing a skirt, a crime the school system tried to cover up to protect its transgender policies.

The Empire is striking back with a vengeance. In Virginia, Democratic gubernatorial candidate, and former Governor Terry McAuliffe lectured the little people, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” The American Federation of Teachers showed Its appreciation with a $25,000 campaign contribution.

Biden, who’s even more of a tool of the teachers’ mafia, has his Justice Department investigating activist parents as domestic terrorists under the Patriots Act.

Nothing must be allowed to interfere with the pedagogical brainwashing -- the main offensive of the war on the family.

Marxists hate competition. They demand the undivided loyalty of the masses. Thus, destroying the family is an imperative.

In “Godfather III,” an aged, ailing Michael Corleone dramatically announces, “Our true enemy has not yet shown his face.”

Our true enemy has been showing us his face for more than a century. We’ve seen it in planned economies, gulags and the war on parents and children. For the family, it’s the face of death.


Don Feder


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